Chemical Composition of Natural Medicine

  • Systematic Preliminary Test on the Chemical Components of Tibetan Herb of Leontopodium franchetii Beauv.

    Xiaoyan ZHAO;Jingxia WANG;Yunzhang XU;Yuan LIU;

    [Objective]To carry out systematic preliminary test on the chemical components of Tibetan herb of Leontopodium franchetii Beauv.[Methods]Systematic preliminary test was adopted; physical and chemical identification of the water extracting solutions,ethanol extracting solutions and petroleum ether extracting solutions were carried out for L. franchetii. The chemical components were preliminarily identified and analyzed. [Results] There might have flavonoids,organic acids,alkaloids,cardiac glycosides,saponins,anthraquinones,phenols,tannins,coumarins,lactones and other components in L. franchetii. [Conclusions] It was preliminarily identified that there were various chemical components in L. franchetii,which provided experimental foundation for the bioactive components and drug efficacy research of L. franchetii.

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  • Changes of Galuteolin and Chlorogenic Acid Contents in Lonicera japonica Thunb. under Different Habitats

    Jianjun LI;Jun WANG;Guolun JIA;Jianqiang LIANG;Li YANG;

    [Objective]To discuss the changes of galuteolin and chlorogenic acid contents in Lonicera japonica Thunb.under different habitats,and to research the formation mechanism of genuine medicinal materials.[Methods]The galuteolin and chlorogenic acid contents in L.japonica under different geological backgrounds were detected and analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography.[Results]The contents of chlorogenic acid in different production areas were in the order of Songming,Yunnan>Fengqiu,He'nan>Xining,Qinghai;and the contents of galuteolin were in the order of Xining,Qinghai>Fengqiu,He'nan>Songming,Yunnan.The contents of chlorogenic acid and galuteolin in three different production areas had extremely significant differences,indicating that different environments could also lead to the extremely significant differences of secondary metabolite of the same species.[Conclusions]This research provided theoretical and technical support for the formation mechanism of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the quality evaluation mechanism of FLOS LONICERAE JAPONICAE.

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  • The Determination of Moisture and Ashes from Cultivated HERBA PLUMBAGINIS ZEYLANICAE

    Xianzhi DAI;Chaoqin REN;Yuan LIU;

    [Objective]To detect the moisture and ash contents in HERBA PLUMBAGINIS ZEYLANICAE under different cultivation conditions,and to provide test data for the establishment of quality standard for HERBA PLUMBAGINIS ZEYLANICAE.[Methods]The moisture and ash contents in HERBA PLUMBAGINIS ZEYLANICAE were detected according to the detection methods in Chinese Pharmacopoeia(appendix IXH and IXK,2005 edition).[Results]As for different reproduction modes,the moisture contents in the roots and stems were8.46%-11.64%and 8.54%-11.73%,respectively.The total ash contents in roots and stems were 18.22%-19.82%and 15.83%-18.64%,respectively.Under different soil environments,the moisture contents in the roots and stems were between 7.48%and 9.29%,and that in leaves was 9.27%to 11.77%.The total ash contents in the roots and stems were 15.56%-32.89%,and that in leaves was 11.61%to 30.13%.Under different fertilizer conditions,the moisture content in roots of HERBA PLUMBAGINIS ZEYLANICAE was between 9.02%and 9.77%,and that in stems was 8.69%-11.15%;the total ashes content in roots was 28.46%-29.23%,and that in stems was26.70%-28.72%.[Conclusions]This method was simple,accurate and repeatable,and provided test data for the establishment of quality standard of HERBA PLUMBAGINIS ZEYLANICAE.

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  • HPLC Determination Four Esteric Akaloids from Aconitun sungpanense Hand.-Mazz.

    Ximin ZHANG;Xiaofang WANG;Suxia LIU;Yueting DENG;Zheng ZHANG;Ying LU;Xiuqin WU;

    [Objective]To establish methods to determine the content of Aconitine,Yunaconitine,Crassicauline and Vilmorrianine in Aconitun sungpanense Hand-Mazz.and provide scientific basis for its reasonable and safe application.[Methods]Aconitine,Yunaconitine,Crassicauline and Vilmorrianine were used as references.Phenomenex Gemini C18110A(250 mm×4.6 mm,5μm);mobile phase:acetonitrile-0.2%acetic acid(pH was regulated to by triethylamine);gradient elute;flow rate:1 mL/min;UV wavelength 235/254 nm;column temperature:30℃.[Results]The content of the 4 Ester-series alkaloids in Aconitun sungpanense Hand.-Mazz.could be determined at the same time.The average recovery rate(n=6)of Aconitine,Yunaconitine,Crassicauline and Vilmorrianine reached 99.65%(RSD=1.46%),99.13%(RSD=1.32%),98.13%(RSD=0.98%)and 98.66%(RSD=1.67%).[Conclusions]The method was simple,accurate and had good repeatability.It could determine the content of Aconitine,Yunaconitine,Crassicauline and Vilmorrianine in Aconitun sungpanense the same time.It also provided scientific basis for standardizing the processing of Aconitun sungpanense Hand.-Mazz.and its reasonable and safe application.

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  • Simultaneous Determination of Bergapten and Isopimpinellin Contents in FRUCTUS CNIDII by HPLC-DAD

    Liguo TONG;Jun XIE;Mali FENG;

    [Objective] To establish the simultaneous determination method for bergapten and isopimpinellin contents in FRUCTUS CNIDII.[Methods]Bergapten and isopimpinellin contents were detected by HPLC. Chromatographic column was Sino Chrom C18( 250 mm ×4. 6 mm,5 μm,Elite); mobile phase was methanol- 0. 1% acetic acid solution( 55∶ 45); flow rate was 1. 0 mL / min; column temperature was 25 ℃;and detection wavelength was 310 nm. [Results]Bergapten showed good linear relationship within the range of 0. 031 5- 0. 945 μg / mL,with A = 2 385C- 6. 666( r = 0. 999 9); and isopimpinellin had good linear relationship within the range of 0. 029 6- 0. 888 μg / mL,with A =1 711 C + 1. 203( r = 0. 999 9). The average recovery rates were 99. 2% and 99. 1%,respectively. And the relative standard deviations were0. 91% and 0. 67%( n = 6). The solution was stable within 8 h under normal temperature. [Conclusions] HPLC-DAD method was rapid,accurate,reliable and repeatable,and could be sued for the quality control of FRUCTUS CNIDII.

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  • Improvement of Identification Conditions for Thin Layer Chromatography of RADIX SOPHORAE FLAVESCENTIS

    Juan LIU;Wenjie ZHONG;Rongbin LING;Liang XIN;Xuqin SONG;

    [Objective] To improve the identification conditions for thin layer chromatography of RADIX SOPHORAE FLAVESCENTIS.[Methods]Ultrasonic method was used for pretreatment of sample; thin layer method was used for identification. The developer was methylbenzene∶ acetone∶ ethanol∶ ammonia water( 6∶ 8∶ 2∶ 0. 28) and methanol∶ chloroform( 1. 6∶ 10); the color agents was bismuth potassium iodide solution- 0. 6 mol / L hydrochloric acid( 1 ∶ 1). [Results] The chromatogram of tested substances after development and coloration had the same orange spots as that of reference substances( matrine,oxymatrine and sophoridine). Rfvalues of matrine,oxymatrine and sophoridine were 0. 721 ± 0. 016,0. 304 ± 0. 025 and 0. 580 ± 0. 030,respectively. And the resolutions were 1. 719 ± 0. 143,4. 348 ± 0. 209 and 3. 125 ±0. 228,respectively. They all met the requirements of TLC( 0. 2 < Rf< 0. 8,R > 1). The color of target component had high contrast with background color. System suitability investigation proved that this method had good stability and repeatability,and sensitivity. [Conclusions]Compared with the method in Chinese Pharmacopoeia( edition 2010),the improved method had the advantages of easy operation,good isolation effects and coloration effects.

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  • Determination of Lantadene A Contents in the Crude Extracts from Stems,Leaves and Fruits of Lantana camara L. and Their Antibacterial Activities

    Feng ZHU;Weihong LU;Meizhen HUANG;Jingshu WU;Xin CHEN;

    [Objective] To find new plant source having antibacterial activities to Staphylococcus aureus. [Methods]Lantadene A( LA) was isolated and identified from Lantana camara L.; the structure of LA was identified by1 H NMR spectrum. With LA as the standard substance,the LA contents in the stems,leaves and fruits of L. camara were detected by UV spectrophotometry; and antibacterial test was carried out by disc agar diffusion. [Results]LA contents in the dry powders of L. camara stems,leaves and fruits were 1. 49,3. 43 and 2. 74 mg / g,respectively. Results of antibacterial test showed that the crude extracts from L. camara stems,leaves and fruits had certain bacteriostatic activitives to S. aureus. And bacteriostatic activities had positive correlation with the LA content. [Conclusions] Lantadene A isolated from L. camara had certain inhibitory effects on S. aureus,which was worthy of further research.

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  • Determination of 18 Mineral Elements in Gynostemma from Different Areas

    Shuang WANG;Guangyu GAO;Hongjiao DONG;Changsheng WANG;Rui ZENG;Yan QU;

    [Objective] To determine the conten of mineral elements and analyze the characteristic elements in Gynostemma and evaluate its quality. [Methods] The content of 18 elements in Gynostemma samples of different producing areas were determined by the method of ICP-OES. The principal component analysis of SPSS was applied for the evaluation of characteristic elements in Gynostemma. [Results] The 18 mineral elements had good linear relationship. By principal components analysis,it concluded that four major factors could be used to evaluate the quality of Gynostemma. 12 mineral elements were the characteristic elements of Gynostemma. And according to the clustering results,the content of mineral elements in samples had correlation with their producing areas. [Conclusions]The method was accurate,reproducible and of high sensitivity,which could be used as the method for quantitative determination of mineral elements in Gynostemma. The clustering results indicated that 10 samples were clustered into 2 classes. 1,2,4,5,3,7 and 10 were clustered into a class and 6,9 and 8 were clustered into another class.

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Pharmacological and Toxicological Analyses

  • The Antioxidation of Proanthocyanidins from in Rhodiola rosea L.

    Ying GAO;Hongwei HAO;Xinyu LIU;Min LIU;Weilin WANG;

    [Objective]To discuss the antioxidation of proanthocyanidins( OPCRR) in Rhodiola rosea L. [Methods]By establishing peroxide injury model of ICR mice induced by D-gal,intragastric administration of mice was carried out for continuous 49 d. Then,80,160 and 320( BW) mg/kg OPCRR were added into low-,middle- and high-dosage groups,respectively. The SOD,GSH,GSH-Px and MDA in serum,heart,liver and brain tissues and the MAO in liver and brain tissues were investigated. [Results] Compared with model control group,OPCRR at certain dosage could significantly enhance the SOD and GSH-Px activities of mice serum,heat,liver and brain tissues,and obviously reduced the MDA content. And high-dosage group was the most prominent. In high-dosage group,SOD activities of serum,heart,liver and brain tissues enhanced by 29. 5%,28. 1%,62. 7% and 90. 8%,respectively; GSH-Px activities enhanced by 67. 8%,58. 4%,32. 1% and50. 3%,respectively; MDA contents reduced by 19. 2%,30. 0%,33. 3% and 19. 2%. Besides,middle- and high-dosage groups showed extremely significant effects on reducing the brain MAO activity( P < 0. 01),which decreased by 22. 3% and 28. 6%,respectively. High-dosage group significantly reduced the liver MAO activity( P < 0. 05) by 36. 5%. [Conclusions] OPCRR protected the organism in different degrees,antagonized peroxidation injury induced by D-gal,and prevented from aging.

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  • Inhibitory Effects of Schisandrin B on Expression of Cyclooxygenase-2 mRNA and Prostaglandin E_2 in Lung Tissues of Rats Exposed to Silica Dust

    Linhua FAN;Tianfu LIU;Min GUO;Maolin LIU;Pinghua FAN;

    [Objective] To discuss the inhibitory effects of schisandrin B( Sch-B) on the pulmonary fibrosis of rats to silica dust and its mechanism. [Methods]1 mL SiO 2suspension was injected into the trachea of rats so as to establish the rats model to silica dust. After exposed to SiO 2for 24 h,rats in Sch-B intervention group were given Sch-B 80 μg / g Sch-B by gavage. On the 3rd,7th,14 thand 28thdays after given Sch-B,lungs were collected and HE staining was carried out to observe the pathological change. Prostaglandin E2( PGE2) content in lung tissue was detected by ELISA; cyclooxygenase-2( COX-2) expression in lung tissue was researched by immunohistochemistry; and the COX-2mRNA expression in lung tissue was detected by RT-PCR. [Results]HE staining showed that rats in SiO 2exposed group had significant lung injury,showing significant pulmonary alveolitis in the early stage,and collagen deposition and pulmonary fibrosis in the late stage. The pulmonary alveolitis and pulmonary fibrosis in Sch-B intervention group were significantly weaker than those in SiO 2exposed group. PGE2 content of lung tissue in SiO 2exposed group was higher than that in normal control group( P < 0. 01). PGE2 contents in Sch-B intervention group on the3 rd,7th,14 thand 28thdays were all lower than those in SiO 2exposed group,which reduced by 41. 7%,38. 1%,36. 4% and 47. 6%,respectively( P < 0. 01 or P < 0. 05). After exposed to SiO 2,COX-2 expression enhanced significantly. After Sch-B intervention,COX-2 expression reduced. COX-2 mRNA expression in lung tissues of rats exposed to SiO 2was higher than that in normal control group on the 3rd,7th,14thand28 thdays,which enhanced by 1. 3,1. 6,1. 3 and 1. 7 times,respectively( P < 0. 01 or P < 0. 05). COX-2 expression in Sch-B intervention group was lower than that in SiO 2exposed group on the 3rd,7th,14 thand 28thdays,which reduced by 44. 4%,46. 8%,41. 7% and 41. 5%,respectively,and had statistical significance( P < 0. 01 or P < 0. 05). [Conclusions]The protective effects of Sch-B on lung injury of rats exposed to SiO 2might be related to the COX-2 expression inhibition of lung tissue and the induced synthesis and release of PGE2.

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  • The Comparative Study and Exploration on Mechanism of Tripterygium wilfordii Tablets,Tripterygium wilfordii Polyglycoside and Water Decoction of Tripterygium wilfordii

    Qun FENG;Rong SUN;

    [Objective] To figure out the dosage range of Tripterygium wilfordii tablets,Tripterygium wilfordii polyglycoside and Water Decoction of Tripterygium wilfordii when used to treat inflammation. And their effects were compared and their mechanism of anti-inflammation was explored. It's expected that the study could provide reference basis for clinical medication. [Methods]Different dose of Tripterygium wilfordii tablets,Tripterygium wilfordii polyglycoside and Water Decoction of Tripterygium wilfordii were administrated to mice by intragastric administration. The ED50 of drugs used to treat acute inflammation was calculated by ear swelling model in mice induced by mixture of compound croton oil. After the last delivery,the content changes of PGE2,TNF-α and IL-2 in mice blood were detected. The effect of Tripterygium wilfordii tablets,Tripterygium wilfordii polyglycoside and Water Decoction of Tripterygium wilfordii on acue inflammation in mice was explored. [Results] The median effective dose ED50 of Tripterygium wilfordii tablets and Tripterygium wilfordii polyglycoside and Water Decoction of Tripterygium wilfordii when used to treat ear swelling in mice induced by mixture of compound croton oil were 17. 753 μg / kg,9. 235 7 mg / kg and0. 370 g / kg. When the median effective dose was presented by the dose of triptolide,then they reached 17. 753 μg / kg,8. 922 μg / kg and5. 667 μg / kg. It's 20. 30,10. 21 and 6. 48 times of the daily dosage of patient at the weight of 70 kg in clinic. The content of PGE2,TNF-αand IL-2 in mice blood of various medication groups were reduced significantly( P < 0. 05) and it displayed a good dose-effect relationship.[Conclusions]Tripterygium wilfordii tablets,Tripterygium wilfordii polyglycoside and Water Decoction of Tripterygium wilfordii could treat acute inflammation in mice induced by mixture of compound croton oil. And the strength in order were Water Decoction of Tripterygium wilfordii > Tripterygium wilfordii polyglycoside > Tripterygium wilfordii tablets. It indicated that triptolide had a good anti-inflammatory effect on acute inflammation and its effect showed a good dose-effect relationship. But it's not the only material base that had anti-inflammatory effect in Tripterygium wilfordii. Inhibiting the production and release of inflammatory factor PGE2,TNF-α and IL-2 was one of the mechanism of Tripterygium wilfordii tablets,Tripterygium wilfordii polyglycoside and Water Decoction of Tripterygium wilfordii which played a role in anti-inflammation.

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Germplasm Resources and Cultivation

  • Analysis of the Soil Physicochemical Factors Affecting the Distribution of CORDYCEPS in the East Edge of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

    Shuling HE;Lingfa MA;Jingjun YANG;Yuhong FU;Yuwei CHANG;

    [Objective] To research the effects of soil physicochemical factors on the distribution of CORDYCEPS. [Methods] Literature survey,Interview and sampling analysis were carried out in the four streets and seven villages in Hezuo City of Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture( 102°47'51″- 103°22'00″ E,35°18'50″ N). Soil layers 0- 5,5- 10,10- 15 and 15- 20 cm in 21 sampling sites were analyzed.The plant number of CORDYCEPS was recorded,as well as thevegetation component,plant coverage,density and height,distribution status and growth status. [Results]In different soil layers,pH,TN,TP and AP had no significant differences; while WC,OM,TK and AK showed extremely significant differences. In soil layer 5- 10 cm,WC significantly affected the distribution of CORDYCEPS; while pH and TK had extremely significant impacts. The number of CORDYCEPS was the maximum in soil layer 5- 10 cm. In the first principal component,TP was the major factor affecting the population distribution of CORDYCEPS. In the second principal component,pH was the major factor. [Conclusions] CORDYCEPS had strict requirements for soil layer,TP and soil acidity-alkalinity. At the same time,WC,OM and TK also affected the distribution of CORDYCEPS.

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  • Investigation on the Planting of Traditional Chinese Medicines in Guizhou Province

    Junyi CHEN;Xiaolan YANG;Xing SUN;Boli LU;Ling CHEN;

    To promote the sustainable development of Traditional Chinese Medicine industry in Guizhou Province,and to effectively improve the agricultural planting benefit,the 2012 annual planting survey of Traditional Chinese Medicine was carried out; and analysis was conducted from the three aspects of the total area,yield and output value. The results showed that the total area,yield and output value of planted Traditional Chinese Medicines and wild plants conservation reached 267 918. 1 hm2,1 034 610 t and 9 092 740 thousand Yuan,respectively.Among the nine cities( prefectures) of Guizhou Province,Zunyi had the maximum values,which indicated that Zunyi had relatively great planting scale of Traditional Chinese Medicines,but the land productivity was low. Therefore,Guizhou Province should focus on improving the yield benefit per unit to increase the peasants' income,and take it as the top priority in the future in the development strategy of Traditional Chinese Medicines in Guizhou Province.

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  • CAS

    <正>CAS is a team of scientists,creating and delivering the most complete and effective digital information environment for scientific research and discovery.CAS provides pathways to published research in the world's journal and patent literature-virtually everything relevant to chemistry plus a wealth of information in the life sciences and a wide range of other scientific disciplines-back to the beginning of the late 19th century.CAS,a division of the American Chemical Society,is the most authoritative and comprehensive source for chemical information.CAS databases,including CAS REGISTRYSM,the gold standard for substance information,are curated and quality-

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  • Copyright Authorization Statement

    <正>Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication,the author will grant to the editorial department of the journal Medicinal Plant the rights of reproduction,distribution,compilation and information network dissemination,and permit the manuscript to be delegated to the China Academic Journal Electronic Publishing House(CAJEPH).

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  • Chemical Abstracts

    <正>Chemical Abstracts(CA),a reputable international search tool,which involves the widest disciplinary field,collects the most lit-erature types,offers the most searching ways,and has the most prodigious volumes,is edited and published by CAS-Chemical Abstractsin the USA.CA has reported more than 10 000 kinds of technology journals,technology reports,meeting papers,academic disserta-tions,data chronicles,technique reports,new books,and audiovisuals,which are published by 150 countries worldwide in 56 langua-

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