• A Visualization Study of Hot Spots of Research on Siraitiae Fructus over a Decade Based on Co-clustering Analysis

    Jianhua FAN;Min LIANG;Buming LIU;

    [Objectives] To use co-clustering analysis and visualization method to analyze the research on Siraitiae Fructus in recent ten years,to know the hot spots and trend of research. [Methods] Relevant research results about S. Fructus in CNKI from January of 2007 to December of 2016 were retrieved by computers,and the retrieval time was February 20,2017. BICOMB,Net Draw,g CLUTO and SPSS19. 0 software were used to conduct co-clustering analysis and visualization analysis for included articles. Keywords were analyzed,and social network graph,visualization matrix,peak image and multidimensional scaling analysis map were drawn. Correlation among high-frequency key words were analyzed. [Results] Totally 723 articles were included,among which 70 articles were issued during 2012-2016; 76 key words were obtained by key word co-occurrence network map,among which mogroside,MOG,extraction process,tissue culture,cultivation technology,varieties,growth and development were in the core position; visualization and the peak image showed that the topics in this research field could be divided into 6 categories; research hotspot dynamic evolution showed that S. Fructus flower,beverage,total flavonoids,gene expression,gene cloning,enzyme,apoptosis,and S. Fructus seed oil would be the hot spots of further study. [Conclusions]This study reveals that the research on S. Fructus in the recent ten years is becoming mature,and expanding to deep level. This study can be promoted to discipline development evaluation of TCM research field.

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Chemical Composition of Natural Medicine

  • Analysis of Volatile Components in Different Parts of Polygala japonica Houtt.

    Yushuo XIAO;Jinqing LU;Jiamin MENG;Li CAO;

    [Objectives] To analyze the volatile components in different parts of Polygala japonica Houtt. and compare the differences of these volatile components. [Methods] The volatile components in different parts of P. japonica Houtt. were analyzed by the headspace solid-phase microextraction( HS-SPME) combined with GC-MS,and the relative percentage of each component was determined by peak area normalization. [Results] Thirty kinds of volatile components were identified from the leaves and rhizomes of P. japonica Houtt.,mainly including olefins,aromatic hydrocarbons,alkanes and esters. [Conclusions] The volatile components in different parts of P. japonica Houtt. were different,and there may be difference in the medicinal value of volatile components in different parts,thus it is required to take an overall consideration of these differences in the development and utilization of P. japonica Houtt.

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  • Extraction of Flavonoids from Leaves of Coix lacryma-jobi L.

    Xiaoxiong FENG;Yurun LIANG;Aiyue LUO;Jiandan NONG;Shaomei MO;Yan NING;Suoyi HUANG;

    [Objectives] To extract the flavonoids from leaves of Coix lacryma-jobi L. [Methods] Ethanol extraction method was adopted,spectrophotometry was used,and single factor experiment and orthogonal experiment were carried out to study the effects of ethanol percentage,extraction temperature,solid-to-liquid ratio and extraction time on the extraction of total flavonoids from leaves of C. lacryma-jobi L.[Results] The order of 4 factors influencing the extraction of flavonoids from leaves of C. lacryma-jobi L. was: solid-to-liquid ratio > extraction time > ethanol percentage > extraction temperature. When the extraction temperature was 70℃,the extraction time was 1. 5 h and the solid-liquid ratio was 1: 10,the ethanol percentage was 60%,the extraction effect was the best,extraction of flavonoids was 0. 107 5 mg/m L.[Conclusions] This study is expected to provide a theoretical basis for further development and utilization of C. lacryma-jobi L.

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  • Chemical Compositions of Stemmacantha carthamoides Root

    Yining ZHONG;Huan LIU;Jinhui WANG;

    [Objectives] Chemical compositions of S. carthamoides root were isolated and identified. [Methods]Solvent extraction,repeated silica gel column chromatography,ODS column chromatography,preparative liquid chromatography and recrystallization were used for separation and purification,and chemical structure of compound was identified via its physical-chemical properties and spectral analysis data.[Results] Eight compounds were obtained from methanol extract of S. carthamoides root: 24-ethyl-20-oxhydryl ecdysone( 1),β-ecdysterone( 2),Ajugasterone C( 3),3,4-DHBA( 4),3-methoxy-quercetin( 5),( 7 S,8 S)-syringoylglycerol( 6),( E)-3,7-dimethyl-1-O-[α-L-arabinofuranosyl-( 1→6)-β-D-glucopyranosy1]-oct-2-en-7-ol( 7),Polypodine B( 8). [Conclusions] Compounds 6 and 7 were firstly isolated from the plant.

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  • Analysis on Chemical Constituents of Rhodiola crenulata

    Li PU;Changzhong MA;Jiachao DOU;Fumin CHI;Lin YANG;Xuedong GU;

    [Objectives] To measure and analyze chemical composition of R. crenulata. [Methods] Taking R. crenulata in Lang County of Tibet as the research object,the routine nutritional components,trace elements and amino acid were determined,and the nutrition was evaluated by the international general evaluation method. [Results]The protein content of R. crenulata in Lang County of Tibet was 2. 08%,and fat was 5. 67%. Amino acid was incomplete amino acid,and Ile,Met + Cys were the first limiting amino acids of rhodiola root protein,while Leu was the second limiting amino acid of rhodiola root protein. The final amino acid score was 0. Magnesium,iron,zinc and other mineral elements were abundant,and there was no mercury,cadmium,lead and other heavy metals residues. [Conclusions]The research could provide a powerful basis for industrialization development of rhodiola.

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  • Application of Thin Layer Chromatography in Preparation of Drug Containing Serum of Eucalyptus Oil

    Bingyang GUO;Yongli YU;Shijuan LUO;Xiaoqing YIN;Mingzhen XU;

    [Objectives] To explore whether the thin layer chromatography( TLC) can be used to guide the preparation of drug containing serum of eucalyptus oil. [Methods]Eucalyptus oil samples with different dilution ratio were detected by TLC. Eucalyptus oil was intragastrically administered to mice,serum samples of different eucalyptus oil doses,different intragastric administration methods and different blood sampling times were collected. The above samples were detected by TLC,and the above results were verified by gas chromatography. [Results] TLC can detect concentration difference of eucalyptus oil samples with different dilution ratio. TLC can provide qualitative and semi-quantitative detection of eucalyptus oil in serum. High,medium and low dose of eucalyptus oil in serum had different effects on the growth of MCF-7 cells in the SD rats( P < 0. 05). [Conclusions] TLC can be used to guide the preparation of drug containing serum of eucalyptus oil.

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  • Study on Optimization of Culture Conditions for Wild Isaria cicadae Miquel Liquid Strain

    Chunqin XIE;Zheng CAO;Junmin FAN;Junqi XU;Jun JIA;

    [Objectives] To study the effect of different culture conditions on the growth of wild I. cicadae Miq. liquid strain. [Methods]The I. cicadae Miq. strain was inoculated into the liquid culture medium with different carbon sources,nitrogen sources,micronutrients and p H,cultured in the constant temperature shaking incubator with rotating speed of 120 r/min at 19℃,and the mycelium pellet diameter,density and weight were compared between different treatments. [Results] The results showed that the optimum components of I. cicadae Miq.strain liquid included soluble starch,milk powder and vitamin B_(12),and the optimum p H was 5. 0-6. 0. [Conclusions] Soluble starch was the most suitable carbon source for the culture medium of I. cicadae Miq. liquid strain; milk powder was the most suitable nitrogen source for the culture medium of I. cicadae Miq. liquid strain; the most suitable p H was 5. 0-9. 0 for the mycelial growth of I. cicadae Miq.; the formula and mixture ratio of the optimum culture medium for the growth of liquid strain were determined.

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Processing of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Quality Control

  • Optimization of Proportion and Formulation Process of Jinweng Granule by D-Optimal Mixture Design

    Xin YUE;Li LIU;Yongfeng HAO;Juan LIU;Dengfang CHENG;Qingchang YANG;Xianchao YANG;Xuehong HU;

    [Objectives] To study the optimal proportion and formulation process of Jinweng granule,the physicochemical properties of the optimal preparing process was observed. [Methods] Adopting the D-optimal mixture design method,selecting the mixing ratio of starch,dextrin,fumei powder and lactose as tested factors,and selecting the most significant factor between hygroscopicity,formability,solubility as the evaluation index,the optimal proportion of filler was examined by system experiments. Granularity,solubility,the angle of repose,and critical relative humidity( CRH) were used to evaluate the optimal proportion and formulation process of Jinweng granule. [Results]The optimal prescription of Jinweng granule is extract∶ starch∶ dextrin∶ lactose∶ fumei powder( 1∶ 0. 5∶ 0. 05∶ 0. 3∶ 0. 15),and the binder was consisted of 1% sodium carboxymethylcellulose( CMC) slurry and 3% starch syrup. The CRH of the optimum formulation process of granule is 72%,and the fluidity,solubility and granularity were qualified. [Conclusions] The process model established by D-optimum mixture design has good predictability,and the granule prepared by the optimal proportion has good repeatability,and the granule proportion and formulation process is stable and reliable.

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Germplasm Resources and Cultivation

  • Determination of Volatile Oil and Ferulic Acid in Different Parts of Wild Ferula sinkiangensis K. M. Shen and Ferula fukanensis K. M.Shen Cultivars

    Rehmetulla AYBEK;Mutallip NILUFAR;Sulayman KEYSER;

    [Objectives] To increase the reserves distribution and planting area of Ferula resources,protect wild Ferula resources,make comparative analysis on wild and cultivated varieties of Ferula medicinal materials,and provide references for quality evaluation of Ferula herbs collected from cultivation environment. [Methods] Volatile oil determination and high performance liquid chromatography were used to measure volatile oil and ferulic acid in different parts of wild and cultivated varieties of Ferula. [Results] In the volatile oil measured from artificially pressed Ferula lipid,wild varieties in different places conformed to the pharmacopoeia standard( volatile oil content ≥10%); in cultivated varieties,F. fukanensis K. M. Shen and F. sinkiangensis K. M. shen reached the pharmacopoeia standard. According to measurement results of ferulic acid,the ferulic acid content of roots and leaves of Altay,Fukang,and Yining cultivars were higher than that of wild varieties. [Conclusions]The ferulic medicinal herbs collected from artificial cultivation environment have considerable prospect,and many parts of Ferula herbs can be used for raw materials for preparation of extracts.

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  • Research Progress on Rapid Breeding Technology of Anoectochilus roxburghii Seedlings

    Qinger JIANG;Xiaojing TAN;Qiuli WU;Mei WU;Xiaoxia SHEN;Zhonghua WANG;

    As a traditional precious Chinese herbal medicine,Anoectochilus roxburghii has the cooling and detoxifying effects,and can nourish yin to reduce pathogenic fire,and has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. In this paper,we summarized the research progress in detail about the biological characteristics,resource distribution,composition,medicinal value and rapid seedling breeding technology concerning the rare Chinese herbal medicine A. roxburghii,in order to provide a reference for the in-depth study and rational development and utilization of A.roxburghii.

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  • Tissue Culture Rapid Propagation and Transplantation Techniques of Anoectochilus roxburghii (Wall) Lind.

    Xiulian LIN;Xinxiao JIANG;Zixuan YANG;Xiaoyong MA;Xuchao YAN;Lihua YANG;

    [Objectives]To screen the tissue culture rapid propagation formula suitable for each tissue culture stage of Anoectochilus roxburghii( Wall) Lind. [Methods] The stem segments of Fujian A. roxburghii were used as explant to study the tissue culture rapid propagation and transplantation techniques. The comparative experiment was carried out to study the effects of different hormone concentrations on the induction of stem segments,proliferation of cluster buds,rooting and seedling hardening of A. roxburghii,and study the effects of transplantation matrix on the transplantation of A. roxburghii. [Results]MS + 0. 5 mg/L NAA + 2 mg/L BA + 20 g/L sucrose + 6 g/L agar was suitable for induction of stem segments of A. roxburghii; MS + 0. 5 mg/L NAA + 2 mg/L BA + 1 mg/L KT + 25 g/L sucrose + 6 g/L agar was most suitable for proliferation of cluster buds of A. roxburghii; MS + 1. 0 mg/L IBA + 1. 0 mg/L NAA + 1 g/L activated carbon + 50 g/L mashed banana + 25 g/L sucrose + 6 g/L agar was most suitable for rooting and seedling hardening of A. roxburghii; using peat soil: fine sand( 3∶ 1) as transplantation matrix,the survival rate was the highest. [Conclusions] The experiment results are expected to provide references for factory production of A. roxburghii.

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  • Study on the Arsenic Content of Ophiocordyceps sinensis in Sichuan Province

    Yulong CHEN;Zhu JIANG;Jintao LI;Zhiyu SUN;

    [Objectives] To investigate the characteristics of arsenic content of Ophiocordyceps sinensis in Sichuan Province. [Methods]Using ICP-MS( Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry),we studied the 30 samples of O. sinensis from 25 places of production in Sichuan Province as well as the arsenic content in the habitat soil. [Results] The arsenic content of O. sinensis in Sichuan Province was0. 62-9. 16 mg/kg; the arsenic content in habitat soil was 3. 93-59. 90 mg/kg. [Conclusions]90% of O. sinensis products from Sichuan Province exceeded the arsenic content limit of 1 mg/kg in the health food,and as a comparison,the arsenic content of samples from Qinghai,Tibet,Gansu was over the limit.

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Clinical Application

  • Therapeutic Effect and Mechanism of Caulophyllum robustum Maxim Extract on Adjuvant Arthritis Rats

    Shaowa LU;Hong SU;Fengming YU;Qiushi WANG;Yuyan GUO;Guoyu LI;Haixue KUANG;

    [Objectives]To study the anti-inflammation and anti-swelling effect of Caulophyllum robustum Maxim( CRM) extract on secondary lesions of adjuvant arthritis( AA),associated inflammatory factors of AA rats and mice immune function. [Methods]Rats were divided into high,middle and low dose CRM extract groups( 69. 23,34. 61,17. 31 mg/kg),methotrexate group( 0. 68 mg/kg),triptolide group( 7. 88 mg/kg),model group and normal control group. The AA rat model was induced by intradermal injection of Freund's complete adjuvant( FCA). After the AA model was established successfully,the paw swelling of AA rats was observed and recorded. The levels of interleukin-1β( IL-1β),interleukin-4( IL-4),interleukin-10( IL-10),Tumor Necrosis Factor-α( TNF-α),interleukin 17( IL-17),interferon( IFN-γ),granulocyte colony-stimulating factor( G-CSF) and transforming growth factor( TGF-β) in the serum of AA rats were detected by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay( ELISA). The spleen was removed and weighed for detecting the drug influence on the immune organs.Impacts were observed by gavage administration at different dosages of 25 mg/kg,50 mg/kg,100 mg/kg for seven days,adopting carbon granules clearance test,delayed-type hypersensitivity induced by dinitrofluorobenzene( DNFB) coupled with flow cytometry evaluating lymphocytes( CD3~+,CD4~+,CD8~+) activation and serolysin test. [Results] Compared with the model group,the joint swelling,spleen index and inflammatory cytokines( IL-1β,IL-4,IL-10,TNF-α,IL-17,IFN-γ,G-CSF,TGF-β) were reduced significantly( P < 0. 05,P < 0. 01). And the activity of CRM was significantly superior to methotrexate and triptergium. Moreover,the results indicated that different dosages of 25 mg/kg,50 mg/kg,100 mg/kg of CRM could significantly reduce the carbon granules clearance index( K) and phagocytic index( a),inhibit the phagocytosis of mononuclear macrophages,reduce the mice swelling extent and inhibit DTH in mice induced by DNFB,decrease the quantity of serum hemolysin. Percentage of CD3~+,CD4~+,and the ratio of CD4~+,CD8~+ notably decreased,whereas CD8~+ obviously increased. Intragastrica dose of 50 mg/kg,100 mg/kg were acknowledged as more objective inhibiting effect compared with a dosage of 25 mg/kg.[Conclusions] Decreasing inflammatory cytokines content,non-specific immune,humoral immune and cellular immune function may be the therapeutic mechanism for rheumatoid arthritis( RA).

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  • Research on Acute Toxicity of Penthorum chinense Pursh. Total Flavonoids and Therapeutic Effect on AFL Rats

    Yefei YUAN;Xianhong OU;

    [Objectives]To study the acute toxicity of total flavonoids in Penthorum chinense Pursh. and the therapeutic effect on AFL( Alcoholic Fatty Liver). [Methods] The liquid of total flavonoids in P. chinense Pursh. was intragastrically administered to the test group rats in the maximum concentration and the maximum administration volume,an equal volume of solvent was given to the control group,and it was observed continuously for 14 d; 1. 5% ferrous sulfate feed was used for feeding,the alcohol intragastric administration method was used to copy the AFL rats model,and the therapeutic effect of total flavonoids in P. chinense Pursh. on the fatty liver rats was observed. [Results]No rat died in the medication administration group and the control group,there was no acute toxicity reaction,and the maximum tolerance dose of total flavonoids in P. chinense Pursh. for the rats by intragastric administration was 33. 6 g/kg; rats suffered AFL 6 weeks after the alcohol intragastric administration. For the 800 mg/kg P. chinense Pursh. total flavonoids and 2 000 mg/kg P. chinense Pursh. extract with the same dose as that of the P. chinense Pursh. crude drug,P. chinense Pursh. total flavonoids played a more significant role than P. chinense Pursh. extract in lowering oil red O staining area in AFL rats' liver tissue and reducing the ALT,AST,TC,TG content in AFL rats' serum. [Conclusions]The P. chinense Pursh. total flavonoids had low acute toxicity,and had a greater therapeutic effect on the AFL rats than the P. chinense Pursh.extract.

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  • Effects of Dahuang( Rhubarb) Retention Enema on Leukocyte Interleukin-6,High Sentive C Reactive Protein and Endotoxin in Patients with Acute Pancreatitis

    Lei LU;Haibo YIN;

    [Objectives] To observe the clinical effect of Dahuang( Rhubarb) retention enema on patients with severe acute pancreatitis and its influences on leukocyte interleukin 6( IL-6),high sentive C reactive protein( hs-CRP) and endotoxin. [Methods]86 cases of acute pancreatitis were randomly divided into the control group( 43 cases) and the treatment group( 43 cases). The control group was given saline enema and routine treatment of western medicine,while the treatment group was treated with Dahuang( Rhubarb) decoction retention enema and routine treatment,2 times/d. After 7 days of treatment,two groups of clinical curative effects were compared. And changes of IL-6,hs-CRP,endotoxin and amylase levels before and after treatment in two groups were compared. [Results] Abdominal pain,abdominal distension,exhaust defecation,bowel sounds in treatment group patients were obviously improved. After treatment,the decline levels of serum IL-6,hsCRP,endotoxin and amylase in the treatment group were significantly better than those in the control group. [Conclusions] Dahuang( Rhubarb) retention enema can significantly improve the clinical curative effect of severe acute pancreatitis,and its mechanism may be related to the inhibition of inflammatory reaction.

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  • Molecular Mechanism of Induction on Apoptosis of Human Esophageal Cancer HCE-4 Cells by Active Components from Astragalus membranaceus

    Jiaru WANG;Yinghua LUO;Xianji PIAO;Chang LIU;Yi ZHANG;Hao WANG;Jinqian LI;Wanting XU;Yang LIU;Yiqin WU;Chenghao JIN;

    [Objectives] To investigate the pharmacologic effects of active components from A. membranaceus on human esophageal cancer HCE-4 cells and its apoptosis mechanism. [Methods] The viabilities of HCE-4 cells were measured by MTT assay. The induction of active components from A. membranaceus on apoptosis of HCE-4 cells was detected by Annexin V-FITC/PI double staining. The apoptotic-related protein expression levels were determined by Western blotting. [Results] Formononetin and astragaloside IV suppressed the proliferation of HCE-4 cells in a dose-dependent manner. The Annexin V-FITC/PI double staining results showed that formononetin and astragaloside IV could induce HCE-4 cells apoptosis in a time-dependent manner. The Western blotting results showed that formononetin and astragaloside IV could significantly down-regulate p-AKT,pro-caspase-3,and increase cle-caspase-3 protein expression in HCE-4 cells. [Conclusions]Active components from A. membranaceus such as formononetin and astragaloside IV significantly inhibited the proliferation of human esophageal cancer HCE-4 cells by inducing mitochondrial dependent apoptosis via AKT signaling pathway.

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  • Immunomodulating Activities of Polysaccharides from ZhuQin Formula and Atractylodes in Hypoimmune Mice

    Min PANG;Yichen LUO;Yongfeng HAO;Xin YUE;Zhaorong ZHU;Juan LIU;

    [Objectives] To investigate the infrared identification of ZhuQin Formula and Atractylodes polysaccharides and its effect on immune function in immunocompromised mice. [Methods] In this experiment,the structure of polysaccharides was analyzed by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. The experiment was divided into the polysaccharide groups of high,medium and low dose of ZhuQin,the extraction group of ZhuQin,the polysaccharide group of Atractylodes,the positive drug group,the blank group and the model group. The model of immunosuppressed mice was established by intraperitoneal injection of cyclophosphamide. The carbon clearance index,immune organ index,serum hemolysin,spleen T and B lymphocyte transformation rate were determined. [Results]The results show that the polysaccharides have obvious absorption peaks of polysaccharides; Formula extracts and polysaccharides can enhance the immune function of immunosuppressive mice at a certain dose level,and the effect of formula polysaccharide is better than that of extract and single traditional Chinese medicine polysaccharides. [Conclusions] The results suggest that the polysaccharides of ZhuQin Formula and Atractylodes may be acidic polysaccharides containing pyran ring and furan ring. ZhuQin Formula polysaccharide may play an immunomodulatory role mainly by improving the specific immunity of the organism.

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  • Experimental Study on Anti-adjuvant Arthritis in Rats of Kadsura coccinea

    Chengjun JIA;Xianlei ZENG;Yujie XU;Ao JIA;Qianqian HUANGFU;Lu JIA;Beixi JIA;

    [Objectives] To investigate the therapeutic effect of Kadsura coccinea on adjuvant arthritis( AA) rats and its mechanism from cytokine levels. [Methods] The complete Freund's adjuvant( CFA)-induced AA model of rats was used. The therapeutic effect of K. coccinea on AA rats was evaluated by the articular swelling,arthritis score,immune organ index and hematoxylin-eosin( HE) staining. The content of inflammatory factors TNF-α,IL-6,and IL-1β in the serum of AA rats was detected by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay( ELISA) respectively. [Results]Compared with the model group,the total extract of K. coccinea( KCTE) could significantly inhibit the primary and secondary articular swelling of AA rats,lower the arthritis score and immune organ index,and improve the pathological state of ankles of AA rats. In the groups with a high and middle dosage of KCTE( KCTE-H and KCTE-M),KCTE could significantly reduce the content of TNF-α and IL-6 in the serum of rats,exhibiting a certain dose-effect relationship. [Conclusions]KCTE had significant therapeutic effect on the AA of rats,and the mechanism might be associated with the modulation of immune function and the decrease in the secretion of inflammatory cytokines TNF-α and IL-6.

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Protection of Medicinal Plants

  • Microstructure and Ultrastructure Changes of Panax ginseng Root Tip that Infected by Cylindrocarpon destructans at Early Stage

    Yuan GAO;Wanlong DING;Rong WANG;Yong LI;

    [Objectives] To study the microstructure and ultrastructure changes of P. ginseng root tip infected by C. destructans. [Methods]The paraffin section and superfine slice were used to observe the microstructure and ultrastructure of root tip of P. ginseng,respectively.[Results] Microstructure and ultrastructure observation indicated that,the morphology and structure of epidermal cells of P. ginseng were regular,cells had abundant contents,and organelles were easy to observe in control. However,after infected by C. destructans,the cell walls were thicken seven days post inoculation,particles were deposited in epidemic cells and pith,cell walls were broken,and cells began to disintegrate. Furthermore,morphology of cells was abnormal and contents in cells were decreased when infected by C. destructans. The organelles were break up,and difficult to be distinguished. [Conclusions] Through the results we deduced that,the hypha of C. destructans should firstly invade the epidermal cells of P. ginseng,and then enter into the xylem of P. ginseng root through the intercellular space,which obstructed the transport of water and inorganic salt,and finally led to death of ginseng seedlings.

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  • Study on Pars Orbitalis Symmetry of UCLP Patients in Mixed Dentition Period

    Ran LI;Cunhui FAN;Pinyi YAO;Xinying HAN;Xiaoxu FANG;Zhonghui TIAN;Xiaolin XU;

    [Objectives] To analyze pars orbitalis symmetry of UCLP patients in mixed dentition period,and provide better theoretical basis for studying craniofacial shape and clinical treatment. [Methods]3 D reconstruction of CBCT images of 20 UCLP patients in mixed dentition period was conducted,and 13 mark points were selected from 3 D image for fixed-point measurement to analyze 3 D shape of pars orbitalis. [Results]( i) Horizontal symmetry of pars orbitalis. The width of pars orbitalis of UCLP patients at sites So,Lo,Oi,Or,So F,Z of fracture side was all equal to that at nonfracture side,and there was not statistical difference( P > 0. 05).( ii) Sagittal symmetry of pars orbitalis. Sagittal development of pars orbitalis of UCLP patients at sites So,Lo,Oi,Or,So F,Z of fracture side was equal to that at nonfracture side,and there was not statistical difference( P > 0. 05).( iii) Vertical symmetry of pars orbitalis. The height of pars orbitalis of UCLP patients at sites So,Lo,Oi,So F,Z of fracture side was higher than that at nonfracture side,and there was not obvious statistical difference( P > 0. 05).[Conclusions] There was not significant asymmetry in pars orbitalis of UCLP patients in mixed dentition period.

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  • Medicinal Plant

    <正>Indexed by Chemical Abstracts(CA),AGRIS Database,CAB International(CABI),China National Knowledge Infrastructure(CNKI),Naresuan University Library,Indian Fund for Agricultural Development,Royal Tropical Institute,Library of Congress,ProQuest So far,a total of more than 3000 users have subscribed to Medicinal Plant,distributed in 6 countries and regions.The high-end users are as follows:

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    <正>AGRIS(The Agricultural Sciences and Technology)is a booklist-style international agricultural database which is established by the international agricultural technology information system subordinate to FAO.It embodies continued publications,documents,corpuses,books,technology reports,patents,maps,meeting papers,and other literatures,which are collected by 135 countries and regions,146

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  • About WAEA

    <正>WAEA is a non-profit corporation.Members of WAEA are primarily from western United States and Canada,but anyone with an interest in agricultural and resource economics is welcome to join.It has over 600 members who are professional economists working in academic institutions,government agencies and departments,private industry and agribusiness,and non-governmental organizations.The primary goals of WAEA are:

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  • Submit your manuscript today!MEDICINAL PLANT

    <正>Sponsored by the Wuchu(USA-CHINA)Science and Culture Media Corporation Medicinal Plant(ISSN 2152-3924)is an academic journal sponsored by USA-China Science&Culture Media Corporation in January 2010,published monthly in the general format of US Sci-tech journal.The subject areas covered by the journal include crude drug processing,chemical components analysis,medical mechanism study,wild resources investigation,cultivation and domestication of medicinal plants,etc….

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