• Advances in Researches about Immunoregulatory Functions of Dendrobium Sw.

    Donghui WANG;Bei FAN;Fang FANG;Yan WANG;Cencan XING;Lijing ZHANG;Fengzhong WANG;

    Based on the researches on immunoregulatory functions of Dendrobium. at home and abroad in recent years,from immune organs,immune cells,and immune molecules,this paper summarized immunoregulatory functions of polysaccharides,glycosides,and alkaloids extracted from Dendrobium. on the body,including reducing the inflammation,inhibiting tumor,and slowing down aging,to provide theoretical references for in-depth researches and development of modern biotechnology for Dendrobium.

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  • Prospects for Development of Edible and Medicinal Mycorrhizal Fungus in Shanxi Province

    Lin ZHOU;Mia SHU;Shang GUO;Hua WANG;Xiaojie NAN;

    This paper first elaborated basic characteristics and research development of the edible mycorrhizal fungus. Then,it analyzed the natural ecological environment and development conditions of edible fungus in Shanxi Province. Finally,it discussed edible mycorrhizal fungus resources in Shanxi Province and development and utilization prospects of edible mycorrhizal fungi,to provide some references for the development of edible fungi industry and edible and medicinal mycorrhizal fungus in Shanxi Province and adjacent provinces.

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Chemical Composition of Natural Medicine

  • Analysis on Volatile Components of Flowers and Leaves of Thymus mongolicus by SPME-GC/MS

    Shuqin SONG;Mao GU;Feipeng CHEN;

    [Objectives] To analyze volatile components of flowers and leaves of Thymus mongolicus. [Methods]Volatile components of collected T. mongolicus flower and leaves were separated by headspace solid-phase microextraction( SPME) and identified by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry( GC/MS) and normallized by peak area. [Results] A total of 24 and 14 compounds were identified from flowers and leaves of T. mongolicus in the total ion chromatogram,accounting for 99. 573% and 97. 187% of the total peak area,respectively. Main components of flowers and leaves of T. mongolicus include phenols and terpenes,and thymol accounts for 35. 38% and 49. 13% of flowers and leaves of T. mongolicus,respectively. [Conclusions] SPME-GC/MS can be applied in analyzing volatile components of flowers and leaves of T. mongolicus,to provide basis for further development and utilization of T. mongolicus.

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  • Identification of Volatile Oil Components of Nardostachys jatamansi DC. Root and Rhizome,Herb

    Qian JIN;Fang XIAO;Pei QUN;Ying Li;Yuan LIU;

    [Objectives] Volatile oil components of traditional drug use site " root and rhizome" of N. jatamansi and herb were identified and contrasted,which aimed to provide the basis for rationally using wild N. jatamansi resource. [Methods]Volatile oil components from different sites of N. jatamansi were identified and isolated by GC-MS. [Results] There were 56 kinds of volatile oil components from different sites of N. jatamansi,in which 39 components from herb of N. jatamansi,39 components from root and rhizome of N. jatamansi,and there were 22 common components. But 1 component in higher concentration had obvious difference. [Conclusions] The herb of N. jatamansi could not completely replace " root and rhizome" of N. jatamansi as the medicine,which was consistent with prior detection result of each physicochemical index from different sites of N. jatamansi. The research could provide the reference for making quality standard of N. jatamansi medicine and rational basis for its further research and development.

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  • Advances in Researches on Chemical Composition and Functions of Hemerocallis Plants

    Yan WANG;Teng XU;Bei FAN;Lijing ZHANG;Cong LU;Donghui WANG;Xinmin LIU;Fengzhong WANG;

    The genus Hemerocallis is a kind of perennial herbaceous plants of Liliaceae and consists of about 15 species in the world,11 of which can be found in China. Some species of Hemerocallis are widely cultivated for medicinal,edible and ornamental application. Considerable progress had been made in researches on chemical composition and functions of Hemerocallis plants. Previous phytochemical studies on Hemerocallis plants have demonstrated the presence of flavonoids,anthraquinones,alkaloids,terpenoids,triterpenes and triterpenoid saponins,caffeoylquinic acid derivatives,naphthalene glycosides,steroid and steroidal saponins,phenylethanoid glycosides,and lignans. Functional activities of Hemerocallis plants are mainly manifested in sedative hypnotic,antidepressant,antioxidant,anti-tumor,hepatoprotective,antibacterial and insecticidal activities. Chemical composition of Hemerocallis plants is various,and structural type is rich,and has a variety of significant functional activities,so it is worth further study.

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  • Determination of Nine Phenolic Components in Leaves of Crataegus pinnatifida Bge.

    Lei SHI;Xiaobo YANG;Zhe GAO;Yanan JIA;Zhenliang BI;Fengqin LU;Tong CUI;

    [Objectives] To determine the nine phenolic components in the leaves of Crataegus pinnatifida Bge. [Methods] The reversedphase high-performance liquid chromatography( RP-HPLC) was applied. [Results] Nine phenolic components showed a good linear relationship in the range of 2-500 μg/m L with r in the range of 0. 999 5-0. 999 9. The recovery rate of spiked samples ranged from 93. 7% to110. 2%,and the relative standard deviation was in the range of 0. 69%-4. 58%. The leaves of 29 cultivars of C. pinnatifida Bge. were measured,and the average content of the nine phenolic components was as follows: isoquercitrin,hyperoside,procyanidin C1,procyanidin D1,epicatechin,procyanidin B2,chlorogenic acid,eucomic acid,and vitexin 2 "-O-rhamnoside. The contents of flavonoids and phenolic acids were high,up to 15 mg/g D. W,and the content of procyanidins was up to 6 mg/g D. W. [Conclusions]This method is easy and accurate in determination of phenolic components in the leaves of C. pinnatifida Bge.

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  • A New Species of Genus Fomitiporia

    Shang GUO;Lin ZHOU;Jingru ZHANG;Lina XU;Yanting LI;Xiaojie NAN;Xiaogang LIU;

    [Objectives] This study aimed to study the morphological characteristics and molecular phylogeny of a new strain collected from rotten wood of sea buckthorn in Yanbei area of Shanxi Province. [Methods]The specimens were observed with naked eyes. With Melzer,cotton blue and 5% KOH as floating carriers,the slices were prepared,which were observed under a microscope. The ITS sequence of the new strain was compared with those of the 20 kinds of reported fungi to construct molecular phylogenetic tree based on ITS. [Results] The new strain has horseshoe-shaped basidiocarp and pileus shape and has no stipe. Sometimes,it grows procumbently and scrolled backward. The mycelial system is monomitic. The skeletal hyphae showed a negative reaction in the Melzer reagent and cotton blue reagent. The basidiospores are subglobose or spherical and colorless with thick wall. The results of molecular phylogenetic analysis showed that the new strain had a close relationship with Fomitiporia spp. and was clustered into the same branch with them. It formed an independent sub-branch in the phylogenetic tree. [Conclusions] The new strain was identified as a new species of Fomitiporia,named as Fomitiporia yanbeiensis S. Guo & L. Zhou( Gen Bank: KT861405,Fungal name: FN570360).

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  • Cloning and Bioinformatics Analysis of Resveratrol Synthase Gene from Vitis vinifera

    Yi ZHAI;Qinsong LIU;Yongkun WU;Yun MA;Nianqiang ZHANG;Dangwei SHI;Qingsheng QI;

    [Objectives] To obtain a resveratrol synthase gene of Vitis vinifera and make bioinformatics analysis. [Methods] Taking total RNA of V. vinifera as the template,by RT-PCR method,a complete c DNA sequence of resveratrol synthase gene was amplified from V. vinifera,and the resveratrol synthase gene was named as RS. The nucleic acid and protein sequences were analyzed using bioinformatics software.[Results]This sequence was 1179 bp in length,the similarity with reported resveratrol synthase gene reached 94%-99%,and the similarity with amino acid sequence reached 96%-99%; the RS gene encoded 392 amino acids,and amino acid sequence contained complete characteristic sequence GVLFGPGLT and active center sequence GCYAGGTVLR of stilbene synthase family; the predicted molecular weight was42. 78 k Da,the theoretical isoelectric point was 6. 57,the instability parameter was 35. 92,and it belonged to stable protein in the classification; the secondary structure was mainly α-helix,random coil and β-folding,α-helix content was 44. 13%,the random coil content was26. 53%,and β-folding content was 17. 66%. [Conclusions] The isolated RS gene is a resveratrol synthase gene from V. vinifera. This experiment is expected to lay a certain foundation for biosynthesis of resveratrol by the genetic engineering method.

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Pharmacological and Toxicological Analyses

  • Effects of Mangiferin on the Expression of TNF-α,iNos,ICAM-1 and Its mRNA in the Heart,Brain and Kidneys of SHR

    Xiaoqin HU;Xuewen ZENG;Erwei HAO;Zhengcai DU;Bei ZHOU;Jiagang DENG;

    [Objectives] To study the effects of Mangiferin( MGF) on TNF-α,iNOS,ICAM-1 and its mRNA expression in the heart,brain and kidneys of spontaneously hypertensive rats( SHR),and reveal the mechanism of its anti-inflammatory injury in hypertension target organs.[Methods]SHRs were randomly divided into 5 groups: the model group,the high-dose,medium-dose,low-dose MGF groups and the Benazepril group,with 8 rats in each group,WKY rats were used for the normal control group. Besides,on-invasive blood pressure( BP) instruments were used to measure systolic blood pressure in the rats' tail artery,western blot was used to analyze the expression of TNF-α,iNOS,ICAM-1 and reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction( RT-PCR) was used to analyze the expression of TNF-α,iNOS,ICAM-1 mRNA.[Results]Compared with the normal control group,the model group's BP level was significantly increased( P <0. 01)),but the MGF had no significant lowering BP effect( P > 0. 05); compared with the normal control group,the expression of TNF-α,iNOS,ICAM-1 and its' mRNA in the model group was significantly increased( P < 0. 05 or P < 0. 01),and MGF could reduce the level of expression of these inflammatory cytokines( P < 0. 05 or P < 0. 01); between the Benazepril group and high-dose,medium-dose,low-dose MGF groups,most of the indicators had no significant difference( P > 0. 05). [Conclusions]MGF had no significant lowering BP effect,SHR showed inflammatory injury in the heart,brain and kidneys,MGF showed improvement on the inflammatory injury,and the anti-inflammation mechanism may be associated with lowering TNF-α,i NOS and ICAM-1 and its mRNA expression.

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Processing of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Quality Control

  • Determination of Total Flavonoids in Leaves of Paliurus ramosissimus and Orthogonal Experiment Optimization Process

    Yuanchun ZHUANG;Chun ZHANG;Lilan OU;Pixian SHUI;

    [Objectives] To screen the optimal extraction conditions of flavonoids from leaves of Paliurus ramosissimus( Lour.) Poir.,measure the content of flavonoids in leaves of P. ramosissimus. using the Microplate Reader,and provide experimental basis for the development of medicinal resources of P. ramosissimus. [Methods] The ultrasonic extraction method was adopted and orthogonal design was carried out to study the effects of ethanol concentration( A),ultrasonic time( B),the solid-to-liquid ratio( C) on the extraction of flavonoids from leaves of P. ramosissimus. The Microplate Reader was used to measure the content of flavonoids in leaves of P. ramosissimus. in different extraction conditions,P. ramosissimus. and the optimal extraction conditions were used to measure the content of flavonoids from leaves of P. ramosissimus.[Results]Effects of the ultrasonic extraction method on the extraction rate of flavonoids from leaves of P. ramosissimus: extraction times >ethanol concentration > Ultrasound time > solid-liquid ratio. The screened optimal extraction process was: ethanol concentration of 65%,the solid-to-liquid ratio of 1∶ 25,ultrasonic time of 2 h and extraction times Under this condition,the extraction rate of total flavonoids in leaves of P. ramosissimus. was 2. 56%. [Conclusions] This method is simple and feasibility,reliable,and suitable for rapid measurement with large samples.

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  • Optimization of Extraction Process for Polysaccharides of Urtica fissa E. Pritz.

    Lin YANG;Duo CAO;Xuedong GU;Fumin CHI;

    [Objectives] To study the optimal extraction process for polysaccharides of Urtica fissa E. Pritz. [Methods] Leaves of wild U. fissa E. Pritz. collected in Nyingchi of Tibet were used as raw materials. Water extraction method was used to extract polysaccharides from U. fissa E. Pritz. Besides,comparison was made for the effects of extraction time,extraction temperature and solid-to-liquid ratio on the yield rate of polysaccharides from U. fissa E. Pritz. In addition,using the extraction time,extraction temperature and solid-to-liquid ratio as factors,L9( 33) orthogonal experiment was carried out to determine the optimal process parameters for water extraction of polysaccharides from U. fissa E. Pritz.[Results] The optimal process parameters: hot water extraction time was 4 h,the extraction temperature was 90℃,and the mass ratio of water to leaves of U. fissa E. Pritz. was 1∶ 25. Under such extraction conditions,the yield rate of polysaccharides from U. fissa E. Pritz.was up to 11. 611%. [Conclusions]This experiment is expected to provide certain reference for reasonable development and utilization of wild U. fissa E. Pritz. resources in Tibet.

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Germplasm Resources and Cultivation

  • Functions of Plant Growth Substances in the Growth of Dendrobium officinale Kimura et Migo

    Hua ZHU;Peng LI;Zhonghua DAI;Liuyuan FAN;Fangfang DA;Miao ZHANG;Li LONG;

    [Objectives] To study the effects of plant growth substance on the growth and development of Dendrobium officinale Kimura et Migo. [Methods] Comparative methods were applied to study the effects of plant growth substance on the growth and development of D. officinale Kimura et Migo. [Results] Plant growth regulators play an important role in the process of tissue culture rapid propagation of D. officinale Kimura et Migo,and the main regulatory pathways are as follows.( i) Plant growth regulators promote the growth and development of D. officinale Kimura et Migo through regulating the changes of its endogenous hormones.( ii) Plant growth regulators affect the accumulation of polysaccharide content in D. officinale Kimura et Migo through regulating the changes in chlorophyll content and enzymes involved in sucrose metabolism.( iii) Plant growth regulators can increase the activity of antioxidant enzymes of D. officinale Kimura et Migo,to increase its stress resistance. [Conclusions]Using molecular biology techniques,combined with the changes of plant hormones in D. officinale Kimura et Migo,and analysis on key enzyme in the synthesis of plant hormones and gene expression,it is feasible to study the rules o changes in the content of active content of D. officinale Kimura et Migo.

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  • Effects of Different Harvest Periods on Seed Quality of Alpinia oxyphylla Miq.

    Hanting CHENG;Jingkun LIU;Tingliang YAN;Qiaoyan ZHANG;Jinchuang WANG;

    [Objectives] To clarify the appropriate harvest period of Alpinia oxyphylla Miq. seed and improve the quality of seeds. [Methods] In this experiment,the basic parameters and germination characteristics of A. oxyphylla Miq. seeds during different harvest periods were analyzed and compared. [Results] The results showed that the A. oxyphylla Miq. fruit picking period was closely related to the seed quality,and the seed maturity was highest 100 d after the flowering of A. oxyphylla Miq.,that is,the A. oxyphylla Miq. fruit skin turned from green to yellow( yellow-green),the peel had a small number of brown spots,it was spicy enough,the fruit dry/fresh weight ratio was greater than0. 34,the seed thousand kernel weight reached 11 g or more,and the dried seed moisture content was 13. 01%. Using the TTC method,the seed viability index was determined to be 85%,and in this case,it was the best time of harvesting seed. The water permeability of A. oxyphylla Miq. seed was poor,and the seed imbibition and water absorption time was long,about 72 h. The maximum water absorption rate was about23. 71% at the imbibition and water absorption stage,and it was inferred that the A. oxyphylla Miq. seeds were hard seeds. The germination time of A. oxyphylla Miq. seeds was long,the mature A. oxyphylla Miq. seeds began to germinate on the 12 th d,and the germination rate reached 75. 56% on the 50 th d. [Conclusions] This study determined the optimum harvest period of A. oxyphylla Miq. seeds,clarified the biological characteristics of slow seed water absorption and long germination cycle,and concluded that the seed coat was the main factor leading to slow seed water absorption and long seed germination cycle.

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  • Effects of Different Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi on Growth and Protective Enzyme Activity of Glycyrrhiza uralensis

    Yuandong ZOU;Qiong GAO;Hongyan BI;Jihong FAN;

    [Objective] This study aimed to investigate the effects of 5 kinds of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi( Acaulospora mellea,Glomus mosseae,Glomus versiforme,Glomus aggregatum,Glomus etunicatum) on the growth and protective enzyme activity of Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch. [Method] The growth indicators and protective enzymes activity of glycyrrhiza plants inoculated and uninoculated with fungi were compared. [Result] The plant height,basal diameter,main root length,aboveground fresh weight,underground fresh weight,aboveground dry weight and underground dry weight of the inoculated glycyrrhiza plants were increased significantly compared with those in the control( non-inoculation) group. In the inoculated glycyrrhiza plants,the growth index was significantly increased compared with that in the control group( P <0. 05); the activities of superoxide dismutase( SOD) and peroxidase( POD) increased first and then decreased; and the activity of catalase( CAT) showed a continuous rising trend. The effects of different inoculants on the growth of G. uralensis were significantly different.[Conclusion]G. etunicatum,G. mosseae and G. aggregatum had a significant effect on the growth of G. uralensis,and were superior to other fungi in resisting the adverse environment.

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Clinical Application

  • Protection of Compatibility of Saikosapon d and Baicalin on Carbon Tetrachloride Injured L-02 Cells Based on TLR4-NFκB Signaling Pathway

    Min LI;Yiwen WANG;Xiaofei LI;Jing LI;Bin WANG;

    [Objectives] To study the protection of compatibility of Saikosapon d and Baicalin on carbon tetrachloride( CCl_4) injured L-02 cells. [Methods] Normal human hepatocyte cell line L-02 cells were cultured in vitro,and CCl_4 was used to induce hepatocellular injury. Interventions were carried out with Saikosaponin d and Baicalin at different dosage. The proliferation of L-02 cells in each group was determined by methylthiazolyl tetrazolium( MTT) assay; the levels of AST and ALT in the culture supernatants were detected by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay( ELISA); the expressions of TLR4 and NFκBp65 proteins in each group were determined by immunohistochemistry.[Results] In the CCl_4 injured group,the proliferation of L-02 cells was significantly declined,the levels of AST and ALT in cell culture medium were significantly increased,and the expressions of TLR4 and NFκBp65 in L-02 cells were increased; after the intervention of Saikosaponin d and Baicalin,1. 75 μg/mL group and 1. 5 μg/mL group had an effect of promoting the proliferation of L-02 cells and could reduce the levels of AST and ALT in the cell culture medium,and TLR4 and NFκBp65 proteins in L-02 cells also had a certain inhibitory effect. [Conclusions] The compatibility of Saikosapon d and Baicalin has a certain protective effect on CCl_4 injured L-02 cells. The protection mechanism may be related with its down-regulating TLR4-NFκB signaling pathway and reducing the inflammation.

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  • Effects of Panax ginseng,Codonopsis pilosula and Pseudostellaria heterophylla on Sexual Maturity of SD Female Rats

    Zhijun WANG;Xiaosu WANG;Yuhua CHEN;Jing KONG;Xiuhua LU;

    [Objectives] To study the effects of Panax ginseng,Codonopsis pilosula and Pseudostellaria heterophylla on the growth and development of SD female rats. [Methods] The rats were randomly divided into control group,P. ginseng group,C. pilosula group,and P. heterophylla group,intragastrically administered with physiological saline,P. ginseng,C. pilosula,and P. heterophylla for 2 weeks,daily vaginal smear inspection was performed,estradiol( E_2) level before and after intervention was detected,rats were dissected,took out ovary and uterus,and calculated the ovarian index and uterus index. [Results]In 4 groups of rats,there was no significant difference in the time of sexual maturity and ovarian index; compared with the control group,E_2 level of C. pilosula group and P. ginseng group were higher( P < 0. 05);compared with the control group and P. heterophylla group,the ovarian index of P. ginseng group was higher( P < 0. 05); compared with the control group,the body weight of three administration groups increased much more( P < 0. 05). [Conclusions] P. ginseng and C. pilosula may lead to sexual maturity of SD female rats,while P. ginseng,C. pilosula and P. heterophylla can promote increase of body weight of SD female rats.

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  • Study on Rheology and Release Kinetics of Chuanqi Ophthalmic Microemulsion in situ Gel

    Maobo DU;Yamei LIU;Aiping HE;Yao YAO;Shuzhi LIU;

    [Objectives] To study the rheology and release kinetics of Chuanqi ophthalmic microemulsion in situ gel,so as to provide references for its future study and development. [Methods]The fluid properties and linear viscoelastic regions of this preparation were investigated by MCR 102 rheometer. The release kinetics of Chuanqi ophthalmic microemulsion in situ gel was evaluated by modified Franz diffusion cell method,the ligustrazine and ligustilide were selected as the indictors,and semi-permeable membrane was used as a barrier,sampling time point was 0. 5,1,2,4,6,and 8 h respectively. [Results]Chuanqi ophthalmic microemulsion in situ gel was a pseudoplastic fluid and it had a linear viscoelastic region. Taking the shear stress as the indicator,the linear viscoelastic region was 0-302. 74 Pa; taking the strain as the indicator,the linear viscoelastic region was 0-7. 45%. At the critical point,the storage modulus( G') = the loss modulus( G″) =2 976. 60 Pa,critical shear stress was 302. 74 Pa and critical strain was 7. 45%. The average cumulative release of ligustrazine of 6 samples within 8 h was 33. 71 μg,the average cumulative release rate reached 90. 08%,and the release kinetics followed Higuchi equation. The average cumulative release of ligustilide of 6 samples within 8 h was 68. 46 μg,the average cumulative release rate reached 84. 32%,and the release kinetics followed the zero-order kinetics equation. [Conclusions] Chuanqi ophthalmic microemulsion in situ gel has excellent viscoelasticity and its strain is reversible in a certain range. The release kinetics of ligustrazine is the result from synergistic effect of its physicochemical properties and matrix skeleton,while the release kinetics of ligustilide is mainly affected by its physicochemical properties.

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  • Role of Notoginsenoside Rg1 in Improving Spatial Cognitive Ability and Lowering Phosphorylation Level of Tau Protein in AD Model Rats

    Muzhe LI;Wenhui WU;Zhiping WU;Meiling REN;Shuxian CHEN;Xiaoling GUO;Ping WANG;Li LIN;

    [Objectives] To study the effects and mechanism of notoginsenoside Rg1 on the spatial learning and memory and phosphorylated tau protein in the AD( Alzheimer's Disease) model rat. [Methods]The AD model rat was replicated by injection of Aβ_(25-35) in the left lateral ventricles of SD rats. The low dose( 25 mg/kg),middle dose( 50 mg/kg) and high dose( 100 mg/kg) notoginsenoside Rg1 was used for intragastric administration,respectively,two times every day. After 4 weeks,the Morris water maze test was done to detect the learning and memory capacity,and the immunoblotting,immunohistochemical methods were used to detect the changes in the phosphorylation level and distribution of tau protein in hippocampus of the rats. [Results] After the intracerebroventricular injection of Aβ_(25-35),the learning and memory capacity of the model rats was significantly lower than the learning and memory capacity of the normal control rats. The immunoblotting test results showed that the phosphorylation level of tau protein threonine 231 site( Thr231) in hippocampus was significantly increased,and the nonphosphorylation level was significantly decreased. The morphological testing results showed that the phosphorylation level of tau protein Thr231 of AD model rats was increased markedly in region of DG,CA1 and CA3 of the hippocampus. The intervention of the middle dose notoginsenoside Rg1 could significantly improve the learning and memory capacity of the model rats in Morris water maze. The notoginsenoside Rg1 in three different doses could all reduce the phosphorylation level of tau protein Thr231 in the hippocampal DG,CA1,CA3 regions,and there were no significant differences among the three doses. [Conclusions]The notoginsenoside Rg1 could improve Aβ_(25-35)-induced spatial learning and memory impairment of the AD model rats,and decreased the phosphorylation level of tau protein in hippocampus.

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  • Effects of Ginsenoside Rb1 Babu Agent on the Amplitude of Microvascular Vasomotion

    Yuxin ZHU;Yang GAO;Qian ZHANG;Tao ZHANG;Wenyu ZHU;Bo FENG;Jianfang WANG;Hong DONG;Xiang MU;

    [Objectives] To study the effects of ginsenoside Rbl Babu agent on the amplitude of microvascular vasomotion. [Methods]The in vitro transdermal permeation of ginsenoside Rbl Babu agent was performed by using intelligent transdermal apparatus,and the percutaneous fluid was collected and analyzed by using high performance liquid chromatography( HPLC). The Babu agent was stuck on the skin of acupoint area,determined by Laser Doppler Flowmeter,and amplitude of microvascular vasomotion of acupoint area was recorded. [Results] With the extension of transdermal time,the cumulative permeation rate of ginsenoside Rbl increased. The amplitude of microvascular vasomotion could be significantly increased with the application of ginsenoside Rbl Babu agent( P < 0. 01). [Conclusions]The drug delivery system of ginsenoside Rbl Babu agent can release the drug into the acupoint,increase the amplitude of microvascular vasomotion,and achieve the effect of acupuncture. Therefore,ginsenoside Rbl Babu agent can replace the acupuncture clinically to treat diseases.

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  • Medicinal Plant

    <正>Indexed by Chemical Abstracts(CA),AGRIS Database,CAB International(CABI),China National Knowledge Infrastructure(CNKI),Naresuan University Library,Indian Fund for Agricultural Development,Royal Tropical Institute,Library of Congress,ProQuest

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    <正>AGRIS(The Agricultural Sciences and Technology)is a booklist-style international agricultural database which is established by the international agricultural technology information system subordinate to FAO.It embodies continued publications,documents,corpuses, books,technology reports,patents,maps,meeting papers,and other literatures,which are collected by 135 countries and regions,146

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  • Submit your manuscript today!MEDICINAL PLANT

    <正>Sponsored by the Wuchu(USA-CHINA)Science and Culture Media Corporation Medicinal Plant(ISSN 2152-3924)is an academic journal sponsored by USA-China Science&Culture Media Corporation in January 2010,published monthly in the general format of US Sci-tech journal.The subject areas covered by the journal include crude drug processing,chemical components analysis,medical mechanism study,wild resources investigation,cultivation and domestication of medicinal plants,etc….

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