• Research Progress of Biological Activity of Oxalis

    Zhongyao LI;Yingzi HE;Xuejing QIU;

    The research status of chemical components of oxalis was introduced. In vitro antibacterial activity research,anti-tumor activity research and in vitro antioxidant activity research of different polar solvent extracts of oxalis in recent 10 years were reviewed. This paper provided references for further development and utilization of oxalis resources.

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Chemical Composition of Natural Medicine

  • Determination of Selenium in Liangshan Yi Medicine by GFAAS

    Jingping ZHU;

    [Objective] To discuss the trace selenium contents in five Yi medicines,including Potentilla discolor Bunge,Lysimachia congestiflora Hemsl, Rohdea japonica( Thunb.) Roth, Rumex hastatus D. Don and Rhododendron rubiginosum Franch. var. rubiginosum.[Methods]Sample was digested by microwave digestion method. Ni( NO3)2- Mg( NO3)2solution was used as mixed matrix modifier. Selenium contents in the five Yi medicines were detected by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry( GFAAS). [Results] Selenium contents in five samples were between 0. 095 9 and 1. 411 μg / g. The standard curve equation was A = 0. 005 6C + 0. 001 73,R = 0. 998 9. The linear range was 0. 20- 2. 0 ng / mL. The recovery rate was 95. 1%- 101. 3%,and RSD was 3. 73%- 7. 56%( n = 8). [Conclusions] This method was simple,rapid,accurate and reliable,and could be used for the content detection of selenium in Yi medicine.

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  • Chemical Components in the Leaves of Malus melliana( Hana-Mazz) Rehd

    Jing LU;Fengqing YANG;Zhining XIA;

    [Objective] To isolate and detect the antioxidants in the dried leaves of Malus melliana( Hana-Mazz) Rehd. [Methods] Isolation and purification were carried out by silica gel,Sephadex LH-20 chromatography,and recrystallization. According to the physicochemical properties,spectra data and relevant literatures,the structure of monomer was identified. A total of 9 chemical components were isolated from the ethyl acetate part of dried leaves of M. melliana,which were β- sitosterol( 1),daucosterol( 2),oleanolic acid( 3),ursolic acid( 4),arjunolic acid( 5),chrysin( 6),phloridzin( 7),trilobatin( 8) and isoetin 5'-glucoside( 9). [Conclusions] The chemical components mentioned above were isolated from the plants for the first time. Chemical compound 5 was firstly isolated from the plant of genus Malus; and chemical compound 9 was firstly isolated from the plant of family Rosaceae.

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  • Isolation and Identification of Seco-pregnane-type Steroids from Cynanchum ascyrifolium

    Meiling FAN;Xiaohong LIU;Wenxi CHU;Binghua GUO;Kun LIU;Wei WANG;

    [Objective] To investigate the chemical constituents from the ethanol extracts of Cynanchum ascyrifolium. [Methods] The compounds were isolated and purified by ODS,macroporous resin chromatography,preparative HPLC methods and so on. Their structures were elucidated by their physical properties,mass spectrometry,and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum.[Results]Four seco-pregnane-type steroids were isolated from the ethanol extracts of C. ascyrifolium; they were identified to be glaucogenin-A( 1),glaucogenin-C 3-O-β-D-thevetoside( 2),glaucogenin-C 3-O-β-D-oleandropyranoside( cynatratoside-A,3),and glaucogenin-A 3-O-β-D-digitoxopyranosyl-( 1 →4)-β-D-cymaropyranoside( cynanversicoside F or sublanceoside B2,4).[Conclusions] The four compounds were obtained from C. ascyrifolium for the first time.

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  • Component Analysis of Volatile Oils from CORTEX FRAXINI

    Wei CUI;Shu'nan XU;Jianhua LIU;Yuqiong GAO;Qiaorong WANG;

    [Objective] To analyze the volatile oils from CORTEX FRAXINI. [Methods]Volatile oils were extracted from CORTEX FRAXINI by steam distillation method. The components in volatile oils were analyzed and identified by GC-MS. And the mass fraction of each component was calculated by normalization method. [Results] A total of 65 chemical components were isolated and 61 of them were identified,accounting for 93. 968% of the total volatile oils of CORTEX FRAXINI. Chemical components with greater mass fraction were as follows: 4-hexyl-2,5-dioxo furan-3-acetic acid( 10. 197%),3-fluoro-4-methoxyaniline( 9. 846%),vitispirane( 7. 252%),1-pentadecene( 7. 228%),d-nerolidol( 6. 501%),linalool oxide( 5. 465%),α-bisabolol( 4. 959%),trans-linalool oxide( 4. 582%),terpinene-4-ol( 3. 203%),limonene( 2. 134%),and n-decanoic acid( 2. 019%). [Conclusions]Volatile oils from CORTEX FRAXINI could be identified rapidly and accurately by GC-MS,which provided data references for the comprehensive development and utilization of CORTEX FRAXINI.

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  • HPLC-QTOFMS Analysis of the Chemical Compounds in CORTEX MOUTAN

    Wenjun ZHAO;Yang LIN;Pengfei LI;Yang LIU;

    [Objective]To effectively identify the main compounds of CORTEX MOUTAN by HPLC-QTOFMS technology. [Methods]CAPCELL PAK C18column( 3. 0 mm × 100 mm,3 μm) was adopted. The mobile phase was 0. 1% methanoic acid solution-acetonitrile with gradient elution; column temperature was 25 ℃; injection volume was 2 μL; and flow rate was 0. 5 mL / min. Time of flight mass spectrometry was used for mass spectrum qualitative detection; and positive and negative ions modes were used for scanning. [Results]A total of 48 compounds were identified from CORTEX MOUTAN by HPLC-QTOFMS technology under the optimized conditions. [Conclusions]This method was rapid,accurate and sensitive,and could be used for the quality control of CORTEX MOUTAN.

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Germplasm Resources and Cultivation

  • Optimization of the Culture Condition of Submerged Fermentation of Agaricus bisporus

    Li WANG;Feng WANG;Caixia FAN;

    [Objective] To optimize the proportion of carbon and nitrogen sources,and the carbon nitrogen ratio during submerged fermentation of Agaricus bisporus,and to provide references for the conservation and domestication of wild germplasm. [Methods] A total of 7 organic nitrogen sources and 4 inorganic nitrogen sources were optimized and compared. The pellet diameter,pellet density,mycelium biomass and other indices were researched. The nitrogen metabolism characteristics of A. bisporus under submerged fermentation culture condition were investigated. [Results] The optimal combination of carbon and nitrogen sources and inorganic salts for the submerged fermentation culture of A. bisporus was selected by orthogonal test; and the optimal culture medium was 3% glucose,3% xylose,0. 3% peptone,5% millet sprout,0. 1% KH2PO4,0. 05% MgS O4·7H2O,0. 2%( NH4)2SO4,pH 5. 5 and 35 ℃. The nitrogen source and concentration were selected,which significantly or extremely improved the growth of A. bisporus. millet and millet sprout culture media were the best nitrogen sources for slant culture of A. bisporus. The mycelium pellet densities of millet and millet sprout culture media reached 27. 64% and 25. 00%,respectively,which were 162% and 142% of the control. Peptone and yeast extracts showed significant differences. However,glycine,ammonium sulfate and potassium nitrate showed no significant differences. And urea was the worst nitrogen source. 3. 1% millet and millet sprout could both produce the maximum biomass,so they could take the place of peptone and yeast extracts. The optimal carbon nitrogen ratio for the growth of A. bisporus was 35∶1. [Conclusions] There were selective differences in the nitrogen source of A. bisporus. Organic nitrogen source was superior to other sources. And the nitrogen concentration had extremely significant effects on the yield of slant culture.

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  • Allelopathic Effects of Volatiles from Eucalyptus grandis×E.urophylla's Leaves on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Three Kinds of Plants

    Fengluan TANG;Yueyuan CHEN;Dianpeng LI;Ningzhen HUANG;

    [Objective] To explore the allelopathic effects of volatiles of Eucalyptus grandis × E. urophylla's leaves on its surrounding crops.[Methods]Seeds of corn,chili and tomato were dealt with fresh leaves of varied qualities taken from Eucalyptus grandis × E. urophylla and eucalyptus oil extracted from fresh leaves,and then seed germination and seedling growth of the three kinds of plants were observed. [Results]Among chili,tomato and corn,volatiles of eucalyptus leaves exerted the least impact on germination of corn seeds and the greatest influence on chili. When leaves used weighed less than 200 g,volatiles of eucalyptus leaves had no obvious effect on seed germination of the three kinds of plants. When leaves used reached 400 g,volatiles could completely inhibit seed germination of chili and tomato,and significantly reduced seed germination of corn( P < 0. 01). With the increase of leaves used,growth of corn seedling were first promoted and then inhibited,both promotion and inhibition on seedling height,fresh weight,dry weight being significant( P < 0. 05) or extremely significant( P < 0. 01). When leaves used weighed less than or just 100 g,volatiles of eucalyptus leaves had no obvious effects on growth of chili and tomato seedlings,yet the volatiles could extremely significantly inhibit the growth of chili and tomato seedlings when leaves used reached 200 g. [Conclusion]Eucalyptus oil's inhibitory effect on the three tested plants was similar to that of the leaves' natural volatiles,the effect even being more prominent.

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Pharmacological and Toxicological Analyses

  • Effects of Volatile Oils from RADIX CURCUMAE Grown in Guangxi on the Proliferation and Apoptosis Rate of Human Hepatic Stellate Cells

    Yue PENG;Weina MIAO;Yanfei WEI;Tiejian ZHAO;

    [Objective]To observe the effects of extracts from RADIX CURCUMAE grown in Guangxi on the human hepatic stellate cells,and to find out its effects on proliferation and apoptosis rate. [Methods] After drug incubation of human hepatic stellate cells( HSC-LX2) for48 h,inhibition rate of cell proliferation was detected by MTT( methyl thiazolyl tetrazolium) colorimetric method; cell apoptosis in each status was measured by flow cytometry( ANNEXIN V-PE /7-AAD double staining).[Results] Extracts in low-,middle- and high-dosage groups of RADIX CURCUMAE could restrict the proliferation of HSC-LX2. The inhibitory rates at 48 h were 15. 4%,49. 1% and 58. 3%,respectively.IC50 value at 48 h was 45 μmol / L. Early and late apoptosis of cells could be induced. The percentages of total apoptotic cells at 48 h were20. 7%,29. 8% and 34. 4%,respectively.[Conclusions] Extracts from RADIX CURCUMAE grown in Guangxi could restrict the HSC-LX2 proliferation and induce the cell apoptosis,so as to affect the hepatic fibrosis. All these abilities mentioned above showed a dose-dependent manner. And these abilities in middle- and high-dosage groups of RADIX CURCUMAE were significantly stronger than those in colchicine group and compound Biejiaruangan Tablet group.

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  • The Protection and Regulatory Effects of Yupingfeng Polysaccharides on Mice with Immune Function Damage

    Hua DENG;Hong YANG;Chaoyue DAI;Yukui LU;Wenjun PU;Huiqin JI;Fang CHEN;

    [Objective] To discuss the protection and regulatory effects of Yupingfeng polysaccharides on mice with immune function damage.[Methods]The immunosuppressive mice mode was established by 80 mg/kg cyclophosphamide. Effects of different dosages of Yupingfeng polysaccharides( 150,300,600 mg / kg) on structure and function recovery of mice immune organs were observed. [Results]The thymus and spleen in mice enlarged significantly; spleen index of mice increased obviously; splenic lymphocyte proliferation and transformation capacitates and NK cell activity all increased significantly( P < 0. 05 or P < 0. 01). Besides,spleen structure was damaged with compensatory hyperplasia of lymphoid tissue. Observation of polysaccharides positive control group( no administration of cyclophosphamide) showed that after mice were stimulated by Yupingfeng polysaccharides,spleens showed structural hyperplasia and hypertrophy. [Conclusions]Yupingfeng polysaccharides significantly promoted the structural and functional compensation of spleen after immunosuppression,and had obvious enhancement effects on spleen functions of normal mice.

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  • Treatment Experience on Simultaneous Sickness of Spleen and Lung and Methods of Treating the Spleen for Lung Diseases and Treating the Lung for Spleen Diseases in Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Weiping WU;

    Spleen and lung are closely related physiologically as they are of mother-and-child relationship and can influence each other in pathology. According to this,Chinese medicine puts forward " nurture earth( spleen) to grow gold( lung) ",referring to the method of treating the spleen for lung diseases and treating the lung for spleen diseases,and great effects have been achieved.

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Processing of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Quality Control

  • Screening of High-yielding Strain for the Extraction of Total Saponins from Agave sisalana perr. ex Engelm and Its Optimal Fermentation Condition

    Feifei ZHOU;Zaibin HAO;Dongmei LIAO;Fei ZHANG;Kexian YI;Jinlong ZHENG;Xiuli WANG;

    [Objective] To screen the high-yielding strain for the extraction of total saponins from Agave sisalana perr. ex Engelm and its optimal fermentation condition.[Methods]Hundreds of soil samples were collected from the nearby mountains of Guilin City. Strain JMZ-N06 was obtain based on screening. Total saponins were extracted from A. sisalana residues by using strain JMZ-N06. L9( 34) orthogonal test was carried out with the factors of solid-liquid ratio,fermentation time,fermentation temperature and pH value of fermentation liquid.[Results] The optimal extraction technology was as follows: 1∶ 20 solid-liquid ratio( 50 g residues in 1 L fermentation liquid),60 h fermentation time,32 ℃fermentation temperature and pH 6. 0 of fermentation liquid.[Conclusions]Stain JMZ-N06 and the extraction technology were both stable; and stain JMZ-N06 was high high-yielding strain for the extraction of total saponins from A. sisalana.

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  • Study on the Therapeutical Effect of Chinese Gallnut on Psoriasis Vulgaris and the Mechanism

    Xiangyu HU;Yahui YANG;Jian ZHANG;Chunyan YANG;Tian YE;Liping YAO;Yan LIU;Wenxin YANG;

    [Objective] to investigate the therapeutical effect of Chinese gallnut on psoriasis vulgaris and its mechanism. [Methods]Guinea pig auricular psoriasis model was established by 0. 5% propranolol emulsion and it was intervened by Gall ointment to observe the external form,pathologic changes and inflammatory cell infiltration of psoriasis. Baker scoring and inflammatory cell infiltration counting was conducted to evaluate the therapeutical effect of Gall ointment. Immunohistochemical method was used to detect the content of MVD in damaged skin of Guinea pigs' right ears and based on which to investigate the action mechanism of Chinese gallnut on psoriasis. [Results]Gall ointment could resolve the swelling in the back of the Guinea pig ear,reduce scales,improve angiotelectasis,lower pathologic histology score and reduce the number of cells in inflammatory cell infiltration; it could significantly lower the MVD value of damaged skin tissues in the model. [Conclusions] Gall ointment could improve the microcirculation of damaged skin tissues of psoriasis by reducing the MVD in the damaged skin,as a result,it could resist the proliferation of microvessel and it had therapeutical effect of psoriasis.

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  • Medicinal Plant

    <正>Indexed by Chemical Abstracts(CA),AGRIS Database,CAB International(CABI),China National Knowledge Infrastructure(CNKI),Naresuan University Library,Indian Fund for Agricultural Development,Royal Tropical Institute,Library of Congress,ProQuest So far,a total of more than 3000 users have subscribed to Medicinal Plant,distributed in 6 countries and regions.

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  • Copyright Authorization Statement


    <正>Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication,the author will grant to the editorial department of the journal Medicinal檪Plant the rights of reproduction,distribution,compilation and information network dissemination,and permit the manuscript to be dele-

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  • Submit your manuscript today!MEDICINAL PLANT

    <正>Sponsored by the Wuchu(USA-CHINA)Science and Culture Media Corporation Medicinal Plant(ISSN 2152-3924)is an academic journal sponsored by USA-China Science&Culture Media Corporation in January 2010,published monthly in the general format of US Sci-tech journal.The subject areas covered by the journal include crude drug processing,chemical components analysis,medical mechanism study.wild

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