• Main Species and Medicinal Value of Wild Edible(Medicinal) Fungi in Yunnan Province

    Rong HUA;Weisi ZHANG;

    Yunnan Province is rich in wild edible( medicinal) fungus resources,where there are about 882 species,96 genera,35 families,11 orders,and 2 classes,and the species of the resources accounts for 40. 7% of the world's resources and 90. 0% of China's resources,so Yunnan is known as " the kingdom of medicinal and edible fungi". Edible fungi contain a variety of functional ingredients,such as polysaccharides,peptide amino acids,nucleosides,triterpenes,minerals,vitamins,etc.,so they have important medicinal value. In order to understand and rationally develop wild edible( medicinal) fungus resources in Yunnan,the main trading species of wild edible( medicinal) fungi in Yunnan Province were investigated,and the biological characteristics and medicinal value of these wild edible( medicinal) fungi were summarized.Moreover,the development prospects of wild edible fungi in Yunnan Province in edible and medicinal fields were discussed.

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Chemical Composition of Natural Medicine

  • HPLC-MS/MS Determination of Oleandrin and Adynerin in Blood with Solid Phase Supported Liquid-Liquid Extraction

    Jianbo YING;Fanglin WANG;Yujing LUAN;Weixuan YAO;

    [Objectives]To optimize the determination method of oleandrin and adynerin in blood. [Methods]High performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry( HPLC-MS/MS) was applied to determine oleandrin and adynerin in blood. The blood sample was dispersed and fixed on a solid phase supported liquid-liquid extraction column and eluted with ethyl acetate. The resulting eluent was used for chromatographic separation with Kinetex C_(18) column as the separation column and gradient elution was performed using 10 mmol/L ammonium formate solution containing 0. 1%( volume fraction) formic acid and acetonitrile as the mobile phase. In the tandem mass spectrometry analysis,the detection was carried out using the electrospray positive ion source multiple reaction monitoring mode. [Results] The mass concentration of oleandrin and adynerin showed linear relationship in the range of 2-100 μg/L. The limit of detection( 3 S/N) of the method was 0. 5 μg/L.A blank sample was used as the substrate for the spike recovery test. The recovery rate was in the range of 90. 0%-98. 0%,and the relative standard deviation( RSD) of the measured values( n = 6) was in the range of 2. 1%-7. 3%. [Conclusions]The method established in this experiment has the benefits of simple pretreatment,good recovery,high sensitivity and strong specificity,and is expected to provide an ideal method for the determination of such drugs in blood.

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  • Antibacterial and Antioxidant Effects of Three Chlorogenic Acid Extracts

    Juwu HU;Xiaodan HAN;Xionghui LI;Binhua HUANG;

    [Objectives] To study the antibacterial and antioxidant effects of chlorogenic acid extracts of Gynura procumbens,Lonicera japonica,and Eucommia ulmoides leaves,and provide a reference for their usage as natural food preservatives and antioxidants. [Methods]The disc diffusion method was applied to study the antibacterial activity of chlorogenic acid extracts of G. procumbens,L. japonica,and E. ulmoides leaves against several common pathogens. In the antioxidant effects,study was carried out on the anti-lipid peroxidation,reducing capacity,and DPPH free radical scavenging capacity of chlorogenic acid extracts of G. procumbens,L. japonica,and E. ulmoides leaves,respectively.[Results]Three chlorogenic acid extracts had strong inhibitory effects on bacteria,especially the inhibition on Staphylococcus aureus. At the concentration of 100 mg/m L,the bacteriostatic ring of chlorogenic acid extracts of G. procumbens,L. japonica,and E. ulmoides leaves reached 21. 4,23. 6 and 24. 7 mm respectively. Besides,these chlorogenic acid extracts had significant inhibitory effect on Escherichia coli and Salmonella,but the inhibitory effect on the yeast was not obvious; the antibacterial intensity of antibacterial compounds was chlorogenic acid extracts of E. ulmoides > chlorogenic acid extracts of L. japonica > chlorogenic acid extracts of G. procumbens. Among these three chlorogenic acid extracts,the chlorogenic acid extracts of E. ulmoides had higher anti-lipid peroxidation,reducing capacity,and DPPH free radical scavenging capacity than other two chlorogenic acid extracts. [Conclusions] This paper reveals that among chlorogenic acid extracts of G. procumbens,L. japonica,and E. ulmoides leaves,the chlorogenic acid extracts of E. ulmoides leaves have a stronger antibacterial activity and antioxidant activity.

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  • The Impact on Extraction Effect of Polysaccharide from Ganoderma lucidum by Different Pretreatment

    Jinyi LIANG;Jinghao ZHOU;Jianping ZHOU;Yifeng TAN;Keyong XU;

    [Objectives] The research aimed to study the impact on extraction effect of polysaccharide from Ganoderma lucidum( lingzhi) by different pretreatment methods. [Methods] The impacts on extraction of G. lucidum polysaccharide by soaking,microwave and air flow fine pulverization were contrasted,and the extraction effect of G. lucidum polysaccharide by combining the optimal pretreatment manner with hot water extraction,alcohol extraction,alkali extraction,ultrasonic binding enzyme extraction,and microwave extraction was compared. Finally,the property of G. lucidum polysaccharide obtained after air flow fine pulverization pretreatment was detected and analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography. [Results] The optimal pretreatment method was air flow fine pulverization. Compared with traditional method-direct extraction( coarse grinding combining hot water extraction),crude yield changed little,while polysaccharide content and yield were improved by 114% and 104%. The best combination manner was air flow fine pulverization pretreatment combining with alkali extraction. Compared with traditional method,crude yield,polysaccharide content and yield were improved by 76%,78% and 215% respectively. The property of G. lucidum polysaccharide obtained after air flow fine pulverization pretreatment was detected and analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography. It was found that the treatment method had little impact on the property of G. lucidum polysaccharide. [Conclusions]Air flow fine pulverization pretreatment could greatly improve extraction effect of G. lucidum polysaccharide,which mainly improved the content and yield of G. lucidum polysaccharide,and extraction was more complete,with less impact on the property of the extracted polysaccharide. It was speculated that air flow fine pulverization pretreatment mainly destroyed mechanical support wall membrane structure of G. lucidum fine powder,making that intracellular functional substances completely dissolved out of the cell,and the content would be studied in follow-up experiment.

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  • Optimization of Extraction Process of Clerodendrum philippinum Schauer var. simplex Mlodenke Total Flavonoids(CPTF) by Central Composite Design-Response Surface Methodology

    Bo LI;Simao HUANG;Xiaohua PANG;Boting XI;Houkang CAO;Kefeng ZHANG;

    [Objectives] The research aimed to optimize extraction process of Clerodendrum philippinum Schauer var. simplex Mlodenke total flavonoids( CPTF),and provide reference for its development and utilization. [Methods] Based on single-factor test,ethanol concentration,extraction temperature and extraction time were taken as independent variables,and total flavonoids yield was taken as dependent variable. The test was conducted according to central composite design principle. Multivariate linear regression and binomial equation fitting of the result were conducted,and extraction process of CPTF was optimized by using response surface methodology. [Results]The optimal extraction process of CPTF was as below: ethanol concentration 54. 76%,extraction temperature 83. 92℃,extraction time 102. 64 min,solid-liquid ratio 1:20,extraction for twice. [Conclusions] The extraction process of CPTF by central composite design-response surface methodology was simple and feasible,with reliable prediction result,which was suitable for industrial production.

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  • Extraction Process Optimization and Moisturizing Performance of Fucoidan from Sargassum fusiforme

    Bingyue LIU;Xue LIU;Fengjuan WU;Guangqun CAO;Chen ZHANG;Jie YANG;

    [Objectives] The research aimed to optimize extraction process of fucoidan from Sargassum fusiforme( FSF) and study its moisturizing performance. [Methods]Extracting condition of FSF by cellulase hydrolysis-ultrasonic assisted extraction method was optimized. The influences of solvent p H,enzyme dosage,extraction temperature,cellulose hydrolysis time,ultrasonication time,and the ratio of material to liquid on FSF were investigated by single factor and orthogonal experiments. [Results] The optimum extraction conditions were as followings:p H,4. 5; enzyme dosage,1%; extraction temperature,40℃; cellulose hydrolysis time,2 h; ultrasonic time,15 min; and the ratio of material to liquid,1∶ 10( g∶ m L). Under the optimal condition,the extraction yield of FSF was 8. 50%,RSD = 2. 74%. The short-time hygroscopicity( within 8 h) of crude extract of fucoidan from S. fusiforme( CEFSF) was better than glycerin,butanediol,and sodium alginate,and the moisture retention capacity of 1% CEFSF aqueous solution was better than 1% butanediol or 1% sodium alginate,and was equal to 5% glycerin under relative humidity of 43% and 81%. The determination results of skin moisture content and transepidermal water loss rate( TEWL)showed that: 5% CEFSF solution had good moisturizing effect. [Conclusions]The research could provide certain reference for deep development of S. fusiforme.

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Pharmacological and Toxicological Analyses

  • Inhibitory Effect of Tanshinones on TNF-α-induced Inflammation in Human Aortic Endothelial Cells

    Ziru ZHANG;Mingyi MA;Longru SUN;

    [Objectives] To study the anti-inflammatory activity and mechanism of tanshinone I,cryptotanshinone and 15,16-dihydrotanshinone I on HAECs induced by TNF-α. [Methods]Vitamin E was used as a positive control and TNF-α-induced human aortic endothelial cells( HAECs) were selected as the inflammation model cells. The m RNA levels of IL-6,ICAM-1,VCAM-1,and NF-κB were analyzed by quantitative RT-PCR. The protein expression of NF-κB,ICAM-1,VCAM-1 and phosphorylation of ERK1/2 were determined by Western blot. The adhesion of U937 to HAECs was assessed by BCECF/AM labeling assay. [Results] TNF-α-induced over-expression of IL-6,NF-κB,ICAM-1,and VCAM-1 in HAECs were down-regulated by tanshinone I( TAN),cryptotanshinone( CPT) and 15,16-dihydrotanshinone I( DHT) both in m RNA and protein levels,respectively. Meanwhile 15,16-dihydrotanshinone I and cryptotanshinone could inhibit phosphorylation of ERK1/2 and tanshinone I inhibited U937 adhesion to HAECs significantly. [Conclusions] Tanshinones could inhibit TNF-α induced inflammatory responses on HAECs and the mechanism might be related to inhibition of phosphorylation of ERK1/2 and blocking NF-κB signaling pathway.

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Processing of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Quality Control

  • Determination of Chlorogenic acid in Wuli Huichun Wan by HPLC

    Tao JIAO;Yueqing WANG;

    [Objectives] To establish a method for determining the content of chlorogenic acid in Wuli Huichun Wan. [Methods] The content of chlorogenic acid in Wuli Huichun Wan was determined by high performance liquid chromatography( HPLC) combined with Agilent Eclipse Plus C18 column( 4. 6 mm × 250 mm,5 μm),in mobile phase of 0. 4% phosphoric acid solution-acetonitrile( 12∶ 88) at flow rate of1. 0 m L/min,and detection wavelength of 327 nm. [Results] The linearity of chlorogenic acid in the range of 4-48 μg injection was good( r = 1); the average recovery rate was 99. 61% and the RSD was 0. 98%. [Conclusions] The established method is simple and accurate and has high reproducibility,thus can be used as quality control method for Wuli Huichun Wan.

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  • An HPLC Fingerprint Identification of Dried Barks of Ilex rotunda and Ilex godajam

    Yucui MA;Chun WANG;Wei WANG;Cui WU;Ning DU;Wen SUN;Hui LI;Zhimao CHAO;

    [Objectives] A simple and reliable HPLC fingerprint method was developed for the identification of dried barks of Ilex rotunda and I. godajam. [Methods] Nine batches of dried barks of I. rotunda,and seven batches of dried barks of I. godajam collected from different pharmacies and arboretums in different regions of China were used to establish fingerprints. The software Similarity Evaluation System of Chromatographic Fingerprints of Traditional Chinese Medicine( 2004 A Edition) was used to evaluate the fingerprints. [Results]The fingerprints of dried barks of I. rotunda and I. godajam were established. Methodological study met the technical requirements of fingerprints. The similarities of the fingerprints of dried barks of I. rotunda and I. godajam were all more than 0. 8 and 0. 9 respectively. There were 31 and 28 common peaks in I. rotunda and I. godajam,which could be classified into two clusters by principal component analysis( PCA) and hierarchical cluster analysis. [Conclusions] The feasibility and advantages of used HPLC fingerprints were verified,and the results indicated that the HPLC fingerprint as a characteristic distinguishing method combining similarity evaluation,principal component analysis and hierarchical cluster analysis can be successfully used to identify the authenticity of dried barks of I. rotunda and I. godajam.

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  • Comparison on Morphology and Micromorphology of Paris polyphylla Sm. var. polyphylla with Different Year Numbers

    Zijiang YANG;Dingqiao CHEN;Xiaobing MA;Zhijie NILUO;Zhifeng ZHANG;

    [Objectives] The research aimed to identify Paris polyphylla with different growth year numbers and evaluate its resource quality.[Methods]Comparative research on P. polyphylla with different growth year numbers was conducted by using morphological identification and microscopic identification method. [Results] By contrasting original plant morphology,transverse sections of rhizome and fibrous root,powder,it displayed that microstructure of P. polyphylla had regularity difference in cell shape and size,duct quantity,trait and size,size and distribution of calcium oxalate cluster crystal. [Conclusions] The microstructure change of P. polyphylla was related to the number of its growth year,which could provide the reference for identifying the growth year number of P. polyphylla and evaluating its resource quality.

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  • Study on Quality Standard of Corydalis tomentella Franch

    Jia WU;

    [Objectives] To establish the quality standard of Corydalis tomentella Franch. [Methods] The medicinal materials are identified from the perspectives of morphology,characters,microscopic characteristics and TLC of the plants. The contents of moisture,total ash and water extract are determined. The content of dehydrocavidine is determined by HPLC. The determination is performed on Agilent C18 column with mobile phase consisted of acetonitrile-phosphate buffer solution( containing 20 mmol/L monopotassium phosphate,10 mmol/L diethylamine,0. 1% phosphoric acid)( 28∶ 72,V/V) at the flow rate of 1. 0 m L/min. The detection wavelength is set at 347 nm,and the column temperature is 35℃. The sample size is 10 μL. [Results] The original plants are perennial herbs,and as produced into medicinal materials,they are hairy and shrink into balls with conical principal roots,and obvious cracks on the tubers and roots,curved and fragmented leaves,yellowish white flowers. The quasi-circular pollen grains contain square and columnar crystals,there are substantial nonglandular hairs,and also bordered pits,spiral and reticulate vessels,as well as wood fibers. TLC spots are clear and well-separated. The content of moisture is7. 5%-18. 5%,total ash 20. 5%-26. 2%,and water extract 29. 9%-46. 4%. The linear range of dehydrocavidine is 0. 040 08-2. 404 8 μg( r =0. 999 9); RSD of precision,stability and reproducibility tests is lower than 2. 0%. The recoveries are 95. 6%-102. 5%( RSD =2. 3%,n = 9). [Conclusions] The established standard can be used for quality evaluation of C. tomentella Franch..

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Clinical Application

  • Protection Effect of Qiwei Jingganling on Carbon Tetrachloride-induced Acute Liver Injury in Mice

    Boting XI;Houkang CAO;Simao HUANG;Yuman GUAN;Kefeng ZHANG;

    [Objectives] The aim was to study the protection effect of Qiwei Jingganling on carbon tetrachloride-induced acute liver injury in mice and its mechanism of action. [Methods]Total 60 mice were randomly and evenly divided into 6 groups,normal group,model group,silymarin group( 150 mg/kg),high-dose Qiwei Jingganling group( 8 g/kg,crude drug),middle-dose Qiwei Jingganling group( 4 g/kg,crude drug) and low-dose Qiwei Jingganling group( 2 g/kg,crude drug). The mice were administered orally once a day according to the amount of10 m L/kg,and 10-day continuous administration was carried out. After 2 h of the last administration,0. 12% CCl4 peanut oil solution( 10 m L/kg) was injected intraperitoneally to all the mice except those in the normal group to establish acute liver injury model. After 16 h,the blood of the mice was collected from the eyeballs,and their liver tissues were collected. The levels of alanine aminotransferase( ALT),aspartate aminotransferase( AST),superoxide dismutase( SOD),malondialdehyde( MDA) and glutathione peroxidase( GSH-Px) in the sera were determined by biochemical methods,and the contents of tumor necrosis factor-α( TNF-α),interleukin-1β( IL-1β) and interleukin-6( IL-6) in the liver tissues were determined with enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays( ELISA). [Results]Qiwei Jingganling significantly reduced the activities or content of ALT,AST and MDA in serum of mice with liver injury( P < 0. 05,P < 0. 01),increased the activities of SPD and GSH-Px( P < 0. 05,P < 0. 01) and down-regulated the expression levels of IL-1β,IL-6 and TNF-α in liver tissue( P < 0. 05,P < 0. 01).[Conclusions]Qiwei Jingganling has a good protection effect on CCl4-induced acute liver injury in mice,which may be related to the inhibition of oxidative stress and inhibition of inflammatory responses.

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  • Effects of Maca Extract on Exercise Endurance and Ultrastructure of Mitochondria in Spinal Neurons

    Farong YU;Wangjun CHEN;Xiuzhen LIAN;Mingren XIE;Denglou LI;Yunxuan GUO;

    [Objectives] To study the effects of maca extract on the exercise endurance and ultrastructure of mitochondria in spinal neurons.[Methods]First,50 Wistar rats were randomly divided into 5 groups. The control group: no swimming,administered intragastrically the same volume of distilled water; simple swimming group: free swimming,administered intragastrically the same volume of distilled water; maca extract groups: free swimming,and treated with 4. 0,5. 3,and 8. 0 g/kg dose of maca extracts. Swimming rats swam freely in the circulating water flow of swimming pool and administered for 15 d. On the 16 th d,after the swimming endurance test,the rats were killed painlessly. The ultrastructure of the mitochondria in the spinal neurons was observed with a projection electron microscope,muscle glycogen,malondialdehyde( MDA),superoxide dismutase( SOD),glutathione peroxidase( GSH-Px) and free calcium in muscle were measured by radioimmunoassay.[Results] Compared with the simple swimming group,the swimming time before sinking and total swimming time extended 19. 83%,60. 28%,77. 55% and 55. 34%,73. 91% and 94. 47% respectively,and the differences were statistically significant( P < 0. 01). The sinking times decreased by 34. 35%,51. 18% and 57. 96% respectively,the differences were statistically significant( P < 0. 01). MDA and free calcium decreased by 20. 10%,31. 49% and 38. 72%,respectively with statistically significant differences( P < 0. 01) and 6. 42%,17. 58%and 26. 35% respectively. The levels of SOD,GSH-Px and muscle glycogen increased by 5. 12%,22. 74%,52. 53%,44. 22%,77. 79%and 98. 45% respectively,with statistically significant differences( P < 0. 01) and 35. 08%,47. 83% and 81. 88%,respectively,with statistically significant differences( P < 0. 01). The volume density( Vd),surface density( Sd) and number density( Nd) of mitochondria of spinal neurons decreased by 7. 79%,18. 18%,31. 17%,16. 95%,27. 34%,43. 31% and 13. 51%,23. 19% and 43. 15% respectively.[Conclusions]Maca extract can protect ultrastructure of the mitochondria in the spinal neurons,antioxidant activity,increase muscle glycogen,and improving the exercise capacity.

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  • Effects of Yangyin Jiedu Decoction on Acute Oral Mucositis Caused by Radiation

    Li WU;Zhengzheng LIU;Di ZHAO;

    [Objectives] The aim was to observe the clinical effect of Yangyin Jiedu Decoction for acute oral mucositis caused by radiotherapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma( NPC). [Methods]Total 64 patients with non-keratinizing squamous cell carcinoma of nasopharynx were divided evenly and randomly into two groups,treatment group and control group. In the treatment group,the patients began to take Yangyin Jiedu Decoction one week before radiotherapy; while in the control group,the patients were treated with mixed solution of dexamethasone,lidocaine,recombinant human granulocyte colony stimulating factor and vitamin B12. From the beginning to the end of radiotherapy,the curative effect in the two groups was observed and compared. In addition,the levels of serum CRP,TGF-β1 and IL-6 were measured to detect the inflammatory response. [Results] The incidence of acute oral mucositis in the treatment group was significantly lower than that in the control group( P <0. 05). The effective rate was 96. 88% in the treatment group and 67. 74% in the control group. The levels of serum CRP,TGF-β1 and IL-6 in the treatment group were also lower than those in the control group. [Conclusions]Yangyin Jiedu Decoction has a good effect on prevention and treatment of acute radioactive oral mucositis and it is worthy of clinical application.

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  • Effects of External Use of Pereskia aculeate Miller on Foot Swelling of Adjuvant Arthritis in Rats

    Yifei CHEN;Zhijie PENG;Qi LAI;Zhenyan QIAO;Yifei TENG;Yingyuan QIN;

    [Objectives] To study the anti-inflammatory effects and its possible action mechanism of Pereskia aculeate Miller on rats with adjuvant arthritis( AJ). [Methods] Fifty SD rats( half male and half female) were randomly divided into 5 groups: blank group,model group,positive control group( Glucosidorum Tripterygll Totorum( GTT),12 mg/kg),and P. aculeate high and low dose group( 0. 86 and0. 43 g/m L). Except the blank group,other groups were induced with complete Freund's adjuvant( CFA) to establish the AA rat model. On the 17 th day of modeling,the drug was externally applied for soaking,and the diameter of foot hole and foot joint before and after administration was measured to observe the degree of swelling. The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay( ELISA) was adopted to determine the inflammatory cytokines interleukin-1β( IL-1β) and tumor necrosis factor-α( TNF-α). [Results] Compared with the model group,the degree of swelling of the foot sole and foot joints was reduced in the P. aculeate high dose group and the positive control group( P < 0. 05). According to ELISA test,compared with the model control group,the serum levels of IL-1β( P < 0. 05) and TNF-α( P < 0. 05) were significantly reduced in the P. aculeate high dose group and the positive control group. Compared with the positive control group,there was no significant difference( P > 0. 05). [Conclusions] P. aculeate has significant inhibitory effects on foot swelling of adjuvant arthritis in rats,and the action mechanism is possibly related to the decrease of IL-1β and TNF-α.

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  • Therapeutic Effect and Mechanism of New Maixian Powder on DSS-induced UC Rats

    Minjun FU;Rongzhen SHI;Jianjun SHEN;Meixia YANG;Hongbin ZHENG;

    [Objectives] To study the therapeutic effect and mechanism of New Maixian Powder on ulcerative colitis( UC) rats through observing its regulatory effect on the protein kinase R-like endoplasmic reticulum kinase( PERK)/eukaryotic translation initiation factor-2α( e IF-2α)/nuclear transcription factor-kappa B( NF-κB) signaling pathway. [Methods]First,60 SD rats were randomly divided into normal group,model group,mesalazine group,and New Maixian Powder low,medium and high dose groups,10 rats each group. Then,dextran sulfate sodium( DSS) was used to induce UC rats. The mesalazine group was given 0. 42 g/( kg·d) of mesalazine sustained-release granule suspension,New Maixian Powder low,medium and high dose groups were given 1. 5,3,and 6 g/( kg·d) of New Maixian Powder suspension,respectively,and other groups were given an equal volume of physiological saline,continuous intragastric administration for 14 d. Next,the disease activity index( DAI) of UC rats was evaluated; the expression of NF-κB in serum was measured by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay( ELISA); the expression of PERK and e IF-2α protein and m RNA in colon tissue was detected by Western blot and real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction( RT q-PCR). [Results] Compared with the normal group,the DAI score and serum NF-κB level in the model group were significantly higher( P < 0. 05),and PERK and e IF-2α protein and m RNA levels in the colon tissue were increased( P < 0. 05); compared with the model group,the DAI score decreased and serum NF-κB level declined in the New Maixian Powder group,and the expression of PERK and e IF-2α protein and m RNA in New Maixian Powder medium dose and high dose groups declined( P < 0. 05). [Conclusions]New Maixian Powder has good therapeutic effect on UC rats,and its mechanism may be connected with the inhibition of the activation of PERK/e IF-2α/NF-κB signaling pathway.

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  • Research Progress on Pharmacological Action and Clinical Application of Stephania Tetrandrae Radix

    Rong WANG;Tengmao MA;Fei LIU;Huiqin GAO;

    Stephania Tetrandrae Radix is one of the common traditional Chinese medicines,which has bitter and pungent taste as well as cold properties. It can subside edema,get rid of rheumatism and relieve pain. Therefore,it is mainly used for the treatment of rheumatism arthralgia,edema,dysuria,athlete's foot,swollen wet sores and other diseases in traditional Chinese medicine( TCM). Stephania Tetrandrae Radix is mainly composed of dual-benzyl isoquinoline alkaloids,including tetrandrine,fangchinoline and so on. Modern pharmacology research shows that Stephania Tetrandrae Radix and its main components have a wide range of pharmacological activity in the anti-inflammatory,anti-pathogenic microorganisms,anti-tumor,anti-hypertension,anti-arrhythmia,anti-myocardial ischemia,anti-fibrosis,anti-silicosis,inhibiting scar and other aspects,with broad application prospect. Stephania Tetrandrae Radix is often applied with compatibility of other Chinese medicines in clinically,and has achieved obvious effects in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis,cardiovascular disease,cancer,hypertension,liver ascites and other diseases. There are some representative prescriptions,such as Fangji Fuling decoction,Fangji Huangqi decoction,Jijiao Lihuang pill,Xuanbi decoction,compound Hanfangji granule and so on. In this paper,the pharmacological effects and clinical applications of Stephania Tetrandrae Radix in the past ten years are reviewed,providing the reference for its further development and application.

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  • Clinical Effect of Resistance-free Removal of the Bone Embedded Mandibular Third Molar

    Shengteng SUN;Jianjun YANG;Yi LI;Hanqing LIU;Haihui LI;Na WANG;

    [Objectives] To shorten the time of removal of the bone embedded mandibular third molar,reduce the complications of tooth extraction,and explore a surgery method of resistance-free removal of the mandibular third molar. [Methods] A total of 50 patients with bone embedded mandibular third molar needing to be removed were selected. A 45° elevation turbine and a long tungsten steel drill were used to remove the mesial,buccal,and distal resistances. When necessary,tongue side and root resistance was removed,and the third molar was removed when there was basically no resistance around it. The removal time was recorded,followed up for 10 d,and the postoperative reaction was observed. [Results] The bone embedded mandibular third molars were removed for all patients within 15 min,and there was no serious postoperative reaction,all patients showed high satisfaction. [Conclusions]The method of resistance-free removal of the bone embedded mandibular third molar can significantly shorten the removal time,reduce the fear of patients,and ease pain of patients.

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Protection of Medicinal Plants

  • Determination of Multiple Pesticide Residues in Okra by QuEChERS Combined with PTV-GC-MS/MS and UPLC-MS/MS

    Jingwen FU;Yuchan LIN;Zijing HUANG;Mengjun CHEN;

    [Objectives] To establish Qu ECh ERS based extraction method for determining multiple pesticide residues in okra combined with programmed temperature vaporizer-gas chromatography-triple quadrupole mass spectrometry( PTV-GC-MS/MS) and ultra high performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry( UPLC-MS/MS). [Methods] In this experiment,124 pesticide residues in okra were determined by an optimized Qu ECh ERS method combined with PTV-GC-MS/MS and UPLC-MS/MS. The pesticides in okra were extracted and purified by the optimized Qu ECh ERS pretreatment method and determined by PTV-GC-MS/MS and UPLC-MS/MS. [Results] In this experiment,124 kinds of pesticides had a good linearity with a limit of detection( LOD) of 0. 000 5-0. 008 0 mg/kg; the average recovery rate at three levels was 65. 5%-128. 1% with relative standard deviation of 2. 2%-9. 7%. [Conclusions] This method is simple,rapid,accurate and sensitive,and can provide reliable and valid data support for the determination of multiple pesticide residues in okra by GC-MS/MS and UPLC-MS/MS.

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  • Contact Activity of Combination Use of Three Kinds of Plant Extracts on Helicoverpa armigera

    Kun ZHOU;Yongli FU;Xing LUO;Ting LUO;

    [Objectives] The aim was to study the contact activity of combination use of garlic,onion and stone calamus extracts on Helicoverpa armigera and their co-toxicity coefficient( CTC) and mixture ratio. [Methods] Leaf dipping method was used to study the contact activity of the three kinds of plant extracts against H. armigera. Based on this,the co-toxicity coefficient of the compound of the three kinds of extracts was determined. Orthogonal test was used to explore the optimal mixture ratio of the three kinds of extract for combination use. [Results]The extracts of garlic,onion and stone calamus had good inhibition and contract activity on H. armigera larvae. The LC50 values of the three kinds of plant extracts against H. armigera were 175. 0,217. 0 and 79. 2 mg/L,respectively. When the mixture ratios of stone calamus to garlic,and stone calamus to onion were both 2:1,the extract showed a synergistic effect( CTC > 120); when the mixture ratios of stone calamus to garlic,and stone calamus to onion were 1:1 and 1:2,respectively,the extracts showed an additive effect( 80 < CTC < 120); and then garlic extract and onion extract were mixed according to the ratio of 1:1,the additive effect was slight( CTC < 90). Among the three kinds of extracts,the extract of stone calamus showed the strongest contact activity,followed by that of garlic. The results of co-toxicity coefficient determination and orthogonal test showed that the contact activity of combination use of the three kinds of extracts was stronger than that of the single extract overall. When the extracts of garlic,onion and stone calamus were mixed according to the ratio of 2:3:1( mass concentration ratio),the contact activity of the compound against H. armigera reached 95. 3%. [Conclusions]The study results provide a scientific basis and theoretical reference for the development of new plant-derived pesticides based on the pharmacodynamics of garlic,onion and stone calamus.

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  • Medicinal Plant

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  • Submit your manuscript today!MEDICINAL PLANT

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