• Ruwei Wang

    <正>The editorial board member of the Editorial Depart-ment of Medicinal Plant No.568of Binkang Road,Hangzhou City,China Tel:0571-87774766E-mail:wangrw@conbagroup.comRuwei Wang,an eminent senior engineer and Ph.D.supervisor,holding a bachelor's degree from Zhejiang Medical University,a doctor's degree from Shimane University,is an expert at the modernization of traditional

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  • Pharmacognostic Study on the Five Medicinal Dendrobium Plants

    Zhuoran SUN;Yongheng LIU;Yuan LIU;

    [Objective] To qualitatively identify the five medicinal plants of Dendrobium, which were Dendrobium nobile Lindl., D. denneanum (Kerr.)Z.H.Tsi., D. chrysotoxum Lindl., D. fimbriatum Hook. and D. primulinum Lindl. [Method] The plant morphology, microscopic structure and powder were identified under light microscope. [Result] The method used in this research could identify the five medicinal Dendrobium plants. [Conclusion] Plant morphology, microscopic structure and powder identification could completely identify the five medicinal Dendrobium plants, which provided certain scientific data for the further development of Dendrobium medicinal plants.

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  • Extraction of the Effective Components in Salvia paohsingensis and Their Contents Determination

    Ying ZHAO;Qi LIU;Meng WANG;Li ZHANG;

    [Objective] To discuss the methods for the extraction of effective components from the roots of Salvia paohsingensis C. Y. Wu, and to research whether S. paohsingensis could be used a substitute for Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge. [Method] Reflux extraction, Soxhlet extraction and ultrasonic extraction were used for the extraction of the effective components from S. paohsingensis; and their results were compared. Contents of the extracted components were detected by HPLC. Relevant components in cultivated S. miltiorrhiza were also researched. [Result] As for the fat-soluble components, ultrasonic extraction was significantly superior to reflux extraction and Soxhlet extraction due to the characteristics of low temperature and high efficiency. As for the water-soluble components, Soxhlet extraction for 4 h was the optimal. Content analysis showed that the fat-soluble components in S. paohsingensis were relatively high. Among them, content of tanshinone IIA met the requirements in Chinese Pharmacopoeia; but the content of water-soluble components was relatively low. [Conclusion] S. paohsingensis had certain medicinal value. Whether it could be a substitute for S. miltiorrhiza still needed further research.

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  • Effect of Shading Sunshine on the Artemisinine Content of Artemisiae annie L. Buds

    Xiangqiong ZENG;Li TAN;Zhaojing ZHU;Haifeng WU;Zhiguo YANG;Quan TANG;Jizhou AI;Ruchao ZHANG;Xiaoke HUANG;Xiaohui ZHANG;Xianyuan HUANG;Junyi CHEN;

    [Objective] To study the effect of shading stress on the artemisinine content of Artemisiae annie L. buds. [Method] Under shading and normal sunshine, three experimental materials of A. annie from different altitudes were selected to study the effect of shading stress on the artemisinine content, wet weight of flower bud, diameter of flower bud, soluble protein content, soluble sugar content, SOD activity, PAL activity, and content of total flavonoids. The experiment was conducted with three replications. [Result] The artemisinine content, wet weight of bud, diameter of bud, soluble protein content, soluble sugar content of A. annie buds decreased under shading conditions, while SOD activity, PAL activity, and total flavonoids content increased. There were statistically significant differences in all indexes between shading and normal sunshine. [Conclusion] Insufficient or shading sunshine could cause the decline in the artemisinine content of A. annie buds.

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  • A Comparative Study on Characteristics of Infrared Spectra from Four Different Cultivars of Amomum villosum

    Jiashui LIU;Danyan ZHANG;Shaoyan ZHENG;

    [Objective] To compare the chemical constituents from four different cultivars of Amomum villosum in order to provide references for the research on its varieties identification and breeding. [Method] The characteristics of infrared spectra from four different cultivars of Amomum villosum were compared and analyzed by conventional Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy combined with fourth derivative spectrum. [Result] Four cultivars of Amomum villosum samples showed similar infrared absorption in the two bands of 750-1 800 cm-1and 2 700-3 500 cm-1,and their infrared absorption spectra had no significant difference by the fourth derivative spectrum changes in comparison. [Conclusion] Four cultivars of Amomum villosum have no significant difference in the types of chemical constituents, but have subtle differences in content, which show that the germplasm doesnt have a qualitative change.

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  • Pollen Morphology of Potentilla L. in Daqing, Heilongjiang Province

    Fengli YOU;Hong ZHANG;Yantao LIANG;Lina QU;Xiaoju ZHAO;Min HU;

    The plant pollen which is conservative and stable on genetic has great significance for the study on plant classification, origin and evolution. Optical microscopy and scanning electron microscope (SEM) were used to compare the pollen grains of nine Potentilla species in Daqing area. The pollen grain shows much similarity through optical microscopy and 4 000× scanning electron microscope. Under 8 000× scanning electron microscope, it showed three types of surface strip decoration of non-double-edge ridge ornamentation, multi-groove ridge strip motif and non-groove strip,the width of ridge ranges from 0.11 to 0.29 μm and the width between ridges is from 0.37 to 0.78 μm,continuously or discontinuously ridges. There were holes or microparticle on the surface and the colporate shapes were linear and fractured. The evolution trend concluded of the nine Potentilla species pollen was consistent with the traditional classification trend.

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  • Comparison of the Variation of the Polysaccharide Content of Ophiopogon japonicus ( Thunb ) Ker-Gawl. Tubers at Different Developmental Stages

    Xiao LUO;Xingguo ZHANG;Xiaozhi LONG;Yanchen YANG;Qian WANG;

    [Objective] To study the variation of the polysaccharide content of domestic high quality Ophiopogon japonicus tubers at different developmental stages, to determine the quality characteristics and to provide a scientific basis for the GAP quality control and integrated resource development and utilization of O. japonicus. [ Method] Plant tubers collected from Hangzhou O. japonicus and Sichuan Ophiopogon japonicus were graded in accordance with the fresh tuber grading standards. Through microwave kill enzyme -50 ℃ and constant temperature drying, the polysaccharide content of O. japonicus tubers was determined by phenol-sulfuric acid colorimetric method. The law of correlation between the average biomass and the polysaccharide content of tubers at different developmental stages was analyzed using SPSS17.0 statistical software. [Result] The polysaccharide content of Hangzhou O. japonicus and Sichuan O. japonicus tubers at different developmental stages ranged from 24.36% to 41.09% and from 21.54% to 40.29%, respectively. With the increase of developmental stage, the accumulation of photosynthetic products was significantly positively related to the polysaccharide content of O. japonicus tubers (P<0.001). The regression equation was written as y1=7.496ln(x) + 36.45 (R2=0.993) for Hangzhou O. japonicus, and y2=12.68x+19.22 (R2=0.997) for Sichuan O. japonicus. [Conclusion] the accumulation of photosynthetic products in O. japonicus tubers at different developmental stages is closely related to the content of secondary metabolites polysaccharide. It is scientific to divide the domestic high quality O. japonicus tubers by the traditional grade specifications.

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  • Effects of Different Light Conditions on the Growth and Photosynthetic Characteristics of Sanicula lamelligera Hance

    Shizhen CAI;Jing LI;Xi LI;Yuanzhi PAN;Chong YE;

    [Objective] To investigate the effects of different light conditions on the growth and photosynthetic characteristics of Sanicula lamelligera Hance. [Method] One-year-old sowing seedlings of S. lamelligera were transplanted in 5 different site conditions, including bamboo forest, metasequoia forest, forest edges and open space. Three years later, the growth indexes and physiological indexes of plant leaves were measured. [Result] S. lamelligera plants grew well to the east of metasequoia forest, in open space and in bamboo forest with larger leaf area index and higher net photosynthetic rate and grew commonly in metasequoia forest with smaller leaf area index and lower net photosynthetic rate. But to the west of metasequoia forest, the growth of S. lamelligera was inhibited with the minimum leaf area index and higher net photosynthetic rate. [Conclusion] S. lamelligera is a kind of typical undergrowth vegetation growing close together under trees in woods and forests, which is suitable to be planted in ventilated and euphotic land parcels to the east of metasequoia forest.

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  • Study on the Stability of Ginsenoside Rg1 before and after PEG Modification

    Mei LIU;Li WANG;Kaili HU;Jianfang FENG;

    [Objective] To investigate the stability of ginsenoside Rg1 before and after PEG modification (PEG-Rg1) in isolated rat stomach. [Method] SD rats, after 18 h of fasting, were randomly divided into Rg1 group and PEG-Rg1 group. The stomach ex vitro of SD rats in Rg1 group and PEG-Rg1 group were respectively injected with Rg1 stomach perfusion fluid and PEG-Rg1 infusion fluid and then incubated at 37 ℃ under shaking conditions. Then the contents of ginsenoside Rg1 in samples, taken in different time points, were determined by UPLC to observe and compare the stability of ginsenoside Rg1 with PEG-Rg1 in the stomach ex vitro. [Result] Ginsenoside Rg1 in the rat stomach showed poor stability, the content of Rg1 was only 26.8% in 2 h, that is, 73.2% was degraded. PEG-Rg1 was improved in the rat stomach, 81.8% of PEG-Rg1 was still measured in 2 h, only degradation of 18.2%. [Conclusion] PEG-modified ginsenoside Rg1 can improve the stability of ginsenoside Rg1 in stomach.

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  • LC / MS Fingerprint Analysis of RADIX ZANTHOXYLI

    Zehui QIN;Ying TAN;Jing TAN;Ping YAN;Rui HE;Zhujun LI;Ruoting ZHAN;Hui XU;Weiwen CHEN;

    [Objective] To establish the fingerprint chromatograms of RADIX ZANTHOXYLI from Guangxi area in China by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS). [Method] The seperation was performed on an Agilent Zorbax Eclipse C8 column(2.1 mm × 100 mm,3.5 μm)with the mobile phase consisting of methanol-acetonitrile-0.5% formic acid(adjusted to pH=4.5 with ammonia)in a gradient mode. The chromatograms were recorded by using a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer equipped with an ESI source in positive ion mode. Totally,15 batches of RADIX ZANTHOXYLI samples were analyzed and their similarities were calculated using fingerprint similarity evaluation software. [Results] The LC-MS fingerprint common model of RADIX ZANTHOXYLI produced in Guangxi area was obtained. A total of 22 characteristic peaks were selected as the common fingerprint peaks. The similarity between the 15 samples and the common model was above 0.9. [Conclusion] The reported method was precise,reproducible and reliable. The establishment of LC/MS fingerprint chromatograms might be helpful for the quality control of RADIX ZANTHOXYLI produced in Guangxi area.

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  • Comparison of the Increasing Effects of CAULIS SPATHOLOBI and COLLA CORII ASINI on White Blood Cell in Rats

    Jun YING;Wei YANG;Baiquan XIAO;Jianmin GUO;Yufang WANG;Yuankeng HUANG;Huiyu OU;Xan-gteng ZENG;

    [Objective] To compare the increasing effects of CAULIS SPATHOLOBI and COLLA CORII ASINI on white blood cell(WBC)in rats. [Method] Rats were given 100 mg/kg cyclophosphamide (CTX) subcutaneously in order to establish the low WBC model of rats. On the 7th, 9th and 11th days of administration of CAULIS SPATHOLOBI, blood samples of rats were collected. The WBC count and its classified proportion were detected and analyzed. [Result] The CAULIS SPATHOLOBI high- and middle-dosage groups (12.15, 4.05 g/kg) had significant increasing effects on rats WBC, as well as the COLLA CORII ASINI high- and low-dosage groups (7.29, 2.43 g/kg). There was no statistical significance in the WBC count between CAULIS SPATHOLOBI group and COLLA CORII ASINI group at the same multiple clinical equivalent dosage. [Conclusion] Both CAULIS SPATHOLOBI and COLLA CORII ASINI had significant increasing effects on the WBC reduction induced by chemotherapeutic drugs; and their effects were equivalent.

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  • Extracorporeal Anti-oxygenation of Citrus sinensis Osbeck Flavonoids

    Xia LIU;Wei LI;Xiaona FAN;

    The in vitro reactive oxygen species scavenging activity of navel orange (Citrus sinensis Osbeck) flavonoids was studied by determining the autoxidation rate of pyrogallol after different concentration of navel oranges flavonoids was added.Vitamin C and 50% alcohol was used as compare. The results revealed no significant difference(P>0.05) between the antioxidation of 1 mg/mL vitamin C and 3.01 mg/mL navel oranges flavonoids; however, the antioxidation of navel oranges flavonoids was very significantly different (P<0.01) from that of 50% ethanol and CK, indicating that navel oranges flavonoids had strong in vitro ability in scavenging reactive oxygen species.

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  • Research on the Period of Validity of RADIX ET RHIZOMA RHEI

    Lei YANG;Qing ZHU;Zhiguo ZHANG;Chen CAO;

    [Objective] To study the period of validity of traditional Chinese medicine RADIX ET RHIZOMA RHEI. [Method] RADIX ET RHIZOMA RHEI which were easily oxidized were selected. Based on classic constant temperature experiment, contents of rhein, archen, physcion and aloe-emodin were detected by HPLC. The change law of the effective components contents in RADIX ET RHIZOMA RHEI was deduced. [Result] Changes of rhein, archen, physcion and aloe-emodin contents followed the first-order reaction law. Under the storage condition of 20 ℃, the change rate constant of RADIX ET RHIZOMA RHEI was k=1.585×10-5; and the period of validity of this batch of RADIX ET RHIZOMA RHEI was 687 d. [Conclusion] It was feasible to forecast the validity period of RADIX ET RHIZOMA RHEI by classic constant temperature experiment, and the results were reliable.

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  • Effects of Four Pueraria peduncularis Extracts on the Bioactivities of Ostrinia nubilalis and Pieris rapae L.

    Rui SHI;Biao LI;Jing SHI;Shiping WEI;Min YE;

    [Objective] To research the application of Pueraria peduncularis (Grall. ex Benth.) Benth in bioinsecticidal field. [Method] With the 3rd instars of Ostrinia nubilalis and Pieris rapae L. larvae as the tested insects, the insecticidal activities of n-butanol extracts, ethyl acetate extracts, petroleum ether extracts and water extracts were studied. [Result] The four P. peduncularis extracts all had certain insecticidal and antifeedant activities to the 3rd instars of O. nubilalis and P. rapae. And high concentration of extracting solution led to high activities. The insecticidal and antifeedant activities of four P. peduncularis extracts to the 3rd instars of O. nubilalis and P. rapae were in the order of n-butanol extracts > ethyl acetate extracts > petroleum ether extracts > water extracts, indicating that the components having toxicity to O. nubilalis and P. rapae were mainly soluble in highly polar n-butanol. [Conclusion] The four P. peduncularis extracts had certain insecticidal activities to the larvae of O. nubilalis and P. rapae. And n-butanol extracts showed relatively strong insecticidal activities to the two tested insects.

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  • Anti-oxidation Effects Polysaccharides from HERBA SCUTELLARIAE BARBATAE

    Jie ZHAO;Shoutao GUAN;Shezong SUN;Hongmei ZHANG;Xinglin LIU;

    [Objective] To research on the scavenging effects and anti-lipid peroxidation of HERBA SCUTELLARIAE BARBATAE polysaccharides. [Method] O-2· was produced by the autoxidation of pyrogallol; and ·OH was obtained by Fenton reaction. Scavenging effects of HERBA SCUTELLARIAE BARBATAE polysaccharides on ·OH and O-2· were researched. MDA contents were detected by thiobarbituric acid (TBA), which were the lipid peroxidation products of liver homogenates of the CCL4 liver injury mice and the healthy mice induced by Fe2+-H2O2. The anti-lipid peroxidation of HERBA SCUTELLARIAE BARBATAE polysaccharides was researched. [Result] HERBA SCUTELLARIAE BARBATAE polysaccharides had significant scavenging effects on O-2· and ·OH, showing dose-effect relationship. Polysaccharides could also restrict the autoxidation of liver homogenate of healthy mice and the lipid peroxidation induced by Fe2+-H2O2. Besides, administration groups of different dosages of HERBA SCUTELLARIAE BARBATAE polysaccharides could all significantly reduce the MDA content in CCL4-induced liver injury mice, and could significantly restrict the lipid peroxidation in vitro of liver homogenate of CCL4 liver injury mice. [Conclusion] HERBA SCUTELLARIAE BARBATAE polysaccharides had the functions of scavenging oxygen free radicals and anti-lipid peroxidation.

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  • Comparison of the Moisture Retaining Abilities between Hyaluronic Acid and Cactus Extracts

    Hui LIU;Lei HE;

    [Objective] To find new and cheap additives of cosmetics which are non-toxic and cost low. [Method] Cactus extracts were selected as the humectant of cosmetics in order to take the place of traditional hyaluronic acid. Formula system with 0.02% hyaluronic acid and that with different proportions of cactus extracts (0.15%, 0.30%, 0.45%) were designed. Biochemical measurement and human trial were carried out in order to verify the moisture retaining abilities of cactus extracts. [Result] Adding 0.15% cactus extracts had better moisture retaining effects than the control (adding 0.02% hyaluronic acid); adding 0.15%-0.45% cactus extracts showed no significant increasing effects of moisture retaining, and there were no statistical significance. [Conclusion] The market price of hyaluronic acid was 36-60 times higher than that of cactus extracts, but the moisture retaining ability of cactus extracts was superior. Besides, the dosage of cactus extracts was small in cosmetics, which could be easily accepted by the consumer. Therefore, cactus extracts could be applied in cosmetics as a humectant.

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  • Extraction of Capsaicinoids from Sanming Capsicum annuum L. by Microwave-assisted Method and the Removal Technology of Spicy Taste from Capsicum Red Pigments

    Wenfu ZHOU;Zhuyan ZHANG;Guijing CHEN;Baohua LIU;Hang CHEN;

    [Objective] To research the optimal conditions for the extraction of capsaicinoids from Sanming Capsicum annuum L. by microwave-assisted method, and to study on the removal technology of spicy taste from Capsicum Red pigments. [Method] Effects of solvent, microwave power, extraction time and solid-liquid ratio on the extraction rate of capsaicinoids were investigated by single factor test. [Result] The optimal extraction condition for capsaicinoids by microwave-assisted method was as follows: low power (200 W), 3 min extraction time, and 1∶15 solid-liquid ratio with VEthanol∶VAcetone=1∶1. Under this condition, the extraction rate of capsaicinoids was 52.5%. And the optimal condition to remove spicy taste from Capsicum Red pigments was also obtained. The removal of the spicy taste was relatively ideal under the conditions of 2.0 h soaking time, 15% NaOH concentration, 50 ℃ soaking temperature, and crude extracts (including 99.2% capsaicinoids and Capsicum Red pigments): 15% NaOH =1∶10 (g/mL). Under these conditions, spicy taste could be significantly removed. The yields and extraction rate of capsaicinoids were 2.237 mg/g and 52.5%, respectively. Capsaicinoids were colorless needle crystal with 99.2% purity and 63.5-65 ℃ melting point. [Conclusion] In-depth research on the extraction method of capsaicinoids could improve the yield and purity of capsaicinoids and could provide broad market space for the development of capsaicinoids in China.

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  • Research Advance of Periplaneta americana

    Jing WANG;Junzhu WU;Guangming LIU;Pengfei GAO;

    As a type of animal medicine with long history, Periplaneta americana has various pharmacological activities, such as anti-inflammation, anti-virus, anti-tumor, improving immunity, promoting tissue repair, liver protection, etc. With the development and application of a series of new drugs prepared with P. americana, P. americana has already had a good application prospect in medical field. With the main components of insect pheromone, amino acids and neuropeptides, P. americana is effective in anti-tumor, tissue repair, anti-inflammation, and liver protection. This paper reviewed the chemical compositions, pharmacological functions and active components of P. americana in order to provide references for its future study.

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  • Establishment and Condition Optimization of ISSR-PCR Amplification System of Hypericum perforatum Linn.

    Junjiao FENG;Miao HE;Xiang LIAN;

    [Objective] To establish the ISSR-PCR amplification system for Hypericum perforatum Linn., and to optimize the condition. [Method] With genomic DNA of H. perforatum as the template, L16(45) orthogonal test system was adopted; the effects of primer concentration, Taq DNA polymerase concentration, Mg2+ concentration, dNTP concentration, and template DNA concentration on the amplification results of ISSR-PCR were researched. [Result] Orthogonal test could be used to establish the ISSR-PCR reaction system of H. perforatum. And the optimal condition of ISSR-PCR reaction system was as follows: 10×PCR buffer, 1.2 mmol/L Mg2+, 50 U/mL Taq DNA polymerase, 20 ng/μL DNA, 250 μmol/L dNTP, and 0.75 μmol/L primer in 20 μL ISSR-PCR reaction system. [Conclusion] The established ISSR-PCR reaction system for H. perforatum had good repeatability, high resolution ratio, and stable and reliable results.

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  • Protective Effects of Triptolide on Podocytes and Renal Tubular Epithelial Cells

    Dong ZHOU;Jihong CHEN;Lu ZHANG;Wei SUN;Ningning XIONG;

    Tripterygium wilfordii Hook.f is a medicinal plant having anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects. The therapeutical effect of T. wilfordii on renal diseases is closely related with repairing intrinsic kidney cells. Triptolide (T10) is the major component of monomer found in T. wilfordii, which could protect podocytes by maintaining the activated state of Rho/ROCK pathway, suppressing the expression of p-38MAPK activated by C5b-9 and inhibiting cell apoptosis. In addition, T10 could interfere in presenting antigen of renal tubular epithelial cells and provide the stimulating signal for T cells to block the activation of antigen-specific CD4+ T cells, which is considered to be one of mechanisms for treatment of autoimmune kidney diseases. The protective effect of triptolide on renal intrinsic cells could provide a new direction for further development and utilization of T. wilfordii.

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  • Research Advances in Medicinal Plant Endophyte and Its Effects on Geoherbs

    Lixia FAN;Jiping ZHENG;Xianhui YANG;

    The research advances in the medicinal plant endophyte and its effects on geoherbs were reviewed, aiming to provide references for the utilization of endophyte resources and development of geoherbs.

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  • Chemical Abstracts

    <正>Chemical Abstracts ( CA) ,a reputable international search tool,which involves the widest disciplinary field,collects the most literature types,offers the most searching ways,and has the most prodigious volumes,is edited and published by CAS-Chemical Abstracts in the USA.

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    <正>AGRIS ( The Agricultural Sciences and Technology) is a booklist-style international agricultural database which is established by the international agricultural technology information system subordinate to FAO.

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  • CABI Database

    <正>CABI Database,one of the most authoritative and prestigious abstract data bases concerning agriculture and forestry,is compiled by Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International. This data base,since 1973,has embodied 5 million records,with an annual

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  • Copyright Authorization Statement

    <正>Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication,the author will grant to the editorial department of the journal Medicinal Plant the rights of reproduction,distribution,compilation and information network dissemination

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