Chemical Composition of Natural Medicine

  • Identification and Analysis of Chemical Components in Zhideke Granules by UPLC-Q-Orbitrap HRMS

    Jie LIANG;Guangqiang HUANG;Zhengyi SUN;Tanfang XIE;Yaohua LI;Jing QI;Yue FENG;Jianli LIANG;Hua ZHU;Lichun ZHAO;

    [Objectives] To identify and analyze chemical components in Zhideke Granules by ultra performance liquid chromatography-quadrupole/electrostatic field orbitrap high resolution mass spectrometry(UPLC-Q-Orbitrap HRMS). [Methods] Zhideke Granules were isolated on a Thermo Hypersil Gold C_(18) column(2.1 mm×100 mm, 1.9 μm). The mobile phase was 0.1% formic acid acetonitrile and 0.1% formic acid aqueous solution(containing 10 mmol ammonium acetate) with gradient elution. Chemical components in Zhideke Granules were rapidly isolated and identified by HRMS in the positive and negative ion mode with full scan data-dependent two stage threshold-triggered mass modes(Full MS/dd-MS~2). [Results] The secondary fragment ion information of the target compound was selected and compared with the compound reported in the databases and related literatures for further confirmation. In total, 30 chemical compounds were identified, including 12 flavonoids and glycosides, 9 organic acids, 3 nitrogen-containing compounds, and 6 other components. [Conclusions] In this study, the UPLC-Q-Orbitrap HRMS was used for the first time to analyze the chemical components in Zhideke Granules. It is intended to provide a reference for the quality evaluation and further study of pharmacodynamic materials of Zhideke Granules.

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  • Advances in Research of Chemical Components and Pharmacological Effects of Platycladus orientalis Leaves

    Ruifeng ZHANG;Yang ZENG;Likuan LIU;Hongyu WANG;Wenming ZUO;Junyan ZHANG;Jinping LI;

    Platycladi Cacumen(Platycladus orientalis leaf) is a traditional Chinese medicine with a variety of medicinal values, and its efficacy has been recorded by many ancient books. Its chemical components mainly include flavonoids, volatile oil, tannins and so on. Pharmacological studies have confirmed that P. orientalis leaves have various pharmacological effects such as antibacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-tumor, hair growth promoting and hemostatic effects. Through review of the research on the chemical components and pharmacological effects of P. orientalis leaves, this study is intended to provide reference for the research, development and utilization of P. orientalis.

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Germplasm Resources and Cultivation

  • Practical Cultivation Techniques of Gardenia jasminoides Ellis for Flowers-Fruits in Hunan Province

    Yan YANG;Yuxi TANG;Pingshu QIN;Xinghua WU;Jie TANG;Lei LI;Yongjin LI;

    In order to protect and develop the local resources of Gardenia jasminoides Ellis with Hunan characteristics, this paper uses the existing technology, analyzes the existing achievements in the cultivation of G. jasminoides Ellis, investigates and analyzes the actual situation of the seedling base and cooperatives in Hunan, and collects the relevant index data related to the cultivation of G. jasminoides Ellis. This paper summarizes the practical techniques related to land selection, soil preparation, seedling breeding, afforestation technology, tending management, pest control and so on, in order to provide reference basis for planting and cultivateon and industrial development of G. jasminoides Ellis in Hunan.

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  • Introduction and Selection of Dandelion Varieties under the Forest

    Yantong SHI;Lin LI;Lin YANG;Zijin NIE;

    [Objectives] To select dandelion varieties suitable for forest land in Beijing suburb plain.[Methods] With the local varieties in Beijing as control, four dandelion varieties, Hebei 2, Shandong 1, Anhui 1 and Henan 1 were introduced, and the growth differences, effective components and yield indexes of different varieties were analyzed. [Results] The leaf and root yield of Henan 1 dandelion was significantly higher than that of the control, and the content of caffeic acid in the root was also higher than the standard of Pharmacopoeia. [Conclusions] On the whole, the dandelion variety Henan 1 is suitable for demonstration planting under the young forest in the plains of Beijing suburb.

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Pharmacological and Toxicological Analyses

  • Pseudostellaria heterophylla:Antioxidant Activity and Its Mechanism of Action

    Huiqing PAN;Yanda ZHANG;Yufang MA;Qi ZHAO;

    The tonic traditional Chinese medicine Pseudostellaria heterophylla both medicinal and nutritional effects. It has been applied to research in the field of modern aquaculture, and its anti-oxidant clinical trials have also become a hot spot. Through searching domestic and foreign literature databases to sort out related literature, the anti-oxidation property of P. heterophylla was reviewed systematically from the three levels of in vitro chemical method, biological method and animal experiment method. On this basis, the functional mechanism of the anti-oxidant activity of P. heterophylla explored, in order to provide a reference for the follow-up in-depth research on the anti-oxidation of P. heterophylla and the discovery and development of feed and health care value of P. heterophylla the field of modern animal breeding.

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  • Evaluation of Anti-inflammatory Effect of Different Polar Parts of Argyreia acuta Lour.

    Wenya CHEN;

    [Objectives] To explore the anti-inflammatory effect and mechanisms of different polar parts of Argyreia acuta Lour. [Methods] The effect of different polar parts of A. acuta Lour. on the viability of mouse RAW264.7 cells was detected by the CCK-8 method. Lipopolysaccharide(LPS) was used to stimulate RAW264.7 cells to establish an in vitro inflammation model, and the NO, TNF-α and IL-6 contents were determined by Griess method and ELISA assays, respectively. [Results] Within the range of 12.5-200 μg/mL, all polar parts of A. acuta Lour. showed a proliferation effect on RAW264.7 cells, without cytotoxicity. The total extract, petroleum ether extract, ethyl acetate extract, and n-butanol extract all could inhibit the secretion of NO; and the petroleum ether extract and ethyl acetate extract could inhibit the secretion of TNF-α and IL-6. [Conclusions] The petroleum ether extract and ethyl acetate extract of A. acuta Lour. have significant anti-inflammatory activity, and the mechanism of action may be related to inhibiting the release of TNF-α and IL-6.

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Processing of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Quality Control

  • Effects of Different Material Ratios on the Dissolution of Tongmai Pills

    Xinhong ZHAO;Chao SUN;Yanwu ZHAO;Ying JIN;Bingya KANG;Tianchao CHEN;

    [Objectives] To study the effects of different material ratios on the dissolution of Tongmai pills. [Methods] Based on mixture uniform experiment design, the fiber, starch and grease-resin materials in Tongmai pills were proportioned. The contents of strychnine, brucine, paeoniflorin, calycosin, ferulic acid, hesperidin and salvianolic acid B in the solution were determined by HPLC, and the content of total flavonoids was determined by ultraviolet spectrophotometry. The weight coefficient of index components was determined by analytic hierarchy process, and the SAS software was used to optimize the dissolution model and calculate the dissolution parameter T_(40). MATLAB was used to establish a mathematical model and realize the data visualization between material ratio and dissolution parameter T_(40). [Results] The mathematical model between material ratio and dissolution parameter was T_(40)=8.93-5.31X_1-5.83X_2+17.67X_1X_3(X_1, X_2, X_3 are fiber, starch and grease-resin materials respectively, r~2=0.970 6, P=0.01, RMSE=0.569 6). [Conclusions] Fiber can effectively promote the dissolution(P<0.05).Starch can promote the dissolution, but the effect is not obvious(P=0.05). The interaction between fiber and grease-resin can inhibit the dissolution, but was not significant(P=0.07).

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  • Study on the Quality Standard of Dujieqing Pill

    Fengxian ZHAO;Jiabao MA;Jiangcun WEI;Xianxian LIU;Wenli LI;Yong CHEN;Zhengteng YANG;

    [Objectives] To establish the quality control method of Dujieqing pills. [Methods] Tangerine peel and Panax notoginseng in Dujieqing pills were qualitatively identified by thin layer chromatography(TLC). The content of hesperidin and ginsenoside Rb_1 was determined by HPLC. The acetonitrile-aqueous solution was used as mobile phase for gradient elution, the detection wavelength was 203 nm, the flow rate was 1.0 mL/min, the column temperature was 25 ℃, and the injection volume was 10 μL. [Results] Under TLC, tangerine peel and P. notoginseng had clear chromatographic spots, good separation effect, and strong specificity and negative samples showed no interference; there was a good linear relationship between hesperidin and ginsenoside Rb_1 in the range of 0.838-8.38 μg(R~2=0.999 4) and 0.44-4.4 μg(R~2=0.999 4), respectively; the average recovery(n=9) was 98.90%(RSD=2.31%) and 98.31%(RSD=2.56%), respectively. [Conclusions] The established quality control method is simple, reproducible, accurate and reliable, and can be used for the quality control of Dujieqing pills.

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  • Extraction Process of Total Flavonoids from Eucommiae Cortex and Its in vitro Antioxidant Activity

    Yunli TANG;Xiumei MA;Huazhen SU;Cheng PENG;Xiaofang XIE;Hongxia CHEN;

    [Objectives] To optimize the extraction process of total flavonoids from Eucommiae Cortex, establish the extraction and content determination methods of its medicinal materials, and study its in vitro antioxidant activity. [Methods] The total flavonoids from Eucommiae Cortex were extracted by reflux extraction method, and the effects of extraction method, extraction solvent concentration, extraction volume, and extraction time on the total flavonoids content of the medicinal materials were explored through the single factor experiment. Orthogonal experiment was carried out to optimize the extraction process conditions, and the optimal extraction process for total flavonoids from Eucommiae Cortex was screened out. The total antioxidant capacity index was used to determine the free radical scavenging ability of the total flavonoids from Eucommiae Cortex. [Results] The optimal extraction process of total flavonoids from Eucommiae Cortex was 50% ethanol, 1∶40 solid-to-liquid-ratio, and 1.5 h reflux extraction time. Through the antioxidant experiment in vitro, it is found that the total flavonoids from Eucommiae Cortex have a higher scavenging ability for the total antioxidant capacity, and there is a certain positive correlation with the mass concentration of total flavonoids. [Conclusions] This method can effectively determine the total flavonoids content of Eucommiae Cortex medicinal material, and provide a certain scientific basis for the quality standard research of the medicinal material. The total flavonoids from Eucommiae Cortex have good in vitro antioxidant activity. And the method for extracting total flavonoids from Eucommiae Cortex medicinal material in this experiment has good repeatability, high stability and feasibility.

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Clinical Application

  • Application and Prospect of Cold Hoop Confining Method in Psoriasis from Dermatopathology in Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine

    Xinwen LI;Bin ZHANG;Qingchun DIAO;Xiangyu HU;

    In the pathological changes of psoriasis vulgaris, excessive proliferation of keratinocytes, proliferation of microvessels, infiltration of a large number of inflammatory cells, and great shortening of epidermal replacement time, are the manifestations of Qi and Yin depletion, and they all correspond with pathological changes of nutrient Qi and blood deficiency caused by excessive loss. The treatment of psoriasis should focus on cold straight fire, convergence and fixation. Therefore, it is feasible to treat psoriasis with hoop in theory, and it is found that "cold hoop confining medicine" may be more suitable for the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris in the gradual progress of the experiment. The research could provide theoretical basis for the application of cold hoop confining medicine represented by brusatol in psoriasis vulgaris and related diseases.

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  • Efficacy and Safety of Wuling Powder and Western Medicine in Treatment of Hyperuricemia:A Meta-analysis of Clinical Trials

    Qiushuang LI;Zhe LI;Qingyu XIE;Kun ZHANG;Guang RONG;Pingxin HAN;

    [Objectives] To compare the clinical efficacy and safety of Wuling powder and conventional Western medicine for lowering uric acid in the treatment of hyperuricemia. [Methods] Databases such as CNKI, Wanfang Data, VIP Database, PubMed, Cochrane library and Embase, were retrieved, and comparative experiments of efficacy(serum uric acid level) and safety(incidence of adverse reactions) between Wuling powder(used singly or combined with other prescriptions) and conventional Western medicine in the treatment of hyperuricemia were included, and effect size was pooled with Revman 5.3. [Results] A total of 11 articles, involving 817 patients, were included, and their research quality was evaluated to be low. In terms of overall effect, Wuling powder(used singly or combined with other prescriptions) was better than the control drug in reducing serum uric acid level, but the difference was insignificant [SMD=-0.37, 95% CI(-0.90, 0.16)]. The heterogeneity between studies was high. The incidence of adverse reactions in the experimental group was significantly lower than that in the control group. Subgroup analysis shows that Wuling powder combined with other prescriptions was better than the control drug in reducing serum uric acid level [SMD=-0.37, 95% CI(-0.90, 0.16), P=0.17], and the heterogeneity was reduced. [Conclusions] Wuling powder combined with other prescriptions is better than conventional Western medicine in the treatment of hyperuricemia, and has better safety. Wuling powder alone is not as effective as conventional Western medicine. It is suggested that in clinical work, doctors may need to modify the prescription of Wuling powder. The low quality of the literature supporting this conclusion suggests that this evidence should be interpreted with caution.

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  • Efficacy of Anshen Jieyu Decoction for Sub-healthy People with Insomnia

    Shun ZENG;Nannan LIU;Shuang JIN;Xiong CHEN;Chunqi AI;

    [Objectives] To investigate the efficacy of Anshen Jieyu decoction for sub-healthy people with insomnia. [Methods] A total of 80 sub-healthy insomnia patients admitted to Taihe Hospital of Shiyan City from January, 2020 to December, 2020 were selected as the research objects. All the patients were divided into observation group and control group according to a random number table. The control group was treated with conventional Western medicine, and the observation group was treated with Anshen Jieyu decoction. The clinical treatment effect of the two groups was compared. [Results] Before the intervention, there was no significant difference in Pittsburgh sleep quality index between the two groups. After the intervention, the scores of time required to fall asleep [(1.2±0.3) points], sleep time [(1.2±0.4) points], sleep disorder [(1.2±0.2) points], sleep efficiency [(1.4±0.3 points)], sleep quality [(0.9±0.2) points] and daytime dysfunction [(0.9±0.4) points] of the observation group were significantly lower than those of the control group. There was no significant difference in life quality between the two groups before the intervention. The scores of physical function [(92.3±3.3) points], social function [(91.7±4.1) points], mental health [(92.3±4.1) points] and emotional role [(92.8±5.2) points] after the intervention were significantly higher than those before the intervention. Before the intervention, there was no significant difference in the severity of insomnia between the two groups. After the intervention, the score of insomnia severity index was(10.3±3.0) points in the observation group and was(12.2±2.9) points in the control group. In terms of safety, there were 23 cases of level 1, 15 cases of level 2 and 2 cases of level 3 in the observation group, and there were 20 cases of level 1, 16 cases of level 2 and 4 cases of level 3 in the control group. No significant difference was observed in treatment safety between the two groups. [Conclusions] Anshen Jieyu decoction is effective in treating sub-healthy insomnia and is worthy of promotion.

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  • A Case Report of Immediate Implant Placement Combined with Flap Surgery,Guided Bone Regeneration and Non-submerged Healing with a Labial Bone Wall Defect in the Esthetic Zone

    Lu LIU;Wenhui YU;Xitao LI;Hui ZHAO;Jianjun YANG;

    [Basckground] This case report presented a methodology for immediate implantation in the esthetic zone with a facial bone defect along with flap surgery, guided bone regeneration, and non-submerged healing. [Case presentation] A 27-year-old female patient was complaining of the aesthetic complication that was caused via metallic staining of the neck of ceramic crowns in the maxillary right anterior region for one year. She has experienced immediate implantation along with flap surgery, guided bone regeneration(GBR), and non-submerged healing. The torque of the implant reached to the 35 N·cm to confirm primary stability. Six months after surgery, the healing abutment and the implant were fixed, the gingiva was healthy in the surgical area, and the nearby teeth and the opposite teeth were normal. [Results] The results of cone-beam computer tomography(CBCT) revealed that bone defects were filled with the newly formed bone. At the same time, the final impressions accomplished, and an all-ceramic crown was fit-placed. As a whole, the patient satisfaction rate was high. [Conclusions] Immediate implant placement with flap surgery, GBR, and non-submerged healing with a facial bone wall defect in the esthetic zone is an achievable process.

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Animal Experiment

  • Effects of Rhynchophylline on Learning and Memory of Alzheimer's Disease Zebrafish

    Kaifei LIU;Yao HUANG;Guokai GUAN;Shimin WU;Xunyi LI;Linglin CHEN;Yifei CHEN;

    [Objectives] To investigate the effect of rhynchophylline on the behavior of Alzheimer's disease zebrafish induced by aluminum trichloride(AlCl_3), to provide theoretical basis for the development and application of rhynchophylline in the field of Alzheimer's disease. [Methods] The video recording was made on zebrafish before training, so as to judge whether zebrafish training was successful or not. After training zebrafish for 7 d, 60 zebrafish were randomly divided into 6 groups: blank group, model group, positive group, low-dose rhynchophylline group, medium-dose rhynchophylline group and high-dose rhynchophylline group. The blank group was video-recorded, while the model group, positive group, low-dose group, medium-dose group and high-dose group were exposed to AlCl_3 for modelling. After the end, the model group was video-recorded, and the other groups were given drug intervention. Both the positive group and the rhynchophylline group were given drug for 6 d, and finally all the groups were video-recorded. After all the videos were finished, the behavioral analysis was carried out by using the behavioral record analysis software smart3.0, and the conclusion was drawn by analyzing the data. [Results] The data of length of stay of zebrafish in red short arm area of 6 groups were compared and analyzed: there was a significant difference between blank group and model group(P<0.05), and there was a significant difference between model group and positive group, medium-dose group or high-dose group(P<0.05). The percentage of time spent in the red short arm area of 6 groups of zebrafish was compared and analyzed: there was a significant difference between blank group and model group(P<0.05), and there was a significant difference between model group and positive group, medium-dose group or high-dose group(P<0.05). The data of swimming distance of 6 groups of zebrafish in red short arm area were compared and analyzed: there was no significant difference between the blank group and the model group(P>0.05), but there was only significant difference between the model group and the high-dose group(P<0.05). The percentage of swimming distance of zebrafish in the red short arm area of the six groups was compared and analyzed: there was a significant difference between the blank group and the model group(P<0.05), and there were significant differences between model group and positive group, medium-dose group or high-dose group(P<0.05). [Conclusions] Rhynchophylline can improve the behavior of Alzheimer's disease zebrafish.

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Teaching Research


  • Research Progress on the Factors Affecting the Quality of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi

    Jinyue WEI;Ruyue BAI;Xinyuan GAO;Zhe LI;Chunying ZHAO;

    In the production process of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi, how to improve the quality of cultivated S. baicalensis is the focus of current research. By consulting a large number of relevant literatures of S. baicalensis, combined with the research and production experience of the research group in recent years, the factors affecting the quality of cultivated S. baicalensis were analyzed to provide a certain basis for its rational development, utilization and protection in the future.

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  • Research Progress of Hirudo

    Jinhua LIU;Shuang PAN;

    This article reviews the species, identification, chemical composition and pharmacological effects of hirudo. Hirudo is widely sourced, difficult to identify, contains a variety of active ingredients, and has a variety of pharmacological effects. In-depth research on hirudo is of great significance to the quality control and clinical application of hirudo.

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  • Advances in the Treatment of Hepatitis with Flavonoids

    Anda WEI;Hua ZHU;Fengfeng XIE;Miao ZHANG;Piaoling HUANG;Wenqi YANG;

    Flavonoids are important compounds in natural medicines. They have a wide range of pharmacological activity and have important research value and development prospects. In this article, literature on the treatment of hepatitis with flavonoids is searched, and research reports on the treatment of hepatitis with flavonoids in the past ten years are sorted out, in order to provide a basis for the in-depth research and further development of flavonoids in the treatment of hepatitis.

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  • Advances in Research of Pharmacological Effects of Peimine

    Tong ZHANG;Yu ZHANG;Yannan LI;Hui XUE;Huiyi LIANG;Yinghua LUO;Chenghao JIN;

    Peimine is an important effective component of the traditional Chinese medicine Fritillariae Thunbergii Bulbus. It not only has multiple pharmacological activities such as anti-inflammatory, antitussive, analgesic and anti-cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury, but also can play anti-cancer effects by inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells, inducing apoptosis of cancer cells, and inhibiting the metastasis and invasion of cancer cells. The present article summarizes and reviews the pharmacological activities and action mechanism of peimine in recent years.

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  • Advances in Research of Resources and Cultivation Techniques of Chinese Medicinal Material Radix Bupleuri

    Ruyue BAI;Xinyuan GAO;Jinyue WEI;Shiying TANG;

    At present, with the vigorous development of traditional Chinese medicines, wild Bupleurum chinense resources become increasingly depleted, and its cultivars have become the mainstream of the market. However, due to factors such as a large number of original plants, irregular planting techniques, and poor growth environment, the quality of cultivated B. chinense is uneven and it is difficult to achieve the expected efficacy. In order to protect the wild resources of B. chinense and expand the source of medicinal materials, this paper summarized the research advances of the main resource producing areas and cultivation techniques of B. chinense in combination with relevant documents published at home and abroad, and discussed the future development of B. chinense, to provide a reference for research and sustainable development of B. chinense resources.

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  • Research Progress of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

    Mengqi YAO;Shuyan FU;Ziqiang ZHOU;Fangyun SUN;

    Based on the modern pathological research mechanism of ARDS, this paper summarizes the clinical therapeutic effect of traditional Chinese medicine on ARDS from the aspects of reducing inflammatory mediators, cells and factors, regulating signal pathway, regulating aquaporin, anticoagulation and so on. The purpose is to provide new theoretical basis and ideas for scholars in the future, and to improve the internationalization process of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome.

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  • Advances in Application of PCR Amplification in Etiologic Diagnosis

    Sixi YANG;Ran LI;Jinxia LIU;

    In recent years, with the rapid development of molecular biology diagnostic technology, many new polymerase chain reaction(PCR) technologies with high specificity and good sensitivity have gradually been developed. While expanding the range of detection methods, these technologies inevitably have some disadvantages. Therefore, in clinical pathogen diagnosis, medical personnel should choose the detection method according to the detection purpose and pathogen characteristics. In this paper, the basic principle, application scope, advantages and disadvantages and development of various emerging PCR diagnostic techniques are respectively described in order to provide a theoretical reference for the selection of pathogenic biological diagnostic techniques in the clinical practice.

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  • Review of Processing Methods of Jujube

    Lianfang LI;

    Historical evolution of jujube processing, recording situation of modern processing specifications of jujube, research status of processing methods of jujube at home in recent years, content analysis of main chemical composition in jujube processed products, and impact of processing on chemical composition of jujube are reviewed, which could provide basic data for fully studying, developing and utilizing jujube by scholars and technical staff.

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  • Research Progress on Pharmacological Action of 5-O-methylvisammioside

    Jiazhu LI;Anqi WANG;Yue TENG;Yuwei WANG;Yinghua LUO;Chenghao JIN;

    5-O-methylvisammioside is a chemical derived from the dry root of Saposhnikovia divaricata, which has the functions of expelling pathogenic wind from body surface, removing dampness to relieve pain, and relieving convulsion. Recent studies have found that 5-O-methylvisammioside can play a variety of pharmacological effects such as anti-tumor, anti-inflammation, anti-virus and anti-depression through a variety of ways. The paper reviews the pharmacological action and mechanism of 5-O-methylvisammioside in recent years.

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  • Medicinal Plant

    <正>Indexed by Chemical Abstracts (CA),AGRIS Database,CAB International (CABI),China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI),Naresuan University Library,Indian Fund for Agricultural Development,Royal Tropical Institute,Library of Congress,ProQuest So far,a total of more than 3000 users have subscribed to Medicinal Plant,distributed in 6 countries and regions.The high-end users are as follows:

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