• Treatment of Arthralgia Syndrome from Eliminating Pathogen and Strengthening Vital Qi

    Lamei ZHOU;Wen XU;Donglin HAO;

    More than 40 medical history works and classical medical literatures about the theory and prescription of arthralgia syndrome treated from eliminating pathogen and strengthening vital qi were sorted out, summarized and analyzed, and the theory of treating arthralgia syndrome from eliminating pathogenic factors including dampness, heat, cold, phlegm and blood stasis, and strengthening vital qi basically reflected the academic thought of treating Bi syndrome from eliminating pathogen and strengthening vital qi in traditional Chinese medicine books.

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  • Research Progress in the Regulation of Tumor Cells and Tumor Stem Cells at Multiple Targets by Antrodia camphorata

    Qingfa CHEN;Yan XU;Xiaodong SHI;Chuanfei WEI;Haitao XIE;Ruxi LV;

    Extensive in vitro and in vivo research reveals multiple intracellular molecular targets of Antrodia camphorata, and these targets affect growth, apoptosis, angiogenesis, invasion and metastasis of cells. These targets include tumor suppressor, cell cycle regulator, transcription factor, angiogenesis and metastasis factor, apoptosis and survival regulator, etc. Additionally, more and more attention has been paid to the molecular mechanism of A. camphorata on the regulation of tumor stem cells. Meanwhile, there is evidence that the immunoregulation of A. camphorata is enhanced, which may lead cell cycle arrest or apoptosis. In this paper, molecular mechanism of tumor cells and tumor stem cells regulated at multiple targets by A. camphorata in vitro and in vivo in the past decade is summarized.

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  • Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Efficacy of Banxia Xiexin Decoction for Treatment of Bile Reflux Gastritis

    Ningning ZHAO;Bing WEI;Shiying TANG;

    [Objectives] The purpose was to study the clinical efficacy and safety of Banxia Xiexin decoction in treating bile reflux gastritis(BRG). [Methods] Randomized controlled trial was adopted to conduct scientific and standardized assessment on the risk of bias in the included articles. With overall effect and epigastric pain relief as indices, meta-analysis was performed, and sensitivity and safety analysis was conducted on the included literature. [Results] A total of 13 articles were included, involving a total of 1 478 patients. The results of meta-analysis show that the efficacy of Banxia Xiexin decoction alone and Banxia Xiexin decoction-Western medicine combination is better than that of Western medicine alone. [Conclusions] Banxia Xiexin decoction is safe and effective in treating bile reflux gastritis. However, as the 13 articles included are all low in quality and there is a certain degree of publication bias, the objectivity of the results is affected to some extent.

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  • A Brief Discussion on the Toxicity of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Shengkai DING;Qing GUO;Qianqian LIU;Xinyang LIU;Yuanyuan YE;Yazhen SHANG;

    With the wide application of traditional Chinese medicine in the world, the related reports on the toxicity of traditional Chinese medicine are increasing, which makes the safety of traditional Chinese medicine receive wide attention. This paper analyzes the toxicity of traditional Chinese medicine with a fair and scientific attitude, in order to promote the benign and sustainable development of traditional Chinese medicine.

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  • Research Progress on the Biological Activity of Pectolinarigenin

    Wenbo ZUO;Shumei LI;Yannan LI;Hui XUE;Yu ZHANG;Tong ZHANG;Shinong WANG;Chenghao JIN;

    Pectolinarigenin is a kind of flavonoid, which is an active ingredient in Eupatorium odoratum. Some studies have confirmed that pectolinarigenin has many biological activities, including anti-oxidation, anti-allergy, anti-inflammation, anti-tumor and so on. In this paper, the biological activity and related mechanism of pectolinarigenin were summarized in order to provide theoretical basis and reference for the further development and utilization of pectolinarigenin.

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  • Research Progress of Cymbaria mongolica Maxim. in the Treatment of Chronic Eczema


    Chronic eczema is a kind of skin disease which is difficult to treat. It is easy to occur repeatedly, and itching is intolerable during the attack, which seriously affects the daily life of patients. Through the review of the treatment of chronic eczema with Mongolian medicine Cymbaria mongolica Maxim., it has the advantages of improving the cure rate and the quality of life, and reducing the recurrence rate, and so on, which provides a scientific basis for the promotion and further research of traditional Mongolian medicine Cymbaria mongolica Maxim.

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Chemical Composition of Natural Medicine

  • Content Determination of Five Kinds of Flavonoids in Trichosanthes Peel

    Yan ZHAO;Bin LIU;Maohong CHANG;Lu WEI;Mengxi ZHANG;Zhanbo HUANG;

    [Objectives] The purpose of this study was to establish a method for the determination of five kinds of flavonoids in trichosanthes peel. [Methods] The contents of rutin, isoquercitrin, quercitrin, quercetin and kaempferol in trichosanthes peel samples collected from different sites were determined by high-performance liquid chromatography. With each component as an index, principal component analysis and cluster analysis were performed. [Results] The contents of flavonoids in the trichosanthes peel samples from different sites were different. The cumulative variance contribution rate of isoquercitrin was 95.514%. The results of cluster analysis show that the quality of trichosanthes peel from Anhui was the best. [Conclusions] Taking isoquercitrin as a common factor to carry out content determination will help to better control the quality of trichosanthes peel.

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Pharmacological and Toxicological Analyses

  • Biopharmaceutical Identification of Adventitious Buds and Root Bark of Aralia elata Seem.

    Fei QI;Shizhao XU;

    [Objectives] This article aimed to systematically study the biopharmaceutical characteristics of root bark and adventitious buds(tender stems and young leaves) of Aralia elata Seem. and to distinguish its root bark from that of Acanthopanax gracilistylus, in order to avoid confusion in clinical medication and guide root segment cutting technology of A. elata Seem. [Methods] Samples were obtained by field collection, and using trait and microstructure identification techniques, systematic biopharmaceutical identification of samples was carried out. [Results] The trait and microscopic characteristics of the root bark and adventitious buds(tender stems and young leaves) of A. elata Seem. were clarified. [Conclusions] The traits, cross-sections and powder of root bark, tender stems and young leaves of A. elata Seem. all have unique identification characteristics. The secondary phloem of A. elata Seem. is particularly developed, and it provides adventitious buds with sufficient nutrients for their meristem.

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  • Bacteriostatic Effect of Extracts from 10 Kinds of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials and Garlic on Pectobacterium chrysanthemi

    Yong ZHOU;Mingfu GONG;Zhong LIU;Yanjie PENG;Ying ZHENG;

    Pectobacterium chrysanthemi is one of the main pathogens of soft rot disease of Amorphophallus konjac. The bacteriostatic effect of extracts from 10 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine and garlic on Pectobacterium chrysanthemi was studied in this experiment. The results showed that the extracts of Coptis chinensis, garlic, Scutellaria baicalensis, Mume Fructus and Bupleurum had significant bacteriostatic effect. Among them, Coptis chinensis and garlic had the best bacteriostatic effect on Pectobacterium chrysanthemi, and the diameter of inhibition zone was 2.27 and 2.19 cm, respectively, followed by Scutellaria baicalensis, with the diameter of inhibition zone of 1.68 cm. The extracts of Coptis chinensis, Scutellaria baicalensis and garlic with good bacteriostatic effect were diluted by double dilution method, and the bacteriostatic effect was determined. The results showed that 2-fold dilution of Coptis chinensis and 2-fold and 4-fold dilution of Scutellaria baicalensis had significant bacteriostatic effect, but the bacteriostatic effect of garlic extract was not obvious after dilution.

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Processing of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Quality Control

  • Optimization of Extraction Process and Antioxidant Activity of Polysaccharide in Embelia parviflora Wall. by RSM

    Wenli LI;Xianxian LIU;Xiaolian LIANG;Yong CHEN;Danqing PANG;Zhouyan HUANG;Qian HAN;Wenjun LIU;Liangni CHEN;

    [Objectives] To optimize the extraction process of polysaccharide in Embelia parviflora Wall. by response surface methodology, and to study the antioxidant activity in vitro of polysaccharide in E. parviflora, so as to provide a basis for the further development and utilization of E. parviflora. [Methods] The solid-to-liquid ratio, extraction temperature, extraction time and extraction times were used as single factors to investigate the effects. On this basis, the response surface methodology(RSM) was used to optimize the extraction process of polysaccharide in E. parviflora. DPPH and ABTS free radicals were used to investigate the antioxidant capacity of polysaccharide in E. parviflora. [Results] The optimal solid-to-liquid ratio for extraction of polysaccharide from E. parviflora was 32∶1(mL/g), extraction temperature was 77 ℃, and extraction time was 36 min. The IC_(50) values of DPPH and ABTS were 0.04 and 0.03 mg/mL, respectively. [Conclusions] The optimized extraction process of polysaccharide in E. parviflora is stable, the extraction rate is high, and has strong antioxidant activity. It is expected to provide a reference for the industrial extraction of polysaccharide from E. parviflora.

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  • Study on the Quality Standard of Shema Mixture

    Lilong YANG;Min HUANG;

    [Objectives] To establish the quality standard of Shema mixture. [Methods] Thin-Layer Chromatography(TLC) was used to qualitatively identify Ephedra sinica Stapf, Belamcanda chinensis(L.) Redouté and Citrus maxima(Burm.) Merr. cv. Tomentosa in the mixture, and High Performance Liquid Chromatography(HPLC) was established for the determination of the content of ephedrine hydrochloride, which was an effective component of principle drug E. sinica Stapf in the mixture. [Results] TLC was used to identify E. sinica Stapf, B. chinensis(L.) Redouté and C. maxima(Burm.) Merr. cv. Tomentosa in Shema mixture, and the characteristic spots were stable and clear. Ephedrine hydrochloride had a good linear relationship in the range of 2.01-14.06 μg, the average recovery of samples was 98.77%, RSD=1.58%. [Conclusions] TLC and HPLC, as the quality control methods of Shema mixture, have high accuracy and good repeatability, which laid a foundation for the quality control of Shema mixture.

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  • Optimization of Processing Technology for Roasted Licorice with Water by Orthogonal Method

    Yali XU;Xiaopeng LI;Liyang HA;Zhilong SHI;Jian GU;

    [Objectives] To optimize the processing technology for roasted licorice with water. [Methods] Through the orthogonal experimental design, taking the water added, moistening time, frying temperature and frying time as the factors, and the content of glycyrrhizin and glycyrrhizic acid as the evaluation index, the processing technology for roasted licorice with water was optimized. [Results] The best processing technology of licorice was as follows: Pure licorice slices were mixed with water and moistened for 3 h, and then fried at 160 ℃ for 6 min. 20 kg of water was added to every 100 kg of licorice. [Conclusions] The best processing technology for roasted licorice with water was established, laying a foundation for the research and application of roasted licorice with water and its preparation.

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  • Preliminary Study and Quality Analysis of Laggera alata

    Jiangcun WEI;Jiabao MA;Jian CUI;Zhenying FU;Xianyi SHI;Yan MA;Lifu WEI;Zhengteng YANG;

    [Objectives] To establish a method for quality analysis of Laggera alata. [Methods] The water content, total ash and alcohol-soluble extract of Laggera alata were determined according to the method of 2015 edition of Chinese Pharmacopoeia. [Results] Ten batches of Laggera alata from different producing areas and different collection time in Guangxi had the same plant morphology and medicinal properties. The experimental results were as follows: the water content was 5.19%-10.86%; the total ash content was 5.91%-10.74%; the acid-insoluble ash content was 0.44%-0.92%; the extract content was 14.64%-19.95%. [Conclusions] The experimental results can provide scientific basis for the development and utilization of Laggera alata and the establishment of its quality standard.

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  • Optimization of Quality Control Method and Ethanol Extraction Process of Psoralen and Bergapten in Ficus pandurata

    Weiwen PENG;Chang CHEN;Weibo DAI;Yangcun LU;Yingjing WANG;

    [Objectives] To establish a qualitative identification and content determination method for psoralen and bergapten in the roots and leaves of Ficus pandurata, and the multi-indicator scoring method to optimize the ethanol extraction process for the effective parts of F. pandurata. [Methods] Qualitative identification was carried out by thin-layer chromatography(TLC) and content determination was made by high-performance liquid chromatography(HPLC); the content of psoralen and bergapten and extract yield were used as indicators, to investigate the effects of ethanol volume fraction, solid-to-liquid ratio, extraction time and extraction times on the ethanol extraction process of F. pandurata; multi-indicator scoring method was adopted, orthogonal test method was designed to optimize the extraction process, and verification test was performed. [Results] TLC chart of F. pandurata shows clear spots and good separation; the detected concentrations of psoralen and bergapten in the roots are in the range of 1.02-32.64 μg/mL and shows a good linear relationship with the peak area(r=0.999 7); these components have not been detected in the leaves, and the precision, RSD of stability and repeatability test is less than 2%; the average recovery rate was 99.8%-100.2%, and the RSD value is 1.12%-1.13%(n=6); the optimized extraction process is to use 50% ethanol as the extraction solvent, the solid-to-liquid ratio of 1∶10, reflux extraction of 3 times, and 1.5 h each time; the results of the three batches of verification tests show that the content of the two indicator components obtained is high, and the average value of the total amount is 0.34 mg/g(RSD=0.30%, n=3). [Conclusions] The established quality control method for F. pandurata is simple, easy, accurate and reproducible; the preferred extraction process is stable and feasible, suitable for the extraction and purification of coumarin effective parts in F. pandurata roots, so it is expected to provide references for further development of F. pandurata.

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Germplasm Resources and Cultivation

  • Effects of Organic and Medium and Trace Element Fertilizers on Yield and Quality of Panax notoginseng

    Yongquan ZHU;Junwen CHEN;Guangqiang LONG;Tongbin ZHU;Shusheng ZHU;Shengchao YANG;

    [Objectives] This study aimed to investigate the effects of organic and medium and trace element fertilizers(Ca, Zn, B) on yield and quality of Panax notoginseng to provide theoretical support for rational fertilization in cultivation of P. notoginseng. [Methods] Five fertilization treatments, control(CK), organic fertilizer(OM), zinc fertilizer(ZF), boron fertilizer(BF) and lime(LF), were designed. A two-consecutive-year field plot trail was conducted. The biological traits, yield and saponin content of P. notoginseng were determined. [Results] The application of organic fertilizer had no significant effect on the biological traits of P. notoginseng. Trace element fertilizers significantly increased the scape length of P. notoginseng. Among the treatments, ZF significantly increased the single flower weight but reduced the inflorescence diameter, while the effects of BF were opposite to those of ZF; LF significantly increased the stem thickness and reduced the plant height. All treatments significantly increased the seedling rate of three-year-old P. notoginseng, and the increase in the LF group(20.49%) was the largest, followed by those in the ZF(16.80%) and OM(16.40%) groups, and the increase in the BF group(13.08%) was the smallest. Although OM, ZF and BF treatments caused the root weight of individual plants to decrease, the final yield of each treatment was higher than that of the control group, and the increases in the BF and LF groups exceeded 17%(P<0.05). The total saponin outputs of all the treatments except OM were significantly higher than that of the control group. [Conclusions] Under the conditions of this test, the supplementation of organic and medium and trace element fertilizers on the basis of conventional fertilization will help to increase the yield of P. notoginseng. However, the reduction of the total saponin output of P. notoginseng caused by organic fertilizer cannot be ignored.

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  • Ecological Suitability Analysis of Siraitia grosvenorii Producing Areas across the World

    Xiaoqin WEI;Ce LAI;Zhengkuan HUANG;Xiao LEI;Wenjing HE;

    [Objectives] The purpose of this study was to provide reference for scientific introduction and rational production planning of Siraitia grosvenorii. [Methods] Using the Geographic Information System for Global Medicinal Plants(GMPGIS), the ecological factors and suitable producing areas of S. grosvenorii were analyzed. The maximum information entropy model MaxEnt and the GMPGIS analysis method were compared. Verification analysis was performed with cosine similarity and Kappa method. [Results] S. grosvenorii is mainly produced in China. Brazil and Congo(Democratic Republic) are the two countries with the largest potential distribution. Indonesia, Colombia, Peru, the United States, Bolivia, Thailand and Myanmar have great development potential in the introduction and cultivation of S. grosvenorii. In China, S. grosvenorii mainly grows in the coastal provinces dominated by Guangxi, with a tendency of gradually expanding to the north, where the temperature has been rising slowly compared with the original producing area of Guilin. Guangxi is the main producing area. Guangdong, Jiangxi and Hunan are regions with potential wide distribution. Fujian, Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Hainan, Hubei and Taiwan, China also have small distributions. Among the 210 largest ecologically similar areas, the average cosine similarity was above 99.9%. [Conclusions] The potential distribution areas predicted by the GMPGIS analysis method have high prediction accuracy. This will provide effective scientific reference for the introduction and standardized cultivation of medicinal plants.

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  • Effects of Fertilization and Transplantation in the Neighbouring Area on Quality of Artemisia argyi Leaf

    Juan WU;Xiangluan WAN;Dingrong WAN;Yujie CHEN;Rui PU;

    [Objectives] To make a preliminary study of the effects of the fertilizer application and transplantation from Qichun County, Hubei Province, China, to neighbouring area on the chemical substance contents and moxa yield of Artemisia argyi leaf in Qichun(AALQ). [Methods] The content of the total flavonoids in AALQ was determined by UV-Vis spectrophotometry with apigenin as reference substance. The contents of volatile oil and tannins were determined by the methods in Chinese Pharmacopoeia(2015 edition). The moxa yield was detected by the self-developed method of grinding and sifting with high-speed pulverizer. [Results] Whether applying cake fertilizer, or compound fertilizer after applying barnyard manure, the contents of total flavonoids and tannins in AALQ were reduced in varying degrees, and the content of volatile oil was changed, which had adversely affect the accumulation of effective substances in the leaves of medicinal A. argyi as a whole. The contents of related chemical substances and moxa yield of A. argyi planted in the neighbouring Xishui County from Qichun, Hubei Province were relatively high. [Conclusions] The contents of effective substances and moxa yield of AALQ were significantly reduced as a whole when applied fertilizer in planting, especially after the application of barnyard manure, compound fertilizer was added. The quality of A. argyi leaf would not be adversely affected if it was transplanted from Qichun County, Hubei Province, which is the genuine producing area, to nearby areas with similar ecological environment.

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  • Effects of Different Application Methods and Application Rates of Biological Nano-Selenium on the Quality of Passion Fruit

    Wei HUANG;Minying SHEN;Zhaoliang LIU;Yu ZHANG;Daobo WANG;

    [Objectives] To study the effects of different application methods and application rates of biological nano-selenium on the quality of passion fruit. [Methods] In this experiment, passion fruit Tainong 1 was sprayed with biological nano-selenium. The concentration of spraying refers to the recommended application rate of biological nano-selenium manufacturers. Three treatments with different concentrations were carried out: 3, 4.5 and 6 L/ha biological nano-selenium was sprayed on 100% root,(50% root+50% leaf surface) and 100% leaf surface of passion fruit, respectively. [Results] From the aspects of economic cost and rational utilization of resources, spraying 3 L/ha selenium fertilizer on the leaves of passion fruit played the best role in improving the quality of passion fruit. [Conclusions] To study the selenium-rich production technology of agricultural products and improve the quality of agricultural products is of great significance for improving human health and producing high-quality agricultural products.

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Animal Experiment

  • Effects of Dachengqi Decoctions Made from Raw Rhubarb and Vinegar-processed Rhubarb on Levels of Endotoxin, NO and TNF-α in Serum

    Wen ZHONG;Zujie QIN;Jiangcun WEI;Zhen XIE;Xiumei MA;Xianyi SHI;Fengxian ZHAO;Qian HAN;

    [Objectives] The effects of Dachengqi decoctions made from raw rhubarb and vinegar-processed rhubarb on serum endotoxin, NO and TNF-α levels were investigated. [Methods] Total 105 mice were randomly divided into Dachengqi decoction made from raw rhubarb groups(6, 10 g/kg), Dachengqi decoction made from vinegar-processed rhubarb groups(6, 10 g/kg), positive control group, blank control group and model group. After administration at a dose of 20 mL/kg, the levels of endotoxin, NO and TNF-α in serum were determined. The effects of Dachengqi decoctions made from raw rhubarb and vinegar-processed rhubarb on serum endotoxin, NO and TNF-α levels in mice were compared. [Results] Dachengqi decoctions made from raw rhubarb and vinegar-processed rhubarb both increased the NO level and reduced the endotoxin and TNF-α levels in serum of ABP mice. [Conclusions] Dachengqi decoctions made from raw rhubarb and vinegar-processed rhubarb have different effects on endotoxin, NO and TNF-α contents. These changes correspond to the effects of Dachengqi Decoctions made from raw rhubarb and vinegar-processed rhubarb. The change in the content of rhubarb anthraquinones has a certain effect on the efficacy of Dachengqi decoction.

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  • Comparison of Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic Effects of Fresh and Dry Products of Zhuang Medicine Asystaia gangetica

    Ke YANG;Xianxing LIANG;Ning XU;Qiuli LONG;Fang CHEN;Chunhui ZENG;

    [Objectives] To compare anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of fresh and dry products of Zhuang medicine Asystaia gangetica on mice. [Methods] Experiments were performed using glacial acetic acid to increase capillary permeability in mice, cotton ball to cause granulomatous formation in mice, xylene to cause auricular swelling in mice, chronic inflammation, and acetic acid-induced pain and hot-plate pain. Besides, the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of fresh and dry products of A. gangetica on mice were observed with the indicators of capillary permeability in the abdominal cavity, swelling rate of auricles, cotton ball granulomas and writhing times, and thermal pain threshold. [Results] Fresh products of A. gangetica had significant inhibitory effects on peritoneal capillary permeability increase in mice induced by glacial acetic acid, mouse auricle swelling induced by xylene, and mouse granuloma formation induced by cotton balls. Dry products of A. gangetica also significantly inhibited the auricle swelling in mice induced by xylene, but the effect intensity was weaker than that of fresh products. In addition, dry products of A. gangetica showed a certain tendency to inhibit the increase of capillary permeability in the abdominal cavity of mice induced by glacial acetic acid. In the analgesic experiment, both fresh and dry products of A. gangetica showed better analgesic effect, but caused pain on the hot plate, and the analgesic effect time of fresh products was shorter than that of dry products. [Conclusions] Both fresh and dry products of Zhuang medicine A. gangetica have certain anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

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Novel Coronavirus

  • Interpretation of Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia(Trial Version 7)

    Jinfeng CHEN;Zhongyi LEI;Chaofeng LIU;Hong FAN;Peng LEI;Xueping WU;Xiaoyong YU;Yanfen ZHOU;Jiejun HOU;

    On March 3, 2020, the National Health Commission and the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of China jointly promulgated the Notice on Printing and Distributing the Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia(Trial Version 7). The content has been revised and supplemented on the basis of the Version 6, including etiological characteristics and pathological changes in lung, heart, kidney, spleen, liver, gallbladder, esophagus, stomach and intestinal mucosal epithelium. In particular, the diagnosis and treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine are supplemented. It provides an evidence-based diagnosis and treatment protocol for the treatment and recovery of suspected and confirmed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia with traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

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Clinical Application

  • Analysis on the Clinical Effect of Shenling Baizhu San Combined with Routine Treatment on Bacterial Pneumonia in Children

    Jinli FENG;Cheng ZHANG;Houjun CHEN;Ziliang CHEN;Yongfeng CHEN;Zhiguang WU;

    [Objectives] To explore the effect of Shenling Baizhu San combined with routine treatment on the clinical efficacy, gastrointestinal function protection, inflammatory response and immune function of children with bacterial pneumonia. [Methods] From July 2017 to January 2018, 80 children with bacterial pneumonia were randomly selected and divided into observation group and control group with 40 cases in each group. The control group was treated with conventional Western medicine, while the observation group was treated with Shenling Baizhu San on the basis of conventional treatment, with a period of 10 d. Then, we compared the clinical efficacy, incidence of gastrointestinal symptoms, WBC, CRP, CD4+ and CD8+ levels between the two groups. [Results] The clinical efficacy of the observation group was better than that of the control group(P<0.05). After treatment, the levels of WBC and CRP in the two groups decreased, especially in the observation group(P<0.05). After treatment, the level of CD4+ in both groups increased significantly, while the level of CD8+ decreased significantly, and the level of CD4+ in the observation group was significantly higher than that in the control group after treatment. The incidence of gastrointestinal symptoms in the observation group was significantly lower than that in the control group(P<0.01). [Conclusions] Shenling Baizhu San can obviously improve the clinical effect of bacterial pneumonia in children and has the protective effect of gastrointestinal tract, and its mechanism may be related to its anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects.

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  • Clinical Observation of Huatanjieyu Granule in the Treatment of Post-stroke Depression

    Xi WANG;Chunqi AI;Lizhu LIU;Dongyu XIA;Qin GONG;

    [Objectives] To observe the clinical effect of Huatanjieyu granule on patients with post-stroke depression. [Methods] Total 76 patients with confirmed post-stroke depression were randomly divided into two groups(treatment group and control group) according to the double-blind principle. The treatment group(38 cases) was treated with Huatanjieyu granule combined with escitalopram, and the control group(38 cases) was treated with escitalopram alone. The course of treatment was 6 weeks. Through clinical efficacy, Hamilton Depression Scale(HAMD) and Treatment Emergent Symptom Scale(TESS) scores were compared, and blood, liver function, renal function and electrocardiogram were examined. [Results] The scores of HAMD and TESS in patients with post-stroke depression were significantly decreased by Huatanjieyu granule, and there were no obvious side effects. The total effective rate was 92.1% in the treatment group and 76.3% in the control group. There was significant difference between the two groups(P<0.01). [Conclusions] Huatanjieyu granule was effective in the treatment of post-stroke depression with little side effects and was easy to be accepted by patients.

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  • Clinical Application of CAD/CAM Customized Zirconia Abutment in Maxillary Anterior Region

    Liyan LIN;Lu LIU;Hui ZHAO;Jianjun YANG;

    [Objectives] To explore the difference between the CAD/CAM customized zirconia abutment and the finished titanium abutment in the maxillary anterior region. [Methods] A total of 60 implants were selected from 60 patients who had undergone maxillary single anterior implant implantation in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University from July 2017 to July 2018. They were randomly divided into an observation group and a control group(30 patients/group). The observation group used CAD/CAM customized zirconia abutment and all-ceramic crown, while the control group used finished titanium abutment and all-ceramic crown. Twelve months after the crown restoration, mechanical complications, pink esthetic(another spelling of aesthetic) score(PES) and white esthetic score(WES), and patient satisfaction were used as clinical observation indicators to evaluate the restoration effect. [Results] For 12 months after crown restoration, the implant survival rate of the two groups of patients was 100%, and there was no abutment breakage, loosening, falling off, or screw loosening and breakage. The PES and WES of the observation group were significantly higher than those of the control group(P<0.05). The patient satisfaction of the observation group was significantly higher than those of the control group(P<0.05). [Conclusions] CAD/CAM customized zirconia abutment implant restoration in the maxillary anterior region can obtain good esthetic restoration effect in a short term, and has good clinical application effect.

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  • Discussion on the Informative Teaching Mode of the Elective Course of Packaging Design for Medical Plant Products

    Lin KANG;

    This article believes that in the context of the "Made in China 2025" development strategy, the teaching of the elective course of Packaging Design for Medicinal Plant Products is facing reform. It proposes to conduct research in five aspects: students' survey, classroom teaching reform, practical teaching reform, application of information technology and evaluation of teaching reform effects. Questionnaire survey, case analysis, group discussion and student test are used to discuss the informative teaching model, aiming to train application-oriented information-oriented professional senior talents in the direction of medicinal plant product packaging design.

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  • Medicinal Plant

    <正>Indexed by Chemical Abstracts (CA),AGRIS Database,CAB International (CABI),China National Knowledge Infrastructure(CNKI),Naresuan University Library,Indian Fund for Agricultural Development,Royal Tropical Institute,Library of Congress,ProQuest

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    <正>AGRIS (The Agricultural Sciences and Technology) is a booklist-style international agricultural database which is established by the international agricultural technology information system subordinate to FAO. It embodies continued publications,documents,corpuses,

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