• Study on Inhibiting Effect of Ursolic Acid on Growth and Apoptosis of Human Hepatocarcinoma Cell Line SMMC-7721

    Lifang CHENG;Xia XU;Bingbing CUI;Hong CHENG;Lijing HOU;Qing YANG;Jin LIU;Yanling MU;Xuesheng YAN;Keming LI;

    [Objective]To explore the inhibiting effect of ursolic acid on human hepatocarcinoma cell line SMMC-7721. [Methods]Human hepatocarcinoma cell line SMMC-7721 was co-cultured with ursolic acid of different concentrations. After cultured for 24 and 72 h,the absorbancy was determined by neutral red stain. And with it,we could evaluate the inhibiting effect of ursolic acid on the proliferation of hepatoma cell line. The effect of ursolic acid on cell apoptosis and cell cycle of hepatoma carcinoma cell was determined by flow cytometry. [Results] The inhibiting effect of ursolic acid on the proliferation of SMMC-7721 cell was significant( P < 0. 05 or P < 0. 01) and it was time dependent and dose-dependent. The median inhibitory concentrations( IC 50) of 24 and 72 h were 12.59 and 8.32 mg/L. The detection result of flow cytometry indicated that apoptosis rate of ursolic acid on human hepatocarcinoma cell line SMMC-7721 reached 14. 07%. And the apoptosis rate rose with the increase of drug concentration. Ursolic acid could block the S phase of SMMC-7721 cell and its effect was positively correlated with dose. [Conclusions] Ursolic acid could significantly inhibit the proliferation of human hepatocarcinoma cell line SMMC-7721. And the antitumor effect of which might be correlated with its effect of inducing cell apoptosis and blocking cell cycle to S phase.

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  • Determination of Minimum Inhibitory Concentration of Herb of Thinfruit Hypecoum

    Peitao WEI;

    [Objective]To study on antibacterial activity of total alkaloids in Herb of Thinfruit Hypecoum,and provide a theoretical basis for the rational development and utilization of Herb of Thinfruit Hypecoum. [Methods]By ultrasonic assisted extraction,total alkaloids in Herb of Thinfruit Hypecoum were extracted,of which minimum inhibitory concentration( MIC) was determined by agar dilution method,using Staphyloccocus aureus,Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli as tested strains. [Results]MIC of total alkaloids in Herb of Thinfruit Hypecoum of the tested strains were: 0. 8 mg / mL of E. coli,0. 4 mg / mL of S. aureus and 1. 6 mg / mL of B. subtilis. [Conclusions]The total alkaloid in Herb of Thinfruit Hypecoum has antibacterial activity on the tested strains.

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  • Cloning of 2,3-oxidosqualene Cyclase Gene from Panax quinquefolius and Its Expression Pattern

    Qiong WU;Yixuan HAN;Jianqing ZHANG;

    [Objective]To clone the key enzyme oxidosqualene cyclases( OSC,EC 4. 2. 1. B2) at the downstream of saponin biosynthetic pathway of Panax quinquefolius( American ginseng),and to analyze its expression pattern. [Methods]Employing high throughput ESTs sequencing and RACE technology,the OSC gene involving dammarane sapogenin biosynthesis in American ginseng was cloned and analyzed. [Results]Full length cDNA of OSC gene was cloned from American ginseng and accessed in GenBank( accession No. GU997679). It was nominated by PqDS,with nucleotide length of 2 310 bp and containing one open reading frame encoding 769 amino acids. Structural domain analysis showed that PqDS contains the conserved active site and motif of OSC. Signal peptide analysis using Singal P3. 0 indicated that American ginseng PqDS belongs to non-secreting protein. Real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR analysis detected that it expresses highest in flower organ and relatively in root,leaf and stem. [Conclusions]Our study for the first time cloned the full length cDNA of merican ginseng PqDS, laying foundation for analyzing its expression,function and action mechanism.

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  • Determination of As,Hg,Se,Cd in Radix linderae by Hydride Generator-Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry with Microwave Digestion

    Xia LIU;Wei LI;Yechun DING;Xiaona FAN;

    [Objective]To explore the method of determining heavy metal elements in Radix linderae and provide an efficient path for monitoring heavy metal pollution of traditional Chinese medicine. [Methods] Samples were processed with microwave digestion method. Then the content of As,Hg,Se and Cd was determined by Hydride Generation- Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry. [Results]The adding standard recovery rates of elements were 96. 8%- 103. 9%. The RSD was less than 4%. The result indicated good precision and accuracy. The detection limits of various elements were 0. 05- 0. 36 ng / mL,which can meet the test requirement of inorganic element in Chinese herbal medicine. The contents of As,Hg,Se and Cd in Radix linderae did not exceed the limited range. [Conclusions]The method was simple,rapid and sensitive. The result was satisfactory when measuring samples with the method,so it could be used for popularization and application.

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  • Effect of Various Traditional Processing Procedures on the Content of Paeoniflorin in Radix paeoniae Alba

    Jun LI;Xiangsong MENG;Zhishun SHI;Lei JIANG;Jieqiong WANG;

    [Objective]To study the preparation process of Radix paeoniae Alba processed with traditional technology,learn the effect of various processing procedures on the content of paeoniflorin and improve processing preparation method. [Methods] Samples of Radix paeoniae Alba were prepared with different processing technologies. High performance liquid chromatography method was used for the determination of the content paeoniflorin in Radix paeoniae Alba during various processing procedures. The changes of content were analyzed with external standard method. [Results]The effect of various procedures in traditional processing technology on the content of paeoniflorin in Radix paeoniae Alba varied. They all caused the loss of paeoniflorin. Prepared while fresh has least influence. The effect of boiling after peeling and fumigating with sulphur on the content of paeoniflorin reached the greatest. Cut into slices and processed with traditional processing technology could induce loss of paeoniflorin. [Conclusions]Processing Radix paeoniae Alba while it's fresh,shorting preparation time and not processing with method of fumigating with sulfur can reduce the loss of paeoniflorin.

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  • Researches on Extraction Technology of Flavonoid Compounds in Rhizoma Smilacis Glabrae

    Jiaqi LIU;Jing YANG;Baochang WANG;Xiaoxue FU;Liying SHI;Yongqi WANG;

    [Objective]To determine the optimum extracting process of total flavonoids in rhizoma smilacis glabrae. [Methods]On the basis of single factor test and with the yield of total flavonoids in rhizoma smilacis glabrae as index,we determine the optimum extracting process of total flavonoids in rhizoma smilacis glabrae with the method of orthogonal test. [Results]The optimum extracting process of total flavonoids in rhizoma smilacis glabrae is as follows: the ratio of feed liquid is 1∶ 20,the concentration of ethanol is 60%,the temperature of extraction is 95 ℃,extract 2 times by reflux extraction method,2 hours each time. On this condition,the yield of total flavonoids in rhizoma smilacis glabrae reached 8. 34%. [Conclusions] The extracting process is simple for operation,stable and practicable.

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  • The Apoptosis of Human Tongue Carcinoma Induced by Plumbago zeylaniea L. and Exploration of Its Mechanism of Action

    Zexiang DU;Farui BAI;

    [Objective]To discuss the apoptosis of human tongue carcinoma induced by Plumbago zeylaniea L. and the impact of P. zeylaniea on telomerase activity. [Methods] The apoptosis of human tongue SqCa cultured in vitro was induced by the petroleum ether extracts from P. zeylaniea and then detected by flow cytometry. With Tca-8113 ad target cell,the in situ TRAP method was adopted to determine the telomerase activity. [Results] The apoptosis of SqCa Tca-8113 increased obviously when induced by the 8 mg / mL petroleum extracts from P. zeylaniea for 24 and 48 h; after 72 h,the telomerase activity declined significantly,and the inhibitive effect of telomerase activity increased with the concentration of P. zeylaniea concentration,showing a dose-dependent manner. [Conclusions] The petroleum ether extracts from Plumbago zeylaniea L. showed significant inhibitive effect on the proliferation of SqCa Tca-8113; and there is a possibility that P. zeylaniea fights against cancer by inhibiting telomerase activity and inducing SqCa apoptosis.

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  • Research on Purification Technology of Total Flavonoids from Baeckea frutescens L.

    Hongcong QIU;Buming LIU;Cui SUN;

    [Objective]The optimum technology of the macroporous resin purification of flavonoids from Baeckea frutescens L. was experimented. [Methods] The content of total flavonoids was tested with the method of UV-visible spectrophotometry based on the adsorption rate and resolution rate being taken as assessment indicator and the best type of macroporous resin were selected. And select the 5 the single factor experiment in the concentration of sample,the flowing rate of sample,the volume of sample,the concentration of eluent ethanol,the flowing rate of elution and the consumption of eluent was conducted for the best purification technology. [Results]The AB-8 macroporous resin was adopted for the purification of total flavonoids and the optimum condition was that the concentration of sample( crude drug) was 0. 3 g / mL,the flowing rate of sample was 1 BV / h,the volume of sample was 3 BV,the concentration of eluent was 50% ethanol,the flowing rate of elution was 2 BV / h,the amount of eluent was 5 BV. Through the verification test,the purity of total flavonoids was 52. 33% under the best condition. [Conclusions]The process was reasonable,practicable,and also suitable for industrial production.

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    Jingxia WANG;Mei SUN;Zhengming YANG;Bo LI;Yuan LIU;Jizhong ZHANG;

    [Objective]To compare the water content,ash and the whole extract of RADIX et RHIZOMA CYATHULAE CAPITATA,which is Yi Ethnic Minority Medicine Prescription Wo Si,RADIX et RHIZOMA CYATHULAE OFFICINALIS and RADIX et RHIZOMA ACHYRANTHIS BIDENTATAE.[Methods] The moisture was measured by the drying method in appendix Ⅸ H of Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010,ash content was measured by appendix Ⅸ K and extract content by ⅩA. [Results] The experimental results showed that the water content was 4. 63%,4. 62% and 6. 53% of RADIX et RHIZOMA CYATHULAE CAPITATA,RADIX et RHIZOMA CYATHULAE OFFICINALIS and RADIX et RHIZOMA ACHYRANTHIS BIDENTATAE respectively; total ash content was 6. 88%,5. 65% and 6. 42% respectively; acid-insoluble content was 0. 53%,1. 00% and 0. 44% respectively; ether-soluble extract content was 0. 15%,0. 11% and 0. 18% respectively. The water soluble extract was 50. 91% and 59. 58% of RADIX et RHIZOMA CYATHULAE CAPITATA and RADIX et RHIZOMA CYATHULAE OFFICINALIS respectively; the ethanol soluble extract was 18. 83% and 9. 35% of RADIX et RHIZOMA CYATHULAE CAPITATA and RADIX et RHIZOMA ACHYRANTHIS BIDENTATAE respectively. For RADIX et RHIZOMA CYATHULAE CAPITATA,the content of water soluble extract of hot maceration was 64. 74%,higher than that of cold maceration; the content of ethanol soluble extract of hot maceration was 23. 16%,higher than that of cold maceration( 4. 84%); the extract of 50% ethanol was 61. 23%. [Conclusions]The water content and total ash of RADIX et RHIZOMA CYATHULAE OFFICINALIS and RADIX et RHIZOMA ACHYRANTHIS BIDENTATAE were meet the requirement of Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010; the content of acid-insoluble ash was in order of RADIX et RHIZOMA CYATHULAE OFFICINALIS > RADIX et RHIZOMA CYATHULAE CAPITATA > RADIX et RHIZOMA ACHYRANTHIS BIDENTATAE; the content of water soluble extract of cold-maceration was as RADIX et RHIZOMA CYATHULAE CAPITATA≈RADIX et RHIZOMA CYATHULAE OFFICINALIS; the content of ethanol soluble extract of RADIX et RHIZOMA CYATHULAE CAPITATA was double of RADIX et RHIZOMA ACHYRANTHIS BIDENTATAE,and both of them were meet the requirement of Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010( ≥5%); the content of volatile ether-extract of the three was similar; the content of water soluble extract was similar between RADIX et RHIZOMA CYATHULAE OFFICINALIS and RADIX et RHIZOMA CYATHULAE CAPITATA,both lower than the required content in Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010( ≥65%); The best method of water soluble extract of RADIX et RHIZOMA CYATHULAE CAPITATA was the hot maceration,and the best method of ethanol soluble extract was hot maceration with 50% ethanol.

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  • Optimization by Refluxing Extraction of Total Flavonoids from the Leaves of Rubus coreanus Maq. var. corweanus

    Huamei JIANG;Xiangqian WANG;Chunmei SU;Jingjing ZHANG;Junqiang ZHANG;Guishu ZHANG;

    [Objective]This paper explains screening the optimal condition for extracting total flavonoids from the leaves of Rubus coreanus. [Methods]With the yield of total flavonoids content set to be the indicator,4 factors,concentration of extraction agent,solid-liquid ratio,refluxing temperature and extraction duration,were selected by means of orthogonal array design in order to carry out L 9( 34) orthogonal array design. And the content of total flavonoids was determined by spectrophotometry. [Results] The conditions of optimum extraction process were 70%- concentration ethyl alcohol,1∶ 10( g / mL) solid-liquid ratio,80 ℃ of refluxing temperature,and 3 h of extraction duration. Under these conditions,the content of total flavonoids extracted from Rubus coreanus leaves could be 44. 931 3 mg / g,far more than 202. 79 mg /100 g that was reported in the previous documents. [Conclusions] It was verified by the experiment that total flavonoids extracted from of Rubus coreanus leaves by this process was of good stability and reproductibility and had a high rate of sample recycling and certain feasibility.

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  • Antifebrile Effect of Bupleurum Injection on LPS-induced Fever Model Rats

    Yang GAO;Zhibin WANG;Zeping ZUO;Yuchi HU;Chunran CAO;Yudong GUO;Bisong WANG;

    [Objective]To study antifebrile effect of bupleurum injection on male SD model rats with LPS-induced fever. [Methods]Febrile rats model was modeled by intraperitoneal injection of LPS( 100 μg / kg). We injected rats with bupleurum injection of different concentrations,5. 00,2. 50 and 1. 25 mL / kg,respectively. Body temperatures of rats in each group were recorded at 0. 5,1. 0,1. 5,2. 0,2. 5,3. 0, 3. 5,4. 0,4. 5,5. 0,5. 5,6. 0,6. 5,7. 0 and 8. 0 h. With the data,we made a drawing of average heating curves and explored effects of bupleurum injection on body temperatures of febrile model rats. [Results] After intraperitoneal injection of LPS( 100 μg / kg),rats in model group showed obvious three-phrase heat. 4 hours after building the model,peak value( 1. 69 ℃) of body temperature rise appeared. Intramuscular injection of bupleurum injection( 5. 00,2. 50 and 1. 25 mL / kg) could significantly lower body temperatures of above-mentioned febrile model rats and it's lasted for 7 to 8 hours. The average values of temperature rise at various time points revealed that antifebrile effect of bupleurum injection had a good dose-dependence. [Conclusions]Bupleurum injection had strong antifebrile effect on LPS-induced febrile model rats and the antifebrile effect had a good dose-dependence.

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  • Research on Antibacterial Effect of Achillea millefolium of Xinjiang

    Mehfuzem ABDURAHMAN;Manziram ROZAHON;Hormathan MAMTIMIN;Erkin RAHMAN;Gulsimai ABAIDULLA;

    [Objective]To study antibacterial activity of Achillea millefolium extract extracted by different methods,and measure the minimum inhibitory concentration( MIC) and the minimum bactericidal concentration( MBC) of Achillea millefolium extract,which can provide the basis for the development and utilization of Achillea millefolium. [Methods] Effective components were extracted respectively from Achillea millefolium by heat extraction method and cold-maceration method,and Escherichia coli,Penicillium and some pathogenic bacteria were used as tested strains,using Bauer-Kirby method( filter paper method and microscale 2 times continuous gradient dilution test) to conduct vitro antibacterial test in several common strains. [Results]Petroleum ether,85% and 95% ethanol and ethyl acetate extracts of Achillea millefolium have antibacterial effects on Escherichia coli,Staphylococcus aureus,Proteus and Botrytis cinerea. MIC of 85% ethanol extract to the Escherichia coli was 0. 031 25 g / mL,and MBC was 0. 062 50 g / mL; to Staphylococcus aureus,and MIC was 0. 062 50 g / mL,and MBC was 0. 125 00 g / mL; to Proteus,MIC was 0. 062 50 g / mL,and MBC was 0. 125 00 g / mL. [Conclusions]The extract of Achillea millefolium extracted by different methods have some antibacterial effects.

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  • Preliminary Research on Estrogen-like Effect of Murraya exotica( L. ) and the Chondroprotection Activity

    Fahui ZENG;Haiqing LIU;Linfu LI;Rui ZHANG;Longhuo WU;

    [Objective]To study on estrogen-like effect of Murraya exotica( L.) and the chondroprotection activity. [Methods]60 rats were randomly divided into 6 groups,10 rats each group. They were sham operation group,ovariectomized group,nilestriol group,low-,medium-, and high-dosage Murraya exotica( L.) group. Ovariectomized rats were duplicated as a model,0. 8% CMC- Na was administrated to rats in sham operation group and ovariectomized group after operation. Rats in nilestriol group was administrated according to the dose of 0. 5 mg / kg. After eight weeks of administration,the weight of uterus and the contents of estradiol in the serum were determined,the contents of hyaluronic acid in the serum and synovia were also determined. [Results]The weights of uterus,the content of estradiol in the serum,and the hyaluronic acid in the synovia in rats of different dosages of Murraya exotica( L.) group were much lower than those in rats of nilestriol group,but higher than those in rats of ovariectomized group. They were positively related to the dosages of Murraya exotica( L.) and showed significant difference. Conversely,the hyaluronic acid in the serum exhibited negatively related to those dosages significantly. [Conclusions]With estrogenlike activity,Murraya exotica( L.) could protect cartilago articularis by regulating the level of hyaluronic acid.

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  • The Efficacy Trials and Researches of Codonopsis Polysaccharide on Improving Digestive Functions

    Fangli MA;Xuemei SHEN;Jun SHI;Ming LIANG;Weitong Xu;

    [Objective]To explore the effects of codonopsis polysaccharide on mice and rats' digestive functions. [Methods]Male rats were randomly divided into blank group,positive control group( sijunzi decoction concentrated solution,1. 5 g / kg),low-dosage group( 50 mg / kg),medium-dosage group( 100 mg / kg) and high-dosage group( 200 mg / kg),and were fed according to dose of 0. 01 mL / kg. Everyday fed rats with drugs by intragastric administration for one time,last for 30 days and then observed body weight,weight gain,food intake dose and food utilization rate and measured pepsin activity and amount of pepsin secretion; Female mice were randomly divided into blank group,positive control group( sijunzi decoction concentrated solution,3 g / kg),low-dosage group( 100 mg / kg),middle-dosage group( 200 mg / kg) and high-dosage group( 400 mg / kg),and were fed according to dose of 0. 01 mL / kg. Everyday fed mice with drugs by intragastric administration for one time, last for 20 days and conducted small intestine motion testing,measured propulsive rate of active carbon powder in mice's small intestines and observed the pathological section of gastrointestinal tract in rats. [Results]Codonopsis pilosula( 200,400 mg / kg) can improve small intestine propulsion decrease induced by compound diphenoxylate and reduce gastric secretion in rats. Codonopsis pilosula( 400 mg / kg) can significantly increase the amount of pepsin secretion. Low,medium and high dosage can significantly enhance animal appetite and food intake and increase the animal body weight. The observation of the pathological section of gastrointestinal tract in rats confirmed that codonopsis pilosula could improve gastrointestinal physiology,increase the thickness of gastric mucosal and gastric wall,promote the growth of micro intestinal villus in duodenum and jejunum. [Conclusions] Codonopsis pilosula has healthcare function of improving digestion.

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  • Problems Existing in the Production of Angelica sinensis( Oliv. ) Diels in HuiChuan Town Producing Region and Corresponding Solutions

    Fenglin LIU;Lei ZHAO;Pengfei XIA;Zhijia CUI;

    At present,there exist two major problems in Angelica sinensis( Oliv.) Diels production in HuiChuan Town producing region, which include breeding and local poor Angelica sinensis processing technology. For the breeding and cultivation,there is no professional seed production institutes or company and cultivation areas extend toward low elevation area,which lead to the increase of early bolting rate and degeneration of A. sinensis varieties,severely affecting the quantity and quality of A. sinensis. In regard the processing,the rainy climate in HuiChuan Town producing region has determined that the drying method of A. sinensis after harvest is smoke drying. Although smoke drying is favorable for the drying and preservation of A. sinensis,it consumes a large amount of firewood that causes a high cost,and it shows a poor prevention effect on damages caused by worms in Spring. Thus,traditional burning sulfur fumigation is always adopted for antimoth at the Awakening from Hibernation,which causes the overproof of sulfur dioxide,severely affecting the quality of medicinal materials. To fundamentally solve above problems,concern and effort should be paid on the following aspects:( 1) enhancing seedling quality;( 2) strengthening the stewardship during nursery period;( 3) strengthening the stewardship during cultivation period;( 4) enhancing harvest quality;( 5) monitoring breeding quality;( 6) monitoring processing quality. Meanwhile,professional industrialized nursery institutes and the specialty cooperation of farmers must be established for breeding high quality seeds at elevation regions. Moreover,nursery facility conditions should also be improved to ensure the quality of seed seedlings. In conclusion,we can ensure the enhancement of both preservation and processing qualities of A. sinensis,by strengthening the technical training of farmers on processing A. sinensis after harvest,together with the design and construction of large scale facilities for smoking drying.

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  • Establishment of Diabetic Foot Ulcer Model in Guangxi Bama Mini-pig

    Qin LUO;Xiaoqun DUAN;Shaoye XU;Shaorui SONG;Hui SHEN;

    [Objective]To establish a new simple and steady diabetic foot ulcer model for the clinical and basic study of diabetic skin ulcer. [Methods]Five pigs were randomly divided into control group( n =2) and experiment group( n =3). Pigs in control group were fed with basal diet while those in experimental group were fed with high-fat and high-sucrose diet. When the model was established,the skin ulcer was burned on back,neck and limbs of the pigs after anesthesia. The wounds were examined by histological analysis and the areas of wounds were measured at different time points. [Results]Diabetic models were successfully established,there were no significant differences in morphology of ulcers in both groups. Weights of pigs in both groups increased and the food and water intake changed a little. Ulcers in both groups stayed unhealed after 4 weeks. After 4 weeks,the ulcers were examined by histological analysis. The structure of the epidermis and dermis were disappeared along with cell degeneration. The histopathological changes of subcutaneous fatty tissue and underlying muscle tissue were characterized by degeneration. [Conclusions] The animal model can simulate clinical diabetic skin ulcer and the method of establishing such model is easy and reliable.

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  • Research Progress of Edible Chinese Medicine Mulberry

    Yingjie XIA;Zhenpeng TAN;Liuping WANG;Ning XIN;

    Mulberry is a kind of Chinese traditional medicine for thousands of years,which can be medicinal used as both medicine and food. Modern researches have shown that,Mulberry contains polyphenols,volatile oil,chemical constituents of polysaccharide and amino acid etc., which has antioxidant,protecting liver,reducing blood fat,protecting the cardiovascular system,antibiosis and other pharmacological effects. The author reviewed literatures in the recent 10 years on Mulberry research,and analyzed the research reports that contained two parts of chemical components and pharmacological effects,and thought that Mulberry had certain pharmacological effects sand good development prospects. In view of this,formulating quality standards to regulate medicinal material quality of Mulberry as soon as possible and developing new products, are difficult problems that should be solved urgently to develop Mulberry market at the present stage.

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  • Studies on the Physiological Functions of Burdock Inulin

    Haidong WANG;Wenhua WU;

    Burdock inulin is a kind of fructo-oligosaccharide and belongs to water-soluble dietary fiber. It is rich in burdock root. Researches have confirmed that burdock inulin has physiological functions of scavenging free radical,regulating intestinal balance,boosting immunity,antifatigue,reducing blood fat,preventing damage caused by alcohol and inhibiting cancer cell. And physiological functions about preventing diabetes and promoting the absorption of mineral substance and so on are needed to be further explored. We also need to do more researches about the development and application of burdock inulin in food.

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