• Phenolics and Antioxidant Activities of Houttuynia cordata Thunb.

    Zhiyuan ZHANG;Shiqiong LUO;Zhannan YANG;

    [Objectives] To evaluate the phenolic components of Houttuynia cordata Thunb. and their antioxidant activities from different sources. [Methods] Samples of 35 different sources of H. cordata were collected from Guizhou,and polyphenols,total flavonoids,total chlorogenic acid and 7 kinds of flavonoids( xanthol-3-O-glucoside,hyperoside,quercitrin,rutin,quercetin,kaempferol and isorhamnetin),and DPPH free radical scavenging rate of the extracts were determined. Relationship between the contents of phenolics and the DPPH free radical scavenging rate of the extracts were analyzed by SPSS software. [Results] There were some significant differences in polyphenols,total flavonoids,total chlorogenic acid and the seven flavonoids between samples of different habitats,and the contents of polyphenols,total flavonoids and total chlorogenic acid increased linearly with altitude. There was a significant positive correlation between polyphenols,total flavonoids and total chlorogenic acid content and DPPH free radical scavenging rate of extracts. The contents of kaempferol-3-O-glucoside,hyperoside,quercitrin,rutin,quercetin kaempferol and isorhamnetin were positively correlated with the DPPH free radical scavenging rates of the extracts,except for the significant correlation with quercitrin. [Conclusions]The experimental results suggest that the antioxidant capacity of H. cordata is derived from the total contribution of the phenolic components,indicating that these components have overall equivalence of antioxidant capacities. This provides a new research idea for solving the key problems of quality control of traditional Chinese medicine.

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  • Advances in Studies on Extraction Methods and Physiological Activities of Jujube Flavonoids

    Zhaoying ZHANG;Ya'nan ZHANG;Jing HAN;

    Jujube is rich in nutrients and functional active ingredients. For example,jujube flavonoids have significant anti-oxidation,anticancer,antibacterial and anti-inflammatory functions. This paper elaborated the advances in the studies about the extraction methods,purification methods,antioxidant properties,stability and antibacterial effects of jujube flavonoids,in order to provide a certain reference for the study of jujube flavonoids.

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  • Research Progress of Pectinase

    Lili SONG;Huihui PEI;Zhaoying ZHANG;

    Pectinase is a group of enzymes that can decompose complex pectin into small molecules such as galacturonic acid. It is mainly produced by microorganisms by liquid and solid fermentation and immobilized cell method. Its representative strain is Aspergillus niger,and yeast and actinomycete are also high-yield strains for screening pectinase. Pectinase can be used in many fields of life and production,such as clarification of fruit juice and wine,pulping of paper making industry,degumming of textile,extracting of traditional Chinese medicine components,animal feed and other industries,which is economic,green,and efficient and pollution-free. Moreover,pectinase is one of the four major enzymes in the world,and its practical application has very important significance,and the prospect of pectinase application is also important.

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  • Research Progress of Medicinal Secondary Metabolites and Gene Cloning of Dendrobium officinale

    Ye LIANG;Caihua ZOU;Jindu LI;Shilong LI;Tianzi LI;

    Dendrobium officinale is one of the most precious medicinal plants in China. Its main medicinal ingredients are its secondary metabolites. However,it has the characteristics of limited sources,low active ingredient content and high cost,limiting the use of D. officinale.Studying the network structure and rate-limiting steps of secondary metabolites of medicinal components of D. officinale,analyzing the secondary metabolic synthesis process,mastering the production rules of its medicinal components and carrying out gene cloning or biosynthesis,etc.are of great significance for the rational development and utilization of D. officinale resources. This paper briefly reviews the progress of the research on the secondary metabolites of D. officinale,including the detection and identification of metabolites and the identification and cloning of key metabolic enzymes.

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Chemical Composition of Natural Medicine

  • On the HPLC Fingerprint of Zhuang Medicine Spilanthes paniculata Wall. ex DC.

    Li LI;Fengfeng XIE;Pinghua YAN;Xiangyan ZENG;Yi CAI;

    [Objectives] To establish the HPLC fingerprint of Spilanthes paniculata Wall. ex DC. and provide reference for the quality control of medicinal materials. [Methods]Welch Ultimate XB-C18( 5 μm,250 mm ×4. 6 mm) chromatographic column was adopted,and the mobile phase was acetonitrile-0. 1% phosphoric acid aqueous solution for gradient elution,the detection wavelength was 328 nm,the column temperature was 25 ℃,the similarities of 18 different batches of medicinal materials were evaluated,and the HPLC fingerprint chromatogram of S. paniculata Wall. ex DC. was set up. [Results] The RSDs of precision,repeatability and stability of HPLC fingerprint of 18 batches of S. paniculata Wall. ex DC. medicine materials were all less than 3%; HPLC reference fingerprint of the medicine materials was established.[Conclusions]HPLC fingerprint was established,its data were stable and reliable,and the method was simple and efficient,which could provide reference for the quality evaluation of Zhuang medicine S. paniculata Wall. ex DC.

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  • Hemostatic and Anti-inflammatory Activities and High Performance Liquid Chromatography Analysis of Rotala rotundifolia and Its Preparations

    Jiaxing CHEN;Xingguo ZHANG;Qun LU;Xiao LUO;Luncai LUO;

    [Objectives] To evaluate the hemostatic and anti-inflammatory activities of water extract and ethanol extract of Rotala rotundifolia and Shuijia Zhixue capsule. [Methods]The hemostatic activity of the extracts was evaluated by the changes of the bleeding time( BT),coagulation time( CT) and coagulation parameters including prothrombin time( PT),activated partial thromboplastin time( APTT) and thrombin time( TT) in mice or rats. The anti-inflammatory activity of the extracts was evaluated by carrageenan-induced foot edema,arachidonic acidinduced ear edema and xylene-induced ear edema models in rats. The content of gallic acid in ethanol extracts of R. rotundifolia and Shuijia Zhixue capsule was studied by HPLC to explore the correlation between gallic acid and anti-inflammatory activity. [Results]In hemostasis experiment,the ethanol extracts of R. rotundifolia and Shuijia Zhixue capsules showed significant shortening effects on BT,CT,PT and TT( P <0. 01-0. 05). The water extracts of R. rotundifolia and Shuijia Zhixue capsules had significant shortening effects on CT,PT and TT( P <0. 05),while the water extracts of R. rotundifolia had no hemostasis effect. In anti-inflammatory experiment in vivo,the two ethanol extracts showed significant shortening effects on CT,PT and TT and in the induction test of carrageenan,arachidonic acid and xylene,the inhibitory effects were significant( P < 0. 01-0. 05). The water extract from Shuijia Zhixue capsules had significant inhibitory effects on carrageenan-induced foot edema in rats( P < 0. 05),but the anti-inflammatory effects of water extract from R. rotundifolia were not significant. The content of gallic acid in R. rotundifolia and Shuijia Zhixue capsules were( 0. 318 62 ± 0. 009 8) and( 6. 295 2 ± 0. 162 6) mg/g,respectively.Among them,the content of gallic acid in Shuijia Zhixue capsule was significantly correlated with the anti-inflammatory activity of carrageenaninduced foot edema model. [Conclusions] Ethanol extract of R. rotundifolia and Shuijia Zhixue capsules has strong hemostatic and anti-inflammatory activities,and can be used in the treatment of traditional diseases such as bleeding and inflammation.

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  • Screening of Anti-tumor Effective Extracts from Sedum bulbiferum Makino and HPLC Determination of Quercetin and Kaempferol in This Herbal Medicine

    Liming MENG;Xiangluan WAN;Luyang LI;Jing HU;Pu CHEN;Dingrong WAN;

    [Objectives] To investigate the anti-tumor activity of Sedum bulbiferum Makino in vitro,and establish a HPLC method for determination of quercetin and kaempferol in S. bulbiferum. [Methods] The inhibitory activities of different extracts and total flavonoids of S. bulbiferum on proliferation of three kinds of cancer cells( Hep G2,EC109,SW480) were tested by MTT assay. HPLC method for determination of quercetin and kaempferol in S. bulbiferum was established. [Results]The growth and proliferation of the three kinds of cancer cells were all significantly inhibited by ethyl acetate fraction and total flavonoids isolated from S. bulbiferum. With each extraction concentration increasing,stronger anti-tumor activity was found. The linear ranges of quercetin and kaempferol were 0. 03-0. 36 μg( R = 0. 999 9) and0. 08-0. 96 μg( R = 0. 999 9),and the average recoveries were 98. 90%( RSD = 1. 15%) and 98. 27%( RSD = 1. 70%),respectively.[Conclusions]S. bulbiferum has significant anti-tumor activity in vitro. The HPLC method established was accurate,reproducible,and could be used for quality control of this crude drug.

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Pharmacological and Toxicological Analyses

  • Effects of Tiaomaiyin and Its Disassembled Prescription on Expression of L-type Calcium Channel β_2 Subunit in Rat Model of Tachyarrhythmia

    Jingze SU;Yao HAN;Zhizhen WEI;Wen SUN;Tianyu QIN;

    [Objectives] To study the effects of Tiaomaiyin and its disassembled prescription on expression of L-type calcium channel β_2 subunit in rat model of tachyarrhythmia. [Methods] Sixty Wistar rats were randomly divided into model group,Tiaomaiyin prescription group( whole prescription group),main efficacy group of removing heat to cool blood( blood cooling group),and auxiliary drug efficacy group of benefiting qi and nourishing heart( qi benefiting group),auxiliary efficacy group of promoting flow of qi and blood circulation( qi flow promoting group),and amiodarone group( western medicine group). Aconitine was given 7 d after the intragastric administration of the corresponding drugs,and the time of occurrence of arrhythmia in each group was observed. The left ventricular myocardium was subjected to reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction and Western blotting. [Results] The ventricular premature beats( VPB) time in the whole prescription group and western medicine group was significantly longer than that in the model group. Ventricular tachycardia( VT),ventricular fibrillation( VF),and cardiac arrest( CA) were longer in the whole prescription group,blood cooling group,and western medicine group. The mRNA and protein expression of L-type calcium channel β_2 subunit in the whole prescription group,blood cooling group and western medicine group were significantly decreased. [Conclusions] Tiaomaiyin whole prescription group and blood cooling group can reduce the occurrence time of tachyarrhythmia and reduce the expression of LTCC β_2 in myocardium.

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  • Effects of Paeonol on CRP and NF-κB p65 in Rats with Atherosclerosis

    Yanfang FAN;Yanan ZHAO;Kaihang SHI;Zhuoya JIA;Xiaohui ZHOU;

    [Objectives] The protective mechanism of paeonol on atherosclerotic vessels was investigated by detecting CRP content in the serum and expression of NF-κB p65 in the aorta of atherosclerotic rats. [Methods] An animal model of AS rats was prepared by high-fat diet combined with intraperitoneal injection of VD3. The rats were randomly divided into the normal group,model group,high-dose paeonol group( 120 mg/kg),medium-dose paeonol group( 60 mg/kg),low-dose paeonol group( 30 mg/kg),and simvastatin group( 10 mg/kg) as the positive control group,and drug intervention was continued for 16 weeks. CRP content in the serum was detected by ELISA method,and the expression level of NF-κB p65 was detected by RT-PCR and Western-blot method. [Results]Compared with the normal group,CRP content in the serum and the expression of NF-κB p65 mRNA and protein in the aorta of rats in the model group significantly increased. Compared with the model group,CRP content in the serum dropped obviously,and the expression of NF-κB p65 mRNA and protein in the aorta of rats significantly reduced in the administration groups. Moreover,the improvement of each indicator in the high-dose paeonol group was obviously better than that of the medium-dose and low-dose groups. [Conclusions] Paeonol may protect atherosclerotic vessels by reducing serum CRP content,inhibiting the expression of NF-κB p65 and reducing inflammation.

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  • Study on Extraction and Antioxidant Activity of Flavonoids from Dendranthema indicum

    Hongxia DU;Yabo WANG;Lingzhen MIAO;Ziheng HU;

    [Objectives] To determine the optimal extraction technology of flavonoids in Dendranthema indicum,and analyze the antioxidant activity of total flavonoids in D. indicum. [Methods]D. indicum was used as raw material to extract the total flavonoids by water extraction,alcohol extraction,freeze-thaw,microwave assisted extraction and ultrasonic extraction. [Results]Microwave assisted extraction had the highest extraction rate. Therefore,the microwave assisted extraction was selected as the main method,the ethanol aqueous solution was used as the solvent,and the single factor experiment was carried out with microwave power,ethanol volume fraction,solid-to-liquid ratio and microwave time as the variables. The optimal extraction process of flavonoids was microwave power 400 W,solid-to-liquid ratio 1 ∶ 30,extraction time60 s,ethanol volume fraction 70%,under this condition,the extraction yield was 10. 65 mg/g. The antioxidant activity of flavonoids in D. indicum was determined. The results showed that the highest scavenging rate of DPPH·free radicals was 47. 89%,and the highest scavenging rate of hydroxyl radicals was 98. 00%. [Conclusions]The flavonoids in D. indicum have excellent antioxidant activity. This study is expected to provide a basis for further development of D. indicum products.

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  • Identification of the Diterpenoids Produced by Endophytic Fungus of Torreya fargesii and Its Inhibitory Effect on Hela Cells

    Weihua JIN;Junwei CAO;Yi TU;Yi TANG;Ran GE;Jingwen CHEN;Fu XU;Qijie XIONG;

    [Objectives] The purpose of this study is to dissociate endophytic fungus producing diterpenoids from Torreya fargesii tissue and examines its inhibiting effect on tumor cells. [Methods]Plant endophytes were isolated and purified to study their resistance to Gram-positive( G+) and Gram-negative bacteria( G-). High performance liquid chromatography( HPLC) was used for analysis of the retention time,relative peak area and percentage content of its metabolite. By liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry( HPLC-MS),the material characteristic of the ion pair information of the metabolites was measured. The bacterial strain was also classified. [Results] The results showed that the secondary metabolites produced by the strain BP6 T3 possessed double resistance to G+and G-bacteria. The strain was identified as Penicillium sp by preliminary classification. Through HPLC analysis,the retention time of fermentation extracts was 12. 8 min with almost the same as the standard of taxol. According to the chromatograph,the relative peak area was 12 887. 11,the average relative percentage was about 15. 8%,and the content of taxol analogs in fermentation broth reached 16. 59 mg/L. The material characteristic of the formation of ion fragments of taxane analogues in metabolic extracts was identical to that of the taxol standard determined by HPLC-MS. It can be initially determined that strain BP6 T3 can produce taxane compounds. Taxol substance produced by this strain had obvious inhibitory effect on Hela cells with the concentration increasing. Different precursors had a significant effect on the production of paclitaxel metabolites in this strain. L-phenylalanine was used as the precursor and the yield increased most,with an increase rate of 425. 7%. [Conclusions] The strain is expected to be used for mass production in antitumor drug taxol.

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  • Immunoregulatory Effects of Sanguis Draconis Flavones on Mouse Spleen Lymphocytes

    Dewu JIA;Dongrui XU;Deyun JIA;Rui LI;

    [Objectives] This study aimed to study the effects of Sanguis Draconis flavones( SDF) on the immune regulation of mouse spleen lymphocytes. [Methods]A total of 60 BALB/c male mice were evenly and randomly divided into normal control group,model group,positive group,and high,middle and low-dose SDF groups. The mice in the model group were injected intraperitoneally with cyclophosphamide to establish mouse immunosuppressive model. The mice in the other groups were intragastrically administered at the respective doses,and the body weight was weighed once a week during the administration period. After 30 d of administration,the thymus and spleen indexes,the spleen lymphocyte proliferation ability,the NK cell activity,and the IL-2,IL-4 and INF-γ contents in the culture supernatant were measured. [Results]SDF could significantly increase the thymus and spleen indexes and improve the spleen lymphocyte proliferation ability and NK cell activity of the mice,as well as increasing the IL-2 and INF-γ contents and reducing the IL-4 content in spleen lymphocyte suspension culture. [Conclusions] SDF have good immunoregulatory effect.

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Processing of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Quality Control

  • Separation and Purification of Ginsenoside Rg1 from Triol Saponins

    Ying LI;Min ZHANG;Hongtao GAO;Yunqi GONG;

    [Objectives] This study aimed to optimize the medium-pressure preparation process of high-purity ginsenoside Rg1 from triol saponins. [Methods] The reversed-phase C18 chromatographic separation method was used,and the purity and yield of ginsenoside Rg1 were examined as indicators. [Results]The diameter-height ratio of the C18 column was 1∶ 3. 25. Triol saponins of 0. 2 times the volume of the column were loaded with 20% ethanol. At the elution flow rate of 8 BV/h,1,3 and 0. 5 times the volume of the column was eluted with 30%,30%-40% and 40% ethanol,respectively. Crude ginsenoside Rg1 was concentrated,dissolved in 4-time-voume 95% ethanol,added with 0. 5%activated carbon,refluxed for 40 min,and dried to obtain good-quality ginsenoside Rg1. [Conclusions] After purification,ginsenoside Rg1 with purity higher than 99. 5% can be isolated from triol saponins. The medium-pressure preparation process of ginsenoside Rg1 with purity higher than 99. 5% is provided for the first time. It has been proved by many experiments that the process is stable,feasible and reproducible,and can be used for industrial scale-up production.

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  • Preparation of Compound Ban Huang Oral Liquid

    Bing LI;Jianrong NIU;Xuzheng ZHOU;Jianyong LI;Xiaojuan WEI;Yajun YANG;Xiwang LIU;Jiyu ZHANG;

    [Objectives] To determine the optimal preparation process of compound Ban Huang oral liquid. [Methods] Orthogonal test and other methods were used to optimize the preparation conditions of compound Ban Huang oral liquid. [Results] The optimal conditions determined were as follows: soaking for 12 h,decocting twice with 2 h per time,concentrating filtrate to 1. 18-1. 25 g/m L at 80 ℃,ethanol precipitating twice with ethanol contents of 600 and 750 ml/L,standing for 24 h. [Conclusions] The optimized preparation process is simple,feasible and stable,and can be used for preparing compound Ban Huang oral liquid.

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  • Optimization of Extraction Process of Prunellae Spica Compound by Orthogonal Test

    Dongyan LIAO;Jie HUANG;Xiaocong MA;

    [Objectives] The study aimed to optimize the extraction process of Prunellae Spica compound to provide an experimental basis for the development and utilization of the compound. [Methods]Through orthogonal test,the optimal extraction process of Prunellae Spica compound was chosen by using the yield of dry paste and ursolic acid content as evaluation indicators. [Results]The optimal extraction process of Prunellae Spica compound is as follows: solvent dosage was 16 times,and extraction frequency was 3 times,while extraction time was 1 h.[Conclusions]The extraction process of Prunellae Spica compound was stable and feasible,and this study can provide a theoretical basis for further preparation of the compound.

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Germplasm Resources and Cultivation

  • Comprehensive Evaluation on Impacts of Diseases on Quality of Paris polyphylla var. chinensis Based on Ultraviolet and Infrared Spectra

    Yongxia KE;Jixiu SHEN;Hairong ZHONG;Risha WEIZE;Yunzhang XU;Yuan LIU;

    [Objectives] The research aimed to evaluate impacts of diseases on quality of Paris polyphylla var. chinensis. [Methods]Ultraviolet spectrophotometry was used to determine and contrast content of total saponins in root,stem and leaf from healthy and diseased plants. Infrared characteristic absorption peaks of healthy and diseased plants were found by infrared fingerprint method for comparative analysis.[Results]Total saponins content in root sample J4 of healthy plant reached 4. 89% and was the highest,while it was 0. 13% in stem sample J11 of healthy plant and was the lowest. Total saponins content in root sample B1 of diseased plant was 1. 68% and was the highest,while it was 0. 1% in stem sample B7 of diseased plant and was the lowest. In healthy and diseased plants,total saponins content in root was significantly higher than that in stem and leaf. Content of total saponins in root from healthy plant was significantly higher than that from diseased plant,and there was little difference in stem and leaf of healthy and diseased plants. Root sample Jg of healthy plant had obvious C-O characteristic vibration of polysaccharides and glycosides and absorption peak of O-H bending vibration in steroidal saponin near 1 160. 02 cm-1,while diseased plant had no obvious absorption peak. Near 861. 97 and 768. 07 cm-1,root sample Jg of healthy plant had significant C-C stretching vibration in sugar ring and characteristic absorption peak of characteristic vibration of steroidal saponin,while root sample Bg of diseased plant had no obvious characteristic peak. [Conclusions] Diseases significantly affected composition and content of total saponins and steroidal saponins from P. polyphylla var. chinensis,further affecting quality of P. polyphylla var. chinensis.

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  • Effects of Different Hormone Treatments on Rooting and Growth of Xinjiang Early-maturing Fig Cuttings

    Yi GAO;Xuesen LIU;Yanhui YE;

    [Objectives] To find the optimal hormone and the optimal hormone concentration for promoting rooting of the fig cuttings through the different hormone treatments for cuttings of Xinjiang early-maturing figs. [Methods]Taking Xinjiang early-maturing figs of Tibet Agricultural and Animal Husbandry College as mother trees,the semi-lignified branches were cut for cuttage and the rooting status and growth under different hormone concentrations were compared. [Results]Under the different concentrations of IBA,NAA and ABT rooting powder,the rooting rate,average root length,average number of roots,seedling rate,new shoot length and germination rate of cuttings were promoted. Especially,ABT rooting powder at the concentration of 200 mg/L showed the best promotion effect. [Conclusions]It is a good choice to use ABT rooting powder with 200 mg/L concentration in the cultivation of Xinjiang early-maturing fig cuttings.

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Clinical Application

  • Meta-analysis on Efficacy of Yiqi Huoxue Chinese Drugs in the Treatment of Coronary Heart Disease after Coronary Revascularization

    Yaonan DU;Chenwei SONG;Areyi JIAERKEN;Xiaofeng WANG;

    [Objectives] To make a systematic evaluation on the therapeutic efficacy and safety of Yiqi Huoxue traditional Chinese drugs combined with western medicine in treatment of coronary heart disease( CHD) after coronary revascularization. [Methods] The literatures were retrieved from China Knowledge Infrastructure( CNKI),Chinese science and technology journal full-text database( VIP database,VIP),Wanfang Data,the Chinese biomedical Database,Pub Med,Embase,and the Cochrane Library. The retrieval time was set to the creation of the database to January 2017. The randomized controlled trial( RCT) was conducted on the comparison between Yiqi Huoxue Chinese drugs combined with western medicine and the western medicine alone in the treatment of CHD after coronary revascularization. The literature information was extracted and the methodological quality of the included literature was evaluated according to the bias risk assessment tool developed by the Cochrane Collaboration. Meta-analysis was performed with the aid of Rev Man 5. 3 software. Coronary artery restenosis rate,angina pectoris treatment efficiency,left ventricular ejection fraction( LVEF),left ventricular end-diastolic volume( LVEDV),B-type natriuretic peptide( BNP),6-minute walk test( 6 MWT),and adverse reactions were analyzed. [Results] A total of 29 articles were included,a total of2 518 patients,the literature quality was low. Meta-analysis results showed that compared with the treatment by western medicine alone,Yiqi Huoxue Chinese drugs combined with western medicine could further reduce coronary restenosis rate[RR = 0. 45,95% CI( 0. 34,0. 60),P <0. 000 01],improve the angina pectoris treatment efficiency[RR = 1. 13,95% CI( 1. 05,1. 21),P = 0. 000 5],raise LVEF[WMD = 4. 25,95% CI( 3. 46,5. 04),P < 0. 000 01],reduce LVEDV[WMD =-10. 41,95% CI(-17. 88,-2. 95),P = 0. 006],decrease the plasma BNP level[WMD =-32. 32,95% CI(-44. 92,-19. 72),P < 0. 000 01],and increase 6 MWT distance[WMD = 62. 25,95% CI( 21. 71,102. 78),P = 0. 003]. [Conclusions]Yiqi Huoxue Chinese drugs combined with western medicine can alleviate the symptoms of angina pectoris,reduce the rate of coronary restenosis,improve heart function and improve exercise capacity,thereby improving clinical efficacy in patients with CHD after coronary revascularization.

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  • Effects of Activating Blood Circulation to Resolve Blood Stasis and Glucosamine Capsules Therapy on the Expression of Matrix Metalloproteinase in Post-traumatic Knee Osteoarthritis

    Mingguang CHEN;Shiqiang CHEN;Ning YANG;Jin YANG;Yingang LI;Xiaoxia CAO;Chunfeng CHANG;Xuelan WU;

    [Objectives] To observe the clinical effects of activating blood circulation to resolve blood stasis and glucosamine hydrochloride capsules therapy on post-traumatic knee osteoarthritis treatment,to measure the expression of matrix metalloproteinase in post-traumatic knee osteoarthritis patients before and after treatment,and to explore its relevant molecular mechanisms. [Methods]A total of 60 patients with posttraumatic knee osteoarthritis in early stage in Affiliated Hospital of Shannxi University of Chinese Medicine from January 2015 to December2017 were selected and randomly divided into the control group( n = 30) and the observation group( n = 30). The control group was given oral administration of glucosamine hydrochloride capsules for 6 courses of the treatment. The observation group was using the activating blood circulation to resolve blood stasis therapy for 6 courses of treatment. The recovery of traumatic knee osteoarthritis and the symptom of traditional Chinese medicine( TCM) in 2 groups was compared before and after treatment. The symptoms and the quantitative assessment rating scale of knee osteoarthritis,the pain index of knee and the TCM symptom scores were recorded in both groups. And the synovial fluid and serum of patients were collected to detect the expression of matrix metalloproteinase. [Results]The symptoms and the quantitative assessment rating scale of knee osteoarthritis,the pain index of knee and TCM symptom scores of the 2 groups in the 1 st week,the 12 th week and the 24 th week after the treatment were significantly lower than those before the treatment,and the difference was statistically significant( P < 0. 05). Two therapeutic methods had certain therapeutic effects on the recovery from traumatic knee osteoarthritis,and could significantly improve the TCM syndrome. There were better therapeutic effects on oral decoction of traditional Chinese medicine than oral glycosaminoglycans hydrochloride capsules on treating traumatic knee osteogenesis( P < 0. 05). The expression level of MMP3 was decreased significantly in both groups( P <0. 001),while the expression level of MMP13 had no significant change in both groups( P >0. 05). The expression level of MMP1 was decreased significantly in the observation group( P < 0. 001),but there was no significant change in the control group after treatment( P >0. 05). [Conclusions]Two treatment methods have been effective in this clinical study. We found that the expression level of MMP3 was decreased significantly after treatment in 2 therapies,which can be clinically applied.

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  • RCT Meta-analysis on Buyang Huanwu Decoction Combined with Acupuncture and Buyang Huanwu Decoction Alone in the Treatment of Apoplectic Hemiplegia

    Yao GOU;Jingui WU;Xueni MO;Luxing QIN;

    [Objectives] To evaluate the efficacy and safety of two different treatment regimens( Buyang Huanwu Decoction combined with acupuncture and Buyang Huanwu Decoction alone) in the treatment of apoplectic hemiplegia. [Methods]Electronic databases: China Knowledge Infrastructure( CNKI),Wanfang database( Wan Fang Data),VIP database( VIP),China Biomedical Literature Database( CBM),MEDLINE,The Cochrane Library,Pubmed,Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine,and Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine were searched. The published randomized controlled trials( RCT) of Buyang Huanwu Decoction combined with acupuncture and Buyang Huanwu Decoction alone in the treatment of apoplectic hemiplegia were screened. The Jadad scale was used to evaluate the methodological quality of the included literature. The data was extracted and the meta-analysis was carried out with reference to the Systematic Evaluation,Meta-analysis Design and Implementation Method. [Results]A total of 8 articles were included,a total of 765 patients,and there were 8 articles with Jadad scores lower than 4 points. Meta-analysis results indicate that The experimental group of Buyang Huanwu Decoction combined with acupuncture treatment improved the comprehensive clinical efficacy OR = 3. 89,95% CI[2. 58,5. 86]( P < 0. 000 01),BI score SMD = 2. 35,95% CI[2. 04,2. 66]( P <0. 000 01) was better than the control group. [Conclusions]The treatment regimen of Buyang Huanwu Decoction combined with acupuncture can improve the daily activities of patients with apoplectic hemiplegia and improve the clinical efficacy. It is better than the treatment regimen of Buyang Huanwu Decoction alone.

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  • Efficacy of Danlou Tablet in the Treatment of Coronary Heart Disease with Phlegm and Blood Stasis Syndrome and Its Effects on Serum Inflammatory Factors

    Jinfeng CHEN;Zhongyi LEI;Chaofeng LIU;Hong FAN;Xueping WU;Xiaoyong YU;Peng LEI;Yong WANG;

    [Objectives] To explore the efficacy of Danlou Tablet( DLT) in the treatment of coronary heart disease( CHD) with phlegm and blood stasis syndrome and its effects on serum inflammatory factors. [Methods]One hundred and ninety-seven patients with CHD and phlegm and blood stasis syndrome in our hospital from January 2016 to January 2018 were selected and randomly divided into two groups: control group( n =98) treated with aspirin plus atorvastatin,and research group( n =99) treated with DLT and aspirin plus atorvastatin for one month. The clinical efficacy and incidence of adverse reactions were observed. Serum secretory phospholipase A2( s PLA2),lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2( LP-PLA2),oxidized low-density lipoprotein( ox-LDL),monocyte chemoattractant protein-1( MCP-1) and World Health Organization Quality of Life( WHOQOL-100) scores were compared before and after one month of treatment. [Results] The total effective rate was93. 94% in the research group,which was higher than that in the control group( 79. 59%,P < 0. 05); the levels of serum s PLA2,LP-PLA2,ox-LDL and MCP-1 in the research group were lower than those in the control group after one month of treatment( P < 0. 05). There was no statistical significance of the difference in the total incidence of adverse reactions between the research group and the control group( P > 0. 05).After one month of treatment,WHOQOL-100 scores were higher in two groups,which were higher in the research group than that in the control group( P < 0. 05). [Conclusions]DLT can significantly reduce the level of serum inflammatory factors,improve the quality of life in patients with CHD and phlegm and blood stasis syndrome.

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  • Effects of Xuebijing Combined with Ulinastatin on Coagulation Function of Sepsis Patients

    Yongping ZHANG;Xuhong TAN;Qin LI;Hanlin TANG;Zaiqun WANG;Li XU;

    [Objectives] To study the effects of Xuebijing combined with ulinastatin on coagulation function of sepsis patients. [Methods]Fifty six patients conforming to the diagnosis criteria for sepsis and receiving the treatment from May 2015 to January 2019 were selected. They were randomly divided into treatment group and control group according to the order of treatment. The two groups were treated according to the International Guidelines for Management of Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock( 2012),in which ulinastatin and Xuebijing were added to the treatment group. Before the treatment and on the seventh day after the treatment,both groups of patients were measured for the activated partial thromboplastin time( APTT),fibrinogen( Fi B),platelet( PLT),and prothrombin time( PT) were measured; the treatment status of the both groups was continuously observed for 7 d,and the mechanical ventilation time,ICU hospitalization time,and 30-day survival rate were recorded. [Results] Both FIB and PLT of the treatment group were significantly increased,and both APTT and PT were significantly shortened.Compared with the control group,the difference was statistically significant( P < 0. 05). The mechanical ventilation time and ICU hospitalization time of the treatment group were significantly shorter than that of the control group,and the 30-day survival rate of the treatment group was significantly higher than that of the control group,and the difference was statistically significant( P < 0. 05). [Conclusions]Xuebijing combined with ulinastatin can improve coagulation disorders of sepsis patients.

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