• Advances in Research of Relationship between Morphological Structure and Yield of Castor

    Hailin WEI;Xumeng LI;Xiaohui WANG;Jun YANG;Huang HUANG;

    Castor is a cash crop with very wide adaptability in China, and its yield is closely related with its morphological structure. With reference to the research on the relationship between the morphological structure and yield of main cash crops such as rice, wheat and maize, this paper made a review of advances in the research of the relationship between castor variety characteristics, habitat conditions, dry matter distribution, cultivation measures. Finally, it present the research direction, content and route of the relationship between the morphological structure and yield of the castor in the future.

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  • Policies for Traditional Medicine of China in Modern Times

    Fuping TANG;Hongju LI;Xiuhong LONG;Meirong ZHONG;Shenggao YIN;

    Traditional medicine has not only made important contributions to the reproduction and prosperity of the Chinese nation for a long time, and it has also had a positive impact on human health and world civilization. Pharmaceutical policies have a significant impact on the development of the pharmaceutical industry. In this article, the research on the development of pharmaceutical policies after the founding of the People's Republic of China is summarized. This is of great significance to formulate scientific and efficient policy measures to promote the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

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  • Research Progress on the Regulation of Hepatic Sinusoidal Endothelial Cells on Hepatic Fibrosis

    Yue PENG;Tiejian ZHAO;Yang ZHENG;Peng LIU;Xuelian SUN;Qing WANG;

    Hepatic sinusoidal endothelial cell is a highly differentiated cell in hepatic sinusoid, and plays an important role in the occurrence and development of hepatic fibrosis. The dysfunction of hepatic sinusoidal endothelial cells is considered to be the key cause of a variety of liver diseases. At present, the researches on hepatic fibrosis at home and abroad are mainly focused on inhibiting the activation of hepatic stellate cells and accelerating the hydrolysis of extracellular matrix. However, there are few studies on the important role of the structure and function of hepatic sinusoidal endothelial cells in hepatic fibrosis. This paper reviews the research progress on the effect of hepatic sinusoidal endothelial cells on hepatic fibrosis and its regulatory mechanism in recent years. This paper summarizes the results of the research on the structural characteristics of hepatic sinusoidal endothelial cells, secretion of fibrosis-related cytokines and regulation of hepatic stellate cells activation in the development of hepatic fibrosis.

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  • Preliminary Discussion on Sand Therapy in Mongolian Medicine

    Yujie YE;Na ZHU;Surgvgqeqeg;

    Sand therapy of Mongolian medicine is one of traditional Mongolian medical treatments. It conducts heat energy to the human body through natural hot sand applied on the body, achieving the effect of preventing and curing disease. It is an external treatment method, characterized with easy operation, obvious curative effect and small side effects. Referring to the relevant literature of sand therapy in Mongolian medicine and combined with actual situation, the functions and use of sand therapy are summarized in this article, thereby providing theoretical basis and reference for research on sand therapy.

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  • Genuine Medicinal Materials and Resources Development in Xinjiang

    Nurbolat Aidarhan;Maiwulanjiang Matnur;Abulimiti Yili;Haji Akber Aisa;

    First of all, this paper introduces the concept, traditional and modern evaluation and conditions of genuine medicinal materials. It focuses on the current situation of genuine medicinal materials in Xinjiang, and suggests that we should strengthen the development, utilization and protection of genuine medicinal resources in Xinjiang from a professional point of view.

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Chemical Composition of Natural Medicine

  • Determination of Active Components of Lamiophlomis rotata(Benth.) Kudo by Ultra-performance Convergence Chromatography

    Guilin JIN;Shijun SHAO;Fude YANG;

    [Objectives] To determine active components of Lamiophlomis rotata(Benth.) Kudo. [Methods] A new method was developed for the quantitative determination of L. rotata by using Ultra-performance convergence chromatography. The separation of active components of L. rotata was successfully achieved on Waters ACQUITY UPC column, with gradient elution carbon dioxide and methanol solvent at flow rate of 0.7 mL/min. The separation gradient elution rate was as follows: 15% methanol 0-1 min, 18% methanol 1-5 min, 20% methanol 5-6 min, 25% methanol 6-7 min, 30% methanol 7-8 min, 30% methanol 8-9 min, 15% methanol 9-10 min. The conditions used in the separation process was as follows: column temperature 30 ℃; injection volume 2 μL. Under the abovementioned conditions, the content of methyl glucoside was measured by 3 D-full wavelength scanning. The validity of the method was tested by analyzing the precision, reproducibility, stability and accuracy. [Results] The results indicated that in terms of extraction and separation of compounds, supercritical CO2 not only has the diffusion property of gas, but also has the density and fluidity of liquid. [Conclusions] The ultra-high performance chromatography is a new technique for drug analysis.

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  • TLC Identification of Schisandra Chinensis Liquid Extract and Antler Essence in Qianglinaoqingsu Tablets

    Shuren NI;Yunlan LIAN;Mingsheng LI;Jingwen GUO;

    [Objectives] To study the quality standard of Chinese drug in compound Qianglinaogingsu Tablets(Fructus Schisandrae Chinensis and Coru Cervi Pantotrichum). [Methods] The thin layer chromatography(TLC) differentiation method was established for Fructus Schisandrae Chinensis and Cornu Cervi Pantotrichum. [Results] TLC spots developed were fairly clear, and the blank test showed no interference. [Conclusions] The method is fast, simple and can be used for quality control of Qianglinaoqingsu Tablets.

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Pharmacological and Toxicological Analyses

  • Long-term Toxicity of Maxing Erchen Zhike Granules

    Jiabao MA;Zhenyuan WEI;Shuang WU;Jiahuan WEI;Shengbin CHEN;Jinhua LIU;Zhengteng YANG;

    [Objectives] To study the long-term toxicity of Maxing Erchen Zhike granules to rats after intragastric administration, so as to provide reference for its preclinical safety evaluation. [Methods] Total 80 rats were randomly and evenly divided into high-dose group(1.2 mL/100 g, 120 g/kg), middle-dose group(96.0 g/kg), low-dose group(72.0 g/kg) and blank control group. The rats in the treatment groups were administered with corresponding doses of Maxing Erchen Zhike granules, and those in the blank control group were given with equal-amount normal saline. The administration lasted for 30 consecutive days. During the experiment, the rats' feed intake, activity, feces and other conditions and toxicity reactions were observed every day. After 24 h of the last administration, 12 rats(half male and half female) were randomly selected from each group. Each of the rats was anesthetized with 10% chloral hydrate solution(0.3 mL/100 g) through intraperitoneal injection and subjected to abdominal aorta blood collection(two tubes) for hematological examination and blood biochemical examination(serum). Then, the main organs of the rats were weighed, and pathological examinations were performed. After that, the main organs were weighed and pathological examination was performed. The remaining rats in each group were discontinued and observed for 14 d. On the 15 th d, they were subjected to the same treatment, and the body weight, organ coefficients, hematological indices, blood biochemical indices and pathological indices were examined. [Results] After 30 d of administration, there was no abnormality in the appearance and behavior of the animals. There was no significant difference in the daily consumption of feed among the groups, and there was no special case of weight gain. Among the blood biochemical indices, the ALB and ALT levels of each administration group were significantly different from those of the blank control group(P<0.05). The results of histopathological examination show that there was one case of interstitial pneumonia in each of the high-dose group, middle-dose group and blank control group. After 14 d that the administration was stopped, one case of focal myocarditis appeared in the high-dose group, and one case of interstitial pneumonia appeared in the middle-dose group. [Conclusions] Maxing Erchen Zhike granules are safe to be administered to rats at 100 times the clinical dose. and there should be no safety hazards clinically when used at conventional doses.

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Germplasm Resources and Cultivation

  • Biological Characteristics and Culture Conditions of Hericium coralloides(Scop.) Pers.

    Tong YANG;Jianrui WANG;Weihang PENG;

    [Objectives] To study the biological characteristics and culture conditions of Hericium coralloides(Scop.) Pers. [Methods] The wild H. coralloides strain of Changbai Mountain was used as the experimental material to conduct a single factor test on its biological characteristics. [Results] The ideal available carbon source and nitrogen source are glucose and ammonium sulfate, respectively, the pH is 3.5-4.0, and the temperature is 20-22 ℃. Through the orthogonal experiment of 4 factors and 4 levels, it is found that the degree of influence of the 4 factors on H. coralloides is temperature > pH > nitrogen source > carbon source. [Conclusions] The optimum conditions for the mycelium culture of H. coralloides: the carbon source is glucose, and the nitrogen source is yeast extract or peptone, and pH is 3.5-4.0, and temperature is 20-22 ℃.

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  • Bioinformatic Analysis of ARF7 in Huperzia serrata

    Dongping TU;Liuping WANG;Zhiqi HUANG;Xin JIANG;Lichun ZHAO;

    [Objectives] This paper aims to study the function of the ARF7 gene family of Huperzia serrata. [Methods] Based on the full-length transcriptome sequencing results of H. serrata, the unigenes of 17 H. serrata ARF7 candidate genes were analyzed using biogenetics technology. [Results] The molecular weight of the ARF7 proteins ranges from 11.28 to 608.54 kDa. HsARF7-4, HsARF7-5, HsARF7-8, HsARF7-9, HsARF7-10, HsARF7-13, HsARF7-16 and HsARF7-17 are basic proteins; all the proteins are unstable; except that HsARF7-6 and HsARF7-15 are hydrophilic, the rest are lipophilic proteins; there are 197 types of cis-acting elements, and 17 of the proteins contain as more as 20 acting elements such as GTGANTG10, CBFHV, GT1 CONSENSUS, NODCON2 GM, CAATBOX1, MYBCORE, GATABOX, WRKY71 OS and RAV1 AAT; HsARF7-1, HsARF7-2, HsARF7-4, HsARF7-6, HsARF7-8, HsARF7-10, HsARF7-12, HsARF7-14 and HsARF7-16 all have the 6 types of motif predicted; the proteins have domains such as PABP-1234 super family, RRM_SF super famliy, PRK10263 super family, AUX_IAA super family and MFS super family; the proteins all can cross cell membrane and have no signal peptide, and they are all located in the nucleus. On the level of secondary structure, the proportion of β-sheet is the smallest. In HsARF7-7 and HsARF7-9, α-helix has the largest proportion, and in the remaining proteins, random coil has the largest proportion; and tertiary structure prediction found that HsARF7-1, HsARF7-2, HsARF7-4, HsARF7-14 and HsARF7-17 have a tertiary structure of polyadenylate-binding protein, and HsARF7-7 has a tertiary structure of auxin-induced protein iaa4. [Conclusions] The above analysis results can provide a certain theoretical basis for further research on the biological function and regulatory mechanism of the ARF gene of H. serrata in the future, and provide a reference for the study of the growth and development of H. serrata.

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  • Identification of HPLC Characteristic Chromatograms of Phenylethanoid Glycosides and Iridoid Glycosides in Herba Cistanche of Different Origins

    Xiongmei HUANG;Yan HUANG;Xinwei NONG;Minling WEI;Hongyan WEI;Hisayoshi NORIMOTO;

    [Objectives] This study aimed to establish a quality evaluation method for Herba Cistanche based on the HPLC characteristic chromatograms of the phenylethanoid glycosides and iridoid glycosides, and compare the HPLC characteristic chromatograms of different origins of Herba Cistanche. [Methods] The chromatographic conditions used were as follows: column, Agilent ZORBAX Eclipse Plus C_(18) column(4.6 mm×250 mm, 5 μm); gradient elution, acetonitrile-0.1% phosphoric acid aqueous solution; flow rate, 1.0 mL/min; detection wavelength, 240 nm; column temperature, 30 ℃. [Results] Cistanche tubulosa(Schenk) Wight showed 9 characteristic peaks, Cistanche deserticola Y. C. Ma showed 10 characteristic peaks, Cistanche salsa(C. A. Mey.) G. Beck showed 7 characteristic peaks, and Cistanche sinensis G. Beck showed 4 characteristic peaks. Peak 6 was echinacoside, peak 7 was verbascoside, peak 8 was tubuloside A, peak 9 was isoacteoside and peak 10 was cistanoside A. The characteristic chromatograms of the four different origins of Herba Cistanche were significantly different. [Conclusions] This characteristic chromatogram method has good reproducibility and can be used to distinguish 4 different origins of Herba Cistanche, C. deserticola Y. C. Ma, C. tubulosa(Schenk) Wight, C. sinensis G. Beck and C. salsa(C. A. Mey.) G. Beck.

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Processing of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Quality Control

  • Processing of Rhubarb and Determination of Five Free Anthraquinones in Raw Rhubarb and Stewed Rhubarb

    Huazhen SU;Xiumei MA;Jiangcun WEI;Yong CHEN;Shaoyuan HUANG;Liqing LIANG;Meiyan QIU;Fengxian ZHAO;Qian HAN;

    [Objectives] To determine the content of five kinds of free anthraquinones in raw rhubarb and stewed rhubarb by HPLC, and compare their content difference, so as to reveal the change rule of material basis before and after processing of traditional Chinese medicine. [Methods] The content was determined by HPLC with Thermo BDS HYPERSII C_(18) column(4.6 mm×250 mm, 5 μm) as chromatographic column and methanol-0.1% phosphoric acid(85∶15) aqueous solution as mobile phase; the detection wavelength was 256 nm, the flow rate was 1.0 mL/min, the column temperature was 30 ℃, and the injection volume was 10 μL. [Results] Aloe-emodin, rhein, emodin, chrysophanol and emodin methyl ether showed a good linear relationship in the linear range of 0.020 7-0.414(R~2=0.999 9), 0.172 1-3.442(R~2=0.999 6), 0.020 3-0.406(R~2=0.999 9), 0.148-2.96(R~2=0.999 8) and 0.164-3.28(R~2=0.999 3), respectively; the content of aloe-emodin decreased by about 8.26%, and rhein decreased by about 9.21%; the content of emodin increased by about 16.44%, chrysophanol increased by about 16.12%, and emodin methyl ether increased by about 20.01%, indicating that the processing technology had different effects on the components of rhubarb. [Conclusions] The content of five free anthraquinones in rhubarb was affected to different degrees after processing, and this method could be used as a quality control method for rhubarb and its different processed products.

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  • Extraction Technology of Flavonoids from Mung Bean Hull and Antioxidant Activity

    Hongxia DU;Ziheng HU;Ying WANG;Guanzhao WU;Gaorong LIU;

    [Objectives] The research aimed to study extraction technology of flavonoids from mung bean hull and determine their antioxidant activity. [Methods] Mung bean hull was taken as raw material, and extraction technology was freeze thaw assisted ultrasound, and ethanol aqueous solution was taken as solvent. Solid-liquid ratio, ethanol volume fraction, ultrasonic power and time were taken as variables to carry out single-factor experiments, to determine scavenging abilities of flavonoids from mung bean hull to DPPH radical and hydroxyl radical. [Results] The optimal extraction process of flavonoids was as below: 1∶15 of solid-liquid ratio, 70% of ethanol volume fraction, 120 W of ultrasonic power and 80 s of ultrasonic time. At this time, extraction rate of flavonoids was 4.07 mg/g. Scavenging activities of flavonoids from mung bean hull to DPPH radical and hydroxyl radical were 57.64% and 42.19%, respectively. [Conclusions] Freeze thaw assisted ultrasound was suitable for extracting flavonoids from mung bean hull.

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  • Preliminary Study on Quality Analysis of Root of Griffith Streptocaulon

    Haisheng ZENG;Chengtong LIU;Silu HE;Hongming CHEN;Xinying MO;Yudan LU;Xiaobao GUO;

    [Objectives] To make a preliminary study on quality analysis of Root of Griffith Streptocaulon. [Methods] The moisture, ash and extract of Root of Griffith Streptocaulon were tested in accordance with the requirements of 2015 Chinese Pharmacopoeia(Volume 4). [Results] The moisture content of Root of Griffith Streptocaulon was not higher than 12.74%, not lower than 6.26%, total ash content was not higher than 15.36%, not lower than 6.17%, acid-insoluble ash content was not higher than 0.55%, not lower than 0.17%, and extract was not higher than 11.83%, not lower than 5.23%. [Conclusions] This experiment made a preliminary study on the quality analysis of the Root of Griffith Streptocaulon, in the hope of providing a scientific basis for its quality control and formulation of the quality standard.

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  • Effect of Different Processing Methods on Content of β-Asarone in the Zhuang Medicine Rhizoma Acori Tatarinowii

    Peng YANG;Jiangcun WEI;Wen ZHONG;Xiumei MA;Xuelan LUO;Peitao XIE;Jiabao MA;Qian HAN;

    [Objectives] This paper aims to establish a method to simultaneously determine the content of β-asarone in Rhizoma Acori Tatarinowii dried by three different methods. [Methods] Reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography was used, and the chromatographic conditions were as follows: column, Thermo SCIENTIFIC Hypersil GOLD Dim.(mm); mobile phase, methanol-0.1% phosphoric acid(63∶37); column temperature, 30 ℃; flow rate, 1 mL/min; detection wavelength, 257 nm; sample size, 10 μL. [Results] The linear range of the injection volume of β-asarone was 49.28-246.40 μg/mL(R=0.999 3); the limit of quantification was 0.85 ng and the detection limit was 0.34 ng; the RSD values of precision, stability and reproducibility tests were all less than 3%; and the sample recovery rate was 98.53%-98.97%(RSD<3.00). The results show that the content of β-asarone was highest in shade-dried Rhizoma Acori Tatarinowii. The order of β-asarone content was as follows: Rhizoma Acori Tatarinowii dried in shade > Rhizoma Acori Tatarinowii dried at 55 ℃> Rhizoma Acori Tatarinowii dried at 60 ℃. [Conclusions] This method is sensitive, reliable, and reproducible. It can be used to simultaneously determine the content of β-asarone in Rhizoma Acori Tatarinowii dried by three different methods.

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Animal Experiment

  • Effect of Cholesterol Content in Diet on Atorvastatin (ATO)-induced Liver Injury in Golden Hamsters

    Lukun YANG;Cuizhe LIU;

    [Objectives] The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of cholesterol content in high-fat diet on atorvastatin(ATO)-induced liver injury in golden hamsters and compare the degree of liver injury caused by two high-fat diets with different cholesterol proportions. [Methods] Male golden hamsters were randomly and evenly divided into different groups and given different high-fat diets for 14 consecutive days by gavage to establish hyperlipidemia models. From the 15 th d on, the hamsters in the model groups were given ATO at a dose of 5 mg/kg, one a day, for 9 consecutive days. Blood was sampled from the orbital veins of the hamsters for the determination of biochemical indicators. Liver tissues of the hamsters were sampled, paraffin-embedded, sliced, stained by HE(hematoxylin-eosin) method and observed under an optical microscope. [Results] Compared with standard diet group, the body weight increased significantly(P<0.05), the serum TC, TG and LDL-C levels increased significantly(P<0.05), the serum HDL-C level declined significantly(P<0.05), and the ALT and AST levels increased significantly(P<0.05) in the high-fat diet groups. This trend was more obvious in the high-fat II group than the high-fat I group. After ATO intervention, the HDL-C, TBIL and TBA levels increased significantly(P<0.05), and the liver ALT and AST levels further increased(P<0.05) in the model groups. This trend was more obvious in the model II group than the model I group. The morphological inspection shows that the fat deposition in the liver tissues was severe; the hepatocytes in the model groups were obviously damaged; the liver injury in the hamsters fed high-fat diet containing 0.2% cholesterol and intervened with ATO was relatively mild but severer than the high-fat diet groups. [Conclusions] Hamster models of hyperlipidemia were successfully established in this study. High-fat diet could cause liver injury. While lowering blood lipid level, ATO aggravated liver injury. Among the high-fat diets with different proportions of cholesterol, the diet containing 0.2% cholesterol had little effect on ATO-induced liver injury.

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  • Effect of Ethanolic Extract of Pereskia aculeata Miller on Joint Swelling in Rats with Adjuvant-induced Arthritis

    Xuan WU;Lihua LIU;Changfu LI;Yu CHEN;Yifei CHEN;

    [Objectives] To explore the effect of ethanolic extract of Pereskia aculeata Miller(EEPA) on joint swelling in adjuvant arthritis rats. [Methods] 60 SD rats were randomly selected. Except for the blank group, the remaining animals were injected with complete Freund's adjuvant to establish the adjuvant arthritis rat models, which were divided into 6 groups: blank group, positive group, model group, and EEPA high-dose(64 mg/kg), EEPA medium-dose(32 mg/kg), EEPA low-dose(16 mg/kg) groups, 10 in each group. The changes of ankle joint swelling diameter and arthritis index score were observed, and the spleen index was calculated. The serum prostaglandin E2(PGE_2) level was detected by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay(ELISA). [Results] The degree of ankle swelling diameter, arthritis index score, expression of serum inflammatory factors, and spleen index in the model group were significantly higher than those in the blank group, indicating that there was an inflammatory reaction and abnormal immune organs, and the modeling was successful. Under the intervention of EEPA drugs, the degree of ankle swelling diameter and arthritis index score of EEPA group with different doses were significantly lower than that of the model group(P<0.05), and the level of serum inflammatory factors was also lower than that of the model group(P<0.05). The index was lower than the model group and close to the normal group(P<0.05), and the higher the EEPA dose, the lower the index expression level(P<0.05). [Conclusions] EEPA can reduce joint swelling and inhibit the level of inflammatory factors to some extent in adjuvant arthritis rats.

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  • Study on the Effect of Aqueous Extract of Houttuynia cordata on Serum TNF-α and IL-6 Content in Mice Infected with Five Common Pathogenic Bacteria

    Meiyuan LU;Chunli TANG;Fengxian ZHAO;Xiaoyu HUANG;Hongxia CHEN;Meifang LI;

    [Objectives] To observe the effect of aqueous extract of Houttuynia cordata on the content of serum TNF-α and IL-6 in mice with abdominal infection caused by Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Proteus vulgaris and Klebsiella pneumoniae, so as to investigate the antibacterial effect of aqueous extract of Houttuynia cordata in vivo. [Methods]A total of 72 KM mice were randomly divided into six groups: model group, blank group, cefdinir dispersible tablet group(0.25 g/kg), high, medium and low dose groups of aqueous extract of Houttuynia cordata(40, 20, 10 g/kg crude drug). There were 12 mice in each group, half male and half female, continuously given intragastric administration for three days, once a day. The blank group and the model group were intragastrically infused with normal saline, and the other groups were given corresponding drugs with a volume of 0.02 mL/g. After 30 min of administration on the third day, the mice were injected intraperitoneally with 0.5 mL of bacterial suspension to make bacterial infection. The mice in the blank group were intraperitoneally injected with the same amount of normal saline, followed by intragastric administration 6 h after intraperitoneal injection and intragastric administration again after 24 h. The mice were observed for three days, and the changes of body weight before and after infection were recorded. On the fourth day of infection, eyeball blood was taken, serum was separated, and the concentration of inflammatory factors TNF-α and IL-6 in serum was determined. [Results] Compared with the model group, the high, medium and low dose groups of H. cordata aqueous extract had protective effects on mice with abdominal infection caused by S. aureus, E. coli, P. aeruginosa, P. vulgaris and K. pneumoniae, and decreased the content of TNF-α and IL-6 in serum. [Conclusions] The aqueous extract of H. cordata had a certain antibacterial effect on acute abdominal infection caused by S. aureus, E. coli, P. aeruginosa, P. vulgaris and K. pneumoniae, and its mechanism was related to TNF-α and IL-6.

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  • Effects of Crocin on Nox2 Expression and ROS Level of Hypoxia/Reoxygenation-induced Injury of Cardiomyocytes

    Chao ZENG;Yongji XING;Lizhi BAO;Yuanyuan WANG;Weiqing HU;Jun WU;Xiaohong LIU;Nengwu WEN;Jiping FAN;

    [Objectives] To explore the protection mechanism of crocin against ischemia-reperfusion injury of myocardial cells. [Methods] Newborn male SD rats were selected, left ventricular cardiomyocytes(CMs) were isolated, and a hypoxia/reoxygenation model of CMs was established to simulate the process of ischemia/reperfusion injury. The cells were randomly divided into four groups: normal cell group(control group), crocin group), hypoxia/reoxygenation group(H/R group), hypoxia/reoxygenation+crocin group(H/R+crocin group). H/R+crocin group selected the concentration of crocin 1, 10, and 100 μmol/L, and determined the optimal concentration of crocin by detecting the cell proliferation ability. After the cells were pretreated using the optimal concentration of crocin, the levels of superoxide anion, cell proliferation, apoptosis and Nox2 levels in each group of cells were detected. [Results] Compared with the control group, the proliferation ability of CMs after hypoxia-reoxygenation injury was reduced(P<0.05), while cell apoptosis and intracellular superoxide anion levels were significantly increased(P<0.01); the CMs pretreated with crocin can reduce the level of Nox2(P<0.01), increase the cell proliferation ability of CMs, reduce cell apoptosis, and accordingly reduce the level of superoxide anion in the cell(P<0.05). [Conclusions] Crocin protects CMs from hypoxia/reoxygenation injury through down-regulating the level of Nox2 and reducing oxidative stress injury.

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Clinical Application

  • Therapeutic Effect of Shenling Baizhu Powder on Primary Nephrotic Syndrome Featuring Damp Abundance Due to Splenic Asthenia

    Yingyuan QIN;Youming XIONG;Zhimei CUI;Xiaowei DENG;Fengmao ZHAO;Liping FENG;

    [Objectives] To observe the clinical efficacy of Shenling Baizhu Powder in the treatment of primary nephrotic syndrome(PNS) featuring damp abundance due to splenic asthenia. [Methods] 40 patients with PNS were randomly divided into treatment group(n=19) and control group(n=21). In the treatment group and the control group, methylprednisolone tablets were taken orally and cytoxan(CTX) was given intravenously for treatment; in the treatment group, based on oral administration of methylprednisolone tablets and intravenous drip of cytoxan(CTX), oral administration of traditional Chinese medicine(addition and subtraction of Shenling Baizhu Powder) was added. Urine routine, 24-hour urinary protein, renal function and serum albumin were re-examined after 4 weeks of treatment. [Results] The total effective rate of the treatment group was significantly higher than that of the control group(89.47% vs 61.90%, P<0.05). After treatment, both groups could effectively reduce the levels of 24-hour urinary protein(P<0.05), serum creatinine(P<0.05) and urea nitrogen(P<0.05), and increase the level of serum albumin(P<0.05), but the degree of improvement in the treatment group was significantly higher than that in the control group(P<0.05), and the difference was statistically significant(P<0.05). [Conclusions] Methylprednisolone combined with addition and subtraction of Shenling Baizhu Powder could effectively reduce urinary protein, improve edema symptoms, shorten the course of hormone use and reduce adverse reactions in the treatment of PNS featuring damp abundance due to splenic asthenia.

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  • Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Biyuanshu Oral Liquid in the Treatment of Chronic Rhinosinusitis

    Ningning ZHAO;Shiying TANG;

    [Objectives] The objective was to study the clinical efficacy and safety of Biyuanshu oral liquid in the treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis(CRS). [Methods] Randomized controlled trial was adopted to conduct scientific and standardized assessment on the risk of bias in the included papers. With overall effect and incidence of adverse reactions as indices, meta-analysis was performed, and sensitivity and safety analysis was conducted on the included literature. [Results] A total of 15 papers were included, involving 1 489 patients. The efficiency of Biyuanshu oral liquid combined with Western medicine was better than that of Western medicine alone. [Conclusions] Biyuanshu oral liquid is safe and effective in treating chronic rhinosinusitis, and is suitable for patients who are not convenient for surgery. However, as the 15 papers included are all low in quality and there is a certain degree of publication bias, the objectivity of the results is affected to some extent.

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  • Medicinal Plant

    <正>Indexed by Chemical Abstracts(CA),AGRIS Database,CAB International(CABI),China National Knowledge Infrastructure(CNKI),Naresuan University Library,Indian Fund for Agricultural Development,Royal Tropical Institute,Library of Congress,ProQuest So far,a total of more than 3000 users have subscribed to Medicinal Plant,distributed in 6 countries and regions.The high-end users are as follows:

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    <正>AGRIS( The Agricultural Sciences and Technology) is a booklist-style international agricultural database which is established by the international agricultural technology information system subordinate to FAO. It embodies continued publications,documents,corpuses,books,technology reports,patents,maps,meeting papers,and other literatures,which are collected by 135 countries and regions,146 branches of AGRIS,and 22 international organizations.

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