• The Chemical Constituents of Ethyl Acetate Fraction of Ethanol Extract from Moghania philippinensis(Merr.et Rolfe) Li Roots

    Chaoqin REN;Wei YUAN;Bin ZHU;Xianzhi DAI;Yuan LIU;

    [Objective]To study the chemical constituents of ethyl acetate fraction of ethanol extract from Moghania philippinensis(Merr.et Rolfe)Li roots.[Methods]The ethyl acetate fraction was isolated from ethanol extract from roots of M.philippinensis(Merr.et Rolfe)Li by silica gel column chromatography,and then the structures of the chemical constituents contained in it were identified by physicochemical property,TLC,UV,1H-NMR and13C-NMR.[Results]Three compounds isolated from the ethyl acetate fraction were respectively identified as genistein(I),5,7,2',4'-tetrahydroxyisoflavone(II),and ourateacatechin(III).[Conclusions]Three compounds were isolated and identified from the ethyl acetate fraction of ethanol extract from M.philippinensis(Merr.et Rolfe)Li roots.

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  • Detection of the Water Content,Total Ash Content and Acid Insoluble Ash Content in the Roots of Tetracera asiatica in Different Production Areas

    Hua ZHU;Fangfang DA;Jianbei TENG;Jingyu GAN;

    [Objective]To detect the water content,total ash content and acid insoluble ash content in the roots of Tetracera asiatica,as well as the content of extracts.[Methods]According to the appendix IXH,IXK and XA in Pharmacopoeia of People's Republic of China(edition2010),the water content,total ash content and extracts content were detected,respectively.[Results]The water content in the roots of T.asiatica was 8.01%-11.12%;total ash content was 2.59%-5.81%;acid insoluble ash content was 0.95%-2.48%;and the content of ethanol-soluble extracts was 13.30%-25.73%.[Conclusions]The water content,total ash content and acid insoluble ash content in the roots of T.asiatica were detected,as well as the content of ethanol-soluble extracts,which provided scientific references for the standard establishment of T.asiatica.

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  • Detection of the Saikosaponin a and d Contents in RADIX BUPLEURI and the Establishment of Its Fingerprint

    Yanchun ZHENG;Yahui CUI;Ya'na SUN;Xiaoming WANG;Chunfeng YAN;

    [Objective]To establish the fingerprint of RADIX BUPLEURI,to investigate the differences in the chemical components in different parts of North and South RADIX BUPLEURI,and to provide references for the quality control of RADIX BUPLEURI.[Methods]The fingerprint of RADIX BUPLEURI was established by HPLC.The contents of saikosaponin a and d in RADIX BUPLEURI were detected according to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia(2010 edition).And the differences in chemical components were compared.[Results]There were significant differences in the chemical components between North and South RADIX BUPLEURI.The above-ground parts of North RADIX BUPLEURI showed significant differences with its roots in chemical components;and the content of the above-ground part directly affected the quality of decoction pieces.At the same time,there were significant differences in the chemical components among different species of South RADIX BUPLEURI;and the cultivar origin was the key factor affecting the quality of decoction pieces.[Conclusions]There were significant differences in the chemical components in different species of RADIX BUPLEURI.

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  • Determination Methods of Total Flavonoids in the Pericarp of Litchi chinensis Sonn

    Biqiong CHEN;Hua TU;

    [Objective]To establish the detection method of total flavonoids content in the pericarp of Litchi chinensis Sonn.[Methods]With the content of total flavonoids as the index,NaNO2-Al(NO3)3-NaOH coloration method,AlCl3coloration method and direct coloration method were used to detect the total flavonoids content in L.chinensis pericarp by using UV-Vis spectrophotometry.Based on the wavelength scanning,precision test,repeatability test,stability test and recovery rate test,the differences among the three methods were compared.[Results]The average contents of total flavonoids in samples were 24.8%and 6.3%by NaNO2-Al(NO3)3-NaOH coloration method and AlCl3coloration method,respectively.Direct coloration method could not be used for the content detection of total flavonoids in L.chinensis pericarp.The RSD values of the precision tests by the two methods were 0.83%and 0.71%;both of the two methods had good stability within30 min;the RSD values of repeatability tests by the two methods were 1.20%and 1.80%;the average recovery rates of the two methods were90.00%and 99.32%,and the RSD values were 1.05%and 0.66%;AlCl3coloration method had stronger specificity than NaNO2-Al(NO3)3-NaOH coloration method and the resutls of AlCl3coloration method were more accurate.[Conclusions]AlCl3coloration method was simple and accurate,and could be used for the content detection of total flavonoids in L.chinensis pericarp.

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  • Analysis on the Alkaloids of Daphniphyllum macropodum Miq.

    Hailong JIN;Shuzhen MU;Xiaojiang HAO;

    [Objective]To discuss the chemical components in the alkaloids of Daphniphyllum macropodum Miq.[Methods]Total alkaloids were extracted from the fruits of D.macropodum by refluent ethanol extraction.Isolation and purification were carried out by normal-phase column chromatography.And the chemical components were identified by nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus.[Results]A total of five alkaloids were isolated from the chloroform extraction layer of D.macropodum.Their structures were identified by nuclear magnetic resonance(1HNMR,13C-NMR,DEPT)and ESI-MS spectra analysis technology.And the five components were Daphnilactone(1),Paxdaphnine B(2),Methyl homosecodaphniphyllate(3),Paxdaphnine A(4)and Daphnigraciline(5).[Conclusions]This isolation and purification technology was reliable and could be used for the research on alkaloids in medicinal plants.

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  • Detection of Four Effective Components in Luzhou FLOS LONICERAE

    Yan LIU;Wei XIONG;Chunhong LI;Ji TIAN;Bing HE;

    [Objective]To establish a simultaneous detection method for the four effective components(neochlorogenic acid,chlorogenic acid,isochlorogenic acid A and isochlorogenic acid C)in Luzhou FLOS LONICERAE.[Methods]HPLC was adopted.Chromatographic column was Kromasil C18column(250 mm×4.6 mm,5μm);mobile phase was acetonitrile-0.1%phosphoric acid solution;detection wavelength was 326 nm;column temperature was 30℃;flow rate was 1 mL/min;and injection volume was 10μL.[Results]The four components all had good linear relationships;the RSD values of precision,stability and repeatability tests were all lower than 3%;and the recovery rates were between 98.94%and 99.26%.[Conclusions]This method was accurate,sensitive and repeatable,and could be used for the quality control of Luzhou FLOS LONICERAE.

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  • Effects of Extraction Methods on the Volatile Components of the Flowers of Siraitia grosvenorii

    Zhiyuan LIANG;Xiuhai GAN;Yuedong YU;Xiaoyan RAN;

    [Objective]To compare the effects of three extraction methods on the volatile components of the flowers of Siraitia grosvenorii(Swingle)C.Jeffery.[Methods]Steam distillation extraction,reflux extraction and ultrasonic assisted extraction were adopted.GC-MS was used for the analysis and identification.And the relative contents of the components were detected by the normalization method of chromatographic peak area.[Results]A total of 104 volatile components in the flowers of S.grosvenorii were identified by the three different extraction methods.There were 18 common components,which accounted for 63.81%,29.22%and 37.13%of the relative contents,respectively.[Conclusions]There were certain differences in the component and content of volatile components by three extraction methods.Reflux extraction and ultrasonic assisted extraction had small differences in the extracted volatile components,and steam distillation extraction could extract the most volatile components.

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  • Copyright Authorization Statement

    <正>Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication,the author will grant to the editorial department of the journal Medicinal Plant the rights of reproduction,distribution,compilation and information network dissemination,and permit the manuscript to be delegated to the China Academic Journal Electronic Publishing House(CAJEPH).

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  • Survey on Germplasm Resources of Lonicera japonica Thunb.in China

    Lei WANG;Jinxian LIU;Jinjuan ZHAO;Jiageng LI;Guixia LIU;Huibin LIN;Jianqiang LIN;

    This paper systematically investigated the producing region and germplasm resources of Lonicera japonica Thunb.in China,in order to provide theoretical reference for rational cultivation,utilization and in depth studies on Lonicera japonica Thunb.

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  • Detection of Cd Content in RADIX REHMANNIAE

    Yueyue SHEN;Xiufeng WANG;Chi YANG;

    [Objective]To research on the detection method of trace Cd content in RADIX REHMANNIAE,and to provide method for the quality control of traditional Chinese medicines.[Methods]1-(-2-pyridylazo)-2-naphthol was taken as the complexing agent.Cloud point extraction-flame atomic absorption spectrometry was used to detect the trace Cd content in RADIX REHMANNIAE with Triton X-100 as the surfactant.[Results]The optimal test condition was as follows:1.5 mL monopotassium phosphate-dipotassium phosphate buffer(pH 8.0),0.5 mL of 4.0×10-4mol/L PAN ethanol solution,0.1 mL of 1%(V∶V)Triton X-100,70℃heating temperature,20 min heating time,15 min centrifugation time and 5 min ice water bath.The detection wavelength was 240.7 nm;spectral passband was 0.4 nm;work lamp current was 2.0 mA;preheating lamp current was 2.0 mA;propane flow was 1 700 mL/min;and negative voltage was 300 V.Under this condition,the linear regression equation of Cd was y=0.212 1x-0.001 2,R=0.999 5;the detection limit was 0.090μg/L(n=11),RSD was1.61%;and recovery rate was 97.50%.The Cd content detected in RADIX REHMANNIAE was 1.025μg/g.[Conclusions]This method was sensitive and simple,and could be used to detect the trace Cd content in RADIX REHMANNIAE.And the results were satisfactory.

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  • Identification of Stevioside and Rebaudioside A in Stevia rebaudiana by HPLC

    Dawei CHEN;Yu WANG;Qikun TANG;Di MIN;Tingting SU;

    [Objective]To establish an HPLC method for the determination of the contents of stevioside and rebaudioside A in Stevia rebaudiana.[Methods]The separation was performed by HPLC method using NH2column(150 mm×4.6 mm,φ5μm),mobile phase of wateracetonitrile(17∶83)with linear elution and detection wavelength at 210 nm.[Results]The optimal method for isolating stevioside and rebaudioside A from stevia leaves was water-extraction at 60℃for 90 min.The linear ranges of stevioside and rebaudioside A in Stevia rebaudiana were determined as from 0.2 to 2 mg/mL.The concentration of stevioside was calculated according to formula:y=2×106x+27 581(R2=0.994 9);the concentration of rebaudioside A was calculated according to formula:RA:y=2×106x+38 395(R2=0.997 5).[Conclusion]This reliable and robust HPLC method proposed here can be applied for the quantification of steviol glycosides in Stevia rebaudiana leaves in laboratories and quality control in industrial production.

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  • Research on the Extraction of Flavonoids from Ginseng Root and its Ability in Antioxidant

    Ru ZHANG;Bianling ZHANG;Zhiyong LUO;

    [Objective]The flavonoids were extracted from ginseng root and its antioxidant activity was studied.[Method]The method of ethanol reflow and polyamide enrichment were adopted in the extract of the flavonoids from ginseng root.The antioxidant of the flavonoids from ginseng root was tested with DPPH method,Fenton method and rats feeding.[Results]When the concentration of the ginseng root flavonoids was over 0.5 mg/mL,the scavenging rate of the DPPH free radical was more than 80%and 0.6 mg/mL,the hydroxyl free radical,as high as70.8%.The activity of SOD in rat brain could increase over 17.97%after the rat was fed with the flavonoids at the concentration of 80-120mg/kg per day for five weeks.[Conclusion]The ginseng root flavonoids had a strong scavenging effect on DPPH free radical and hydroxyl free radical in vitro and also an intensifying effect on the activity of SOD in SD rat brain in vivo.

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  • CABI Database

    <正>CABI Database,one of the most authoritative and prestigious abstract data bases concerning agriculture and forestry,is compiled by Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International.This data base,since 1973,has embodied 5 million records,with an annual increase rate of 0.18 million abstracts or so.The data,involving 70 kinds of languages,are from 14 000 periodicals,books,professional reports,proceedings and so on,which are published by more than 130 countries worldwide.It covers all the related disciplines internationally regarding agriculture,forestry and life sciences,including management of animal and agricultural crops,breeding of animals and cultivation of plants,protection of agricultural crops,genetics,forestry project,economics,livestock pharmacology,human dietet-

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  • The Antioxidant Activity of Triterpenes in the Peels of Poria cocos

    Shuiming CHENG;Yuan GUI;Si SHEN;Wen HUANG;

    [Objective]To investigate the effective component content and the antioxidant activity of the peels of Poria cocos(Schw.)Wolf,and to provide references for the application of P.cocos peels in the processing of high-value health food.[Methods]With the triterpenes methanol extracts of P.cocos peels as the research materials and ursolic acid as the reference substances,the antioxidant activity in vitro was evaluated by colorimetric method and chemiluminescence method.[Results]The percentage content of triterpenes in P.cocos peels was1.58%.Triterpenes in P.cocos peels could effectively remove the superoxide anion free radicals(O-2·),hydroxyl free radicals(·OH)and hydrogen peroxide(H2O2).And their IC50values were 1.01,0.91 and 0.87 mg/mL,respectively.There were certain dose dependence relationship between scavenging rate and concentration.In vitro antioxidant test showed that triterpenes in P.cocos peels could restrict the erythrocyte hemolysis of chicken and had good scavenging effects on the MDA generation during the lipid peroxidation of mice liver.[Conclusions]The antioxidant activity of crude triterpenes in P.cocos peels was comprehensively evaluated.It was verified that the triterpenes had significant antioxidant activity.Effects of the triterpenes treatment groups were superior to the effects of ursolic acid methanol solution.Among them,1.58mg/mL triterpenes methanol solution had the most significant inhibitory effects.

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  • Analysis of the Volatile Chemical Components in the Seeds of Perilla frutescens(L.) Britt.

    Jinqing LU;Huan LIANG;Yi DAI;Xiaoshuang LI;Yuling LI;

    [Objective]To research on the volatile chemical components in the seeds of Perilla frutescens(L.)Britt.,and to provide scientific references for their development and utilization.[Methods]Solid phase micro-extraction(SPME)technology was used to extract the volatile chemical components from P.frutescens seeds.And the volatile chemical components were analyzed by GC-MS.[Results]A total of 60chromatographic peaks were isolated.And 47 chemical components were identified,accounting for 89.73%of the total content of volatile components.The main components were octanoic acid(8.94%),caproaldehyde(8.31%),nonyl aldehyde(6.27%)and(E,E)-3,5-octadien-2-one(5.19%).[Conclusions]P.frutescens seeds were rich in volatile chemical components;and SPME-GC/MS method could obtain the component information rapidly and comprehensively.

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  • Comparison of the Paeoniflorin Contents in Different Parts of Paeonia lactiflora

    Xiangsong MENG;Lei JIANG;Dongming JIAN;Zhishun SHI;Jiwu LI;

    [Objective]To compare the paeoniflorin contents in different parts of Paeonia lactiflora.[Methods]Paeoniflorin contents in different parts of P.lactiflora were detected by HPLC.Chromatographic column was Shim-pack vp-C18(4.6 mm×150 mm,5μm);mobile phase was acetonitrile-0.1%phosphoric acid(14∶86,V/V);detection wavelength was 230 nm;column temperature was 22℃;flow rate was 1.0 mL/min;and injection volume was 20μL.[Results]Paeoniflorin content had good linear relationship with peak area within the range of 6.48-64.80μg/mL.The linear regression equation was Y=12.510X-0.393,R=0.999.The average recovery rate was 98.60%and RSD was 1.23%.Paeoniflorin contents in different parts of P.lactiflora were in the order of rhizomes>roots>leaves>stems>flowers.[Conclusions]This method was simple,rapid,accurate and repeatable,and could be used for the content detection of paeoniflorin in different parts of P.lactiflora.

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  • Effects of Baicalin on the NF-κB and ACE2 Protein Expression in Atherosclerosis of ApoE-/-Mice Induced by Hyperlipaemia

    Shicong ZHANG;Xiangqun LIU;Huanqin CHEN;Xin YU;Qiongqiong GU;Min WANG;Xingpo LI;

    [Objective]To observe the effects of baicalin on the NF-κB and ACE2 protein expression in atherosclerosis of ApoE-/-mice induced by hyperlipaemia,and to discuss the possible mechanism of baicalin in interfering the atherosclerosis process.[Methods]30 healthy apoE-/-mice at 6 weeks old were randomly divided into model group and baicalin groups;and 10 wild C57BL mice were taken as the normal control group.Mice in control group were given normal feed.Mice in model group and baicalin groups were given high fat diet for 12 weeks.AS model was established.Mice in baicalin groups were given 300 and 150 mg/d baicalin by gavage for continuous 8 weeks.After 20 weeks,mice were killed.The blood lipid was detected;immunohistochemical analysis of the expression levels of NF-κB and ACE2 were carried out.[Results]Grey value of NF-κB in aortic wall cells of apoE-/-mice in baicalin group was significantly higher than that in model group;and the grey value of ACE2 reduced,showing statistical significance(P<0.05).[Conclusions]Baicalin might intervene in the development of atherosclerosis through restricting transcriptional expression of NF-κB,affecting the inflammatory reaction and enhancing the ACE2 protein expression.

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  • Protection Effects of Rutaecarpine on the Acute Myocardial Ischemia Injury of Tested Animal

    Jianwen YANG;Qin WU;Yuhe WANG;

    [Objective]To discuss the protection effects of rutaecarpine(Rut)on the acute myocardial ischemia injury of tested animal.[Methods]Acute myocardial ischemia model of mice induced by pituitrin and isoproterenol was established.The activities of lactate dehydrogenase(LDH)and creatine kinase(CK)in serum were detected.The rat model of coronary artery ligation was adopted.The hemodynamic parameters were detected,as well as the serum LDH,CK,superoxide dismutase(SOD)and malondialdehyde(MDA).[Results]Compared with model group,Rut group could reduce the increase of serum LDH and CK in mice induced by pituitrin and isoproterenol(P<0.05).In the rat model of coronary artery ligation,Rut group could improve the changes of hemodynamic parameters in rats;the LDH and CK activities and MDA content in serum reduced,while SOD activity enhanced(P<0.05),compared with model group.[Conclusions]Rut had certain protection effects on the acute myocardial ischemia injury of tested animal.

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  • Effect of Propolis on Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Proliferation and Fat Deposition

    Wenli TIAN;Yazhou ZHAO;Wenjun PENG;

    [Objective]To preliminarily quantify the control efficacy of human liver cancer by propolis through evaluating the inhibitory effect on HCC cell proliferation and fat deposition.[Methods]The proliferation capacity of propolis-treated hepatoma cells was evaluated by MTT.Oleic acid induction method was adopted to detect the degree of fat deposition in HCC cell.[Results]The content of flavonoids in propolis was determined by HLPC-MS to be(191.472±1.986)mg/g.The tg 9 group(propolis∶olive oil=1∶2,V/V)revealed the strongest inhibitory effect on cell proliferation.The triglyceride(TG)contents in all treatment groups were in the range of 410.333-459.672 nmol/L.[Conclusions]Therefore,propolis can not control fat deposition in cells and the preventative effect of propolis on fatty liver is not satisfactory.However,it has strong inhibitory effect on the proliferation of liver cancer cells.

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  • The Separation and Purification of Total Flavonoids from Sarcandrae glabra by Macroporous Resin

    Jierong HOU;Sikui HOU;Yong GU;

    [Objective]To research on the separation and purification technology of total flavonoids from Sarcandra glabra(Thunb.)N akai by macroporous resin.[Methods]With the extraction rate of total flavonoids as the investigation index,static adsorption of five resins to the total flavonoids of S.glabra were investigated,as well as the dynamic adsorption of D-101 resin.The ethanol concentration,eluant volume,sampling flow rate and repeated use times of resin were also researched.[Results]D-101 resin was selected for the separation and purification of total flavonoids from S.glabra.The optimal extraction conditions were as follows:the extraction concentration of S.glabra extracting solution was 0.2 g/mL;sample volume was 6 BV;flow rate was 1.0 mL/min;4 BV distilled water was used for washing before absorption,and then 4 BV of 70%ethanol was used for absorption;70%ethanol eluent was collected.Thus,the extracts of total flavonoids from S.glabra were obtained.Under this condition,the extraction rate of total flavonoids from S.glabra was 68.13%.[Conclusions]This method was simple and feasible,and could meet the requirements of large-scale production.

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  • Technology of Supercritical CO_2 Extraction of Volatile Oil from RADIX ET RHIZOMA GINSENG

    Lijun CAO;Tao XU;Hua ZHAO;Jianhua WEI;Dandan HAN;Rui ZHAO;

    [Objective]To detect the optimal condition for the supercritical CO2extraction of volatile oil from RADIX ET RHIZOMA GINSENG.[Methods]The single factor test and orthogonal test on the extraction of volatile oil from RADIX ET RHIZOMA GINSENG were carried out by supercritical CO2extraction.The extraction technology was researched;and the effects of extraction pressure,extraction temperature,extraction time and CO2flow rate on the extraction rate of volatile oil were investigated.[Results]The optimal condition for the supercritical extraction of volatile oil from RADIX ET RHIZOMA GINSENG was as follows:30 MPa extraction pressure,40℃extraction temperature,100 min extraction time,and 25-30 L/h CO2flow rate.[Conclusions]Under this extraction condition,the extraction rate of volatile oil(crude oil)from RADIX ET RHIZOMA GINSENG was 0.880%,which was far higher than that by the traditional Soxhlet extraction method.

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  • Summary of the Modern Clinical Application of Resina Draconis

    Qinyang YUAN;Caihong QU;Changli LIU;

    Resina Draconis is a kind of resin extracted from Dracaena cochinchinensis,Tequila subfamily,Asparagaceae and has a variety of chemical components.Since it has pharmacological effects of promoting blood circulation and stopping bleeding,clearing heat and removing toxicity,anti-microbial,regulating blood sugar level,reducing blood lipid,promoting skin repair and so on,it's been widely used in the treatment of many clinical diseases.Based on literatures we summarize the clinical application study of Resina Draconis and have reached a conclusion that the curative effect is good of cardiovascular disease,skin diseases and bedsore,gynecological disease,otorhinolaryngological disease,diabetic complication and so on.But the way how the main active ingredients works is undefined,we suggest conducting many pharmacology and clinical trials so that it can broaden clinical application of Resina Draconis and provide the basis for developing new pharmaceutical.

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  • Study on the Simultaneous Extraction of Total Flavonoids and Total Saponins from Corn Silks by Microwave-Assisted Technology

    Shuncheng REN;Yani CHEN;Suyun HAN;Yiwei CHEN;

    [Objective]To select the optimal technology for the simultaneous extraction of total saponins and total flavonoids from corn silks by microwave-assisted extraction.[Methods]Microwave-assisted extraction was adopted.Based on single factor test and orthogonal test,effects of extraction time,solid-liquid ratio and microwave power on the extraction rates of total saponins and total flavonoids from corn silks were researched.[Results]The simultaneous extraction technology of total flavonoids and total saponins from corn silks by microwave-assisted extraction was as follows:1∶40 solid-liquid ratio(W/V),420 W microwave power,6 min extraction time and 60%ethanol as solvent.Under this condition,extraction rates of total saponins and total flavonoids both reached 1.51%.[Conclusions]Compared with the reflux extraction and ultrasonic extraction,microwave-assisted extraction was more rapid and convenient,and the extraction rate was far higher than the two methods.

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  • Extraction Technology and Content Determination of Total Flavonoids from Viola inconspicus Bl.

    Ying HE;Chun ZHANG;Ye ZHU;

    [Objective]To investigate the feasibility of Viola inconspicus Bl.using as the plant origin of HERBA VIOLAE.[Methods]L9(33)orthogonal test was adopted.With the content of total flavonoids as the evaluation index,effects of ethanol concentration,ethanol dosage and extraction time on the content of total flavonoids were researched.Under the optimal extraction technology,the content of total flavonoids was detected in V.inconspicus,and the result was compared with that in HERBA VIOLAE.[Results]The optimal extraction condition was as follows:1∶40 solid-liquid ratio(g∶mL),80%ethanol and 40 min extraction time.Among the different parts of V.inconspicus,flowers had the highest content of total flavonoids,followed with leaves.Compared with Zigong April C,HERBA VIOLAE had slightly higher content of total flavonoids,and there was only small difference between the two.[Conclusions]V.inconspicus could be used as the plant origin of HERBA VIOLAE.The above-ground part of V.inconspicus was harvested and the optimal harvesting time was flowering period.

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    <正>AGRIS(The Agricultural Sciences and Technology)is a booklist-style international agricultural database which is established by the international agricultural technology information system subordinate to FAO.It embodies continued publications,documents,corpuses,books,technology reports,patents,maps,meeting papers,and other literatures,which are collected by 135 countries and regions,146 branches of AGRIS,and 22 international organizations.Its content comprises all the agricultural fields in the world,as well as forestry,economy,aquatic sciences,fishery,human dietetics,and so on.This database is an international intelligence communication system maintained by FAO,which updates quarterly and increases by 0.13 million records annually,with large data amount.Learn more about AGRIS,please login http://www.tao.org/agris/

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  • Research Progress of Cymbopogon citratus

    Lisha XIE;Zhiqiang GONG;Yu HUO;Zhenyuan HUANG;

    According to the related information we collected,the research literatures on Cymbopogon citratus before 2012 at home and abroad were summarized from the aspects of chemical composition,method of extraction and pharmacological action and other aspects.Cymbopogon citratus has been regarded as a natural,safe,non-toxic food and drug additive which has very good prospects for development;so the researches on Cymbopogon citratus should not be limited to medicine,more application and development space should be extended in the aspects of food,cosmetics and other aspects.

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