• Study on Morphological Diversity of Mentha haplocalyx Briq.

    [Objective] To investigate morphological diversity of 15 populations of Mentha haplocalyx Briq. from different habitats in China, so as to provide a scientific basis for breeding selection in future work. [Method] 9 indexes describing morphological diversity of Mentha haplocalyx Briq. including plant height, leaf length, leaf width, petiole length, leaf pairs, stem thickness, branch number, branch length and node number were investigated, whose experimental data was analyzed by variance analysis, correlation analysis, principal component analysis and clustering analysis. [Result] The morphological variation coefficient of 9 indexes was 13.79%-83.65%, among which leaf pairs and branch length exceeded 75%. There were some correlations among external morphology, including extreme significant positive correlation (leaf width and leaf length, petiole length and leaf width, leaf pairs and stem thickness, branch length and leaf pairs, stem thickness, node number and leaf pairs) and extreme significant negative correlation (branch length and leaf length, node number and leaf length). Based on principal component analysis, 9 morphological indexes were summed up to 3 principal components whose cumulative contribution accounted to 90.47%. The 15 populations were divided into 2 groups by clustering analysis, one group included populations collected from Jiangsu Dongtai, Anhui Fuyang, Anhui Taihe, Zhejiang Hangzhou which were featured by tall plants, large leaves and many branches; apart from the above populations, the remaining 11 populations were divided into the other group which were featured by short plants, small leaves and few branches. [Conclusion] Owing to China was vast in territory, polymorphism of Mentha haplocalyx Briq. population habitats resulted in large variability in external morphology, leading to abundant genetic diversity.

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  • Study on Quantitative Characters of Wild Arisaema amurense Maxim in Panshi

    [Objective]To study and evaluate the quantitative characters and botany characters of wild Arisaema amurense Maxim in Panshi of Jilin Province,so as to provide basis for the rational utilization of A.amurense.[Method]The corm,stem and leaf of A.amurense were determined and analyzed by SPSS software.[Result]There were significant differences of quantitative character among the individuals of A.amurense(P < 0.05),and the variation existed among the individuals too;in addition,there were correlations among different quantitative characters.[Conclusions]The collection,evaluation and utilization of A.amurense germplasm resource would provide scientific basis for breeding A.amurense with high quality and strong stress resistance.

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  • Optimization of Seeds Germination Conditions of Lamiophlamis rotata(Benth.) Kudo from Qinghai Province

    [Objective]To optimize the seeds germinating conditions for Lamiophlamis rotata(Benth.) Kudo from Qinghai Province.[Method]The treating methods,temperature and illumination conditions were employed to design orthogonal test and the experimental data were analyzed by intuitive analysis and variance analysis.[Result]Temperature and treating method had very significant effects on germination rate and energy of Lamiophlamis rotata(Benth.) Kudo seeds.The influencing order of factors on the germination rate and germination energy were determined to be treating method of seeds >temperature >illumination condition and temperature > treating method of seed > illumination condition,individually.The optimal germinating condition for seeds of Lamiophlamis rotata(Benth.) Kudo was A1B1C2.That to say,the seeds pretreated with 50 mg/L GA for 24 h and cultivated in dark at 25 ℃ were the highest in germination rate and germination energy.[Conclusion]The germination rate of Lamiophlamis rotata(Benth.) Kudo seeds could be improved greatly under favorable temperature and pretreatments.

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  • Effect of pH on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Glycyrrhiza uralensis

    [Object]To investigate the optimum pH for seed germination and seedling growth of Glycyrrhiza uralensis,and optimize its industrialization technology.[Methods]The seeds of Glycyrrhiza uralensis were soaked into solutions with different pH for 7 d(pH 3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11),and the germination rate,germination energy,germination index,the length of radicle and plumule,fresh weight of seedlings were determined;the seedlings of Glycyrrhiza uralensis were cultivated in solutions with different pH(5,6,7,8,9) for 30 d,and the biomass,contents of medicinal compositions,protein,amino acids,soluble total sugar,starch and MDA,the activities of nitrate reductase and peroxidase etc.indexes were determined.[Result]The germination rate of Glycyrrhiza uralensis seeds,the length of radicle and plumule all achieved the highest level when pH was 6,and the seedlings came out evenly;besides,the biomass,the contents of medicinal compositions,protein,amino acids,soluble total sugar,starch and MDA as well as the activities of nitrate reductase and peroxidase all reached the maximum value with pH of 6.[Conclusion]The optimum pH for the germination of Glycyrrhiza uralensis seed,the growth of seedlings and the accumulation of medicinal ingredients was 6.

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  • Comparative Study on the Preservation Methods of Cordyceps sinensis Culture

    [Objective]To compare the preservation effects of three long-term preservation methods on inhibiting the metabolic activity of Cordyceps sinensis culture.[Method] Taking the growth of mycelium,polysaccharide of and cordycepic acid as indexes to evaluate quality of Cordyceps sinensis,the effects of sharp freezing,liquid nitrogen freezing and freeze-drying on conserving Cordyceps sinensis culture of C-03 were comparatively studied.[Result]The Cordyceps sinensis culture through vacuum freeze-drying preservation due to skimmed milk and phased cooling of 4 ℃ for 30 min,-20 and-80 ℃ freezing for 2 and 24 h respectively was growing well when germination,the yield of mycelial growth and active ingredients were relatively higher than the other two methods.[Conclusion]Vacuum freeze-drying preservation was the desirable method to long-term preserve Cordyceps sinensis culture.

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  • Identification of No.1 and Male Sterility of Lycium barbarum L.by ISSR-PCR Molecular Marker Technique

    [Objective]To identify genuine medicinal materials Lycium barbarum L.by ISSR-PCR molecular marker technique on the level of DNA molecular.[Method]Suitable primers were screened out from 50 ISSR primers(Inter-simple sequence repeat),and then used in PCR amplification and electrophoretic analysis for distinguishing Lycium barbarum L.from No.1 and male sterility by finding specific sites.[Result]1 ISSR primer could amplify polymorphic bands that suitable for distinguishing Lycium barbarum L.from No.1 and male sterility.[Conclusion]ISSR-PCR molecular marker technique was quick and reliable,which could be used in identification of Lycium barbarum L..

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  • Strategies of Exploitation and Protection of Medicinal Pteridophyte Resources in Xunyangba of Tsinling

    42 kinds of medicinal pteridophyte were found in Xunyangba of Tsinling,whole grass,rhizome or spore of which could be used in medicine for curing many diseases.Chemical components of pteridophyte were complicated,mainly containing flavonoids,steroid,alkaloid,phenols,triterpenoid compound,etc..The research was performed to evaluate the value for exploitation and utilization of medicinal pteridophyte resources in Xunyangba through a broad investigation,as well as discuss the existing problem during the process of conservation and utilization.Furthermore,some suggestions and measures were put forward accordingly based on their unique characteristics,so as to effectively protect,develop and utilize medicinal pteridophyte resources.

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  • Survey on Polygonaceae Herb Resources of in Zhejiang Tiantong National Forest Park

    In this study,we employed the methods of field survey,literatures and consultation on local residents to survey the distribution of Polygonaceae herb resources of Zhejiang Tiantong National Forest Park.We found that there are four genera of medicinal Polygonaceae plants,i.e.,Antenoron,Fagopyrum,Polygonum and Rumex in Zhejiang Tiantong National Forest Park,covering all the four genera of Polygonaceae plants found in Zhejiang Province,and sixteen medicinal species,i.e.,Antenoron Filiforme,Antenoron neofiliforme,Fagopyrum dibotrys,Polygonum aviculare,Polygonum plebeium,Polygonum perfoliatum,Polygonum multiflorum,Polygonum orientale,Polygonum cuspidatum,Polygonum dissitiflorum,Polygonum hydropiper,Polygonum lapathifolium,Polygonum senticosum,Polygonum viscosum,Rumex acetosa and Rumex japonicus,accouning for approximately 32% of all the species of Polygonaceae plants found in Zhejiang Province(50 species).Our results would facilitate to the use of Polygonaceae herb resources.

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  • Determination of E Vitamins in the Flowers and Pollens of Fritillaria thunbergii Miq. by HPLC-FLD

    [Objective] To analyze and determine the chemical structures and contents of E vitamins in flowers and pollens of F. thunbergii Miq., so as to provide scientific basis for its further development. [Methods] High-performance liquid chromatography-florescence detection (HPLC-FLD) was first established to determine the compositions of E vitamins. The detection conditions were as follows: Agilent Zorbax RX-SIL column (4.6 mm×150 mm, 5 μm) and guard column (4.6 mm ×10 mm, 5 μm), mobile phase of hexane-0.2% isopropanol-0.8% acetic acid , column temperature of 25 ℃, flow rate of 1.0 ml/min, the maximum excitation and emission wavelengths were 292 and 328 nm.[Results]8 kinds of vitamins were determined simultaneously for the first time, which were in good linear relationship within the detection range, with R2>0.999 0 and recovery rate exceeded 98%. There were 7 kinds of E vitamins in the flower of F. thunbergii Miq., among which D-α-tocotrienols was the highest that reached 181.606 mg/kg, however the contents of E vitamins in the pollens of F. thunbergii Miq. were relatively lower. [Conclusion] There are multiple kinds of E vitamins in the flowers and pollens of F. thunbergii Miq., comparatively speaking, E vitamins in the flower of F. thunbergii Miq. were more than that in pollen, which deserves further research. Besides, HPLC-FLD is convenient and efficiency that can be used for determining the contents of E vitamins.

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  • Comparison of Soluble Sugar Content in the Seeds of Fagopyrum tataritum from Different Habitats

    [Objective] To investigate the variation of soluble sugar content in the seeds of Fagopyrum tataritum from different habitats.[Method] 35 samples from different habitats were taken as experimental materials,and the soluble sugar content in which were determined by colorimetric method.[Result] The variation range of soluble sugar content in different kinds of F.tataritum was from 7.23% to 9.96% with mean value of 8.17%.The seed numbered T374 from Weining of Guizhou had the highest content of soluble sugar(9.96%),while the seed numbered T330 from Weining was the lowest one in soluble sugar content(7.23%).[Conclusion]The study provides scientific basis for the cultivation and quality control of F.tataritum.

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  • Study on Fat and Protein Components of Uygur Folk Medicine Capparis spinosa L.

    Nurmamat Eliyas;Korbanjhon Brad;

    [Objective] To explore fat and protein components of Uygur folk medicine Capparis spinosa L..[Method] Using Capparis spinosa L.as tested materials,contents and components of fatty acids were tested by GC-MS analysis.Semi-micro Kjeldahl and grading method were respectively employed to determine the content of crude protein and isolate protein.Furthermore,amino acid components of protein were also studied.[Result] Oil content of Capparis spinosa L.was up to 21.2%,among which unsaturated fatty acid was the main component.Content of linoleic acid was the highest at 57.21%,followed by oleic acid,palmitic acid,linolenic acid and stearic acid.Content of crude protein was 18.31%,among which globulin content was the highest at 42.2%,followed by glutelin at 37.2%,and the least by albumin,gliadin and residue protein.18 amino acids were identified from Capparis spinosa L.occupying more than 80%,among which content of aspartic acid was the highest at 17.8%,followed by glutamic acid at 11.7%.Besides,Capparis spinosa L.protein was rich in essential amino acid that accounted for 25.83% of all amino acids.[Conclusion] The study could provide theoretical basis for comprehensive exploitation of Xinjiang wild resource of Capparis spinosa L..

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  • Establishment of HPLC Fingerprint of FRUCTUS EVODIAE and Determination of Three Components

    [Objective] To establish the fingerprint of FRUCTUS EVODIAE and determine the contents of chlorogenic acid,hyperoside and evodiamine simultaneously.[Method]The chromatographic separation was performed on Hypersil C18 column(250.0 mm×4.6 mm,5 μm) with mobile phase of acenitrile-1% acetic acid in gradient elution whose flow rate was 1.0 ml/min.Then samples with sampling volume of 10 μl were detected at the wavelength of 270 nm.[Result] There were 19 common peaks in the fingerprint of 11 batches of FRUCTUS EVODIAE with the RSD value of the relative retention time and peak area less than 2.50% and 2.10%,respectively.In general,FRUCTUS EVODIAE made in Jiangxi Province was higher in contents of chlorogenic acid,hyperoside and evodiamine than that produced in Guizhou and Yunnan Province.[Conclusion] The fingerprint and simultaneous determination of chlorogenic acid,hyperoside and evodiamine in FRUCTUS EVODIAE were firstly studied,which provided better means for the quality control of FRUCTUS EVODIAE produced in different places and different harvesting time,and provided technique support for GAP cultivation of FRUCTUS EVODIAE.

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  • Optimization of Extraction Process of Isoflavonoids from Mung Bean Sprout and Determination of Its Content

    [Objective] To confirm the optimal extraction process of the isoflavonoids from the mung bean sprouts and the variation tendency of the main isoflavonoids like vitexin and isovitexin during the germination of mung bean.[Method] The orthogonal experiment was used to optimize the extraction conditions of isoflavonoids,and high performance liquid chromatography(HPLC) method was used to determine contents of vitexin and isovitexin during the germination of mung bean(0-6 days).[Result]The optimum extraction conditions of vitexin and isovitexin in mung bean were determined to be:one time of extraction times,90 min of extraction duration,50% ethanol of extracting solvent and 1:50 of solid to liquid ratio.The contents of vitexin and isovitexin in mung bean sprout reached the highest on the fourth day during the germination,both of which were lower than those in the mung bean.[Conclusion] This case provides theoretical basis the development and utilization of mung bean and mung bean sprouts.

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  • Volatile Oil Contents and Their Variation Law of RADIX ET RHIZOMA GINSENG in Changbai Mountain Areas

    [Objective] To investigate effects of different elevations on ginseng volatile oil contents and their variation law.[Methods] The volatile oil of ginseng was extracted by steam distillation method,and the volume fractions of volatile oil components were calculated by area normalization method.The separated components were identified and determined by GC-MS.[Results] The content and composition of volatile oil in 4-year old RADIX ET RHIZOMA GINSENG at different elevations regions were quite different.[Conclusion]Elevation has a certain impact on the components and relative contents of ginseng volatile oil,and ginseng volatile oil content increases with the rise of elevation.

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  • Purification of Flavonoids from RADIX RHIZOMA GLYCYRRHIZAE by Macroporous Resins

    [Objective] To optimize the purification conditions of flavonoids from RADIX RHIZOMA GLYCYRRHIZAE by macroporous resins.[Method] 5 kinds of macroporous resins including ADS-7,HPD-300,D-101,HPD-910 and AB-8 were adopted to adsorb flavonoids from RADIX RHIZOMA GLYCYRRHIZAE.Besides,effects of factors affecting the adsorption properties such as sample concentration,ethanol concentration and ethanol volume were also investigated.[Result] ADS-7 was provided with higher absorption rate and the elution rate of flavonoids from RADIX RHIZOMA GLYCYRRHIZAE,the optimum effect of which were obtained with sample concentration at 1.2 mg/ml using 5 BV of 70% ethanol as eluent.After purification,the content and refined rate of flavonoids in powder were 47.1% and 211.2%,respectively.[Conclusion] ADS-7 resin had strong adsorption and purification effects,which would provide reference basis for purifying flavonoids from RADIX RHIZOMA GLYCYRRHIZAE.

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  • Study on Joint Anti-aging Effect of Middle Dosage PSP and GBE

    [Objective] To investigate the joint anti-aging effect of middle dosage Spirlina platensis polysaccharide(PSP) and Ginkgo biloba extract(GBE).[Method] The aging mice were induced by injecting 125 mg/kg D-galactose for 42 d,and the mice in medicine group were fed with 100 mg/kg PSP,GBE and PSP-GBE joint medicine liquid respectively,then the weight of immune organs,SOD activity and MDA contents were determined.[Result] PSP and GBE worked efficient in anti-aging,and the joint treatment was endowed with the strongest anti-aging effect.[Conclusion] The study provides scientific basis for the joint anti-aging effect of PSP and GBE.

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  • Pharmacognosic Identification of Dendrobium densiflorum

    [Objective] To identify the pharmacognosic characteristics of Dendrobium densiflorum,so as to provide the scientific evidence for its identification and application.[Method]The original plant identification,morphological and microscopic identification were used to identify Dendrobium densiflorum.[Result] Dendrobium densiflorum was exclusive in original plant identification,morphological and microscopic identification.[Conclusion] Dendrobium densiflorum can be completely identified by this simple and reliable method.

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  • Study on Inhibitive Effect of Oleanolic Acid on Transplanted Hepatocarcinoma in Mice

    [Objective] To research the effect of oleanolic acid(OA) on vascular endothelial growth factor(VEGF) and microvessel density(MVD),and investigate its anti-cancer mechanism.[Methods] 32 mice were randomly divided into 4 groups,i.e.oleanolic acid high dose group(100 mg/kg·d),oleanolic acid low dose group(50 mg/kg·d),fluorouracil group(5-Fu)(positive control,50 mg/kg·d),and normal saline group(negative control).The mice in former three model groups were administered by intraperitoneal injection,and those in normal saline group were intragastric administrated on the 8th day for 14 days.After stopping administration,the tumor blocks were taken out of the mice on the next day and carried out routine organization morphological observation,in the mean time,liver function indexes AST and ALT were detected,VEGF and MVD in tumor were determined by immunohistochemical method.[Result] The tumor weights in OA groups were obvious lower than that in normal saline control group,and the difference between which was significant(P<0.01);the intensive degree of vascular in OA group and 5-Fu were obvious lower compared with that in normal saline group.Oleanolic acid could inhibit the activities of AST and ALT effectively,and the contents of AST in OA groups were much higher than that in normal saline group with significant difference(P<0.01).The expression levels of VEGF and MVD in model groups were significantly higher than that in blank control group(P<0.01),and which were the highest in normal saline group.[Conclusion] Oleanolic acid can inhibit the growth of cancer cell in vivo significantly and repair the liver damage caused by transplanted hepatocarcinoma,and its anti-cancer mechanism may be related to the expression of VEGF and MVD.

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  • Research Progress on Chemical Compositions and Pharmacological Activities of Pyrrosia Plants

    Genus Pyrrosia plants included many plants like Pyrrosia lingua,Pyrrosia sheareri,Pyrrosia drakeana,Pyrrosia petiolosa,Pyrrosia davidii and Pyrrosia gralla,which were traditional Chinese medicinal plants.Pyrrosia plants all were rich in triterpenoids,flavonoids,xanthones,essential oils and steroids,and their crude extracts and purified compound showed efficacies of good expectorant,antitussive,antibacterial,antiviral,anti-inflammatory,diuretic,antioxidant,immune strengthening and kidney protective etc..Pyrrosia plants had been prepared as many compound preparations and applied in clinic comprehensively up to now.The research advances on chemical components and pharmacological activities of Pyrrosia plants were overviewed in this work,which provided basis for further study and application and development of plants belonging to genus Pyrrosia.

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  • Studies on Microbial Transformation of Tibetan Capillaris

    [Objective] To explore transformation of neomangiferin into mangiferin under controlled conditions in vitro,so as to increase the content of mangiferin.[Method] Using Tibetan capillaries(Swertia przewalskii Pissjauk) as tested materials,microorganism fermentation was adopted to realize the transformation of neomangiferin into mangiferin.An efficient strain-screening model was established for selecting strains that could secret specific β-glucosidase by combing category of glycosidic bond with strain-screening technique.Furthermore,these screened strains were isolated,purified and identified.[Result] The upgrade rate of mangiferin content was 0.21% by measuring its content before and after fermentation.[Conclusion] This study was beneficial to reasonable development of mangiferin resource from Tibetan capillaris,which would provide pharmacological and pharmacy evidences for its clinical application.

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  • Combination Effect of Tea Polyphenols and Ginkgo Biloba Extract on Proliferation of Human Breast Cancer Cells

    [Objective] To observe the combination effects of tea polyphenols and Ginkgo Biloba extract on proliferation of human breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-231.[Methods] Effects of tea polyphenols and Ginkgo Biloba extract and their combination on human breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-231 were detected by MTT assay,and cell morphological analysis was employed to examine the morphological changes of MDA-MB-231 in all test groups.[Results] The inhibition rate of Ginkgo Biloba extract combined with tea polyphenols at low concentration(10,20 μg/ml) was the highest,and the synergistic effect of joint group on breast cancer cell worked in a certain range;in addition,human breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-231 was in poor state and had weak refraction rate in joint group;adherent cells was shrunk and became round by comparison with that in tea ployphenols group,Ginkgo Biloba and control group.[Conclusion] Ginkgo Biloba extract at low concentration had poor inhibitory effect on human breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-231.Tea polyphenols and joint group can inhibit the growth of MDA-MB-231,and the joint effects of tea polyphenols and Ginkgo Biloba extract are synergistic within a certain range.

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  • Study on Anti-aging Effect of High-dosage Compound PSP

    [Objective] To explore anti-aging effect of high-dosage compound PSP(polysaccharide from Spirulina platensis),so as to lay a foundation for further exploitation and utilization of Spirulina platensis and Ginkgo biloba resources.[Method] Mice were fed with compound medicines every day,as well as their napes of neck were injected D-galactose by subcutaneously daily for successive 42 days.Effects of high-dosage compound PSP and Ginkgo biloba extracts on D-galactose-induced aging model mice were investigated in terms of determining some decrepitude indexes,including weight of immune organs,SOD activity in serum and MDA content in myocardium and brain.[Result] PSP had strong anti-aging effects on mice caused by the injection of 125 mg/kg·d D-galactose for successive 42 days.[Conclusion] PSP was provided with the effects of antioxidation and anti-aging that may be related to polyhydroxy structure.

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