• Microwave-assisted Extraction of Resveratrol from Polygonum cuspidatum

    Shengjiu GU;Meibo LI;Tingting ZHAO;Kaimei ZHU;

    [Objective]Extraction technology of resveratrol from Polygonum cuspidatum was filtrated. [Methods]Using microwave-assisted extraction of resveratrol from Polygonum cuspidatum and resveratrol extraction rate as the index,the index was controlled by the usage of HPLC method. The single factor experiment and orthogonal experimental design method L9( 34) were adopted to select the best extraction technology.[Results]The optimum technology of microwave-assisted extraction of resveratrol from Polygonum cuspidatum was: With microwave power 100W; temperature 25 ℃; microwave time 10 min; material ratio of 1∶20; under that condition,the extraction rate of resveratrol from Polygonum cuspidatum can reach to 0. 914 5%. [Conclusions]The microwave-assisted extraction process is stable and feasible,which is better than the water circumfluence.

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  • Comparison of the Essential Oils Extracted from HERBA MENTHAE by Different Methods

    Chengyuan LIANG;Xu YU;Weilin LI;

    [Objective]To compare the effects of different extraction methods on the extraction rates of menthol and essential oil from HERBA MENTHAE. [Methods]Essential oils were extracted from HERBA MENTHAE by ultrasonic extraction method,cold leaching method,steam distillation method and supercritical CO2method. Menthol content was detected by gas chromatography. [Results]Extraction rates of essential oil and menthol were 2. 43% and 1. 77%,respectively. Extraction rates by ultrasonic extraction method were 1. 34% and 1. 09%; those by cold leaching method were 1. 27% and 1. 02%. And the extraction rates by steam distillation method were 1. 15% and 0. 90%,respectively.[Conclusions]Among the four extraction methods,supercritical CO2method was the most ideal.

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  • Ultrasonic-assisted Semi-bionic Extraction of Total Flavonoids from Soutellaria barbata

    Gui CHEN;Cui XIAO;

    [Objective]To study the optimum extraction technology condition of ultrasonic-assisted semi-bionic extraction of total flavonoids from Soutellaria barbata. [Methods]To explore the effects of ultrasonic power,extraction time,liquid ratio,extraction temperature and ethanol concentration on extraction ratio of total flavonoids by single factor test method and to optimize the extraction process. [Results]The optimum extraction technology conditions: the ultrasonic power was 60 W,the extraction time was 30 min,the liquid ratio was 1∶30( g / mL),the ethanol concentration was 60%,the extraction temperature was 60 ℃. And the extraction ratio of total flavonoids reached 3. 01% under these conditions. [Conclusions] Ultrasonic-assisted semi-bionic was suitable for extracting total flavonoids from Sculellaria barbata.

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  • Development of the CO_2 Supercritical Fluid Extraction Technique for Allicin

    Le CHU;Yan ZHAO;Yuanxin ZHOU;Yinfei MA;Fatao HE;

    [Objective]To optimize the extraction technique for allicin. [Methods]By employing an orthogonal design,the factors affecting CO2supercritical fluid extraction of allicin,including extraction pressure,extraction temperature,CO2influx,were optimized to determine the technical parameters for CO2supercritical fluid extraction of allicin. [Results]The technical parameters for extracting allicin from garlic juice were determined as 15 MPa of extraction pressure,30 ℃ of extraction temperature,30 m3/ h of CO2influx. Under these parameters,the extraction yield reached 0. 35%,of which allicin content accounts for 46%. [Conclusions]This method is simple,credible and efficient,and it is suitable for industrial production.

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  • Effect of Different Processing Techniques on the Contents of Strychnine and Brucine Extracted from Semen strychni

    Weijun YANG;Amina ABAS;Dilinu TURSUN;Wencai XUE;Zaynap TOHTAHON;Yan MAO;

    [Objective]To investigate the effect of three processing techniques of hot milk-impregnated-processing,cold milk-impregnatedprocessing and hot sand method on the contents of strychnine and brucine extracted from Semen strychni,so as to providing scientific basis for explaining the rationality of using milk-impregnated-processing technique to treat toxic materials in traditional Uighur medicines. [Methods]Employing strychnine and brucine as indicators,the hot milk-impregnated-processing and cold milk-impregnated-processing techniques used in Uighur medicine and the hot sand method used in Chinese medicine were adopted to process Semen strychni,and the optimal processing technique was obtained by comparing the contents of strychnine and brucine in processed and crude Semen strychni materials. [Results]The influence of each processing technique on strychnine and brucine was in turn hot milk-impregnated-processing > cold milk-impregnated-processing >hot sand method. The hot sand method did not effectively reduce the content of strychnine and brucine in crude Semen strychni,while both hot milk-impregnated-processing and cold milk-impregnated-processing did. In comparison with the crude materials,milk-impregnated-processingtechnology could influence the content of strychnine and brucine significantly( P < 0. 05,P < 0. 01 or P < 0. 001). [Conclusions] The hot milk-impregnated-processing technique used in traditional Uighur medicines can remarkably reduce the content of strychnine and brucine in crude Semen strychni,providing scientific basis for the use of milk-impregnated-processing technique to treat toxic materials in traditional Uighur medicines.

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  • Primary Elemental Speciation Analysis of Ephedra sinica Stapf,Cinnamomum cassia Presl and Their Herbal Pair

    Heyun LAI;

    [Objective]To perform primary elemental speciation analysis on Ephedra sinica Stapf,Cinnamomum cassia Presl and their classical herbal pair Ephedra sinica Stapf Soup. [Methods]Employing flame atomic absorption spectroscopy( FAAS),the contents of six trace elements Ca,Cr,Fe,Mg,Mn,Zn in Ephedra sinica Stapf,Cinnamomum cassia Presl and their herbal pair were measured. [Results] Ca ranked the first place in the contents of trace elements tested in both Ephedra sinica Stapf and Cinnamomum cassia Presl,followed by Mg and Fe. The element with the highest extraction efficiency was Mg,reaching 64. 74% and 58. 36% in Ephedra sinica Stapf and Cinnamomum cassia Presl respectively and in their pair lying between two single herbs. [Conclusions] This study provided reference on further exploring the relationship between trace element composition and pharmacological effects.

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  • Microwaves-assisted Extraction of Polyphenols from Banana Peel

    Shengjiu GU;Kaimei ZHU;Caizhen LUO;Yunsheng JIANG;Yourui XU;

    [Objective]To study on microwaves-assisted extraction of polyphenols from banana Peel. [Methods]Polyphenols were extracted by microwaves-assisted technique,yield of polyphenols was as the index. The optimum parameters of the technology were obtained through single-factor and orthogonal test. [Results] The optimum extraction process was as follows: ethanol concentration was 50%,liquid ratio was1∶ 35,extracted for 100 s under the microwaves power of 380 W. With the optimum extraction conditions,the extraction ratio of polyphenol reached 2. 16%. [Conclusions] The optimum extraction process was obtained,which is suitable for industrialization with short extraction time,high efficiency and has a good application prospect.

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  • Determination of Trace Elements in Penthorum chinense Pursh via Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

    Biqiong CHEN;Yongfei NIE;Lu YU;

    [Objective]To explore an analytic method for the determination of various metal elements in Penthorum chinense Pursh. [Methods]Employing microwave digestion- flame atomic spectrometry method( FAAS),the contents of trace elements Cu,Fe,Mn,Zn,Co,Ca,Mg,Cr and Ni in Penthorum chinense Pursh were measured,and the optimal conditions for microwave digestion and FAAS were investigated.[Results]The recovery was 98.6%-100.4% and RSD was 0.5%-3.0%. The contents of Ca,Mg and Fe were relatively higher,reaching8 142. 000,2 612. 000 and 198. 200 μg / g respectively; while that of Ni,Cr and Co were relatively lower,just 0. 645,1. 950 and 2. 270 μg / g respectively. [Conclusions] Due to the good digestion effect of microwave digestion and good selectivity of FAAS,microwave digestion-FAAS could meet the requirements of high accuracy and sensitivity,which can be used for the determination of trace elements in Penthorum chinense Pursh and its quality control.

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  • Extraction and Content Determination of Polysaccharides from Hedysayum polybotrys Hand-Mazz. and Their Anti-inflammatory Effect

    Shigang LI;Wei LIU;Lingling YU;Yunli JIA;Xiaowei ZENG;

    [Objective]To explore the methods for extraction and content determination of polysaccharides from Hedysayum polybotrys Hand.-Mazz.,and to observe its anti-inflammatory effect. [Methods] Polysaccharides were extracted by hot water. The content determination was performed at wavelength 490 nm with phenol-sulfuric acid as a chromomeric agent. [Results]The content of HPS was 4. 94% in same batch of radix hedysari slices,while that reached 45. 30% in refined radix hedysari samples. HPS inhibited the xylene-induced ear swelling in mice.[Conclusions]The phenol-sulfuric acid method is simple,rapid,and accurate,and HPS has anti-inflammatory effect.

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  • Study on Comprehensive Quality Evaluation of Atractylodes macrocephalae Based on Constituents and Pharmacodynamics

    Hongyu LI;Mingyan YANG;Lijun CHEN;Xuping WANG;Dan SHOU;

    [Objective]The comprehensive evaluation method of Atractylodes macrocephalae Koidz quality was established using constituents and efficacy as comprehensive index. [Methods]Using the atractylone,atractylenolide I,atractylenolide III as the reference peak,the fingerprints of 10 batches of Atractylodes macrocephalae of different producing areas were established; small intestinal propulsive function in mice as pharmacodynamics index,pharmacodynamic action of Atractylodes macrocephalae was investigated with a comprehensive evaluation of the Atractylodes macrocephalae quality. [Results] Referring to fingerprints and evaluation results of the small intestinal propulsive function in mouse,the 10 batches of Atractylodes macrocephalae qualities were significant different. [Conclusions] Constituents combined with the efficacy of comprehensive quality evaluation model has the characteristics of comprehensive,reliable,and can be used in evaluation of Atractylodes macrocephalae quality and screening of resource of good quality.

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  • Comparison of the Content Changes of Strychnine and Brucine in Renqingmangjue Combined with or without Zuota by UPLC

    Mei SUN;Jingxia WANG;Yunzhang XU;Xiaoyan ZHAO;Yuan LIU;

    [Objective] To compare the content changes of strychnine and brucine in Renqingmangjue combined with or without Zuota.[Methods]UPLC was used to determine the content. Chromatography conditions: Waters Acquity UPLC BEH C18column( 2. 1 mm × 50mm,1. 7 μm); mobile phase: composed of methanol and 0. 02% phosphoric acid( 12∶88,V / V); determine wavelength 260 nm; flow: 0. 4mL /min; column temperature: 40 ℃. [Results] The linear range of strychnine was 0. 004 16 to 0. 041 6 μg / mL,the average recovery rate was 100. 43% and the RSD was 1. 61%; The linear range of brucine was 0. 002 08- 0. 020 8 μg / mL,the average recovery rate was 100. 70%and the RSD was 1. 66%; the content of strychnine and brucine in Renqingmangjue pill combined with Zuota lowered 0. 91% and 8. 52% respectively. [Conclusions]The content of strychnine and brucine in Renqingmangjue pill combined with Zuota lowered at different degree and the content of brucine lowered more significantly which indicated that Renqingmangjue pill combined with Zuota was more efficiency and could reduce poisonousness.

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  • Study on Screening of Anti-inflammatory Activity Areas in the Stems and Leaves of Platycodon grandiflorum

    Lilan OU;Xin YU;Ye ZHU;Chun ZHANG;

    [Objective]To study anti-inflammatory effects of water extract of the stems and leaves of Platycodon grandiflorum. [Methods]Observed anti-inflammatory effects of extract of the stems and leaves of Platycodon grandiflorum using 4 kinds of animal models of acute inflammation which was consisted of rats footpad swelling induced by egg white,ear swelling caused by xylene in mice,celiac capillary permeation in mice induced by 1% glacial acetic acid and content of PGE2in inflammatory tissue of rats' swelling foot induced by egg white. [Results]Extract of the stems and leaves of Platycodon grandiflorum had a certain degree inhibition effect on ear swelling caused by xylene in mice,rats' footpad swelling and content of PGE2in inflammatory tissue of rats' swelling foot induced by egg white and celiac capillary permeation in mice induced by acute inflammation. Compared with model group,parts of the stems and leaves of Platycodon grandiflorum that contained alkaloid were of significant differences( P < 0. 05 or P < 0. 01). [Conclusions] Parts of the stems and leaves of Platycodon grandiflorum that contained alkaloid had strong anti-inflammatory effects and other parts also had various degrees of anti-inflammatory effects.

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  • Research about the Method of Determining Content of Trace Metal Elements in Yi-kou-xue of Yi Nationality's Medicine

    Qian LUO;

    [Objective]To establish the FAAS method to determine content of Fe,Cu,Zn,Mn,Ca,Mg in Yi-kou-xue,Yi nationality's medicine. [Methods] Sample was digested with concentrated nitric acid and microwave. The content of 6 elements in Yi-kou-xue was determined by FAAS method. [Results] Under the selected condition of the experiment,the coefficient of associations between elements were more than0. 995 0. The average sample recovery rate was 94. 0%- 106. 0% and the RSD was 1. 8%- 5. 7%( n = 8). [Conclusions]Essential metal elements were rich in Yi-kou-xue. The method was simple,accurate and the result was satisfactory. So the method could be used to determine content of elements in Yi-kou-xue.

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  • The Genetic Diversity Analysis of the Germplasm Resources of Bletilla Rchb. f

    Ying ZHU;Yongxiang LIU;Yonghui HUANG;Gang TAO;Lin YANG;Zuoyi LIU;

    [Objective]To provide molecular theoretical basis for the breeding research of Bletilla Rchb. f. by conducting the analysis of the genetic diversity of its germplasm resources and carrying out an analysis of the kinship of theses 17 samples and their tracks of evolution.[Methods]The genetic distance will be calculated by analyzing these 17 samples through the application of SRAP marker technology and using NTSYSpcV2. 10e Version to analyze data and the UPGMA cluster analysis will also be conducted. [Results]18 primer combinations with good polymorphism from 72 primer combinations are selected. 417 polymorphism bands are generated by expansion. It is showed in the UPGMA cluster analysis that these 17 samples can be divided into three parts. The range of their genetic distance is from 0. 288 1 to 1. 095 6 and the average range is 0. 610 9.[Conclusions] It is proved from this experiment that it is feasible to adopt SRAP technology to carry out research of the diversity of traditional Chinese medicines resources and the analysis of Bletilla Rchb. f provides molecular theoretical basis for its breeding research.

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  • Inhibiting Effect of 12 Guangdong Native Heat-clearing Herbs on EB Virus Antigen Expression and Their Cytotoxicity

    Quanxi MEI;Yuqiao GAO;Xiwen ZHONG;Wenchang FAN;Weibo DAI;Yi LIANG;

    [Objective]To explore inhibiting effect of 12 heat-clearing and detoxicating drugs originated in Guangdong on the expression of EBV viral capsid antigen in cells in vitro and the cytotoxic effect of which on B95-8cell. [Methods]Study the inhibiting effect of 12 traditional Chinese medicines on the expression of capsid antigen in B95-8cell by indirect immunoenzyme technique Observe the cytotoxic effect of traditional Chinese medicines on B95-8cell cultured under stimulating circumstances by trypan blue exclusion test. [Results]The expression of VCA in B95-8cells cultured under stimulating circumstances could be significantly inhibited by 12 heat-clearing and detoxicating drugs originated in Guangdong. Most of the medicines were dose-dependent. The dose of corresponding drug increased 1 000 times,the 12 traditional Chinese medicines had significant cytotoxic effect on B95-8cells and their effects were concentration-dependent. [Conclusions]The inhibiting effect of12 heat-clearing and detoxicating drugs originated in Guangdong on the expression of EBV viral capsid antigen was significant and with high concentrations,they all had cytotoxic effect on B95-8cells.

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  • Study on the Radiosensitization and Radiation Protection Mechanism of Aged Black Garlic Extract on Transplantation Tumor in Mice with Colon Cancer Ht-29

    Guiqing YANG;Xiaoxu LIU;Sixiang LIN;Yishan WANG;

    [Objective]To explore the radiosensitization and radiation protection effects of aged black garlic extract on colon cancer Ht-29 in mice induced by60Co γ ray and to primarily discuss its molecular mechanism. [Methods] Transplant subcutaneous sarcoma model of colon cancer Ht-29 in mice was constructed. 40 tumor-bearing mice were divided into 4 groups: blank control group,γ ray group,black garlic group and black garlic combined with γ ray group. Mice in these groups were treated with NS,γ ray,black garlic extract and black garlic extract combined with γ ray. The growth rate of transplantation tumor in various groups were observed and also the tumor growth delay of transplantation tumor in treatment groups. Eyeballs were removed to achieve blood and then mice were put to death by break necks. Tumors were obtained and weighed. The growth inhibition ratio of tumor was calculated. The expression of Bcl-2,Bax and Caspase-9 was determined by Real-time-PCR. The validity of SOD and CAT was measured by white blood count and UV spectrophotometry. [Results]Black garlic extract combined with γ ray had growth inhibition effect on transplantation tumor in colon cancer Ht-29 mice. It could prolong the time of tumor growth and increase the radiosensitivity. It could also down-regulate the expression of Bcl-2 in transplantation tumor tissue and up-regulate the expression of Bax. As a result,it could enhance the expression of Caspase-9 protein( P < 0. 05). Black garlic extract could increase the number of peripheral white blood cells and enhance the validity of SOD and CAT. [Conclusions]Black garlic extract could increase the radiosensitivity of γ ray on colon cancer Ht-29 transplanted tumor in mice by down-regulation of Bcl-2,up-regulation of Bax and activating the expression of Caspase-9 protein.It could also enhance radiation protection by increasing the number of peripheral white blood cells and the antioxidant ability.

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  • Research on Plastic Film Mulching Cultivation Effects on Plant Characters and Yield of Chrysanthemum morifolium

    Lei XU;Changli LIU;Keli CHEN;

    [Objective]To investigate the effects of plastic film mulching on plant traits and yield of Chrysanthemum morifolium andinhibition effect on the weeds during growth period. [Methods] The 2 kinds of treatment,black plastic film mulching and open field cultivation were set,using randomized block design,to observe the growth of weeds,and the yield and some main plant characters were analyzed. [Results]Flower yield of each district were analyzed of the two treatments,plastic film mulching and open field cultivation,were analyzed by variance analysis,and the results were F = 25. 8 ﹥ F0. 01( F0. 01= 21. 2),which indicated the two treatments showed significant difference; thereinto,F values of the plant height,total number of branches and total flower number were 1. 7,4. 0 and 1. 4,which were less than F0. 05( F0. 05= 7. 7),while F values of the diameter and 100 inforescence flesh weight were 10 and 13. 8,which were higher than F0. 05,and all of these results indicated that the treatments were significantly different. [Conclusions] Compared to open field cultivation,film mulching cultivation can effectively inhibit the growth of weedss,and had no significant effects on the plant height,total number of branches and total flower number of Chrysanthemum morifolium,and can increase the plant fresh weight diameter and hundred flower inflorescence significantly,increasing output at extremely significant level.

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  • The Study on the Cutting Propagation System of Lonicera hypoglauca Miq.

    Shaorong CHEN;Yingjing LI;Yumeng HUANG;Ruomin CHENG;Xuelin SUN;Ning XIN;

    [Objective]this research aims to establish an efficient propagation system of Lonicera hypoglauca Miq. in order to improve reproduction rate of Lonicera hypoglauca Miq. and to meet the market needs of Lonicera hypoglauca Miq. seedling. [Methods]A research on cutting propagation of Lonicera hypoglauca Miq. was carried out in terms of cutting medium,growth hormone and cutting season. [Results]The optimal processing for Lonicera hypoglauca Miq. twiggery was to leave the twiggery soak in 40 mg / L NAA for 4 h and the rhizogenesis rate reached 70. 37%. Optimal hormone groups were IAA 40 mg / L + IBA 40 mg / L,IAA 40 mg / L + NAA 40 mg / L,and NAA 40 mg / L + IBA 40mg / L. Twiggery were left to soak in these growth hormone and the rhizogenesis rate of each group respectively reached 51. 85%,55. 56% and50%. After the processing,the average number of root of the twiggery in each group reached 4 / plant,and the average length of the root was longer than 3 cm. March was the best season for cutting and the rhizogenesis rate was 72. 22%. The best cutting medium were red mud and fine river sand,which were in proportion of 2∶1,and the rhizogenesis rate was 68. 54%. The optimal hormone processing for hard wood cutting of Lonicera hypoglauca Miq. was achieved when cutting slips were left to soak in 300 mg / L IAA for 2 h,the rhizogenesis rate reached59. 13%,the average number of root was 10. 08 / plant,and the average root length was 8. 38 cm. Under this circumstance,the longest root was16. 93 cm and the formation rate of calluses was 33. 37%. After processed with rooting accelerant S2( Guoguang Transplantone),rhizogenesis rate was 52. 67%,the average number of root was 9. 34 / plant,the average root length was 8. 36 cm,the longest root was 15. 5 cm and the formation rate of calluses was 35. 67%. [Conclusions]The survival rate of cutting can be enhanced if the cutting propagation was conducted in appropriate season,with appropriate temperature and humidity,cutting medium and optimal processing of hormone.

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  • Research on the Intercropping Technology of Fruit of HERBA DESMODII STYRACIFOLII

    Dingren LIANG;Aidong MENG;Ping ZHENG;Peilin LEI;Qidang WU;Aijiao WEI;Jian SU;

    [Objective]To review and standardize the intercropping technology of HERBA DESMODII STYRACIFOLII and fruit trees through the research on the intercropping technology of fruit. [Methods]A series of the intercropping technologies of HERBA DESMODII STYRACIFOLII and fruit trees is adopted such as soil breaking,seedling transplanting,farmland management,pest control and the collection of materials in the kumquat garden.[Results]The best efficiency of intercropping technology of HERBA DESMODII STYRACIFOLII is gained in the kumquat garden of young age. Intercropping technology can prevent the garden from the grass breeding and enhance the garden's ability of soil fixation,water conservation and fertilizer maintenance. Thus,the intercropping technology of HERBA DESMODII STYRACIFOLII can be concluded. [Conclusions] It is of significance of this technology in intercropping HERBA DESMODII STYRACIFOLII in the garden of young age,enhancing the soil efficiency,guarding orchardists to make good use of their weak points and pursue the cube management,increasing the benefits of orchardists and developing new methods of medicinal materials cropping.

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  • The Research on Physiological Properties,Functional Ingredients,Development and Utilization of Allium mongolicum

    Guoze WANG;Shan GAO;Xiujuan WANG;Jun LI;Jin JIA;

    Focusing on physiological properties,functional ingredients,development and utilization,this paper summarized the research progress of Allium mongolicum Regel and prospected its development outlook and trend. On the basis of that,it was recommended to further improve the cultivation techniques,to energetically develop deep processing technology,to develop its potential value,which would make Allium mongolicum Regel become an important resource for new vegetable and medicinal plant resources to promote the development of related industries of the western region according to local conditions,thereby stimulating regional economic development.

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  • Effect of Different Temperatures on the Germination of Fire Hemp Seeds

    Chuxian QIN;Feiyong WANG;Dongqiang WEN;Wu QIN;

    [Objective]To investigate the effect of different temperature on the germination of fire hemp seeds,so as to getting the optimal temperature for the germination of fire hemp seeds. [Methods] By setting 10 temperature gradients between 0- 45 ℃ in constant incubators in laboratory,three indicators including the germination vigor,germination rate and germination index were measured and processed by arcsine transformation for significance analysis. [Results]The results showed that fire hemp seeds germinated at the temperature between 5- 35 ℃.The highest germination rate was 95% at 20 ℃; and the germination vigor and germination index of fire hemp seeds reached the peak of92. 3% and 40. 3% at 25 ℃ respectively. The germination rate descended dramatically with the increase or decrease of treatment temperature.Analysis of variance( ANOVA) showed that there was no significant difference in germination vigor and germination rate between 20 and 25℃,but did in germination index. [Conclusions]The temperature suitable for the germination of fire hemp seeds ranges from 5- 35 ℃,with the optimal one of 25 ℃.

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