• Ruwei Wang

    <正>The editorial board member of the Editorial Department of Medicinal Plant No.568 of Binkang Road,Hangzhou City,ChinaTel: 0571-87774766E-mail:wangrw@conbagroup.com Ruwei Wang,an eminent senior engineer and Ph.D.supervisor,holding a bachelor's degree from Zhejiang Medical University,a doctor'sdegree from Shimane University

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  • Comparison of the Pollen Morphological Characteristics of Different Lonicera japonica Germplasms

    Jianjun LI;Guolun JIA;Junfang LI;Xiaolan WEN;Li YANG;

    [Objective] To compare the morphological characteristics of the pollens of 13 germplasms of Lonicera japonica, and to provide reference for the classification of germplasms and the breeding of high-quality cultivars. [Method] Morphological characteristics of the pollens were observed by scanning electron microscope; data were analyzed by SPSS statistical software. [Result] There were significant differences in the pollen size and spike density of different germplasms of L. japonica. And the 13 germplasms of L. japonica could be divided into 6 categories. [Conclusion] The pollen size and spike density could be used as the references to divide different germplasms of L. japonica.

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  • Regionalization of the Adaptive Production Areas of Zhecheng RADIX POLYGONI MULTIFLORI

    Zhihua WEI;Xinmin WANG;Qingmei QIAO;Maogao CHENG;Yonglu LIU;Caixiang XIE;Shilin CHEN;

    TCMGIS-I(Suitability evaluation geographic information system of traditional Chinese medicine producing area ) was used to analyze the ecological suitability of Zhecheng RADIX POLYGONI MULTIFLORI in China and the ecological suitability in the main production area of Henan Province. With Laowangji Village of Zhecheng County in Henan Province as the basic point for analysis, key ecological factors affecting the growth of Zhecheng RADIX POLYGONI MULTIFLORI were selected, such as temperature, altitude, soil and precipitation. Results showed that there were 9 provinces in China that were suitable for the growth of Zhecheng RADIX POLYGONI MULTIFLORI theoretically. When the similarity reached 90%-100%, the adaptive production area of Zhecheng RADIX POLYGONI MULTIFLORI was 149 036 km2 in China theoretically. Among them, Shandong and Hebei Provinces had the largest distribution area, which was more than 54 000 km2, followed with Henan, Liaoning, Tianjin and Shanxi. When the similarity degree was 90%-100%, distribution of Zhecheng RADIX POLYGONI MULTIFLORI in Henan Province was concentrated in Zhecheng County, Lin County, Anyang County and so on, which accorded to the literature records in the past dynasties.

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  • CABI Database

    <正>CABI Database,one of the most authoritative and prestigious abstract data bases concerning agriculture and forestry,is compiled by Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International.This data base,since1973,has embodied5million records,with an annual increase rate of 0.18 million abstracts or so

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  • The Establishment of Callus and Clone of Potentilla chinensis

    Jingliang SUN;Jie LING;Shuxiang NING;Changyang JIANG;

    [Objective] To clone Potentilla chinensis, protect wild resources and realize artificial cultivation. [Method] By using tissue culture method, the tender stems of Potentilla chinensis were used as materials to do the research on callus induction and differentiation, rooting and transplanting of tube seedlings. [Result] The ideal substrate medium for callus introduction was: MS+ sugar 40 g/L+0.3 mg/L 6-BA+2, 4-D 2.8 mg/L; the proper medium for callus differentiation was: MS+sugar 35 g/L+AgNO3 0.4 mg/L+NAA 0.1 mg/L+ZT 0.8 mg/L; the appropriate medium for rooting of adventitious buds was: 1/3MS+sugar 15 g/L+ABT 0.5 mg/L+IBA 0.2 mg/L+NAA 0.3 mg/L. The transplanting survival rate of tube seedlings was 95.1% and stable planting survival rate was 97.8%. [Conclusion] The regeneration system was established. The propagation speed of tube seedlings could be up to 230 000 per year. Colonization of plantlets maintained all biological traits that wild plant has.

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  • Research on Biological Characteristics of Erythronium sibiricum Seeds

    Gulijiang JIAMANBAI;Gulixila SHAPUXI;Yongshuai ZHANG;Hanipa HABUDULA;

    [Objective] To study the biological characteristics of Erythronium sibiricum seeds, so as to provide a scientific basis for domestication and introduction of E. sibiricum. [Method] The biological characteristics of E. sibiricum flowers, fruits and seeds were analyzed by using related literatures and biological knowledge. [Result] The fruit was capsule, 3 arris, fresh fruit grain diameter was 11.0-35.0 mm, longitudinal diameter was 12.0-45.5 mm, fruit weight was 0.5-4.5 g. Dry seed transverse diameter was 1.0-2.3 mm, longitudinal diameter was 1.5-4.0 mm, thickness was 1.0-1.5 mm. Seed maturity period was from the middle of June to late, grain weight was 7.8 g, seeds life force was 93.6%, and the water content was 12.04%, and the seed after 12 h, seed bibulous rate was 70%. Different concentration of seeds that carried liquid leaching significantly inhibited the germination of cabbage seeds and the growth of young roots. Besides, they could restrain the growth of the seed itself to a certain extent. Different drug treatments had no influence on the E. sibiricum seeds. The seed coat was not an obstacle for water absorption, and had obvious dormancy characteristic. The seed dormancy was mainly related with embryos form, late-maturing and inhibition substances of sprouting. [Conclusion] No obstacle about skin absorbing water is found in E. sibiricum seeds, that is, they have good water permeability. Seed coat permeability is not the reason for seed dormancy in E. sibiricum.

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  • Leaf Growth and Medicinal Quality of Ginkgo Seedlings Sprayed with Mg,Zn,Mo Fertilizers

    Wanwen YU;Fuliang CAO;Guangliang WU;

    The study was intended to discuss the appropriate application concentrations of Mg, Zn and Mo fertilizers for high yield and good quality of leaf-use ginkgo. Effects of spraying different levels of Mg, Zn and Mo fertilizers on leaf yield and medicinal quality of two-year-old ginkgo seedlings were tested by indoor stimulation experiment and pot experiment. The main results were submitted as follows: firstly, the combined application of Mg, Zn and Mo fertilizers increased leaf thickness, leaf area, single plant leaf area, and leaf biomass. The best treatment was Mo③ (2%Mg+0.3%Zn+0.1%Mo) which increased the leaf biomass by 64.9% compared with that of control. Secondly, the positive effect of combining Mg with Zn and Mo fertilizers on chlorophyll and soluble protein contents decreased with the increasing Mg concentration. The same was also the effects of combining Zn with Mg and Mo fertilizers as well as combining Mo with Mg and Zn fertilizers on chlorophyll and soluble sugar contents. In contrast, the effect on soluble protein content correlated positively with Zn or Mo concentration. Thirdly, the combined application of Mg, Zn and Mo fertilizers increased total flavonoid and terpene lactones contents, total flavonoid and terpene lactones yields per plant. The best treatment was Mo③ which increased total flavonoid yield per plant by 2.96 times and total terpene lactones yield per plant by 1.70 times compared with that of control. Fourthly, high-concentration fertilizers as Mg④, Zn④ and Mo④ decreased the positive effect of the combined application of Mg, Zn and Mo fertilizers on some indexes to different degrees. The results indicated that appropriate concentration of the three fertilizers could increase chlorophyll, soluble sugar, soluble protein contents and improve ginkgo growth and medicinal quality, as well as increase component factors of leaf yield and medicinal quality. In the experiment, Mo③ was the perfect combination in order to increase ginkgo leaf yield and medicinal composition content and yield.

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  • Protective Effects of FRUCTUS SCHISANDRAE CHINENSIS A,B and C on the Oxidative Damage of HaCat Cells

    Wei HOU;Zhongbao WEI;Wei GAO;Yingping WANG;

    [Objective] To research the protective effects of FRUCTUS SCHISANDRAE CHINENSIS A, B and C on the oxidative damage of HaCat cells, so as to provide foundations for the development of FRUCTUS SCHISANDRAE CHINENSIS anti-aging products. [Method] Aging model of the oxidative damage of HaCat cells induced by H2O2 was established. And proliferation of HaCat cells was detected by MTT assay. [Result] The group of 50 μmol/L H2O2 showed no inhibitory effects on cells; but 100 and 200 μmol/L groups had significant inhibitory effects. The survival rate of cells in H2O2 group was (71.667±0.862)%. The survival rates of cells in 100 and 200 μmol/L FRUCTUS SCHISANDRAE CHINENSIS A groups were (76.400±0.656)% and (82.367±0.666)%, respectively. The survival rates of cells in 100 and 200 μmol/L FRUCTUS SCHISANDRAE CHINENSIS B groups were (86.300±0.721)% and (88.900±0.985)% , respectively. The survival rates of cells in 100 and 200 μmol/L FRUCTUS SCHISANDRAE CHINENSIS C groups were (86.767±0.551)% and (88.067±0.873)% , respectively. [Conclusion] FRUCTUS SCHISANDRAE CHINENSIS A, B and C all had certain protective effects on the oxidative damage of HaCat cells induced by H2O2. And FRUCTUS SCHISANDRAE CHINENSIS B and C showed relatively better protection effects.

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  • Determination of Contents of Total Flavonoids from Different Medicinal Parts of Rhamnus songorica L.

    Jing YE;Nuerbaheti·Houwati;Asiya·Baishanbo;

    [Objective] To establish a quantitative method for the determination of total flavonoids from different medicinal parts in Rhamnus songorica L, which was a Xinjiang Kazakh traditional medicine. [Method] Flavonids in different parts of R. songorica were extracted with 70% ethanol as the ultrasound solvent. The total flavonoids were determined by spectrophotometry at 510 nm with rutin as the control. [Result] The absorbency and concentration of rutin had good linear correlation in the range of 8-40 mg/L. The regression equation was Y=9.721 4X+0.000 6 (R=0.999 8). The average recovery rates (branches, leaves and fruits of R. songorica) were 100.3%, 99.2% and 100.0%, with RSD being 1.58%, 1.87% and 1.70%, respectively. [Conclusion] The method was simple, accurate and reliable. It could be used to detect the content of total flavonoids in different medicinal parts of R. songorica.

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  • Chemical Abstracts

    <正>Chemical Abstracts(CA),a reputable international search tool,which involves the widest disciplinary field,collects the most literature types,offers the most searching ways,and has the most prodigious volumes,is edited and published by CAS-Chemical Abstractsin the USA.

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  • Preliminary Research on the Detection Method for Seed Vigor of Erigeron breviscapus

    Zhiyuan DONG;Linyu LI;Xin WANG;Bin YANG;Liying YANG;Shaoping LI;

    [Objective] To research the detection method for seeds vigor of Erigeron breviscapu. [Method] Effects of seed number and cultivation temperature on the germination rate were detected; TTC staining was used to detect the seed vigor. [Result] The germination rate of seeds was 15.37%, which was close to the germination rate on the 6th day. Germination rate varied greatly in germination tests of 100 and 700 seeds; but there are relatively few differences in the germination tests of 300 and 500 seeds. After TTC staining, E. breviscapu showed different characteristics. The overall colored seeds and bottom colored seeds could be regarded as vigorous seeds, the proportion of which was 15.00%. This value was close to the germination potential and germination rate. Thus, the experimental error was small. [Conclusion] This method was accurate and reliable and could be used for the preliminarily detection of seed vigor of E. breviscapu.

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  • Simultaneous Determination of Four Components in Yinzhihuang Granules by HPLC

    Chunhong LI;Bing HE;Jinping ZHANG;Ji TIAN;

    [Objective] To establish an HPLC method for the simultaneous determination of the contents of Baicalin, Wogonoside, Baicalein, Wogonin in Yinzhihuang granules. [Methods] The separation was performed by HPLC method using Dikma Diamonsil C18 column (250 mm×4.6 mm, 5 μm), mobile phase of methanol-0.1% phosphoric acid with gradient elution and detection wavelength at 278 nm. [Results] The linear ranges of Baicalin, Wogonoside, Baicalein, Wogonin in Yinzhihuang granules were determined as 0.418-4.18 μg/mL(r=0.999 8), 0.2-2 μg/mL(r=0.999 9), 0.233-2.33 μg/mL(r=0.999 8), 0.215-2.15 μg/mL(r=0.999 8), repsectively.The average recoveries were of Baicalin, Wogonoside, Baicalein, Wogonin were 98.40%(RSD=0.32%), 98.72%(RSD=1.37%), 98.70%(RSD=1.55%), 98.78%(RSD=1.24%). [Conclusion] This method is simple, rapid, accurate and of good repeatability and high recovery, and it can be used for quantitative analysis of Yinzhihuang granules.

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  • Preliminary Investigation on the Relationship between the Cd Content in Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort. and the pH Value and Active-state Cd Content in Cultivated Soil

    Qin XU;Bin LI;Qingmiao LI;Xing CHEN1;Jiang YANG;

    [Objective] To preliminarily study the relationship between the Cd content in Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort. and the pH value and active-state Cd content in cultivated soil. [Method] Contents of active-state Cd in L. chuanxiong cultivated in soils with different pH values were extracted and detected by oscillation extraction, ultrasonic extraction and atomic absorption method. And the Cd content in corresponding L. chuanxiong was detected. [Result] In soil with pH value between 4.9 and 5.76, content of ion form Cd accounted for 52.09% of the total Cd content. In soil with pH value between 7.21 and 7.53, content of ion form Cd accounted for 24.11%. Cd content in L. chuanxiong was low when the pH value of cultivated soil was high. [Conclusion] Low pH value of soil had high content percentage of ion form Cd and great Cd content in L. chuanxiong.

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  • Water-soluble Non-alkaloid Chemical Constituents Contained in Corydalis yanhusuo by Trimethylsilyl Derivatization GC-MS

    Zhenhua LIU;Ruwei WANG;Houhong HE;Xunzhi JIANG;Jianfeng YE;Su ZENG;Jiqiang HU;

    [Objective] To study the water-soluble non-alkaloid chemical constituents of Corydalis yanhusuo. [Method] The 80% alcohol extracts of C. yanhusuo passed through DA201 macroporous resin. Eluted fractions were collected and passed though 732# cation exchange resin. Water eluate was collected, dried and derived with trimethylsilane. Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry and NIST 2005 library were adopted for MS/MS mass spectrogram to infer the compound structure. [Result] Sixteen compounds were tentatively identified from about fifty peaks detected by GC-MS and identified as hydroxyl and carboxyl polar compounds. [Conclusion] These sixteen compounds were found for the first time in C. yanhusuo. The results provide scientific basis for in-depth development of C. yanhusuo.

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  • Effects of Mn-SOD Mimics on the Seed Germination,SOD Activity, CAT Activity and MDA Content of Perilla frutescens

    Xing GE;Jingping LIU;Jin LI;Xuezheng LIU;Yunle LI;

    [Objective] To research on the effects of Mn-SOD mimics on the seed germination, SOD activity, CAT activity and MDA content of Perilla frutescens. [Method] By simulating the saline-alkali condition (pH=8.0, 0.2% NaCl), Mn-SOD mimics and poly-aspartic manganese (II) within certain concentration range were used for the seed soaking and foliage spraying of P. frutescens. Foliage spraying was conducted for 7 d. The leave width, SOD activity, CAT activity and MDA content were detected. There were in all 3 cycles and leave width was only detected in the first cycle. [Result] Under salt stress, germination rate of 0.1 mg/L poly-aspartic manganese (II) seed soaking group was 5.33 times of that in no soaking group; the seed soaking and foliage spraying enhanced the leave width, SOD activity and CAT activity. 12.5 mg/L was the optimal spraying concentration. With the increase of spraying concentration of poly-aspartic manganese (II), MDA content reduced. [Conclusion] Under the test conditions, seed soaking and foliage spraying by poly-aspartic manganese (II) could effectively enhance the seed germination rate of P. frutescens, and improve the resistance to salt stress at seedling stage.

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  • Analysis of Fatty Acids in Coreopsis tinctoria by GC-MS

    Zongyao QIAN;Xiaoqian CAO;Xiaolong ZHOU;Hejiang LIU;Jianmei WANG;

    [Objective] To detect and analyze the chemical components of fatty acid in Coreopsis tinctoria. [Method] Fatty acid in C. tinctoria was extracted by Soxhlet extraction. Chemical components and contents of the methyl esterification of the extracts were analyzed by GC-MS and computer retrieval. [Result] C. tinctoria mainly had 16 fatty acids. The relative content of each fatty acid was detected by area normalization method. Among them, content of unsaturated fatty acids accounted for 70%. [Conclusion] This research provided basis for the research and development of the chemical components of fatty acids in C. tinctoria.

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  • Ultrasonic Extraction Spectrophotometry Determination of Flavonoids from the Climbing Fern

    Qi GAO;

    This paper discusses the basic principles and characteristics of the effect of ultrasonic extraction of chemical substances from samples. With the design of orthogonal experiments, using ethanol as extractant, changing the concentration of solvent (ethanol), the time of ultrasonic assisted extraction, temperature, the extraction times and so on, we discussed the factors influencing the extraction weight and found a best condition: The ethanol concentration is 60%, the temperature is 25 ℃, the ultrasonic time is 10 min, the extraction time is 3 times. Compared with the conventional water extraction and the France extraction, the results are satisfied with the flavonoids extraction content reached 4.12%. By comparing this method with the other two, it improves the speed without heat, saves the labor, materials energy and time, so it is proved to be the efficient for extraction.

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  • Determination of Total Flavonoids from Hedyotis scandens Roxb. by UV Spectrophotometry

    Kequn HE;Xiangxing LI;Qiong YANG;Wenyun LU;

    [Objective] To detect the content of total flavonoids from Hedyotis scandens Roxb. [Method] With rutin as the reference substance, total flavonoids were extracted from H. scandens by ultrasonic-assisted extraction. Then, the content of total flavonoids was detected by UV Spectrophotometry. [Result] Rutin concentration and absorbancy had good linear relationship between 0.011 and 0.110 mg/mL. The regression equation was Y=18.015X+0.020; and correlation coefficient was R2=0.999 4. The relative percentage of total flavonoids in H. scandens was 1.609%. And the RSD in precision test was 1.10%. [Conclusion] This method was simple, reliable and could provide scientific references for the development and utilization of the medicinal value of H. scandens.

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  • Comparative Study of the Chemical Components of Anoectochilus spp. from Different Origins

    Xiuhui GONG;Min XU;Hongzhu DONG;Zhangcai LIN;Yingjun ZHANG;Ping ZHAO;

    [Objective] To compare the chemical components of Anoectochilus spp. from different origins. [Method] The chemical components of three samples of Anoectochilus plants were analyzed and compared by means of LC-MS techniques, which were the tissue cultured A. roxburghii and A. formosanus, and A. roxburghii planted under forest. At the same time, the contents of the main active components in Anoectochilus plants were compared and analyzed by anthrone-sulfuric acid method and ultraviolet spectrophotometry, including polysaccharides and total flavonoids. [Result] Polysaccharides contents in three samples of Anoectochilus (HNJ201001, HNJ201002 and HNJ201003) were 16.175%, 19.636% and 10.939%; while the total flavonoids contents were 0.722%, 0.895% and 0.984%, respectively. [Conclusion] The results showed that the chemical components and their contents of these three samples were quite similar. Of which, the contents of total flavonoids of the three samples were similar to or even higher than those of the wild species. As for the tissue cultured A. roxburghii and A. formosanus, polysaccharides contents were far higher than the wild species.

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  • Determination of the Quercetin Content in Eriocaulon buergerianum Beads from Different Production Areas

    Fang CHEN;Lijuan FENG;

    [Objective] To determine the quercetin content in Eriocaulon buergerianum beads from different production areas, and to study the effects of two degreasing solvents on the extraction rate of quercetin. [Method] Two degreasing solvents were adopted. Quercetin contents in E. buergerianum beads from different production areas were detected by high performance liquid chromatography-four channel UV detection method. [Result] As for the five production areas, quercetin contents in E. buergerianum beads after degreasing by petroleum ether were 301.4, 597.77, 622.36, 582.56, 453.51 and 406.06 μg/g. Among them, E. buergerianum beads in Zhejiang Province had the maximum production, and those in Hainan Province had the minimum production. After degreasing by chloroform, quercetin contents in E. buergerianum beads were 1 057.56, 953.43, 916.16, 809.17, 738.28 and 627.32 μg/g. Among them, E. buergerianum beads in Hainan Province had the maximum production, and those in Anhui Province had the minimum production. [Conclusion] There were great differences in the quercetin content in E. buergerianum beads from different production areas. Chloroform degreasing had relatively high content of quercetin.

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  • Effects of Different Antibiotics on Callus Growth of Saussurea involucrate

    Yaping TANG;Hui YUAN;Jianbing QIN;

    The effects of different antibiotics (kanamycin, hygromycin B and carbenidillin) on induction and differentiation of callus (Saussurea involucrate), was discussed in this study and Saussurea involucrate leaves were used as explants. A doses strategy of selection and bacterium inhibition during agrobacter mediated genetic transformation was established. The result showed that the kanamycin of 40 mg/L was significantly influenced on callus growth, when it was 50 mg/L, the growth of callus was inhibited completely; the hygromycin of 8 mg/L was the best concentration for inhibiting the callus growth, the callus were geatly damaged and it's characters were small, browning and dying with the concentration of hygromycin up to 20 mg/L. Meanwhile, the low concentration (0.5-2.0 mg/L) of hygromycin can enhance the rate of callus differentiation. Carbenidillin is an antibacterial agent of Agrobacterium, carbenidillin had apparently influnced on growth of callus at different concentrations, and when the concentration of carbenidillin was greater than 400 mg/L, the growth of callus was effected observably. This paper may provided a theoretical for S. involucrate genetic transformation system.

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  • Technical Study on the Processing of Aconitum with Tibetan Medicine Myrobalan

    Hongxia YANG;Yuzhi DU;Yuancan XIAO;Cen LI;Lixin WEI;

    [Objective] To select out the factors affecting the contents of aconitine, mesaconitine and hypaconitine in Aconitum processed from myrobalan, based on which to optimize the processing technology of myrobalan; further to get the quality control method of Aconitum via characteristic spectrum analysis. [Methods] The HPLC and characteristic spectrum analysis methods were first developed to measure the total contents of aconitine in myrobalan. Using the methods developed here, the processing technology of Aconitum from myrobalan was optimized through single factor experiment, orthogonal design and confirmatory tests as described in Mongolian Medicine Processing Methods; furthermore the characteristic spectra of raw materials and different processed products were analyzed for investigating the correlation between similarity and change law of total content of aconitine. [Results] The key factors influencing total aconitine in processed myrobalan were in order terminalia addition amount, myrobalan size, water amount (amount of supplementary materials). The optimized processing technology of myrobalan was found as follows: 0.10 kg of terminalia with particle size of 0.80 cm was used to prepare 6.00 L of supplementary material solution; then 1.00 kg of Aconitum was immersed in the supplementary material solution for three days, with the supplementary material solution replaced every day; the Aconitum was taken out and air-dried, yielding the processed terminalia. The change trend of similarity of characteristic spectrum between processed products and raw materials differed from that of total aconitine content. [Conclusion] The processing technology for Tibetan medicine myrobalan could be monitored by detecting the Aconitum content, while the characteristic spectrum of the processed products just can as secondary data to reflect the change in the quality of processed products.

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  • The Effect of 3'-daidzein Sulfonate Sodium on Cardiac Fibroblast Senescence of Rat Induced by H_2O_2

    Xingming ZHONG;Hongliang LI;

    [Objective] To observe the effects of oxidative stress on the senescence of cardiac fibroblasts (CFb) and the interference effect of 3'-daidzein sulfonate sodium (DSS), to provide an elementary discussion on the mechanism by which 3'-daidzein sulfonate sodium protect myocardium from fibrosis in cardiac senescence. [Method] Cardiac fibroblasts of SD suckling rats were isolated by an initial adhesion step, the cell proliferation ability was determined by MTT assay, NO content of the cell culture supernatant was tested by nitrate reductase method, α-smooth muscle actin (α-SMA) expression in cardiac fibroblasts was detected by immunocytochemical staining, and cell senescence was detected by acridine orange staining. [Result] Under the H2O2 treatment, the proliferation rate of cardiac fibroblasts decreased and immunocytochemical staining of α-SMA was obviously strong positive, the difference is statistically significant compared with control group (P<0.01); NO content was significantly reduced compared with control group (P<0.01); 3'-daidzein sulfonate sodium at three concentration all delayed the above effects induce by H2O2, the difference is statistically significant compared with H2O2 group (P<0.05; P<0.01). [Conclusion] 3'-daidzein sulfonate sodium inhibits the oxidative stress which stimulating the senescence of cardiac fibroblasts, and let cardiac fibroblasts restore the normal proliferation capability. The mechanism underlying may be inhibition of the phenotypic transformation of cardiac fibroblasts by regulating NO and receptor system, which may also be one of the mechanisms contributing to the action of 3'-daidzein sulfonate sodium against myocardial hypertrophy.

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  • Copyright Authorization Statement

    <正>Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication,the author will grant to the editorial department of the journal Medicinal Plant the rights of reproduction,distribution,compilation and information network dissemination,and permit the manuscript to be delegated to the China Academic Journal Electronic Publishing House(CAJEPH).

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  • Extraction Technology of Total Saponins from Tomato by Pectinase Method

    Sicheng CHEN;Jinlei LIU;Fenglai LU;Dianpeng LI;

    [Objective] To detect the optimal extraction technology of total saponins from tomato by pectinase method. [Method] With the concentration of saponins A as the index, single factor test was conducted with the four factors of reaction temperature, reaction time, pH value and enzyme amount. Based on this, L9(34) orthogonal test was designed. [Result] The optimal extraction condition was 55 ℃ extraction temperature, 2 h reaction time, 0.4‰ enzyme amount and pH 4.0. Under these conditions, concentration of saponins A was the maximum. Verification test showed that under the selected conditions, the average yield of total saponins in enzyme group was 0.25%, which was significantly lower than that in no enzyme group. [Conclusion] This was the optimal technology to extract saponins from tomato, and could effectively enhance the yield of tomato saponins and reduce the viscosity of extracting solution.

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  • Extraction Technology of Total Polyphenols from the Leaves of Camellia chrysantha (Hu) Tuyama

    Guofei MO;Jianbo XIAO;Hansheng HUANG;Xiaoli TANG;Dengfeng ZOU3;

    [Objective] To find the optimal technology for the extraction of total polyphenols from the leaves of Camellia chrysantha (Hu) Tuyama. [Method] With the extraction rate of total polyphenols as the index, L9(34) orthogonal test was adopted based on single factor test. Effects of acetone concentration, extraction temperature, extraction time and solid-liquid ratio on the extraction rate of total polyphenols from C. chrysantha leaves were researched. The optimal extraction technology was selected. [Result] The optimal extraction technology for total polyphenols from C. chrysantha leaves was 70% acetone concentration, 60 ℃ extraction temperature, 3.5 h extraction time and 1∶25 (W/V, g/mL) solid-liquid ratio. Under this condition, the extraction rate of total polyphenols from C. chrysantha leaves was 1.54%. [Conclusion] This method was simple, stable and feasible, and could be used for the extraction of total polyphenols from C. chrysantha leaves.

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  • Inhibitory Effects of the 26 Kinds of Chinese Herbal Medicines on Salmonella

    Fang XU;Pengyu ZHAO;Xiaohu WU;Xiangyu TAN;Qijun AI;

    [Objective] To research the inhibitory effects of 26 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines on Salmonella. [Method] Extracting solutions of 26 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines were prepared by anhydrous ethanol. Bacteriostasis test on Salmonella was conducted; and the Chinese herbal medicines having the optimal inhibitory effects were selected. [Result] In the 26 extracting solutions of Chinese herbal medicines, some had inhibitory effects on the growth of Salmonella. Among them, extracting solutions of FRUCTUS CORNI and RADIX ET RHIZOMA SOPHORAE TONKINENSIS showed the best bacteriostasis effects; and their MIC values were both 62.5 mg/mL. Extraction solution of sanguisorba took the second place, the MIC value of which was 250.0 mg/mL. [Conclusion] Extracting solutions of RADIX SANGUISORBAE, FRUCTUS CORNI and RADIX ET RHIZOMA SOPHORAE TONKINENSIS could effectively inhibit the growth of Salmonella.

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  • Antiatherosclerosis Induced by Ligustrazine against LPS through Arachidonicacid Signaling Pathway

    Guofeng WANG;Xia ZHAO;Ning LI;Dongmei CHEN;

    [Objective] The aim is to study the effects of ligustrazine on the lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced inflammation activated through arachidonicacid (AA) pathway, which would provide the experimental basis for extending the clinical application of ligustrazine. [Method] The effects of ligustrazine (1 and 10 μmol/L, 6 h) on the expression levels of COX-2, 5-LOX and FLAP were investigated in LPS-treated (1 mg/L, 2 h) primary human coronary artery endothelial cells. The expression level of above proteins as well as p-P38MAPK and p-STAT3 were also studied when SB203580 (20 μmol/L, 6 h), the inhibitor of p-P38MAPK, or AG490 (20 μmol/L, 6 h), the inhibitor of JAK2, was added at the same time with ligustrazine. [Result] Ligustrazine obviously inhibited the expression levels of 5-LOX and FLAP, as well as the phosphorylation activation of MAPK and STAT pathways. [Conclusion] Ligustrazine targeted on endothelial cells can inhibit inflammation activated through AA pathway, as well as the activation of MAPK and JAK2/STAT3 pathways.

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  • Application of SPSS 19.0 in the Optimization of Extraction Technology of Flavonoids from the Shells of Tarlary Buckwheat

    Liang XU;Haishan XI;Hongyu ZANG;Renhua NA;Jinglin LIU;

    [Objective] To design the extraction technology of flavonoids from the shells of tarlary buckwheat by SPSS 19.0 software, and to optimize the extraction technology. [Method] Orthogonal test with four factors and three levels was designed by SPSS 19.0 software. Ethanol concentration, extraction times, solid-liquid ratio and extraction time were taken as the investigation factors; and extraction rate of rutin was taken as the index. Extraction technology of flavonoids from tarlary buckwheat shells, which were the byproducts of tarlary buckwheat processing, was optimized. [Result] The optimal technology for reflux extraction of rutin from the shells of tarlary buckwheat were A2B2C1D3, which were 1∶20 solid-liquid ratio, 20 times of 75% ethanol, 3 extraction times, and 1 h extraction time. [Conclusion] SPSS 19.0 software showed the advantages of powerful function and convenient utilization in the aspects of test design and data treatment. It saved time and energy during the data processing to a large extent, which was a kind of statistical software worthy of popularization and application.

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  • Isolation of Endophytic Fungi in Daphniphyllum macropodum and Their Antimicrobial Activities

    Xiangping SU;Gehua HU;Huiwang XU;Kun ZOU;Shiping LIU;

    [Objective] To isolate the endophytic fungi from Daphniphyllum macropodum and to study their antimicrobial activities. [Method] Firstly, endophytic fungi from D. macropodum were isolated by mycelial tip picking method. Then, according to Microbial Taxonomy and morphology method, the endophytic fungi were identified. Lastly, antimicrobial experiments of endophytic fungi were carried out with Oxford cup assay. [Result] 8 different endophytic fungi were obtained from the leaves and the stems of D. macropodum. 1 species of Rhizoctonia, 2 species of Cephalosporium, 1 species of Trichoderma, 2 species of Penicillium, 1 species of Mucor and 1 species of Rhizopus were identified respectively. Among them, metabolites of JR0203 strain had relatively strong bacteriostasis effects. [Conclusion] The endophytic fungi from D. macropodum had certain antimicrobial activities, which needed to be further studied.

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  • Researches on the Fingerprint of Dry Roots of Angelica polymorpha Maxim

    Jinqing LU;Qin WANG;Jiaqi XU;Xiaojin YANG;Yuling LI;Xiaoshuang LI;Yi DAI;Huan LIANG;

    [Objective] To establish a method for HPLC fingerprint of dry roots of Angelica polymorpha Maxim. [Method] Chromatographic column was Kromasil 100A C18 (250 mm × 4.6 mm,5 μm); column temperature was 25 ℃; acetonitrile-water was used for gradient elution of mobile phase; flow rate was 1 mL/min; detection wavelength was 254 nm; injection volume was 10 μL; isoimperatorin was taken as the reference substance; and HPLC fingerprints of 10 batches of A. polymorpha were analyzed. [Result] The common pattern of HPLC fingerprints of A. polymorpha was established; there were in all 8 common peaks; and the similarity degrees of the 10 batches of A. polymorpha were all greater than 0.9. [Conclusion] This method was stable, accurate and simple, and provided scientific basis for the quality control and evaluation of A. polymorpha.

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  • CABI full text

    <正>Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International(CABI)is a not-for-profit international Agricultural information Institute with headquarters in Britain.It aims to improve people's lives by providing information and applying scientific expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment

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  • Inhibitory Effects of Wasabi Extracts on the Proliferation of SW480 Cells and Its Mechanism

    Xianjun LIU;Chunmei MAO;Lanlan YANG;

    [Objective] To research the inhibitory effects of wasabi extracts on the proliferation of SW480 cells and its mechanism. [Method] SW480 cells were treated by different concentrations of wasabi extracts for 48 h. Effects on the proliferation of SW480 cells were detected by MTT method; changes of the apoptosis and cell cycle of SW480 cells were detected by flow cytometry; effects of wasabi extracts on the transcription level of P16INK4a mRNA in SW480 cells were detected by RT-PCR. [Result] Wasabi extracts had inhibitory effects on the proliferation of SW480 cells in a concentration-dependent manner; and the IC50 value was about 130 μmol/L. The cell cycle was blocked at G2 stage. The transcription level of P16INK4a mRNA in SW480 cells reduced in a concentration-dependent manner. [Conclusion] Wasabi extracts had inhibitory effects on the proliferation of SW480 cells, could induce apoptosis, and blocked the cell cycle at G2 stage by restricting the transcription of P16INK4a mRNA.

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  • Protection of National Geographical Indication Products of Coptis Geoherbs

    Zhiguo SUN;Zhiyang LIU;Rugang ZHONG;

    The paper introduced the protected areas, quality specifications and special indications of Shizhu Coptis chinensis, Lichuan Coptis chinensis and Coptis deltoidea, discussed their geographical indications protection, and then proposed a series of suggestions towards the protection of the three species of geographical indication products.

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  • ITS-based Identification of Manyleaf Paris Rhizome and Its Adulterants

    Li JIANG;Chun ZHANG;Nong ZHOU;Qin SUN;

    [Objective] To discriminate manyleaf paris rhizome and its commonly mixed adulterants by ITS sequence analysis. [Method] The experimental materials included manyleaf paris rhizome samples collected from Yunnan Province and Sichuan Province, commercial manyleaf paris rhizome samples purchased from market and the control Yunan manyleaf paris rhizome. The ITS fragments of these materials were amplified using specific primers for bidirectional sequencing. The sequencing results were multiply aligned by software Clustal W, based on which the mutated sites were analyzed by PAUP 4.0b10 for constructing the phylogenetic tree (most parsimony, MP). [Results] The ITS length of the samples varied between 622-639 bp, of which there were 53 mutated sites in ITS1 sequence, more than that in ITS2 and 5.8 s regions. Phylogenetic analysis showed that the manyleaf paris rhizome samples collected from various origins fell into a different branch. From the phylogenetic tree, there are 14 identification sites among manyleaf paris rhizome and adulterants in sequence alignment plot. [Conclusion] The ITS sequence can distinguish the genuine Paris and its adulterants. But more specific markers for accurate and rapid identification purposes should be exploited, combined with other gene sequences, to distinguish analogue materials with close genetic relationship.

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  • Ilexgenin A-induced Apoptosis in Cervical Cancer HeLa Cells and Its Mechanism

    Qilai CHENG;Meixiang LIAO;Zhiqin HUANG;

    [Objective] To study the Ilexgenin A-induced apoptosis in cervical cancer HeLa cells and its mechanism. [Methods] DAPI was adopted for nucleus stain to observe the morphological change during apoptosis; Apo-ONE Homogeneous protease -3/7 kit was used for measure the activity of Caspase -3/7; and the binding activity of nuclear extracts of cervical cancer HeLa cells NF-κB p65 with DNA was determined to investigate the activation level of NF-κB. [Results] DAPI assay showed that karyopyknosis and chromatin condensation occurred and apoptotic bodies appeared 24 h after Ilexgenin A (IA) induction. IA enhanced the activity of Caspase - 3/7 at the manner of dose-dependence. IA assumed remarkable inhibitory effect on the activation of subunit p65 of NF-κB, and this inhibitory effect was found dose-independent to some extent. [Conclusion] IA could remarkably induce the apoptosis in cervical cancer HeLa cells at the manner of concentration-dependence.

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    <正>AGRIS(The Agricultural Sciences and Technology)is a booklist-style international agricultural database which is established by the international agricultural technology information system subordinate to FAO.It embodies continued publications, documents,corpuses,books,technology reports

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