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    <正>1. Requirement for Articles The journal mainly publishes original research papers, research notes, letters and reports about new technology on pharmaceutics, medicinal botany, medicinal chemistry of natural products, pharmacology and toxicology, and other related fields. These articles can refer to basic theory, applied research and high-tech, etc. A manuscript must offer detailed document and reliable data. The innovative

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  • Effects of Cycocel on Growth and Hypericin Content of Hypericum perforatum L

    [Objective] To study the effects of cycocel(CCC) on growth and hypericin content of Hypericum perforatum L..[Method] Different concentrations of CCC were sprayed on Hypericum perforatum L.to determine the dynamic changes of growth morphology,chlorophyll fluorescent characteristics and hypericin content of Hypericum perforatum L..[Result] The results showed that the growth of Hypericum perforatum L.was inhibited by CCC,while the content of hypericin was improved significantly.The photosynthetic fluorescence effect of Hypericum perforatum L.could be regulated by appropriate concentration of CCC.[Conclusion] The production and medicinal content of Hypericum perforatum L.can be improved by proper concentration of plant hormone in large scale production and cultivation.In this study,physiological growth of Hypericum perforatum L.was regulated by different concentrations of plant hormone with chlorophyll fluorescence as index for the first time,in order to provide an enlightening insight for the safety production of Chinese medicinal herb.

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  • Study on Germination Characteristics of Artemisia indica Willd.Seeds

    [Objective] The aim was to investigate the germination characteristics of Artemisia indica Willd.seeds cultured under different conditions.[Method] Germination tests were carried out to evaluate the effects of different germination beds,temperature,illumination,pH value,water potential,planting depth,pretreatment,storage methods and storage time on germination of Artemisia indica Willd.seeds.[Result] The results showed that the seeds on paper(TP) assumed the highest germination rates,which was 94.32%.The suitable range of germination temperature of the seeds was from 20 to 35 ℃,and the germinability and germination rate were 67.50% and 93.25% respectively cultured at 25 ℃.Illumination had no effect on the germination of the seeds.The germination rate was 80.21% to 92.98% with pH of 4-10.The most suitable solution potential was 0--0.2 Mpa,with the germination rate of 88.25%-93.02%,and the most suitable soil depth was from 0 to 1 cm,with the germination rate of 92.53%.Gibberellin is conducive to the germination of the seeds and the vitality of seeds can be maintained for longer time storage in refrigerator.[Conclusion] The study revealed the germination characteristics of Artemisia indica Willd.seeds and the optimum culture conditions,which would provide reference for the further introduction and cultivation of Artemisia indica Willd..

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  • Test on Viability and Germination of Morinda citrifolia Seed

    [Objective]To survey the affecting factors on the germination of Morinda citrifolia seeds.[Method]With Morinda citrifolia seed as material,the seed viability was determined with 2,3,5-triphynel tetrazolilum chloride(TTC) staining,and the germination test was carried out with eight different treatments.[Result]The mean seed viability of Morinda citrifolia seeds was 17%.The effects of aBD treatment(soaking and scarifying but not sterilizing) and ABD treatment(sterilizing,soaking and scarifying) on the germination of Morinda citrifolia seeds were the most important performing that the mean germination rates were 13.3% and 12% respectively,and the mean germination energy were 5.7% and 7.7% respectively.The germination of Morinda citrifolia seeds did not affected greatly by the single treatment i.e.sterilizing,soaking or scarifying.[Conclusion]The germination of Morinda citrifolia seeds was impacted by many factors not single factor,which could be promoted by soaking the seeds in warm water and scarifying comprehensively.

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  • Study on the Pharmacognosy of Thymus quinquecostatus Celak

    [Objective]To study the pharmacognosy of Thymus quinquecostatus Celak.and provide basis for the further research of Thymus quinquecostatus Celak..[Methods]The paraffin section technology was used to observe the microscopic characteristics of stems and leaves of T.quinquecostatus Celak..The slide with chloral hydrate was used to observe the microscopic characteristics of the stems and leaves powder.[Results]There were exclusive characteristics in original plant,properties and microscopic aspects of Thymus quinquecostatus Celak..[Conclusion]The properties,microscopic and physiochemical characteristics of the T.quinquecostatus Celak.were studied in this research which will provide basis for the identification and the further research of Thymus quinquecostatus Celak..

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  • Studies on the Distribution of Paris Medicinal Plants resources in Guizhou Province

    [Objective] To survey the distribution of Paris medicinal plants in Guizhou Province and provide basic data for the reasonable development and utilization of the resources in Guizhou.[Method] By consulting the specimen and the related literature,the comprehensive analysis was made.[Result] It was known that there were 9 species,9 varieties,1 variant of Paris medicinal plants in Guizhou Province.Among which,two varieties were endemic varieties in Guizhou.[Conclusion] The situations of Paris medicinal plants resources in Guizhou Province were basically made clear.

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  • Growth Characteristics and Distribution of Fagopyrum cymosum in Liangshan

    To protect and utilize the Fagopyrum cymosum resources better,the wild Fagopyrum cymosum resources in 17 counties of Liangshan in Sichuan province were investigated.The result showed that there were 3 types Fagopyrum cymosum distributing in Liangshan under different ecologic environments,and the species,growth characteristics and geographical distribution of Fagopyrum cymosum in Liangshan were preliminarily confirmed.

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  • Study on Rooting Culture of Sarcardra glabra(Thunb.) Nakai tube plantlet

    [Objective] To establish an efficient rooting protocol in vitro for perfecting tissue culture system of Sarcandra glabra(Thunb.) Nakai.[Method] The regenerated buds of Sarcandra glabra(Thunb.) Nakai.as tested materials,the effects of different concentrations and types of auxins,inorganic salt and sucrose on adventitious root formation were studied.[Result] NAA went against the rooting induction of Sarcandra glabra(Thunb.) Nakai..IBA could improve the rooting speed and the root system quality,the optimum concentration of which was 0.2 mg/L.Lower mineral strength such as 1/2MS or 1/4MS was much better for rooting of Sarcandra glabra(Thunb.) Nakai..Too high or too low sucrose concentration had some restrained effect on root formation,the best induction results were obtained at the concentration of 30 g/L.[Conclusion] The optimal rooting media of Sarcandra glabra(Thunb.) Nakai.was 1/2MS+IBA0.2 mg/L +sucrose 30 g/L or 1/4 MS+IBA 0.2 mg/L +sucrose 30 g/L.

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  • Study on Experimental Planting of Introduced Cannabis stativa L

    [Objective]To explore the growth and development rule and yield performance of Cannabis stativa L.introduced to Guizhou Province.[Method]Three Cannabis stativa L.varieties(Guangxi bama variety,Yunnan variety and Xingyi variety) were collected and introduced to Xingyi and Wangmo of Guizhou Province,aiming at comparing the characteristics,studying the cultivation technology and observing the adaptability of them.[Result]Cannabis stativa L.of Guangxi bama variety grew well with bulky plant and thick branch,which was better than that of Yunnan variety and Xingyi variety.The yield of Guangxi bama variety,Xingyi variety and Yunnan variety ranked the first,second and third respectively,the differences among which were significant at 0.01 level.The yield of three varieties cultivated at the planting density of 150 cm×150 cm,150 cm×180 cm and 150 cm × 120 cm ranked the first,second and third respectively,the differences among which were significant at 0.01 level.The differences of the interaction between variety and planting density were also significant at 0.01 level,due to which the density of 150 cm×150 cm was selected as the optimum planting density.[Conclusion]Cultivated in southwest of Guizhou,south of Guizhou,Anshun and southeast of Guizhou which locates in Nanpanjiang,Beipanjiang,Hongshui River,Chishui River and Wuyang River with mean annual temperature more than 19 ℃,elevation of 550-1 400 m,rainfall of 1 000-1 500 mm,annual lumination more than 1400 h and frost free period more than 350 d or no frost,Cannabis stativa L.could grow well and flower and fruit normally.

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  • Comparison of Hypericin Contents in Hypericum hubeiense and Hypericum perforatum

    [Objective]The contents of hypericin in Hypericum hubeiense and Hypericum perforatum were comparatively determined,aiming at providing basis for the development and utilization of Hypericum hubeiense.[Method]HPLC was used,and the chromatographic conditions were as follows:Supelcosil ODS(4.6 mm×250 mm,5 μm) column,mobile phase of methanol-acetonitrile-water-0.3% aqueous solution of phosphoric acid(v:v=45:50:4.5:0.5,adjusting the pH to 6 with triethylamine),flow rate of 1 ml/min and detection wavelength of 590 nm.[Result]The content of hypericin in Hypericum hubeiense was 3 times as that in Hypericum perforatum growing in the same environment and decreased with the increasing elevation of its growth.Meanwhile,the hypericin content in the flowers and young fruits of Hypericum hubeiense was the highest which was 0.617%-0.877%,and that in leaves and ripe fruits was about 0.35%,while that in roots and stems was extremely low.[Conclusion]This will provide theoretical basis for the artificial cultivation,scientific harvest and development of Hypericum hubeiense.

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  • Relationship between Market Pricing and the Content of Alkaloids,Polysaccharides of Herba Dendrobii in Different Origins

    [Objective]To explore the relationship between market pricing and the content of total alkaloids and polysaccharides of Herba Dendrobii in different origins.[Method]The content of total alkaloids and polysaccharides in Herba Dendrobii were determined with the bromocresol green colorimetry and phenol-concentrated sulfuric acid colorimetry respectively,and comparatively analyzed with the price.[Result]The contents of total alkaloids and polysaccharides of Herba Dendrobii in different origins varied,which was high in Dendrobium nobile(obtained from Chishui,Guizhou Province),Dendrobium loddigesii Rolfe.,Dendrobium chrysanthun Wall.and Dendrobium fimbriatum Hook.Var.oculatum Hook.(obtained from Xingyi,Guizhou Province).Meanwhile,the content of total alkaloids,polysaccharides had positive correlation with the prices of Herba Dendrobii.[Conclusion]There was a close relationship between the content of total alkaloids,polysaccharides and the prices of Herba Dendrobii,both of which were affected by their habitats.The study will provide references for the market pricing and quality evaluation of Herba Dendrobii.

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  • Study on Essential Oil Constituents of Aralia cordata Thunb.from Different Habitats

    [Objective] To identify components and differences of the essential oil from roots of Aralia cordata Thunb.in Qingchuan and Mao County.[Method] The essential oils were extracted from A.cordata Thunb.in Qingchuan and Mao County by water steam distillation and the chemical constituents of the essential oils were analyzed by GC-MS method.[Result] Fiifty-nine(Qingchuan,57.150% of the total essential oils) and 36(Mao County,45.867% of the total essential oil) compounds were identified,respectively.The main constituents in Qingchuang were α-bisabolol(4.093%),pimaral(18.857%),sclarene(6.750%),abietic acid,(3.900%) 13β-methyl-13-vinyl-7-en-3-one-podocarp(4.238%),and so on.The main constituents in Mao County were α-bisabolol(2.502%),pimaral(10.732%),[1R-(1R*,3E,)]-3,7-dien-12-ol,4,8,12,15,15-pentamethyl-bicyclo[9.3.1] pentadec-a(10.209%),pimaric acid(12.305%),and so on.[Conclusion] The volatile constituents of A.cordata Thunb in Qingchuan and Mao County are different,which will provide reference standard for the quality control of commodity Aralia cordata Thunb.in different areas.

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  • Research on Cutting Propagation of Callicarpa macrophylla and Callicarpa dichotoma

    [Objective ] To provide an effective way for rapid propagation of Callicarpa macropylla and Callicarpa dichotoma.[Method] With healthy C.macropylla and C.dichotoma semi-lignified branches as the materials and treatment with clean water as CK,the effects of 500,1 000 mg/L naphthalene acetic acid(NAA) and 500,1 000 mg/L indole butyric acid(IBA) on rooting rate,max root length and root number were studied.[Result ] The rooting rate,max root length and root number of C.macropylla and C.dichotoma were greatly improved with the treatment of NAA and IBA.The rooting rate of C.macropylla branches was the highest(20% higher than that of CK),and the treatment of 1 000 mg/L NAA and the treatment of 500 mg/L IBA was most suitable for the cutting propagation of C.dichotoma.[Conclusion] The best treatment was obtained in this study,which would provide an effective way for the rapid propagation of C.macropylla and C.dichotoma.

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  • Effects of Different Extraction Methods on Antibacterial Activity of Schisandra chinensis(Turcz.) Baill.Extracts

    [Objective]To investigate the antibacterial activity of Schisandra chinensis(Turcz.) Baill.extracts and provide reference for the deeper utilization of Schisandra chinensis(Turcz.) Baill..[Method] Supercritical CO2 extraction,ethanol extraction and water extraction were used to extract Schisandra chinensis(Turcz.) Baill..[Result]The tested strains were inhibited by the extracts of Schisandra chinensis(Turcz.) Baill.,among which the antibacterial effect of ethanol extract was superior to the other two.[Conclusion]The ethanol extract of Schisandra chinensis(Turcz.) Baill.had the best antibacterial activity which would provide reference for further utilizing Schisandra chinensis(Turcz.) Baill.and raising its adding vulue.

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  • Determination of Seven Metabolites of Magnolia officinalis Rendet Wils.by HPLC

    [Objective] To establish an optimal extraction process for simultaneous determination of seven effective metabolites of Magnolia officinalis Rendet Wils.By HPLC method.[Method] The chromatographic conditions were as follows:Samples were performed on the chromatographic column model Shim-pack CLC-ODS(4.6 mm×250 mm,5 m).The mobile phase consisted of acetonitrile(A) and 0.1% formic acid(B).[Result] The regression equation,with peak area(y) as ordinate and concentration(x) as abscissas,of chlorogenic acid,rutin,hyperin,quercitrin,quercetin,magnolol and honokiol,were y =1E+05x-306 360(r=0.999 8),y=5E+04x-79 920(r=0.999 4),y=5E+04x-55 280(r=0.999 9),y=5E+04x-60 530(r=0.999 9),y=2.5E+04x-57 010(r=0.999 8),y=2E+04x+7 102(r=0.999 9) and y=2E+04x+7 102(r=0.999 9),respectively.The concentrations of reference substances showed good linear relationship with peak area within 3.125-100.00 μg/ml.The average recovery rates of chlorogenic acid,rutin,hyperin,quercitrin,quercetin,magnolol and honokiol were 103.98%,101.65%,99.17%,103.59%,103.59%,102.44% and 104.62%,with RSD of 3.37%,2.86%,3.02%,2.89%,2.86%,1.18% and 3.67%,respectively.The content of chlorogenic acid,rutin,hyperin,quercitrin,quercetin,magnolol and honokiol from different parts of Magnolia offiinalis were different from each other.All the 7 effective compounds could be detected in the leaf of Magnolia offiinalis,thereinto,the content of quercitrin,magnolol and honokiol were high,while the content of hyperin and quercetin were low.[Conclusion] The established HPLC method was simple,convenient,stable and with good repeatability,which would provide reference for the further development and utilization of Magnolia officinalis Rendet Wils.

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  • Effects of Triptolide on Inflammatory Factors in Alzheimer's Disease Cell Model

    [Objective]To observe the preventive and therapeutic effects of T10 on A β1-42 oligomer mediated Alzheimer's Disease(AD) and its mechanism.[Method]The microglia cells were pre-treated with 10-11-10-8 mol/L T10 for 12 h before 10 μmol/L A β1-42 was added in,and incubated for 12 hours together.The content of TNF-α and IL-1β in supernatant were determined by ELISA.The conditioned medium was collected and was added with the hippocampus neurons treating for 24 hours.The survival rate of the neurons was detected by MTT.[Result]T10 could significantly decrease the release of TNF-and IL-1β induced by A β1-42 from microglia in vitro and raise the survival rate of the hippocampus neurons.[Conclusion]T10 could protect the hippocampus neurons through inhibiting the activation of microglia.

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  • Rapid Determination of Quercetin Content in Gynostemma pentaphyllum(Thunb.) Makino by HPLC

    [Objective] To establish a simple,rapid and accurate analytical method for detecting quercetin in Gynostemma pentaphyllum(Thunb.) Makino by high perfomance liquid chromatograph(HPLC).[Method]The conditions of chromatography were as follows:Microsorb-MV100-5C18 column(4.6 mm × 250 mm,5 m) was adopted with a mobile phase of methanol-mixtrue [acetonitrile:1% acetic acid:0.4% phosphoric acid,V/V/V](37:63,V/V);the flow rate was 0.6 ml/min,and the detective wavelength was 372 nm.[Result]The linear range was 0.64-25.60 g/ml(r = 0.999 9),the average recovery was over 96%(n = 9).[Conclusion] The established method is simple,rapid and accurate.

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  • Study on Bioassay-guided Isolation of Cytotoxic Compounds from Bark of Betula albo-sinensis Burk

    [Objective]To study the anti-tumor active ingredients of Betula albo-sinensis Burk.bark.[Method]The compounds were isolated and purified by bioassay-guided procedure using various chromatographic methods and the structures were identified by modern spectroscopic technology.[Result]Five pentacyclic triterpenoids were obtained from the active substances of chloroform extract and identified as lup-20(29)-en-28-ol-3β-yl caffeate(Ⅰ),betulin(Ⅱ),lupeol(Ⅲ),betulinic acid(Ⅳ) and betulonic acid(Ⅴ).All the compounds showed cytotoxic activities on Bel-7402,B16 and A549 cell lines.[Conclusion]All the compounds obtained from this study were isolated from Betula albo-sinensis Burk.firstly.

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  • Determination of Resveratrol and the Other Three Constituents of Polygonum Cusprdatum Sieb.et Zucc by HPLC

    [Objective] To establish a method for simultaneous determination of resveratrol,polydatin,emodin and physcion in Giant Knotweed Rhizome by HPLC.[Methods] The HPLC method was established with DIKMA C18 column(200 mm×4.6 mm,5 μm)and a mobile phase of acetonitrile-0.1% phosphoric acid.The flow rate was 1.0 ml/min;the detection wavelength was 303 nm and the column temperature was 30 ℃.[Results]the linear regression equation of resveratrol,polydatin,emodin and physcion were y = 7 116 169x + 15 631(r=0.999 9),y= 395 313x + 50(r=0.999 9),y=2 752 869x-266 4(r=0.999 9) and y = 463 866x-1 413(r=0.999 9),and present good linear relationship within 0.026-0.520 μg,0.045-0.765 μg,0.026-0.520 μg and 0.026-0.442 μg,respectively.[Conclusion]The method is feasible with good repeatability,and can be used for quality control of Giant Knotweed Rhizome.

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  • Optimization of Separation Condition of Triterpenoids from Ganoderma lucidum under HPLC

    [Objective]To optimize the separation condition of triterpenoids from Ganoderma lucidum.[Method]The effects of different extraction solvents,different mobile phases and different sampling volume on the separation of triterpenoids were studied by RP-HPLC,and the triterpenoids of 4 kinds of health care products were determined under the optimum condition.[Result]The optimum condition was as follows:extraction solvents of chloroform,mobile phase of 0.2% acetic acid-water,sampling volume of 10-30 μl,and the chromatogram of 2 kinds of the health care products were similar with that of Ganoderma lucidum medicinal material.[Conclusion]The optimum conditions were obtained,and the 4 kinds of health care products were determined by this method,which could used to control the extraction quality of Ganoderma lucidum and evaluate the health care products.

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  • Effects of Prunus pedunculata Pall.Fruit Extracts on Activity of Dehydrogenase and Catalase during the Germination of Wheat Seeds

    [Objective] To study the effects of Prunus pedunculata Pall.fruit extracts on the content of dehydrogenase and catalase during the germination of wheat seeds.[Method] The UV spectrophotometry and the permanganimetric method were used to determine the content of dehydrogenase and catalase in wheat seeds respectively.[Result] It showed that the content of dehydrogenase in wheat seeds was relative higher cultured with the 0.1 g/ml endocarp extracts and the 0.1-0.15 g/ml sarcocarp extracts,while the content of catalase was relative higher cultured with the 0.05 g/ml endocarp extracts and the 0.1 g/ml sarcocarp extracts.[Conclusion] All the content of dehydrogenase and catalase in wheat seeds were affected by the Prunus pedunculata Pall.fruit extracts,therefore,the Prunus pedunculata Pall.fruit extracts of appropriate concentration could be used to culture wheat seeds.

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  • Study on Anti-microbial Activities of Total Alkaloids in Elaeagnus mollis

    [Object]To provide theoretical basis for the feasibility of developing total alkaloids in Elaeagnus mollis as botanical pesticide.[Method]Total alkaloids in the leaves of Elaeagnus mollis were extracted by ultrasonic-assisted method,five kinds of alkaloids were isolated and the anti-microbial activity of which were determined.[Result] Five kinds of alkaloids in Elaeagnus mollis had obvious anti-microbial effect on Bacillus subtilis,Staphylococcus aureus,V.ceratosperma and Verticillium dahliae while the bactriostasis on E.coli was unconspicuous,among which non-phenol tertiary amine alkaloids had the strongest antimicrobial activity and the MIC of Bacillus subtilis and Staphylococcus aureus were 0.4 mg/ml and 0.8 mg/ml respectively;when the density of non-phenol tertiary amine alkaloids was 3.2 mg/ml,the inhibition rates on V.ceratosperma and Verticillium dahliae were 72.7% and 93.4%;The alkaloids in Elaeagnus mollis had good resistant to heat,the antibacterial activity of which was not reduced after high temperature treatment;the antimicrobial activity of alkaloids was decreased through acidizing while the acidification antibacterial liquid had the strongest antimicrobial activity when the pH value was 7.[Conclusion]Total alkaloids in Elaeagnus mollis are expected to be broad-spectrum botanical pesticide.

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  • Analysis of Absolute Oil in Robinia pseudoacacia L.Flower by GC-MS and Appraisal of Its Effects in Cigarette

    [Objective] To extract the absolute oil of Robinia pseudoacacia L.,and analyze its chemical components as well as appraise its effects on cigarette.[Method] The absolute oil of Robinia pseudoacacia L.flower was extracted from the extractum by ethanol.GC-MS technology was used to identify the chemical components of absolute oil in Robinia pseudoacacia L.flower.The absolute oil of Robinia pseudoacacia L.flower was added into cigarette to assess its usability.[Result] The absolute oil yield rate of Robinia pseudoacacia L.flower was 65.88%.10 kinds of volatile and nonvolatile components of absolute oil in Robinia pseudoacacia L.flower were identified by GC-MS technology.The absolute oil of Robinia pseudoacacia L.flower could significantly reduce the offensive odor of cigarette.[Conclusion] The study can provide scientific basis for developing new type of nature aroma material in Chinese type cigarette and reasonably utilizing rich Robinia pseudoacacia L.flower resources.

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  • Studies on Antioxidative Activities of Different Polarity Fractions of Rhodiola rosea L.Extract in Vitro

    [Objective] To investigate the antioxidant activities of different polarity fractions of Rhodiola rosea L.extracts in vitro.[Method] The extracts of Rhodiola rosea L.were divided into 3 different polarity fractions by ethyl acetate,normal butyl alcohol and water.The antioxidant activities of which were compared and assessed by reducing capacity,scavenging activities of superoxide anion radical(O2-·),hydroxyl radicals(·OH) and inferior nitric acid root(NO-2).[Result] Different polarity fractions of Rhodiola rosea L.extracts showed antioxidant activities,while the antioxidant activity of which varied in different reaction systems and the differences existed among different polarity fractions.Ethyl acetate fraction and normal butyl alcohol fraction had better reducing activity and scavenging activities on O2-· and ·OH than water fraction did.However,water fraction had better scavenging effects on NO-2 than ethyl acetate fraction and normal butyl alcohol fraction did.[Conclusion] Extracts from Rhodiola rosea L.had strong antioxidant activity,which could be a good source of natural antioxidants

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  • Microwave-assisted Extraction of Total Flavonoids from the Flower of Gossampinus malabarica(DC.) Merr

    [Objective]To confirm the optimum extraction conditions for total flavonoids from the flower of Gossampinus malabarica(DC.) Merr.[Method] The technological conditions of microwave-assisted extraction for total flavonoids were investigated by the single factor test and orthogonal test.[Result] The optimum conditions of microwave-assisted extraction were as follows:microwave extraction time of 100 s,microwave power of 240 W,ethanol concentration of 60%(V/V,the same as following) and solid-liquid ratio of 1:40,under which the yield of total flavoniods from the flower of Gossampinus malabarica(DC.) Merr.was 4.79%.The yield of total flavonoids extracted with the conventional method was 4.07%.[Conclusion]The Microwave-assisted extraction was superior to the conventional method,and this study would provide experimental and theoretical evidence for the utilization of Gossampinus malabarica(DC.) Merr..

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  • Determination of Berberine Hydrochloride in Shihu Yeguang Pills by HPLC

    [Objective] HPLC method was developed to determine the contents of berberine hydrochloride in Shihu Yeguang pills.[Method] C18 column(250 mm×4.6 mm,5 μm) was introduced in this study,acetonitrile-0.34% potassium dihydrogen phosphate-0.17% sodium dodecylsulphate(48:26:26) as the mobile phase,345 nm as the detection wavelength.[Result]The linear relationship of chlorogenic acid was good in the range of 0.042 8-1.154 8 μg,the recovery rate was 99.5% and the RSD was 2.8%.[Conclusion]The method is convenient and accurate that could be applied in quantitative determination of the medicine.

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  • Study on the Scavenging Activity of Huidouba Extract on Free Radical in Vitro

    [Objective] To study the scavenging activity of Huidouba extracts on free radical in vitro.[Method] Taking Vc as control,the scavenging effects of 3 intermediates(HDB-1,HDB-2 and HDB-3) of Huidouba extracts on superoxide radical,hydroxyl radical,and DPPH radical at three different extraction stages were compared.[Result] Among three intermediates of Huidouba in different extraction stages,the scavenging effects of HDB-1 on superoxide radical,hydroxyl radical,and DPPH radical were strongest,which reached 36.2%,31.1% and 35.0% respectively in this study.There were no significant differences between HDB-2 and HDB-3 on scavenging activity.[Conclusion] The extracts of Huidouba in this study have the potential to be developed as natural radical scavenger.

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  • HPLC-ELSD Fingerprint of Bulbus Fritillariea unibractea from Different Producing Areas

    [Objective]To establish a HPLC-ELSD fingerprint analysis method of Fritillaria unibractea,and provide references for the quality control of Fritillaria unibracteata.[Methods]The separation was performed on an Agilent Extend-C18(4.6 mm × 250 mm,5 μm)with gradient mobile phase consisting of water(0.02% Triethylamine) and carbinol.The flow rate was 1.0 ml/min.The temperature of drift tube was 90 ℃ and the volume flow of carrier gas was 2.3 L/min.The sampling volume was 10 μl and the temperature of column was 25 ℃.[Results]The fingerprint chromatogram of 16 batches of Fritillaria unibractea from different producing areas was set up,with 15 common peaks shown.[Conclusion]The method was accuracy and can be used in the identification and quality control of Fritillaria unibractea.

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  • Determination of γ-Aminobutyric Acid in Pinellia ternate(Thunb.)Breit.at different Growth Stages

    [Objective] To establish a method for determing γ-aminobutyric acid in the Pinellia ternate(Thunb.)Breit..[Method] γ-aminobutyric acid in the Pinellia ternate(Thunb.)Breit.at different growth stages was determined by TLC.[Result] The content of γ-aminobutyric acid and peak area were in good linear relationship in the range of 0-1.0 mg/ml(r=0.998 1),the average recovery rate was 95.6%,RSD was 4.12%.The content of γ-aminobutyric acid in Pinellia ternate(Thunb.)Breit.was 0.143% in early May.[Conclusion] The best harvest time of Pinellia ternate(Thunb.)Breit.is the first ten days of May.

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  • Comparative Analysis of The Main Functional Components in Hang Chrysanthemum and Huai Chrysanthemum

    [Objective]The natural active substances in 2 kinds of Chrysanthemum were studied,aiming at providing theoretical evidence for the development and utilization of Chrysanthemum.[Method]The HPLC and UV spectrophotometry were used.[Result]The content of chlorogenic acid in Hang Chrysanthemum and Huai Chrysanthemum were 3.44±0.17(DW) mg/g and 6.74±0.20(DW) mg/g with RSD value of 4.87% and 2.97% respectively;the contents of dissociative amino acid in the two were 50.54±0.27(DW) mg/g and 46.28±1.55(DW) mg/g with RSD value of 0.53% and 3.34% respectively;the contents of total saccharides in the two kinds of Chrysanthemum were 195.24±1.65(DW) mg/g and 161.95±2.61(DW) mg/g,with RSD value of 0.84% and 1.61% respectively.[Conclusion]The main functional components of 2 kinds of Chrysanthemum from different habitats were comparative analyzed,and this will provide theoretical evidence for the development and utilization of Chrysanthemum.

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  • Isolation and Determination of Catechin from Cynomorium songaricum Rupr

    [Objective] To establish the isolation and determination methods of catechin from Cynomorium songaricum Rupr.[Method] The dried Cynomorium songaricum Rupr.powder was extracted with 50% ethanol through ultrasonic and purified with macroporous absorption resin.HPLC conditions were as follows:C18 column(250 mm×4.6 mm,5 μm);mobile phase of acetonitrile-0.2acetic acid(15:85 V/V);room temperature as column temperature;flow rate of 1ml/min,detective wavelength of 280 nm.[Result] Catechin was concentrated in 35% ethanol elution fraction;the sample and the negative control were separated well,the linear range of catechin was 0.005-0.04 mg/ml(r = 0.999 9),the recovery rate was 98%,RSD was 0.658%.[Conclusions] Catechin can be isolated and purified from Cynomorium songaricum Rupr.effectively;HPLC is suitable for the determination with the advantages of small deviation and good reproducibility.

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  • Analysis of Chemical Constituents of Petroleum Ether Extract from Sagina japonica(Sw.) Ohwi and Screening of Its Anti-tumor Activity

    [Objective] To analyze the chemical constituents of petroleum ether extract from Sagina japonica(Sw.) Ohwi and study its anti-tumor activity.[Method] GC-MS technology was applied to analyze and identify the chemical constituents of petroleum ether extract from Sagina japonica(Sw.) Ohwi.MTT method and SRB method were used to determine the anti-tumor activity of the extract on three human cancer cell lines(human leukemia K562 cell line,human cervical carcinoma Hela cell line and human breast carcinoma MCF-7 cell line).[Result]Twenty-five kinds of constituents were isolated and identified from petroleum ether extract of Sagina japonica(Sw.) Ohwi,among which the content of aliphatic acid was the highest and that of linoleic acid was 49.318%.There was weak anti-tumor activity of petroleum ether extract from Sagina japonica(Sw.) Ohwi on K562 cell line,while there was no anti-tumor activity of that on Hela cell line and MCF-7 cell line.[Conclusion] The research would provide basis for the comprehensive application of Sagina japonica(Sw.) Ohwi in clinic.

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  • Extraction and Physicochemical Properties of Pigment from Glycine max(L.) Merr Episperm of Hukou in Jiangxi Province

    [Objective]To study the industrial application value of Glycine max(L.) Merr from Hukou,Jiangxi Province by discussing the extraction process and physicochemical properties of the pigment extracted from Glycine max(L.) Merr episperm.[Method]The traditional extraction method,microwave extraction and ultrasonic extraction were studied,and the extraction process was optimized by orthogonal test.With absorbance as index,the effects of heat,light,H2O2 solution,Na2SO3 solution and metal ions on the pigment stability were surveyed.[Result] Ultrasonic extraction was the optimum extraction method,and the optimum extraction processes were as follows:pH of 1,extraction solvent of 20% ethanol,solid-liquid ratio of 1:40,extraction temperature of 60 ℃,extraction power of 80 W and extraction time of 20 min.The thermal resistance and light fastness of the pigment were good,while they were greatly impacted by several factors such as oxidants,reducing agents and metal ions.[Conclusion]The optimum extraction process for the pigment from Glycine max(L.) Merr episperm cultivated in Hukou of Jiangxi Province was obtained,which will provide basis for the industrial application of Glycine max(L.) Merr.

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  • Determination of Coixol in Root,Testa and Stem of Coix lacryma-jobi L.var.ma-yuen(Roman.)Stapf by HPLC

    [Objective]To establish a method for the determination of coixol in root,stem and testa of Coix lacryma-jobi L.var.ma-yuen(Roman.)Stapf herbs by HPLC.[Method]HPLC was used and the conditions were as follows:Agilent HC-C18 column(4.6 mm×250 mm,5 μm),mobile phase of acetonitrile-0.1% phosphoric acid(V:V=25:75),flow rate of 1.0 ml/min,column temperature of 25 ℃ and detection wavelength of 232 nm.[Result] The contents of coixol in different parts of Coix lacryma-jobi L.var.ma-yuen(Roman.)Stapf.were as follows:root>testa>stem.[Conclusion]This method is accurate and specific,which is useful for the integrative exploitation of coixol in root,testa and stem of Coix lacryma-jobi L.var.ma-yuen(Roman.)Stapf.

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  • Optimization of the Extraction Process for Gingerol from Rhizome Zingiberis

    [Objective] To optimize the extraction process of gingerol from dry rhizome of Zingiber officinale Rose..[Method] Ethanol reflux method was adopted,with the extraction rate of gingerol as index,ethanol volume,reflux time and extraction times were selected for the orthogonal experiment.[Result] The optimum extraction process of gingerol from dried Ginger was as follows:5.5 ml 60% ethanol,extraction time of 3,1 h of each time.[Conclusion] The determined process is reasonable,reproductive and efficient which has instructive significance for the industrial extraction of Rhizoma zingiberis.

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