• Advances in Research of Acanthopanax trifoliatus( L. ) Merr

    Linxiao GAO;Meng GUO;Zaibo YANG;Jun LIU;

    Acanthopanax trifoliatus( L.) Merr is a common traditional Chinese herbal medicine in central and southern regions of China. It has high medicinal and edible value and mainly contains flavonoids,polysaccharides,saponins and volatile components. Its active extracts have antioxidant,anti-inflammatory,anti-fatigue,and analgesic effects. From the biological characteristics,effective chemical components,extraction methods,cultivation techniques,pharmacological effects,toxicological activities,and product development status,this paper reviewed in detail the research status of A. trifoliatus in China and abroad,to provide a scientific basis for in-depth research and development,and utilization of A. trifoliatus.

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Chemical Composition of Natural Medicine

  • Response Surface Optimized Extraction of Flavonoids from Cacumen platycladi and Antioxidant Activities In vitro

    Hongxia DU;Xiang WANG;Yanxiu LIU;Xuan YU;

    [Objectives]To explore the optimal extraction process and the antioxidant activity of flavonoidsof Cacumen platycladi. [Methods]FCPwas obtained from C. platycladi by a new set extraction process of microwave-assisted extraction,freeze thawing,superfine crushingand freeze drying technology and purification. On the basis of single-factor tests,the quadratic regression parasitism model was established by the extraction amount of total flavonoids with microwave power,alcohol concentration,and liquid-to-solid ratio through the response surface methodology. [Results] The optimal extraction conditions were microwave power of 757 W,alcohol concentration of 69%,liquid-to-solid ratio of21∶ 1,with the optimal extraction yield of 15. 302 9 mg/g. Under the real conditions( microwave power of 800 W,alcohol concentration of69%,liquid-to-solid ratio of 21∶ 1) in our laboratory,the maximum yield of total flavonoids was 15. 9 mg/g,the results fitwell with the prediction of quadratic regression parasitism model. The good antioxidant activity has been determined byscavenging effect of FCP on 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl( DPPH) radical and superoxide anion free radical with the scavenging yield of 70. 2% and 68. 8% respectively. [Conclusions]All results established a good foundation for furtherdevelopment of C. platycladi products.

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  • Determination of Oleanolic Acid in Achyranthes aspera L. of Different Production Areas by HPLC

    Liuping WANG;Shenggao YIN;Yute ZHONG;Huan ZHANG;Lu YING;

    [Objectives] To determine the content of oleanolic acid in 10 batches of Achyranthes aspera L. from different production areas,and to establish a high performance liquid chromatography( HPLC) method for the determination of oleanolic acid in A. aspera. [Methods]Agilent C18 liquid chromatography column( 250 mm × 4. 6 mm,5 μm) was used for gradient elution with acetonitrile∶ water = 61∶ 39 as the mobile phase. The flow rate was 1 mL/min,the detection wavelength was 210 nm,and the column temperature was 35℃. [Results] The oleanolic acid injection volume showed a good linear relationship with the peak area in the range of 0. 382-7. 640 μg. The linear equation of oleanolic acid was: A = 530. 76 C,R = 1. 000 0; the range of sample recovery rate was 96. 03%-102. 73%,and the RSD value was 2. 16%( n =9). The content of the oleanolic acid was the highest in A. aspera produced in Guilin City of Guangxi( 0. 92%),and the lowest oleanolic acid content was in sample of Sitang in Nanning City of Guangxi( 0. 27%). It is recommended that the oleanolic acid content of A. aspera should not be lower than 0. 20%. [Conclusions]The HPLC method is accurate,reliable,easy to operate,and has good resolution. It is suitable for the determination of the content of oleic acid in A. aspera. It can provide reference for the quality control and standard drafting of A. aspera.

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  • Content Comparison of Three Kinds of Flavonoids in Powders of Tartary Buckwheat of Different Parts

    Yang LU;Yongxiang LIU;Jun LI;Hui WANG;Zhaojun CHEN;Zhongai CHEN;Jianbo TANG;Hui LIU;

    The contents of rutin,quercetin and kaempferol in powders of tartary buckwheat of different parts were determined by high-performance liquid chromatography( HPLC). The results showed that the contents of the three kinds of flavonoids differed greatly in the powders of tartary buckwheat of different parts. The contents of rutin and quercetin in the powder of tartary buckwheat sprouts were significantly higher than those in the powders of tartary buckwheat leaves and seeds. The content of kaempferol was highest in the powder of tartary buckwheat seeds. It indicates that high-performance liquid chromatography can be used for quality control of tartary buckwheat powder for its time saving,cost saving and accurate and reliable results. The content of rutin in the powder of tartary buckwheat sprouts was highest,suggesting that it is more suitable for the development of various foods based on tartary buckwheat powder.

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  • Determination of Chemical Composition of Salvia miltiorrhiza Cultivated in Jizhou

    Yaqi QIAO;Zanxue WU;Yi PEI;Ya SU;Chenxi WANG;Huiying JIAO;Jiangli NIE;

    [Objectives] This study aimed to evaluate the quality of Salvia miltiorrhiza cultivated in Jizhou. [Methods] The contents of chemical ingredients( tanshinone ⅡA,tanshinone Ⅰ and salvianolic acid B) in S. miltiorrhiza were determined by high-performance liquid chromatography( HPLC),and the chemical composition of S. miltiorrhiza planted in Jizhou and purchased from market was compared.[Results]The contents of tanshinone ⅡA,tanshinone I and salvianolic acid B in S. miltiorrhiza planted in Jizhou were 0. 014%,0. 421 2%and 3. 018%,respectively,higher than the standards of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia of the 2015 edition. [Conclusions]The chemical composition of S. miltiorrhiza planted in Jizhou meets the standards of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia of the 2015 edition.

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  • Determination of Aromatic Components of Rosa davurica Pall. by Headspace Solid Phase Microextraction Combined with GC-MS

    Yuan NIU;Qiong XU;Jian ZHUANG;Yude WANG;Lilan DAI;Dengfei LI;Yalan ZHAO;

    [Objectives] To determine the aromatic components of Rosa davurica Pall. [Methods] 42 kinds of aromatic components were identified from the flowers of R. davurica by headspace solid phase microextraction( HS-SPME) combined with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry( GC-MS). The main compounds were alcohols( 54. 88%) and aldehydes( 19. 55%). [Results] The top five components with the highest relative content were phenylethyl alcohol( 12. 69%),geraniol( 9. 85%),citronellol( 8. 80%),nerol( 7. 84%) and 2-n-pentylfuran( 7. 45%). [Conclusions] Headspace solid phase microextraction( HS-SPME) combined with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry( GC-MS) can provide basis for further development and utilization of R. davurica.

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  • Optimization of Ultrasonic Extraction Process of Oenanthe benghalensis Polysaccharide by Orthogonal Test

    Liufu LU;Aiyue LUO;Bingyang LIN;Zhenlian XIE;Guangyu GAN;Xiuzhen HUANG;Zhidong LEI;Shimei CHEN;Suoyi HUANG;

    [Objectives] The research aimed to explore extraction method of Oenanthe benghalensis polysaccharide,and determine the optimal process of its ultrasonic extraction by orthogonal test. [Methods] Phenol-sulfuric acid method was used to determine polysaccharide's content. Based on single-factor experiment and orthogonal test,the influences of solid-liquid ratio( A),ultrasonic extraction temperature( B),ultrasonic power( C) and ultrasonic time( D) on extraction rate of O. benghalensis polysaccharide were studied,and the optimal process of ultrasonic extraction was selected. [Results] The influence order of solid-liquid ratio( A),ultrasonic extraction temperature( B),ultrasonic power( C) and ultrasonic time( D) on extraction rate of O. benghalensis polysaccharide was A > D > B > C. Via the orthogonal test,it was determined that the optimal extraction condition of O. benghalensis polysaccharide was as below: solid-liquid ratio 1∶ 25( g/mL),extraction temperature 60℃,extraction power 80 W,extraction time 40 min. Under the condition,extraction rate of O. benghalensis polysaccharide was9. 80%. [Conclusions] The process could provide the reference basis for extracting and producing O. benghalensis polysaccharides.

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Processing of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Quality Control

  • Process Optimization of Extraction Technique of Polysaccharide from Leaves of Dendrobium officinale

    Yunying ZHENG;Yanzhen YIN;Shuming ZHONG;Ruirui ZHANG;

    [Objectives] To optimize the extraction process of polysaccharides from leaves of Dendrobium officinale. [Methods]The polysaccharides from D. officinale were extracted by internal boiling method. The extraction rate of polysaccharides from D. officinale was studied.Based on the single factor experiment,the L_9( 3~3) orthogonal experiment was designed to optimize the extraction process of polysaccharides from D. officinale. [Results]The optimum process for extracting polysaccharides from D. officinale by internal boiling method was as follows:1. 00 g of D. officinale powder was desorbed with 6. 0 mL of 20% ethanol for 20 min,35. 0 mL of 90℃ water was rapidly added,and the extraction time was 5 min. [Conclusions] Under this condition,the extraction rate of polysaccharides from D. officinale was 12. 31%,which was 3. 75 percentage points higher than that of traditional reflux extraction.

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  • Extraction Process and Antioxidant Activity of Polysaccharides from Cyathula Capitata( Wall. ) Moq.

    Jingxia WANG;Keyong ZHU;Yuanhong SHANG;Yuan LIU;

    [Objectives]To optimize the ultrasonic-assisted extraction process of polysaccharides from Cyathula Capitata( Wall.) Moq. and evaluate its antioxidant capacity in vitro. [Methods] The single factor orthogonal design was applied to explore the effects of ultrasonic time,solid-to-liquid ratio,extraction time and ethanol precipitation concentration on the extraction rate of crude polysaccharides from C. Capitata,to obtain the optimal extraction process; DPPH and ABTS~+ free radical scavenging ability was detected to evaluate its in vitro antioxidant activity.[Results]The optimal extraction process of C. Capitata crude polysaccharide was as follows: solid-to-liquid ratio was 40∶ 1,the extraction temperature was 50℃,the ultrasonic time was 80 min. Under such conditions,the extraction rate of C. Capitata crude polysaccharide was 10. 51%,and the purity was 56. 9%; C. Capitata crude polysaccharide has good scavenging ability to DPPH and ABTS~+ free radicals,and its IC_(50) values are 0. 468 and 0. 231 mg/mL,respectively. [Conclusions]The optimized process is simple and feasible,and the C. Capitata polysaccharide has good antioxidant activity in vitro. This experiment provides a basis for the further development and utilization of the C. Capitata polysaccharide.

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  • Technical Study on Extraction of Procyanidins in Lycium ruthenicum Murr. Using Sub-critical Fluid 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane( R134a)and Content Determination from Different Producing Areas

    Liang TAN;Li ZHU;Zhihao FENG;

    [Objectives] To study the optimal conditions for extracting procyanidins fromLycium ruthenicum Murr. with sub-critical fluid R134 a( 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane) in 1 L extraction kettle. [Methods]Taking the extraction rate of procyanidins as an indicator,the influence of pressure,temperature,and extraction time on extraction rate of procyanidins fromL. Ruthenicum Murr. was studied by single factor experimental methods and orthogonal array design. [Results]The order of factors affecting extraction rate of procyanidins was extraction temperature > extraction pressure > extraction time. The optimum extraction conditions were as follows: the extraction rate of procyanidins fromL. ruthenicum Murr. was the highest with extraction pressure of 1. 2 MPa,extraction temperature of 50℃ and extraction time of 90 min. The content of procyanidins in L. ruthenicum Murr. from different producing areas was determined by vanillin-HCl method under the optimal conditions. [Conclusions] The method has the advantages of easy operation,good selectivity,low extraction temperature and high extraction efficiency,which is suitable for extraction of procyanidins in L. ruthenicum Murr.

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Pharmacological and Toxicological Analyses

  • Study on Distribution of Yunaconitine in Rats by UPLC-MS/MS

    Fahuan LU;Jiyin LI;Shuhua LI;Wensong ZHAO;Rui WANG;Runfang XIE;Kairun YANG;

    [Objectives]To establish an acute yunaconitine poisoning rat model with a single oral administration and to determine the contents of yunaconitine in rat tissues by UPLC-MS/MS method,then investigate the distribution of yunaconitine in rats. [Methods]The rats were randomly divided into three groups and were intragastrically administered a single dose of 2. 2,1. 1,and 0. 7 mg/kg of yunaconitine,respectively.The rats were killed 2 h later,the stomach tissue,intestine tissue,liver tissue,pancreas tissue,kidney tissue,lung tissue,spleen tissue,heart tissue,bladder tissue,testis tissue,brain tissue and heart blood samples were collected. The contents of yunaconitine in the biological materials were determined by UPLC-MS/MS method after the biological samples extracted by liquid-liquid extraction. [Results] A rat model of the yunaconitine poisoning was made with a single dose of 1. 1 mg/kg,the concentrations of yunaconitine shown in the organs with the following order: stomach,small intestine,liver,pancreas,kidney,lung,spleen,heart,bladder,testis,heart blood and brain. [Conclusions]Yunaconitine was widely distributed in rats,especially the levels in the stomach,small intestine and liver were the highest. The conclusion is expected to provide a basis for the selection of test materials for the poisoning of Aconitum vilmorinianum Kom.

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  • Antioxidant,Hypoglycemic and Hypolipidemic Activities of Sambucus williamsii Seed Oil

    Wei HU;Hui LI;Kewu LIU;

    [Objectives] To explore the antioxidant activity of Sambucus williamsii seed oil. [Methods]DPPH scavenging method and Prussian blue method( total reducing power) were used. S. williamsii seed oil has antioxidant activity. In the DPPH scavenging free radical experiment,S. williamsii oil showed the ability to scavenge free radicals,and its scavenging ability had linear relationship with oil concentration( R =0. 999 6). Besides,the IC_(50) value of S. williamsii seed oil scavenging DPPH free radicals was 61. 30 ± 0. 88 mg/mL. In the total reducing power measurement experiment,the S. williamsii seed oil has a reducing ability,and its reducing ability is proportional to the oil concentration,and has the concentration dependence. Through studying the inhibitory effect of S. williamsii seed oil on α-glucosidase,the hypoglycemic activity of S. williamsii seed oil was determined. The ability of samples to inhibit α-glucosidase was judged through measuring the absorbance at 400 nm of the reaction system. [Results]In the concentration range of 1. 56-25. 00 mg/mL,the S. williamsii seed oil can effectively inhibit α-glucosidase,and the inhibition rate was 62. 66%-85. 22%. The animal in vivo experiment was used to determine the hypolipidemic activity of the S. williamsii seed oil. First,a high fat modelwas established,S. williamsii seed oil was given through intragastric administration. Then,total cholesterol( TC),triglyceride( TG),high-density lipoprotein cholesterol( HDL-C),and low density lipoprotein cholesterol( LDL-C) were measured. Through comparison of high,medium and low dose groups of S. williamsii seed oil with the high fat modelcontrol group,it was found that the TC,TG,LDL-C levels were significantly decreased( P < 0. 01) and the HDL-C levels were significantly increased( P < 0. 05),indicating that S. williamsii seed oil can effectively reduce the levels of TC,TG,LDL-C in the serum of hyperlipidemic mice,and effectively inhibit the decrease of HDL-C level,thus S. williamsii seed oil can reduce blood lipids in mice,namely,has hypolipidemic effects. In addition,the greater the dose of S. williamsii seed oil,the more obvious the effect of blood lipid levels in mice,indicating that the hypolipidemic effect of S. williamsii seed oil was dose dependent. [Conclusions] S. williamsii seed oil has reducing ability,and there is a significant dose-effect relationship in the concentration range of 2-10 mg/mL. As natural plant oil,S. williamsii seed oil has the advantages of good stability,small toxic and side effects,and strong effect,and has high value of developing new antioxidants.

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Germplasm Resources and Cultivation

  • Technical Specifications for Seed Breeding of Gentiana macrophylla Pall.

    Lixia WEI;

    This paper elaborates on the seedling technology,field cultivation technology,field management technology,seed harvesting and seed processing technology in the propagation process of Gentiana macrophylla to provide technical support for artificial breeding of G. macrophylla.

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  • Effects of Biological Fertilizer and Paclobutrazol on Total Flavonoids in Ophiopogon japonicus

    Tong LI;Xingguo ZHANG;Shiming PENG;Dezhu LI;Jiaxing CHEN;Kunlun LI;

    [Objectives] The research aimed to study the effects of applying biofertilizer instead of paclobutrazol on the content of flavonoids in Ophiopogon japonicas and determine its quality characteristics,in order to provide the scientific basis for the quality control of GAP and the comprehensive utilization of resources. [Methods] O. japonicas collected in Lingxing Town and Huayuan Town of Sichuan Province was divided into three groups: blank control group,paclobutrazol group and biofertilizer group. Root tuber of O. japonicas was obtained,and the enzyme was killed by the microwave,and then it was dried in 60℃. The content of flavonoids in root tuber of O. japonicus was determined by ultraviolet spectrophotometry. Then,SPSS19. 0 was used to analyze the results. [Results]The average contents of flavonoids in different treatments were as follows: 0. 184%-0. 198% in control group; 0. 283%-0. 330% in the paclobutrazol group; 0. 404%-0. 428% in the biofertilizer group. Biological bacterial fertilizer had a significant role in promoting the synthetic accumulation of homoisoflavonoids in O. japonicus( P <0. 001**). [Conclusions]The application of biological fertilizer can not only significantly improve the content of homoisoflavonoids in root ruber of O. japonicus,but also significantly optimize the micro ecological environment of soil. Therefore,biofertilizer should be widely used to gradually replace paclobutrazol in the main production areas of O. japonicas.

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  • Optimization of Rooting Medium for Tissue Culture Seedlings of Dendrobium officinale by Response Surface Methodology

    Wenshu PENG;Aibing JI;Wanying GONG;Cong LIU;Ying ZENG;Qiaomei WANG;Liang YAN;

    [Objectives] To increase the survival rate of tissue culture seedlings of Dendrobium officinale,and optimize the conditions of rooting medium by the response surface methodology( RSM). [Methods]The effects of 6-BA concentration,NAA concentration,potato amount and the amount of mashed banana on the growth of seedlings were determined by single factor experiment and were analyzed by Box-Behnken design and response surface methodology. [Results]The optimal culture conditions: rooting medium 1/2 MS + 6-BA 0. 24 mg/L + mashed banana 87. 63 g/L + potato 89. 30 g/L + NAA 0. 52 mg/L + sucrose 20. 0 g/L + activated carbon 4. 0 g/L + agar 7. 0 g/L,p H 5. 8,and light intensity 2 000 Lx. [Conclusions]The model established by response surface methodology has a good predictability and could be used to optimize the conditions of tissue culture and rooting medium of D. officinale.

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  • Characteristics of Infrared Fingerprint of Gastrodia elata Blunme from Sichuan

    Xingguo ZHANG;Dezhu LI;Jiaxing CHEN;Guanghua LU;Shiming PENG;

    [Objectives] The infrared fingerprint spectra of Gastrodia elata Blume of different origins and different varieties were studied.[Methods]One-dimensional infrared spectroscopy was used to analyze G. elata of different origins and different varieties. Based on the infrared spectra of 14 batches of G. elata,the common peak ratio and variant peak ratio were calculated,the double index sequences of common peak ratio and variant peak ratio were established to compare the similarities between the samples of G. elata. [Results] Infrared fingerprint spectra of G. elata of different origins and different varieties were obtained,and a total of 14 common peaks were calibrated. The maximum and minimum common peak ratios among the G. elata samples were 100. 00% and 73. 68%,respectively; and the maximum and minimum variant peak ratios were 21. 43% and 0%,respectively. [Conclusions]The combination of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and common peak ratio-variant peak ratio double-index analysis can provide scientific basis for the quality standard research of G. elata.

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Clinical Application

  • Protective Effects and Action Mechanism of Total Flavonoids of POLYGONI PERFOLIATI HERBA on Rats with Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis

    Ya GAO;Kefeng ZHANG;Riming WEI;

    [Objectives]To study the protective effects and mechanism of POLYGONI PERFOLIATI HERBA on rats with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis( NASH). [Methods] Sixty rats were randomly divided into normal group,model group,metformin group( 0. 5 mg/kg),and high dose,medium dose,and low dose groups of total flavonoids of POLYGONI PERFOLIATI HERBA( 600,300,150 mg/kg). The standard feed was given to the normal group,and the model group and the total flavonoids groups were fed with high-fat diet for 13 weeks to establish the NASH rat model. At the 8 th week,the metformin group and the POLYGONI PERFOLIATI HERBA total flavonoids groups were given with the corresponding drug treatment for 6 weeks,blood was taken from the eyeball to collect liver tissue. Biochemical method was used to determine ALT,AST,TC,TG,HDL-c,LDL-c,SOD,MDA,GSH-Px activity or content in serum and HOMA-IR,and ELISA was used to measure the TNF-α,IL-1β and IL-6 content in liver tissue; Western blotting was used to detect the expression levels of AMPK,p-AMPK and ACC in liver tissue. [Results] Total flavonoids of POLYGONI PERFOLIATI HERBA could significantly decrease the activity or content of ALT,AST and MDA in serum of NASH rats( P < 0. 05,P < 0. 01),and enhance the activity of SOD and GSH-Px( P < 0. 05,P < 0. 01),reduce serum TC,TG,LDL-c levels and insulin resistance index,increase HDL-c levels( P < 0. 05,P < 0. 01); down-regulate liver IL-1β,IL-6,TNF-α,ACC levels and up-regulate p-AMPK expression( P < 0. 05,P < 0. 01). [Conclusions]The total flavonoids of POLYGONI PERFOLIATI HERBA have a good protective effect on NASH rats,and its mechanism may be related to the functions of regulating the lipid metabolism,alleviating insulin resistance,inhibiting oxidative stress,inhibiting inflammatory reaction and regulating AMPK and ACC protein expression.

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  • Effect of Buyanghuanwu Decoction on PI3K/AKT Signaling Pathway and Aquaporin AQP4 in Cerebral Hemorrhage Rats

    Qiuchen LU;Jiayu PANG;Bolin LI;Shuai LIU;Yu GONG;Ziye JIA;Xiaoguang WU;

    [Objectives] To explore the effect of Buyanghuanwu decoction on PI3K/AKT signaling pathway and aquaporin AQP4 in cerebral hemorrhage rats and clarify the mechanism to provide clear direction and target for cerebral hemorrhage treatment caused by cerebral edema.[Methods]SD rats were randomly divided into six groups: model group,sham operation group,Buyanghuanwu decoction low,medium and high dose groups,and Ginkgo biloba group. Model group,Buyanghuanwu decoction group,G. biloba group were prepared to be intracerebral hemorrhage rat models by referring to Rosenberg law. While the expression of " polarity" of aquaporin AQP4 was detected by immunofluorescence labeling method,the Evans blue( Evans Blue,EB) content of brain tissue was determined by Spectrophotometry. In addition,the water content of brain tissue was detected by wet and dry weight method. [Results] When compared to the model group,the Buyang Huanwu decoction group,G. biloba group of PI3K and AKT proteins expression increased significantly( P < 0. 05) and AQP4 in Astrocyte end feet membrane concentrated expression significantly increased( P < 0. 05),EB content and water content of brain tissue significantly reduced( P <0. 05).[Conclusions]The protective mechanisms of Buyanghuanwu decoction on cerebral hemorrhage can work might because it can activate PI3K/AKT signaling pathway,regulate AQP4 " polar" expression,and reduce the permeability of the blood brain barrier and cerebral edema.

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  • Clinical Efficacy Observation on Dysmenorrhea of Cold-damp Stagnation Type with Graphene Thermotherapy Based on the Idea of TCM "Preventive Treatment of Disease"

    Jinghua LI;Siyuan XIN;Fei GAO;Jian'en GUO;Jinyang WU;

    [Objectives] To explore the clinical efficacy of graphene waist protector on dysmenorrhea of cold-damp stagnation type.[Methods]150 patients with cold-damp stagnation type were randomly divided into 3 groups: 50 cases in the experimental group( using graphene waist protector),49 cases in the blank group( using the waist protector for removing the heating plate) and 51 cases in the control group( taking the Tongjingbao granules). After intervening for 3 menstrual cycles,visual analogue scale and the COX menstrual symptom scale were used to evaluate the clinical efficacy of graphene waist protector. [Results] The clinical effective rate of dysmenorrhea in experimental group was 64. 00%,while that of control group was 72. 54%. With the effective rate of symptoms,the test group was 56. 00% and the control group was 64. 70%; VAS dysmenorrhea visual score,duration of dysmenorrhea,severity of COX dysmenorrhea and duration of symptoms after intervention were significantly decreased in both experimental group and control group,the differences were statistically significant( P < 0. 05); for the differences of the scores before and after the intervention: the differences of the experimental group and the control group were statistically significant( P < 0. 05) compared with those of the blank group. There was no significant difference between experimental group and control group( P > 0. 05). [Conclusions] Graphene belt of experimental group and Tongjingbao granules of control group both have therapeutic effects on dysmenorrhea of cold-damp stagnation type. Graphene waist protector can relieve the pain and its accompanying symptoms in patients with primary dysmenorrhea of cold-damp stagnation type.

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  • Effects of Moxibustion at Complementary Acupoints on Synovial Tissue Inflammation of CIA Rats

    Yaying CUI;Zhixin YANG;Zefan LONG;

    [Objectives] This study aimed to explore the effects of moxibustion at the Yanglingquan and Yinlingquan points on thickness of the left foot and synovial tissue inflammation of collagen-induced arthritis( CIA) rats,and to explore the therapeutic effect of moxibustion at complementary acupoints on rheumatoid arthritis( RA). [Methods] Total 32 Wistar rats were selected. Among them,8 rats were selected randomly using the randomized digital method as the blank control( K),and the remaining were subjected to modeling. After the successful establishment of the CIA model,the 24 rats were randomly and evenly divided into model group( M),Yanglingquan and Yinlingquan group( AB) and Shenshu and Zusanli group( CD). The rats in the moxibustion groups were subjected to bilateral synchronous moxibustion once every two days( 2 mg refined moxa/cone,5 cones/( point·d)),for total 10 times. The left plantar thickness of each rat was measured before modeling,after modeling,and after the last intervention,respectively. After the last intervention,the situation of synovial tissue inflammation in each rat of the treatment group was inspected. [Results] Compared with that of the control group,the left foot thickness of each group of rats that were modeled all increased significantly( P < 0. 05). And the synovial tissue showed different degrees of inflammatory infiltration,fibrous hyperplasia,and angiogenes. After the intervention ended,compared with that in the M group,the left foot thickness in the AB and CD treatment groups reduced significantly( P < 0. 05). The inflammatory infiltration,fibrous hyperplasia,and angiogenes of the synovial tissue decreased. Between the two moxibustion groups,the thickness of the left foot in group AB decreased compared with group CD( P < 0. 05). The inflammatory infiltration,fibrous hyperplasia and angiogenes in group AB decreased compared with those in group CD. [Conclusions] Moxibustion at the complementary acupoints of Yanglingquan and Yinlingquan,Shenshu and Zusanli both showed good improvement effect on CIA rats. In terms of left foot thickness and synovial tissue inflammation,the treatment group AB was superior to the group CD,and the specific mechanism needs further study.

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  • Meta-analysis of Shenqi Fuzheng Injection Combined with Chemotherapy in Treatment of Colorectal Cancer

    Weiqing ZHANG;Jinhuan ZHANG;Zhulin WU;Lisheng PENG;

    [Objectives] To make a systematic evaluation of the clinical efficacy and safety of Shenqi Fuzheng Injection in the treatment of colorectal cancer. [Methods] Databases,such as China National Knowledge Infrastructure( CNKI),Wanfang,China biomedical literature service system( CBM),CQVIP,Medline,and Cochrane,were searched for the time before April 2017. The randomized controlled trial( RCT) that met the inclusion criteria was screened. Then,quality evaluation was made based on the modified Jadad scale. Data were extracted and meta-analysis was made with the aid of Review Manager 5. 3. [Results] Finally,21 papers met the inclusion criteria,including 2 high quality papers. The average Jadad score was 2. 5 points,1 589 patients were included. Meta-analysis results showed that the intervention of the experimental group could improve the quality of life[OR = 3. 32,95% CI( 2. 33,4. 74),P < 0. 000 01]; improve the short-term efficacy[OR =1. 68,95% CI( 1. 26,2. 24),P =0. 000 4]; reduce the incidence of adverse chemotherapy reactions such as reducing the gastrointestinal reactions[OR = 0. 33,95% CI( 0. 25,0. 43),P < 0. 000 01],reducing myelosuppressive reactions[OR = 0. 33,95% CI( 0. 24,0. 46),P < 0. 000 01]; improve the immune functions,such as increasing CD4/CD8 cell ratio[WMD = 1. 19,95% CI( 0. 24,0. 41),( P <0. 000 01) ],and increasing the number of NK cells[WMD =1. 72,95% CI( 5. 62,14. 30),( P <0. 000 01) ]. [Conclusions]The clinical effect of Shenqi Fuzheng Injection in the treatment of colorectal cancer is better than that of chemotherapy alone,but it needs more highquality RCTs to improve the level of research.

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  • Effects of Huanglian Jiedu Decoction on Rat Gingivitis Induced by LPS

    Fangbo ZHANG;Miao XU;Yi ZHANG;Defeng LI;Hongjie WANG;Haiyu ZHAO;Baolin BIAN;

    [Objectives] To evaluate the effects of Huanglian Jiedu Decoration( HLJD) on the treatment of rat gingivitis with excess internal heat through injecting lipopolysaccharide( LPS) in tooth-supporting tissues. [Methods]Gingival inflammation was established by LPS injection. Male SD rats were randomly divided into 7 groups: normal control group( no treatment group),solvent control group,model group( LPS injection),HLJD low dose group( 0. 25 g/kg),HLJD medium dose group( 0. 50 g/kg),HLJD high dose group( 1. 00 g/kg),and metronidazole and fenbufen capsule( MFC) group. Water intake and urine volume were observed through metabolic cage feeding; gingival tissue protein expressions were detected by LC-ESI-MS/MS method; oxidative stress-related molecules such as total superoxide dismutase( T-SOD) and hydrogen peroxidase catalase( CAT) were detected by the biochemical kit combined with a microplate reader; expressions of TSC related with energy metabolism-related signaling pathway were detected by western blotting. [Results]When rat gingivitis was injected by LPS,both water intake and urine volume were decreased,the levels of T-SOD and CAT were decreased,and the expressions of fructose-bisphosphate aldolase C,triosephosphate isomerase 1 and TSC2 were increased. Huanglian Jiedu Decoration can increase water intake and urine volume,increase the levels of T-SOD and CAT,reduce the expressions of fructose-bisphosphate aldolase C and triosephosphate isomerase 1,and inhibit the expression of energy metabolism-related pathway molecule TSC2. [Conclusions] Huanglian Jiedu Decoration can treat rat gingivitis through inhibiting energy metabolism and oxidative stress such as TSC signal pathway and glycolysis related molecules.

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  • Effects of Yupingfeng Polysaccharides on the Spleen Tissue Structure of Acute and Chronic Immunocompromised Mice

    Hua DENG;Hong YANG;

    [Objectives] To study the protective and recovery effects of Yupingfeng polysaccharides( YPF-P) on spleen tissue structure of acute and chronic immunocompromised mice. [Methods]First,90 mice in the protective group were injected with cyclophosphamide to replicate the chronic immunosuppressive model,and observe the protective effects of different doses of YPF-P on the spleen; 120 mice in the recovery group were injected with cyclophosphamide continuously to replicate the acute immune injury model,to observe the effects of YPF-P on spleen recovery. Besides,YPF-P positive control group was established to observe its effects on the spleen structure and function of normal mice. Testing indicators include spleen morphology and tissue structure,body mass,and spleen index. [Results]In the protective group and the recovery group,the spleen volume of the mice with different YPF-P doses increased significantly,and lymphocytes proliferated,showing obvious structural compensation and repair,and showing a dose-effect relationship. In the positive control group,the spleen function of the normal mice was significantly enhanced,and the spleen lymphoid tissue showed significant orderly proliferation. [Conclusions]Yupingfeng polysaccharides can effectively protect the function and structure of spleen,improve acute and chronic immune damage induced by cyclophosphamide,greatly promote the recovery of spleen structure and function after immune injury,and also can significant enhance the spleen structure and function of normal mice.

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  • Intervening Effect of Sodium Aescinate on Pulmonary Fibrosis in Rats with Acute Lung Injury

    Sang HUANG;Ling MENG;Zhiyuan WANG;Tao LIN;Zhaozhi ZENG;

    [Objectives] The aim was to investigate the intervening effect of sodium aescinate on pulmonary fibrosis in rats with acute lung injury( ALI). [Methods] The rats were randomly divided into normal group,model group and sodium aescinate group. The rat model of ALI was induced by administration of oleic acid. The rats in the sodium aescinate group were intravenously injected with sodium aescinate according to the amount of 4 mg/kg for 14 consecutive d. Then,11 rats were selected randomly from each group and slaughtered on Day 1 and Day 14,respectively after last administration. The body mass index,arterial partial pressure of oxygen( PaO_2),oxygenation index( PaO_2/FiO_2),lung index,wet/dry mass ratio of lung,serum IL-1β,TNF-α,PC Ⅲ and TGF-β1 levels of the rats were analyzed. [Results]No significant differences were found in body mass index,lung index or lung wet/dry mass ratio among different groups. Compared with the model group,the PaO_2 and PaO_2/FiO_2 ratio increased significantly( P < 0. 05),the serum IL-1β,TNF-α,PC Ⅲ and TGF-β1 levels declined significantly( P <0. 05),the lung histopathological damage was reduced,and the semi-quantitative histological score( IQA) of damaged lung tissue decreased significantly( P < 0. 01). [Conclusions]Sodium aescinate can reduce the levels of inflammatory factors in rats with ALI,with certain intervening on pulmonary effect.

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  • Effects of Roudoukou-8 San Extract on Hydrogen Peroxide Induced Cardiomyocyte Injury

    Yunfeng XIAO;Yuanyan ZHANG;Wenyan LI;Yuhua WANG;

    [Objectives] To study the effects of Roudoukou-8 San extract on hydrogen peroxide( H_2O_2) induced cardiomyocyte injury of rats and explore its action mechanism. [Methods] The cardiomyocytes of neonatal rats were isolated and cultured,and the H_2O_2 induced cardiomyocyte injury model was established. Methyl thiazolyl tetrazolium( MTT) assay was used to detect the protective effects of Roudoukou-8 San extract on H_2O_2 induced cardiomyocyte. The effects of Roudoukou-8 San on cardiomyocyte morphology were observed under inverted microscope. The contents of lactate dehydrogenase( LDH),creatine kinase( CK) and aspartate aminotransferase( AST) in cell culture medium were determined by automatic biochemical instrument; the levels of malondialdehyde( MDA),superoxide dismutase( SOD) and nitric oxide( NO) in the cells were detected by kit method. The apoptotic morphology of cardiomyocytes was observed by Hoechst fluorescence staining.Cell apoptosis were measured by Annexin V and PI double staining and flow cytometer. [Results]100 μmol/L of H_2O_2 acting 2 h could cause about 50% of cardiomyocyte injury. H_2O_2 model group showed increased cell gap,decreased cell count,cell cytoplasmic vacuoles and other obvious damages. Compared with H_2O_2 model group,in Roudoukou-8 San extract dose groups,cardiomyocyte morphology showed different degrees of improvement,Roudoukou-8 San extract can significantly reduce the content of LDH,CK and AST in H_2O_2 injured myocardial cell culture solution,significantly reduce content of MDA and NO in H_2O_2 injured myocardial cells,increase the SOD activity,and significantly inhibit the apoptosis of H_2O_2 injured myocardial cells. [Conclusions]Through improving the cell survival status,increasing the cell viability,reducing oxidative stress injury,inhibiting inflammatory responses,and inhibiting apoptosis,Roudoukou-8 San extract can improve the state of H_2O_2 induced cardiomyocyte injury,so as to protect H_2O_2 injured myocardial cells.

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  • Protective Effects of Self-made Compound Taoren Danshen Decoction on Rats with Acute Liver Injury

    Yuman GUAN;Kefeng ZHANG;Ya GAO;Jiani LI;Lin ZHANG;

    [Objectives] To study the protective effects of self-made Compound Taoren Danshen Decoction( CTDD) on acute liver injury induced by D-galactosamine in rats,and to explore its mechanism. [Methods]An acute liver injury model was established by intraperitoneal injection of 500 mg/kg of D-galactosamine. The ALT,AST,MDA,SOD and GSH-Px in serum,as well as serum TNF-α,IL-1β and IL-6 levels were measured,and liver tissue lesions were observed under microscope. [Results] CTDD can significantly reduce ALT,AST and MDA levels,increase SOD,GSH-Px activity,and significantly reduce serum TNF-α,IL-1β and IL-6 levels,and improve liver tissue lesions.[Conclusions]CTDD has a protective effect on D-galactosamine-induced acute liver injury in rats,and its mechanism may be related to inhibition of oxidative stress and inflammatory reaction.

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  • Medicinal Plant

    <正>Indexed by Chemical Abstracts (CA), AGRIS Database, CAB International (CABI), China National Knowledge Infrastructure(CNKI), Naresuan University Library, Indian Fund for Agricultural Development, Royal Tropical Institute, Library of Congress, ProQuest So far, a total of more than 3000 users have subscribed to Medicinal Plant, distributed in 6 countries and regions.The high-end users are as follows:

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    <正>AGRIS (The Agricultural Sciences and Technology) is a booklist-style international agricultural database which is established by the international agricultural technology information system subordinate to FAO. It embodies continued publications,documents,corpuses,books,technology reports,patents,maps,meeting papers,and other literatures,which are collected by 135 countries and regions,146

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  • About KIT

    <正>The Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam is an independent centre of knowledge and expertise in the areas of international and intercultural cooperation,operating at the interface between theory and practice and between policy and implementation. The Institute contributes to sustainable development,poverty alleviation and cultural preservation and exchange.

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  • Submit your manuscript today!MEDICINAL PLANT

    <正>Sponsored by the Wuchu (USA-CHINA) Science and Culture Media Corporation Medicinal Plant (ISSN 2152-3924) is an academic journal sponsored by USA-China Science&Culture Media Corporation in January 2010, published monthly in the general format of US Sci-tech journal. The subject areas covered by the journal include crude drug processing, chemical components analysis, medical mechanism study, wild resources investigation, cultivation and domestication of medicinal plants, etc….

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