• Advances in Research on Hypoglycemic Functions of Polysaccharides from Medicinal and Edible Plants

    Xiaohan ZHANG;Chenghui ZHANG;Wenrui YU;Wanru XUE;Tong TONG;Jialin SUN;Xuqiao FENG;

    Plant polysaccharides have an excellent hypoglycemic effect through various ways such as promoting insulin secretion,improving insulin resistance,regulating related enzyme activities,improving sugar,protein and fat metabolism,promoting hepatic glycogen synthesis,inhibiting gluconeogenesis,and improving immune system function and resistance.At present,more than 200 polysaccharides derived from traditional Chinese medicines have been reported,and most of them are isolated and purified from plants.With the deepening of research on plant polysaccharides,more and more attention has been paid to the development of safe and economical natural hypoglycemic products.This paper first introduced the hypoglycemic effects of Folium Mori polysaccharides,Cucurbita moschata polysaccharides,Momordica charantia polysaccharides,Dioscoreae Rhizoma polysaccharides and Camellia sinensis O.Kuntze polysaccharides.Besides,it discussed the utilization ways of hypoglycemic plant polysaccharides,and the prospects of applying polysaccharide hypoglycemic effect to diabetes treatment,so as to provide reference for the research and utilization of plant polysaccharide hypoglycemic effects and the development of natural hypoglycemic foods.

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  • Research Progress on Extraction Technology of Polysaccharides from Polygonatum spp.

    Jiang LIU;Yuanjiang XU;Fangyu ZHAO;Hong QUAN;Xiaozhong LAN;

    In this paper,the extraction methods of polysaccharides from Polygonatum recent years are reviewed to provide reference for further development and utilization of Polygonatum spp.In addition,the prospects of the extraction process of polygonatum polysaccharides are explored.

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  • Advance in Research on Anti-tumor Pharmacological Mechanism of Cryptotanshinone

    Jiaru WANG;Lingqi MENG;Yi ZHANG;Hao WANG;Wanting XU;Yang LIU;Yu ZHANG;Tong ZHANG;Shinong WANG;Yuqing ZHAI;Yinghua LUO;Chenghao JIN;

    Cryptotanshinone is a natural active ingredient extracted from traditional Chinese medicine Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae.It has a variety of pharmacological effects,in addition to preventing and treating ischemic diseases,coronary artery disease Alzheimer's disease and fighting tumors.The anti-tumor effects are exerted through inhibiting tumor cell proliferation,inducing tumor cell apoptosis,inhibiting tumor metastasis and invasion,inhibiting angiogenesis and regulating reactive oxygen species levels.The studies on the anti-tumor activity and action mechanism of cryptotanshinone in recent years are reviewed in this article.

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Chemical Composition of Natural Medicine

  • Content Determination of Astragaloside Ⅳ in Astragalus from Three Different Regions by HPLC

    Wei XIN;Jiangli NIE;Ye HAN;Yi PEI;Nan YANG;Yujie LANG;Xi ZHA;

    [Objectives] The content of astragaloside in Astragalus membranaceus(Fisch.) Bge.var.mongholicus(Bge.) Hisao from three different regions was determined.[Methods] Referring to the method recorded in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia(2015 edition),the content of astragaloside IV in A.membranaceus was determined by HPLC.[Results] There were great differences in the astragaloside IV content of A.membranaceus among different regions.The content of astragaloside IV in A.membranaceus cultivated in Inner Mongolia was highest(0.155%),followed by that(0.143%) in A.membranaceus cultivated in Gansu,and the content of astragaloside IV in A.membranaceus cultivated in Shanxi was lowest(0.080%).The contents of astragaloside IV in A.membranaceus from different regions were all in line with the standard(not less than 0.040%) of Chinese Pharmacopoeia(2015 edition).[Conclusions]The content of astragaloside IV in A.membranaceus cultivated in three different regions met the medicinal standards.

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  • Study on Alkaloids in Fructus Hordei Germinatus

    Jianheng GUO;Guozhu LI;Qingyan MENG;Jizhong ZHANG;

    [Objectives]To isolate and analyze alkaloids in Fructus Hordei Germinatus.[Methods]The alkaloids in the Fructus Hordei Germinatus were extracted by ultrasonic technology,and analyzed by the ultra-performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry(UPLC-MS/MS) technique.[Results] According to the mass spectrometry information,compared with the literature reports,the possible structures of seven alkaloids in the Fructus Hordei Germinatus could be inferred.Compounds 1,2 and 3 were organic amine alkaloids,respectively tyramine and N-methyltyramine,hordenine,compounds 4,5,6 and 7 were indole alkaloids,respectively,tryptamine,gramine,harmine,and bufotenidine.The alkaloids in the Fructus Hordei Germinatus were separated by preparative high performance liquid chromatography(p HPLC) technique,a compound was obtained and identified by UPLC-MS/MS and nuclear magnetic resonance(NMR) technique as hordenine.[Conclusions]This experiment is expected to lay a foundation for the development of alkaloids in the Fructus Hordei Germinatus.

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  • Content Determination of Quercetin in Ferment of Ginkgo biloba L. Leaves by HPLC

    Dengfeng ZOU;Hua ZHU;Junying RUAN;Xiaohua WANG;

    [Objectives] This study aimed to determine the content of quercetin in ferment of Ginkgo biloba L.leaves.[Methods]Bacillus licheniformis was selected for solid-state fermentation of G.biloba leaf powder,and the content of quercetin in ferment of G.biloba leaves was determined by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography.First,the flavonoid glycosides were extracted with methanol.Then,the flavonoid glycosides were hydrolyzed with hydrochloric acid to prepare the test solution.The chromatographic conditions were as follows:Platisil ODS C_(18) column(150 mm × 4.6 mm,5 μm);V_(methonal)∶V_(water)(0.4% phosphoric acid solution) =55∶45;flow rate of 1 m L/min;Shimadzu UV detector;detection wavelength of 360 nm.[Results] Quercetin was used as a reference substance.In the range of 0.002 6-0.036 0 g/L,there was a good linear relationship,with correlation coefficient of 0.999 8 and RSD of 1.26%.[Conclusions] This method is simple,easy to operate,accurate,and reproducible.It is suitable for the determination of quercetin content in G.biloba leaves.

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  • Comparison of Differences in Total Flavonoids between Leaves and Whole Plants of Anoectochilus roxburghii

    Fuyuan ZHANG;Jinnian PENG;DANDan LI;Dunfu SONG;

    [Objectives] To compare the differences in the total flavonoids between leaves and whole plants of Anoectochilus roxburghii.[Methods] The total flavonoids in the tissue cultured leaves and whole plants of A.roxburghii were extracted by microwave-assisted extraction.The content of total flavonoids in the extracts was determined by UV spectrophotometry.[Results]The results of the content determination showed that there were significant differences in the flavonoid content between the leaves and the whole plants of A.roxburghii.[Conclusions]The content of total flavonoids in tissue cultured leaves was higher than that of whole plants.Thus,in the development and utilization of A.roxburghii,tissue cultured leaves can be used to take the place of the whole plants.

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Pharmacological and Toxicological Analyses

  • Screening of Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic Parts of Ardisia gigantifolia stapf.and Its Toxicological Safety Study

    Weibo DAI;Hongnian LI;Pengpeng DONG;Quanxi MEI;

    [Objectives] To screen out the anti-inflammatory and analgesic parts of Ardisia gigantifolia stapf.and to explore the toxicological safety of each part.[Methods]The carrageenan-induced toe swelling experiment of mice,acetic acid-induced peritoneal capillary permeability experiment,pain writhing test,and mouse maximum tolerated dose experiment were carried out.Taking mouse toe swelling,capillary permeability,pain writhing reaction times,and animal death number as indicators,anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects were screened and toxicological safety was evaluated for petroleum ether,ethyl acetate,n-butanol and water parts of A.gigantifolia.[Results] The petroleum ether part of A.gigantifolia can significantly reduce the degree of carrageenan-induced toe swelling of(P < 0.05),significantly inhibit the glacial acetic acid induced capillary permeability of mice(P < 0.05) and the times of pain writhing of mice(P < 0.01),no death was observed in each group after 150-fold of clinical equivalent dose administration,and no abnormality was observed in body weight and tissues of mice.[Conclusions]The petroleum ether part of A.gigantifolia is active part of anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect,and each part is low in toxicological safety.

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  • Effects of Quercetin on Blood Pressure in Animals:A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

    Yi ZHANG;Bing WEI;Shiying TANG;

    [Objectives] To make a systematic evaluation of the efficacy and safety of quercetin on animal blood pressure.[Methods] The CNKI,Wan Fang,VIP,CBM,Pubmed,and Cochrane Library databases were searched for the literature about the effects of quercetin on blood pressure in the period from the creation of databases to April 2018.Two researchers separately screened literature and extracted data.Meta-analysis was carried out with the aid of Rev Men 5.3 software.[Results]A total of 10 articles were included,involving 288 animals.All animals were rodents.Meta-analysis results showed that there was a statistically significant difference in Systolic Blood Pressure(SBP) between the quercetin group and the control group.MD =-21.43,95% CI(-28.99,-13.86),P < 0.000 01;subgroup analysis,hypertensive animal group,MD =-29.52,95% CI(-36.05,-22.98),P < 0.000 01;the ability of quercetin group in lowering blood pressure was better than that of the control group,and the difference was statistically significant;in the normal blood pressure group,MD =-0.49,95% CI(-3.74,2.77),P = 0.77,the quercetin group was basically the same as the control group,the difference was not statistically significant.[Conclusions] Compared with the blank control group,quercetin can effectively reduce the blood pressure of hypertensive animals,but it has little effect on the blood pressure of normal animals.Besides,further study is needed on the safety of quercetin.

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  • Apoptotic Effect of Cryptotanshinone on Human Melanoma A375 Cells

    Jinqian LI;Jiaru WANG;Lingqi MENG;Yi ZHANG;Hao WANG;Wanting XU;Yang LIU;Yu ZHANG;Shinong WANG;Yuqing ZHAI;Yinghua LUO;Chenghao JIN;

    [Objectives] The aim was to investigate the effect of cryptotanshinone on apoptosis of human melanoma A375 cells and its related mechanism of mitochondrial pathway.[Methods]The cytotoxic effect of cryptotanshinone on apoptosis of human melanoma A375 cells was detected by MTT colorimetry.The apoptosis of melanoma A375 cells was detected with Annexin V-FITC/PI and observed by fluorescence inverted microscope.The expression of apoptosis-related proteins was detected by Western blotting.[Results]The viability of the A375 cells decreased with the increase of drug concentration.The fluorescence intensity of the cells increased with the treatment time.The expression of pro-apoptotic protein caspase-3 gradually increased,while the expression of apoptosis-inhibiting proteins p-AKT and Bcl-2 gradually reduced.[Conclusions]Cryptotanshinone induces apoptosis of human melanoma A375 cells via AKT signaling pathway,thus exerting a good cytotoxic effect on A375 cells.

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  • In vitro Antioxidant Activity of Resveratrol in Peanut Shell

    Jinshuang WEI;Jinhong WEI;Yunqian LU;Wei CHEN;Rengao MO;Suoyi HUANG;

    [Objectives] To study the in vitro antioxidant activity of resveratrol in peanut shell.[Methods] The crude extracts and purified substances were obtained by ultrasonic extraction and extraction,respectively.The scavenging ability and reducing ability of DPPH free radicals,hydroxyl radicals and superoxide radicals were studied and compared with BHT and Vc.[Results]Regardless of crude extract or purified substances,resveratrol in peanut shells had reducing ability,but the crude extract had greater reducing ability than purified substances,Vc and BHT,and the purified substances had greater reducing ability than BHT.At the same concentration,the effects of purified substances on scavenging DPPH free radicals were better than BHT,and the scavenging rate of crude extracts for superoxide radicals was higher than BHT,purified substances,and Vc;the purified substances had certain scavenging effects on the DPPH free radicals,hydroxyl radicals and superoxide radicals;the scavenging effects of crude extract on superoxide radicals increased with the increase of the concentration,but the scavenging effects on DPPH free radicals and hydroxyl radicals dropped with the increase of the concentration.[Conclusions]Crude extracts and purified substances of resveratrol in peanut shell have antioxidant activity.

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  • Pro-apoptotic Effects of OSNQ on Human Colon Cancer SW480 Cells

    Yu ZHANG;Jiaru WANG;Yuchao FENG;Yi ZHANG;Wanting XU;Tong ZHANG;Shinong WANG;Hui XUE;Cheng LU;Wenzhong WANG;Meng NI;Hongxing WANG;Yinghua LUO;Chenghao JIN;

    [Objectives] The aim was to elucidate the pro-apoptosis mechanism of naphthoquinone derivative 2-octyl sulfoxide-1,4-naphthoquinone(OSNQ) on human colon cancer SW480 cells.[Methods]The cytotoxic effect of OSNQ on colon cancer SW480 cells was detected by MTT colorimetry.The pro-apoptotic effect of OSNQ on human colon cancer SW480 cells was detected by Annexin V-FITC/PI double staining.The changes in expression of apoptosis-related proteins were detected by Western blot.[Results]The results of MTT assay showed that OSNQ had a significant cytotoxic effect on colon cancer SW480 cells.The results of Western blot showed that OSNQ induced the apoptosis in colon cancer SW480 cells through promoting the expression of pro-apoptotic caspase-3 and inhibiting the expression of apoptosis-inhibiting protein Bcl-2.[Conclusions] OSNQ has a significant cytotoxic effect on colon cancer SW480 cells,and it induces the apoptosis of colon cancer SW480 cells by AKT signaling pathway.

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Processing of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Quality Control

  • Extraction and Application Prospects of Artemisia leucophylla(Turcz. ex Bess.) C.B.Clarke

    Zhicheng CHEN;Xianwei HE;Weijia WANG;Guidong DAI;Niangang PANG;Yingying PEI;Hongmei BI;

    The main components of Artemisia leucophylla(Turcz.ex Bess.) C.B.Clarke extract are volatile oils,flavonoids,lignans,terpenoids,etc.Studies have shown that A.leucophylla has bactericidal,anti-inflammatory,anti-oxidant,anti-ultraviolet functions,and it has large development space and application value in many fields.This paper first introduced the growth resource distribution,active component extraction method,composition and efficacy of A.leucophylla,and analyzed the application prospects in daily necessities,in order to provide reference for the in-depth research,development and utilization of A.leucophylla.

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  • Research Progress of Cell Wall Breaking Technology and Its Application in Eucommia ulmoides Male Flower Tea

    Yuanyuan WEI;Xiao WEN;Weiye LI;Huazhong YU;

    Eucommia ulmoides male flowers are rich in secondary metabolite,which have anti-tumor,sedative hypnotic,hypotensive,hypolipidemic,anti-fatigue,bacteriostatic,antioxidant and anti-aging effects.The conventional processing of E.ulmoides male flowers leads to the loss of nutrients and active ingredients.In recent years,cell wall breaking technology has been developed and utilized in various fields such as traditional Chinese medicine,good,chemical industry and biology.In order to promote the development of the E.ulmoides industry,the cell wall breaking technology and its characteristics are reviewed,and the application advantages of the cell wall breaking technology in the male flowers of E.ulmoides are discussed,and the prospect of the cell wall breaking of E.ulmoides is proposed in this article.

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  • Comparative Study on Extraction Technology and Activity of Total Flavonoids from Ginseng Flowers

    Hongxia DU;Hao ZHENG;

    [Objectives] To compare the effects of different extraction technologies on the extraction of total flavonoids from ginseng flowers.[Methods]Taking the ginseng flower as raw material,and the total flavonoids of ginseng flower were extracted by water extraction,ethanol extraction,freeze-thaw,ultrasonic extraction,and microwave extraction.The scavenging ability of total flavonoids and Vc to DPPH free radicals and hydroxyl radicals were compared between ultrasonic extraction and water extraction.[Results]The yield of ultrasonic and microwave technology was relatively high.In this study,the ultrasonic extraction was taken as the main method,ethanol aqueous solution was used as the solvent,and single factor experiment was carried out with ultrasonic power,ethanol volume,solid to liquid ratio and time as the variables.The best extraction process of flavonoids was ultrasonic power of 120 Hz,ethanol concentration of 60%,solid to liquid ratio of 1∶ 30,and ultrasonic time of 80 s.Under these conditions,the yield of flavonoid extraction was 6.72 mg/g.[Conclusions] The flavonoids obtained by ultrasonic extraction and microwave extraction have the highest antioxidant capacity,65.4% and 53.5%,respectively,indicating that the ultrasonic extraction and microwave extraction technologies are more suitable for the extraction of flavonoids from the ginseng flower.

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  • Optimization of Extraction Process and Determination of Total Triterpenoids from Semen Trichosanthis by Response Surface Methodology

    Donghai CHU;Zhanbo HUANG;

    [Objectives] To optimize the extraction process and determine the total triterpenoids from Semen Trichosanthis.[Methods]The Box-behnken response surface methodology was applied to optimize the extraction conditions of total triterpenoids in Semen Trichosanthis.And the spectrophotometry was used to determine the content of total triterpenoids in Semen Trichosanthis.[Results] The optimal extraction conditions were solid to liquid ratio of 40∶ 1,ultrasonic time of 20 min,and ultrasonic power of 100 W.Under these conditions,the content of total triterpenoids in Semen Trichosanthis was significantly different among the 10 production areas,among which the No.9 production area(Anhui 1) had the highest total triterpenoids content of 45.71 mg/g,while No.7 production area(Shandong) had the lowest total triterpenoids content of 15.22 mg/g.[Conclusions]The Box-behnken response surface methodology is reliable for the extraction of total triterpenoids in Semen Trichosanthis,and the spectrophotometry is proper for determining the content of total triterpenoids in Semen Trichosanthis.There are large differences in the content of total triterpenoids in Semen Trichosanthis produced in different areas.

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  • Preparation and in vitro Release of Donepezil Hydrochloride Microspheres

    Yingzhou WANG;Hao QI;Dongze ZHANG;Zixuan ZHAO;Chunyan ZHANG;

    [Objectives]To prepare donepezil hydrochloride microspheres and evaluate their quality.[Methods]The donepezil hydrochloride microspheres were prepared by emulsification-solvent evaporation method.The morphology was observed by scanning electron microscopy and the particle size distribution was determined by Laser Diffraction Method.The encapsulation efficiency,drug loading capacity,and in vitro release were determined by HPLC.[Results]The prepared donepezil hydrochloride microspheres were spherical with the average particle diameter of 15.927 μm.The drug loading capacity was 35.62%.The encapsulation efficiency was 90.32%.The drug release in vitro lasted for14 d.The release curve accorded with the first-order kinetic equation.[Conclusions]The prepared donepezil hydrochloride microspheres performed good sustained release effect in vitro,and it was expected to be used for research on Parkinson's disease.

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  • Studies on the Anti-inflammatory Activity of Three Extraction Processes of Bidens alba(L.) DC

    Qiyun GAO;Yiwei QIN;Minggui YUAN;

    [Objectives] To compare the anti-inflammatory activities of three extraction processes of the exotic plant Bidens alba(L.) DC in Lingnan(south of the Five Ridges in China).[Methods]The alcohol extracts of B.alba(L.) DC were extracted and separated with petroleum ether,chloroform and ethyl acetate respectively.The anti-inflammatory activity experiment of these three extracts was carried out with the RAW264.7 inflammatory model of mouse macrophages in vitro.[Results]When the concentration was 0.05-1.6 mg/L,the petroleum ether extract of B.alba(L.) DC produced strong inhibitory effects on nitric oxide(NO) release of RAW264.7 macrophages induced by LPS;the inhibition of ethyl acetate extract was weak,and the chloroform extract showed no significant inhibition.[Conclusions]Petroleum ether is the best extractant for active anti-inflammatory ingredients of B.alba(L.) DC.

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Clinical Application

  • Effects and Mechanism of Oxymatrine on Proliferation,Invasion and Migration of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells

    Tongyuan DENG;Guiliu HUANG;Zansong HUANG;Xihan ZHOU;Gaoyu HU;Yueqiu QIN;

    [Objectives] To observe the effects of oxymatrine on the proliferation,invasion and migration of hepatocellular carcinoma cells,and to explore its possible molecular mechanism.[Methods]The hepatocellular carcinoma cell line Hep G2 was randomly divided into the negative control group and the low,medium and high concentration groups of oxymatrine.The negative control group was added to the cell culture medium,and the low,medium and high concentration groups of oxymatrine were added to the oxymatrine and cell culture medium with the final concentration of 1.0,2.0 and 4.0 mg/m L.The proliferation of each group was measured by MTT assay,and the inhibition rate of cell proliferation was calculated.The invasion and migration ability of each group was determined using Transwell chamber assay.The expression of E-cadherin and CD44 mRNA in each group was detected using Real-time PCR,while the expression of E-cadherin and CD44 protein was detected using Western blotting method.[Results] The inhibition rate of cell proliferation in the high concentration group of oxymatrine was higher than that in the medium and low concentration groups,and the inhibition rate of cell proliferation of medium concentration group was higher than that in the low concentration group.In the cell invasion and cell migration experiments,the number of transmembrane cells of low,medium and high concentration groups of oxymatrine was less than that in the negative control group(P < 0.05),the number of transmembrane cells of high concentration groups of oxymatrine was less than that in medium and low concentration groups,and the number of transmembrane cells of medium concentration group was less than in that of the low concentration group(P < 0.05).Compared with the negative control group,the expression of E-cadherin mRNA and protein increased in the low,medium and high concentration groups of oxymatrine,while the expression of CD44 mRNA and protein decreased(P < 0.05).[Conclusions] Oxymatrine has the effect of inhibiting the proliferation,invasion and migration of hepatocellular carcinoma cell line Hep G2 in vitro.The higher the concentration,the more significant the effect will be.The mechanism is possibly connected with the up-regulation of E-cadherin expression and down-regulation of CD44 expression.

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  • Inhibition of Flavonoids from Scutellaria baicalensis Stems and Leaves against Abnormal Formation of PHF and Regulation of PP in OA Induced Brain Injury in Rats

    Jianjun CHENG;Hong MIAO;Shuai MA;Yang GAO;Yazhen SHANG;

    [Objectives] To explore the inhibitory effects of flavonoids from Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi stems and leaves against abnormal formation of PHF and regulation mechanism of protein phosphatase(PP) in okadaic acid(OA) induced brain injury in rats.[Methods]Male Sprague-Dawley rats were treated with OA(200 ng/kg) in the lateral ventricle to establish a memory impairment model,and Morris water maze was used to screen the memory impairment model.Rats were intragastrically administered with 25,50 and 100 mg/kg SSF daily for 36 d.The protein expressions of PHF,PP1,PP2A-Cα,PP2A-Cβ,PP2 CA and PP2 CB in rat cortex and hippocampus were determined by Western blot.Ginkgo biloba leaf flavonoids were used as positive control drugs.[Results]Compared with the sham-operated rats,the expression of PHF protein in the cortex and hippocampus of the model group was significantly increased(P < 0.01);protein expression of PP2A-Cα and PP2A-Cβin the cortex and hippocampus,and PP2 CB in the hippocampus were significantly decreased(P < 0.05);protein expression of PP2 CA and PP2 CB in the cortex was significantly increased(P < 0.01);protein expression of PP1 in the cortex was significantly decreased(P < 0.01).Compared with the model rats,25,50 and 100 mg/kg SSF 36 d reversed the protein expression of PHF,PP2A-Cα and PP2ACβ in rat cortex and hippocampus and expression of PP1 in rat cortex induced by OA,but had no significant effect on the protein expression of PP2 CA and PP2 CB,G.biloba flavonoids also showed similar results to SSF.[Conclusions] SSF can significantly inhibit the abnormal formation of PHF in rat brain induced by OA.The inhibitory effect may be related to the regulation of PP1,PP2A-Cα and PP2A-Cβ protein expression in cerebral cortex and hippocampus by SSF,but less related to the regulation of PP2 CA and PP2 CB.

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  • Effect of Salvia miltiorrhiza Injection Combined with Laparoscopic Reduction on Injury of Appendix in Patients with Intussusception

    Guangwei WANG;Xinhua QIAN;Weifeng ZHANG;

    [Objectives] The aim was to analyze the effect of Salvia miltiorrhiza injection combined with laparoscopic reduction on the degree of appendix injury in intussusception.[Methods]Seventy-four children with intussusception who were treated in the Xuchang Municipal Hospital from August 2014 to August 2017 were randomly and evenly divided into two groups,control group and treatment group.The children in the control group were treated by laparoscopic reduction,and those in the treatment group were treated with S.miltiorrhiza injection combined with laparoscopic reduction.The clinical effect on intussusception in the children was compared between the two groups.[Results] Before treatment,no significant difference was founding serum NO level between the control and treatment groups(P > 0.05).On Day 1,3 and 5 of treatment,the serum NO levels of the treatment group[(74.16 ± 6.81),(61.98 ± 4.77) and(54.76 ± 4.36) μmol/L] were significantly lower than those of the control group[(89.67 ± 6.34),(84.75 ± 5.21) and(71.95 ± 4.58) μmol/L](P < 0.05).After treatment,the TNF-α and IL-6 levels of the treatment group[(184.32 ± 10.67) and(332.16 ± 34.17) pg/m L] were significantly lower than those of the control group[(268.26 ± 12.74) and(438.23 ± 35.26) pg/m L](P < 0.05);and the Chiu score of the treatment group(2.34 ± 1.12) was also significantly lower than that of the control group(4.85 ± 1.67)(P < 0.05).[Conclusions]For children with intussusception,S.miltiorrhiza injection combined with laparoscopic reduction is effective in reducing serum NO level and reducing the degree of appendix injury,which is worthy of clinical application.

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  • Anti-inflammatory Effect and Mechanism of Characteristic Medicine Baeckea frutescens L. in Guangxi

    Wenqi LI;Mingsheng CHEN;Buming LIU;Hongcong QIU;

    [Objectives] This study aimed to investigate the anti-inflammatory effects of Baeckea frutescence vitro and in vivo.[Methods]The anti-inflammatory activity of B.frutescence was measured by mouse peritoneal capillary permeability test,mouse auricle swelling test and rat cotton granuloma test.The RAW264.7 macrophage model was stimulated by lipopolysaccharide(LPS),and the effects of B.frutescence on tumor necrosis factor-α(TNF-α) and interleukin-6(IL-6) were detected by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay(ELISA),and the relative expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase(i NOS) and cyclooxygenase-2(COX-2) proteins was detected by Western blot.Thus,the in vitro anti-inflammatory activity of B.frutescence was studied.[Results] B.frutescence significantly inhibited mouse peritoneal capillary permeability,inhibited xylene-induced mouse auricle swelling and rat cotton granuloma,significantly inhibited TNF-α and IL-6 levels,and down-regulated the expression of i NOS and COX-2 proteins in cells.[Conclusions]B.frutescence showed good anti-inflammatory activity both in vitro and in vivo,and the mechanism may be related to the release inhibition of inflammatory factors TNF-α and the regulation of COX-2.

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  • Comparative Study on Effects of Rheum officinale and Wine Prepared Rheum palmatum Dachengqi Decoction on Laxative Effect of Mice

    Jiangcun WEI;Yong CHEN;Zhen XIE;Dongmei HUANG;Zijun CHEN;Jinzhou LI;Zuliang QUE;Qian HAN;

    [Objectives] To study the differences in the effects of Rheum officinale and wine prepared Rheum palmatum Dachengqi Decoction(DCQ) on laxative effect of mice.[Methods]First,72 mice were randomly divided into positive control group,blank control group,6 and10 g/kg dose R.officinale DCQ groups,6 and 10 g/kg dose wine prepared R.palmatum DCQ groups.After administration at the dose of20 m L/kg,metabolic cage method and carbon powder propulsion were used to conduct Na+-K+-ATPasc activity experiment,and the comparison was made for the differences in the normal laxative effect of R.officinale and wine prepared R.palmatum on DCQ,the carbon powder propulsion rate,and Na+-K+-ATPasc activit.[Results]There are differences in the laxative effect of R.officinale and wine prepared R.palmatum on DCQ,but their differences in changes are,to some extent,connected with R.officinale and wine prepared R.palmatum.From comparison of R.officinale DCQ group,wine prepared R.palmatum DCQ group,blank control group,and positive control group,it is found that there are differences in the normal laxative effect of normal mice,carbon powder propulsion,and inhibition of Na+-K+-ATPase activity.In addition,the comparison of drug administration groups indicates that the differences in the effects of R.officinale DCQ group are most significant,and there are significant differences in the 6 and 10 g/kg groups.[Conclusions]There are certain differences in the influence of R.officinale and wine prepared R.palmatum Dachengqi Decoction on normal laxative effect of mice,which may be connected with the fact that changes in main chemical components of king drugs R.officinale and wine prepared R.palmatum lead to changes in the dissolution amount of anthraquinones in the compound Dachengqi Decoction.

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  • Clinical Observation of Jiawei Buzhong Yiqi Decoction in the Treatment of Obese Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

    Chenggang LI;Li ZHOU;Shuang LI;Xiao LI;

    [Objectives] To observe the clinical efficacy of Jiawei Buzhong Yiqi Decoction in the treatment of polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS).[Methods]Obese patients with PCOS were recruited for the study in September 2014-December 2016 from Chinese medicine gynecological clinic in the affiliated hospital of Hubei University of Medicine.All these patients were given one dose of Jiawei Buzhong Yiqi Decoction one time a day for three months.Body mass index(BMI) was measured before and after treatment.Sex hormone levels and ovulation were measured,and the improvement of clinical symptoms was compared before and after treatment.[Results] After treatment,the levels of BMI and serum luteinizing hormone(LH),testosterone(T) were significantly decreased,and the level of serum estradiol(E2) was significantly higher than that before treatment.Ovarian enlargement and polycystic changes,menstrual cycle,menstrual flow and menstrual period were improved in varying degrees.[Conclusions] Jiawei Buzhong Yiqi Decoction has a good clinical effect in the treatment of obese PCOS.

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  • Advances in Treatment of Myoma of Uterus

    Xiaohua DUAN;Maomao ZHANG;Jinglin HE;Deqiang FENG;

    Myoma of uterus has the highest incidence in gynecological tumors.The incidence rate is increasing year by year,which is the main indication for hysterectomy.Non-surgical treatment is often adopted for young patients with fertility requirements.The treatment methods for myoma of uterus are reviewed in this article.

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  • Medicinal Plant

    <正>Indexed by Chemical Abstracts (CA),AGRIS Database,CAB International (CABI),China National Knowledga Infrastructure(CNKI),Naresuan University Library,Indian Fund for Agricultural Development,Royal Institute,Library of Congress,ProQuest So far,a total of more than 3000 users have subscribed to Medicinal Plant,distributed in 6 countries and regions.

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  • About KIT

    <正>The Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam is an independent centre of knowledge and expertise in the areas of international and intercultural cooperation,operating at the interface between theory and practice and between policy and implementation. The Institute contributes to sustainable development,poverty alleviation and cultural preservation and exchange.

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