• Research Progress on Coptis teeta Wall.

    Yanjuan YANG;Guangming CHEN;

    Coptis teeta one of the raw plants of RHIZOMA COPTIDIS.The morphological characteristics,habitat characteristics,resource situation,introduction and domestication,cultivation technology,harvesting and processing of C.chinensis were reviewed in this research.According to the current situation of C.chinensis resources,problems in C.chinensis were discussed.

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Pharmacological and Toxicological Analyses

  • Effects of Water Decoction of Plumbago zeylanica L. on the Proliferation,Apoptosis and Cell Cycle of Rats Hepatic Stellate Cells

    Yue PENG;Tiejian ZHAO;Weina MIAO;Yanfei WEI;Guiyu LI;

    [Objective] To observe the effects of water decoction of Plumbago zeylanica Linn.on the proliferation,apoptosis and cell cycle of rats hepatic stellate cells,and to discuss the function and mechanism of anti-hepatic fibrosis of P.zeylanica.[Methods] SD rats were given water decoction of P.zeylanica by gavage,so as to obtain medicated serum.Medicated serum was incubated together with hepatic stellate cells( HSC-T6) according to different dosage groups.Blank control group was desgined; and medicated serum groups of colchicine and Compound Biejiaruangan Tablet were taken as the positive control groups.Proliferation of HSC-T6 was detected after incubation by MTT colorimetry; cell apoptosis and the DNA content in each cell phase was detected by flow cytometer.[Results]Inhibitory rate and apoptosis rate: compared with blank control,inhibitory rate and apoptosis rate in medicated serum groups enhanced significantly,showing significant differences( P <0.01).When the dosage of medicated serum was within 5%- 20%,inhibitory rate and apoptosis rate of HSC-T6 enhanced as dosage increased.Inhibitory rate and apoptosis rate in medicated serum group of high dosage were significantly higher than those in colchicine groups,but was equal to those in Compound Biejiaruangan Tablet group.Cell cycle: there were no significant changes in cell percentage in each group at G2/M phase.Compared with blank control group,cell percentages of medicated serum groups of P.zeylanica enhanced significantly at G0/G1 phase,and reduced significantly at S phase,showing significant changes( P < 0.01).When the dosage of medicated serum reduced within 20%- 5%,the cell percentage gradually declined at G0/G1 phase,and gradually increased at S phase.Under the same serum concentration,cell percentage of P.zeylanica group enhanced significantly at G0/G1 phase and decreased obviously at S phase compared with that of colchicine group.There were no significant changes in Compound Biejiaruangan Tablet group.[Conclusions] Medicated serum of P.zeylanica could restrict G1/S proliferation and induce its apoptosis,showing a dose-dependent manner.Medicated serum group of P.zeylanica had stronger effects than medicated serum group of colchicine,while had equal effects to the group of Compound Biejiaruangan Tablet.The mechanism of medicated serum of P.zeylanica in inhibiting HSC-T6 proliferation was to block cell cycle at G0/G1 phase,and to prevent it from passing G1/S.

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  • Screening of Anti-inflammatory Active Fractions from RADIX ET RHIZOMA GENTIANAE

    Xin YU;Lilan OU;Meiping REN;Dan ZHANG;

    [Objective] To screen the anti-inflammatory active fractions from RADIX ET RHIZOMA GENTIANAE.[Methods]Anti-inflammatory activity screening was carried out based on mice auricle swelling model induced by xylene,capillary permeability model in mice abdominal cavity induced by glacial acetic acid,rats footpad swelling model induced by carrageenan and PGE2 model in inflammatory tissues of rats swelling foot induced by carrageenan.[Results] Compared with Tween-80 group,high-and middle-dosage groups of water fractions( 6,3g/kg) had significant inhibitory effects on mice auricle swelling induced by xylene,capillary permeability in mice abdominal cavity induced by glacial acetic acid,rats footpad swelling induced by carrageenan,and PGE2 in inflammatory tissues of rats swelling foot induced by carrageenan( P < 0.05,0.01).Other fractions showed weak or basically no activities.[Conclusions]Water fraction was the anti-inflammatory active fraction of RADIX ET RHIZOMA GENTIANAE.

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Germplasm Resources and Cultivation

  • Evaluation of the Development and Utilization Value of Wild Medicinal Plant Resources in Tangshan and Study of the Development and Utilization Approaches

    Haimei BO;Chunyu TIAN;Xiaojin LA;Bo WEI;Jianmei CUI;Jianmin LI;Ji'an LI;Fanwu WU;Jun SHI;Suying HAN;

    [Objective] To evaluate the development and utilization value of wild medicinal plant resources in Tangshan mountainous areas and to study the development and utilization approaches of wild medicinal plant resources.[Methods]Based on the investigation of the medicinal plant resources of mountainous areas in the north of Tangshan,analytic hierarchy process of systems engineering was used to evaluate the development and utilization of the medicinal plant resources of mountainous areas in the north of Tangshan.The analysis could acutely and comprehensively learn the status of medicinal plant resources and screen out the medicinal plant resources that could be developed and utilized.[Results]The primary investigation and evaluation results showed that there were 50 medicinal plants of good development and utilization value in Tangshan mountainous areas.[Conclusions]The medicinal plant resources that could be developed and utilized in Tangshan mountainous areas were rich,and by making plans for the comprehensive development,utilization and protection,the sustainable development of traditional Chinese medicinal materials could be realized.

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Processing of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Quality Control

  • Stability-indicating Method of Specnuezhenide in Bulk Drug and Its Kinetics and Mechanisms of Degradation in Aqueous Solutions

    Feifei WANG;Xiuli JIN;Huanhuan HUANG;Tingting LIU;Yan ZHU;Xiumei GAO;Xiaoliang REN;Meng WANG;

    The stability of specnuezhenide( SPN) extracted from FRUCTUS LIGUSTRI LUCIDI( a commonly used official Chinese herbal)was investigated by using reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography( HPLC) and ultra-performance liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry( UPLC/MS/MS) with a triple quadrupole( QQQ) mass detector( UPLC-MS-MS).SPN was subjected to forced decomposition under the alkaline,acidic,thermal,irradiation and oxidation conditions.The hydrolytic kinetics was calculated.Maximum stability of SPN was found at pH 7( t0.5= 288.81d).SPN was unstable in acidic,alkaline and irradiation conditions.The activation energy( Ea)of SPN degradation in aqueous solution at pH 7( most frequently applied condition) was 47.17kJ/mol.The results showed that the degradation of SPN was pH-,temperature- and irradiation-dependent and all followed first-order kinetics.Five degradation products were detected under those conditions,which were identified as salidroside,oleoside 11-methyl,oleoside dimethyl ester,nuezhenide and ligustroside.The possible hydrolytic pathway of SPN was proposed as epimerization reaction under irradiation,meanwhile hydrolysis and methylation in acidic,alkaline and thermal conditions.The stability-indicating method was established and validated by simultaneous determination of SPN and five degradation products in bulk drug.

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  • Optimization of the Enzymolysis Technology of Walnut Protein by Trypsin Using Response Surface Methodology

    Hongxiang ZHOU;Yin LIU;Yaling TIAN;Xiaodan WANG;Shuyi QIU;

    [Objective] Based on trypsin was chosen as the optimal enzyme for enzymolysis of walnut protein in early screening,the optimal technological condition was selected by enzymolysis of walnut cake using trypsin.[Methods] The walnut cake was used as raw material after cold pressing by hydraulic pressure,based on single factor test analysis and using response surface method,the optimal conditions for the enzymolysis of walnut protein using trypsin.[Results] The optimal technological conditions were as follows: the reaction time was 125min,the substrate mass concentration was 31g/L,the amount of enzyme added [E]∶[S]= 3.2∶100,the temperature of enzymolysis was 37℃; The various factors that had effect on the enzymolysis of walnut protein in decreasing order were time of enzymolysis,amount of enzyme added,and substrate mass concentration.[Conclusions]The verification test indicated that the walnut protein utilization index reached 47.25% using the optimal enzymolysis conditions and the result was good.

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Chemical Composition of Natural Medicine


    Zhenjie GAO;Hongxia GAO;Yingli LIU;Nan LIU;Chunyan MENG;

    [Objective] To establish the method of microwave digestion- inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry( ICP-MS),and to detect the nine elements( Cu,Mo,Ni,Hg,Se,As,Pb,Cr,Cd) in RHIZOMA CHUANXIONG,RADIX NOTOGINSENG,RADIX POLYGONI MULTIFLORI,RADIX ET RHIZOMA RHEI and RHIZOMA ATRACTYLODIS MACROCEPHALAE.[Methods]Nitric acid was used for digestion.The working conditions for ICP-MS were as follows: flow rate of carrier gas was 1.07 L/min; radio-frequency power was1 580 W; sample depth was 5.2 mm; mass resolution was 0.65- 0.80 amu; lifting speed of peristaltic pump was 0.5 r/min; atomizing chamber temperature was 2 ℃; oxide CeO +/ Ce+< 0.5%; double charged Ce2 +/ Ce+< 2%; scanning mode was jump peak mode.There were in all three repetitions; and the integral time was 0.3 s.[Results]Under the optimized conditions,the detection limits of nine elements were between 0.03 and 1.93 μg/L; RSD values were 1.4%- 3.9%; and recovery rates were between 89.5% and 108.1%.According to Green Trade Standards of Importing & Exporting Medicinal Plants,Pb,Cd,Hg,As and Zn contents in RHIZOMA CHUANXIONG,RADIX NOTOGINSENG,RADIX POLYGONI MULTIFLORI and RADIX ET RHIZOMA RHEI were under the standard level; but the Hg content in RHIZOMA ATRACTYLODIS MACROCEPHALAE was six times more than the standard level.However,Europe,Canada and the United States had more strict standards for heavy metals in Traditional Chinese Medicines[10].For instance,the United States forbid the import of Traditional Chinese Medicine containing Pb and Hg; and Canada forbid the import of Traditional Chinese Medicine having Pb,As and Hg.Therefore,more strict control was needed for the heavy metal content in Traditional Chinese Medicine.[Conclusions] This method was simple,accurate,effective and sensitive,and could be used for simultaneous analysis of the nine elements in rhizome herbs.

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  • Analysis of the Chemical Components of Essential Oils from Leaves of Tetracera sarmentosa by GC- MS

    Fangfang DA;Hua ZHU;Xu ZHAO;Jianbei TENG;Jingyu GAN;

    [Objective] To research the chemical components in the essential oils from leaves of Tetracera sarmentosa( L.) Vahl by GC-MS.[Methods]Essential oils were extracted from the leaves of T.sarmentosa by steam distillation method.The chemical components were analyzed by GC-MS; and the relative content of each component was detected by peak area normalization method.[Results]A total of 47 chromatographic peaks were isolated and 19 chemical components were identified,accounting for 73.72% of the total essential oils.The main chemical components from leaves of T.sarmentosa were hexadecanoic acid( 41.59%),phytol( 11.10%),linoleic acid( 5.08%) and so on.[Conclusions]This research provided references for the quality control of the leaves of T.sarmentosa,as well as the further development and utilization of the leaves of T.sarmentosa.

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  • Detection of Methoxybenzyl Alcohol Content in Brain Tissue and Cerebrospinal Fluid of Rats by HPLC

    Xiaohua DUAN;Weili WANG;Shuang WU;Hanwen YAN;Lisong LIU;Qing LIN;

    [Objective] To detect the methoxybenzyl alcohol content in brain tissue and cerebrospinal fluid of rats by HPLC.[Methods]Contents of methoxybenzyl alcohol in normal rats and MCAO rats were detected by HPLC.[Results]The standard curves of methoxybenzyl alcohol in brain tissue and cerebrospinal fluid were y = 0.1192 x- 0.0635( R2= 0.9998) and y = 0.1822 x + 0.0157( R2= 0.9999),respectively,showing good linear relationship.The within-day and between-day RSD values and absolute recovery rate were all within the defined limits.[Conclusions] This method was simple and accurate,and could be used for the content detection of methoxybenzyl alcohol in brain tissue and cerebrospinal fluid.

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  • Analysis of Volatile Components in Coffee Beans from Different Production Areas by HS-SPME-GC/MS

    Shengnan GUO;Jinqing LU;Yi DAI;Xiaoshuang LI;Huan LIANG;Junlong CAI;

    [Objective] To provide references for the quality evaluation of coffee beans in different production areas.[Methods] Volatile components in coffee beans from different production areas were analyzed by headspace solid-phase micro-extraction( HS-SPME) and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry( GC/MS).The relative contents of volatile components were calculated by peak area normalization method,and processed by stoichiometry.[Results] A total of 97 chemical components were preliminarily identified.There were certain differences in the volatile components in coffee beans from different production areas.Coffee beans from three production areas( Brazil,Columbia and Indonesia)were analyzed by principal component analysis and cluster analysis.[Conclusions] This method was suitable for the rapid analysis of volatile components in coffee beans,which could be used for the quality evaluation of coffee beans.

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  • The Chemical Components of Volatile Oils in Gentiana nubigenan Edgew

    Hongpeng YANG;Sheng QUE;Haidong HUANG;Haixue LIU;Yugang JIANG;

    [Objective] To research on the chemical components in volatile oils of Gentiana nubigenan Edgew in Qinghai Province.[Methods]The chemical components in volatile oils of G.nubigenan were analyzed and identified by GC-MS technology and NIST mass spectral library.The relative contents of chemical components were calculated by chromatographic peak area normalization method.[Results]A total of 76 chemical components were isolated from the volatile oils of G.nubigenan.Among them,71 chemical components were identified,including furfural( 11.078%),5-methyl-2-furancarboxaldehyde( 7.259%),benzoic acid( 6.495%),2-methoxy-vinylphenol( 2.120%),palmitic acid( 12.623%),linoleic acid( 4.445%),α-linolenic acid( 3.228%),n-stearic acid( 2.614%),and n-tricosane( 5.435%).[Conclusions]These chemical components were isolated for the first time from the volatile oils of G.nubigenan.

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  • Correlative Study of Tumor Necrosis Factor a,Interferon γ and Interleukin 4 in TCM Syndrome Differentiation of Psoriasis Vulgaris

    Xiangyu HU;Danlu ZHANG;Jian ZHANG;Tian YE;Chunyan YANG;Yan LIU;Liping YAO;Wenxin YANG;

    [Objective] To preliminarily study the correlation and expression of tumor necrosis factor a( TNF-α),interferon γ( INF-γ) and interleukin 4( IL-4) in TCM syndrome differentiation of psoriasis vulgaris.[Methods] Serum TNF-α,INF-γ and IL-4 were detected by ELISA from 30 healthy controls and 90 patients with psoriasis vulgaris( 30 cases in blood heat group,30 cases in blood stasis group and 30 cases in blood dryness group); and their correlation with TCM syndrome differentiation types were analyzed.[Results] 1 TNF-α was in high expression in TCM syndrome differentiation types,and blood heat group was the most representative.Blood heat group had statistical significance compared with blood dryness group and blood stasis group; blood dryness group showed no statistical significance compared with blood stasis group.2 INF-γ was in high expression in TCM syndrome differentiation types,and blood heat group was the most representative.There was obviously statistical significance between blood heat group and blood dryness group; blood heat group had obviously statistical significance compared with blood stasis group; there was statistical significance between blood dryness group and blood stasis group.3 IL-4 was in low expression in TCM syndrome differentiation types,and blood heat group was the most representative.There was statistical significance among blood heat group,blood dryness group and blood stasis group.[Conclusions]1 TNF-α,INF-γ and IL-4 had close correlation with the TCM syndrome differentiation type of psoriasis vulgaris.The changes of TNF-α,INF-γ and IL-4 levels could be used as one of the objective indices for TCM syndrome differentiation.2 TNF-α and INF-γ were in the state of high expression in the TCM syndrome differentiation type of psoriasis vulgaris; while IL-4 was in low expression.Among them,blood heat group was the most representative.

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  • Medicinal Plant

    <正>Indexed byChemical Abstracts(CA),AGRIS Database,CAB International(CABI),China National Knowledge Infrastructure(CNKI),Naresuan University Library,Indian Fund for Agricultural Development,Royal Tropical Institute,Library of Congress,ProQuest So far,a total of more than 3000 users have subscribed to Medicinal Plant,distributed in 6 countries and regions.The high-end users are as follows:

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  • Submit your manuscript today! MEDICINAL PLANT

    <正>Sponsored by the Wuchu(USA-CHINA)Science and Culture Media Corporation Medicinal Plant(ISSN 2152-3924)is an academic journal sponsored by USA-China Science&Culture Media Corporation in January 2010,published monthly in the general format of US Sci-tech journal.The subject areas covered by the journal include crude drug processing,chemical components analysis,medical mechanism study,wild resources investigation,cultivation and domestication of medicinal plants,etc….

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