Germplasm Resources and Cultivation

  • Effects of Saline-alkali Stress on Seed Germination of Carthamus tinctorius L.

    Wei ZHANG;Xuejun YANG;Fang LIU;Yi PEI;Junying Yuan;Jiangli NIE;

    [Objective] To research the physiological response of Carthamus tinctorius L.under saline-alkali stress,so as to screen,introduce and cultivate new varieties.[Methods] With C.tinctorius seeds as the research material,saline-alkali stress treatments by different concentrations of NaCl,NaHCO_3,NaCl and NaHCO_3(1∶1) mixed solutions were carried out.The saline-alkali tolerance abilities were researched by detecting the germination percentage,germination energy,relative germination percentage,vigor index and so on.[Results]With the concentration increase of Na Cl,NaHCO_3,Na Cl and NaHCO_3(1∶1) mixed solutions,the germination percentage,germination energy,relative germination percentage,radical length and seedling fresh weight of C.tinctorius seeds gradually declined.Under Na Cl stress,the salt-tolerance concentration,median inhibitory concentration and limiting concentration of C.tinctorius seeds were 9.663‰,14.721‰ and 19.779‰,respectively.Under NaHCO_3 stress,the salt-tolerance concentration,median inhibitory concentration and limiting concentration of C.tinctorius seeds were 10.573‰,14.515‰ and 18.457‰,respectively.Under the stress of NaCl and NaHCO_3(1∶1) mixed solution,the salt-tolerance concentration,median inhibitory concentration and limiting concentration of C.tinctorius seeds were 10.239‰,14.858‰ and 19.477‰,respectively.[Conclusions] C.tinctorius had relatively strong ability of saline-alkali tolerance.

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  • Field Investigation and Control of Diseases and Pests in Chrysanthemum morifolium cv. Fubaiju

    Changli LIU;Keli CHEN;Lei XU;

    [Objective] To discover the types of plant diseases and insect pests in Chrysanthemum morifolium cv.Fubaiju in Hubei Province,and to make effective control measures for brown spot.[Methods] During the growth period of C.morifolium cv.Fubaiju,the types of plant diseases and insect pests were preliminarily investigated.Randomized block experiment on brown spot was designed to carry out comparative tests on chemical reagents and filed control.[Results]Investigation showed that there were five types of pests and diseases,which were brown spot,downy mildew,virus disease,powdery mildew and aphids.Among them,brown spot was the most serious,followed with virus disease.Results of control effect test showed that 600 times diluents of 3% polyoxin and 800 times diluents of 50% carbendazim had relatively ideal control effects.After the second drug application,control effects reached 80.88% and 79.66%; and disease indexes decreased to 9.16 and 10.23,respectively.[Conclusions] Both 600 times diluents of 3% polyoxin and 800 times diluents of 50% carbendazim could control the development and spread of brown spot,which were relatively ideal reagents.

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Chemical Composition of Natural Medicine

  • Fingerprints Analysis of the Chemical Components of Petroleum Ether Parts of Renqing Mangjue and Renqing Mangjue Compatible with Zuota

    Shaoshan ZHANG;Mei SUN;Bo LI;Zhongjie HUANG;Mengjie YU;Yuan LIU;

    [Objective] To research the fingerprints of chemical components of petroleum ether parts of Renqing Mangjue and Renqing Mangjue compatible with Zuota,and to identify Renqing Mangjue and Renqing Mangjue compatible with Zuota.[Methods]Renqing Mangjue and Renqing Mangjue compatible with Zuota were extracted by ultrasonic extraction method.After extracted by the same volume of petroleum ether,fingerprints of chemical components were detected by RP-HPLC.Chromatographic column was DIKMA diamonsil(4.6 mm × 250 mm,5 μm); mobile phase was methanol-water; flow rate was 1 mL/min; column temperature was 30 ℃; detection wavelength was 220 nm; injection volume was 20 μL.Gradient elution conditions were 0-5 min for 75%-80% methanol,5-15 min for 80%- 85% methanol,15-20 min for 85%-90% methanol,and 20-25 min for 90%- 100%.[Results]A total of 29 common fingerprint peaks were obtained.As for the petroleum ether parts of Renqing Mangjue compatible with Zuota,14 characteristic peaks were obtained; and its relative retention times were 0.427,0.443,0.475,0.751,0.806,0.906,1.074,1.215,1.243,1.309,1.995,2.375,2.648 and 4.107.As for the petroleum ether parts of Renqing Mangjue,10 characteristic peaks were obtained; and its relative retention times were 0.523,0.766,1.085,1.196,1.321,2.029,3.327,3.529,4.208 and 4.913,respectively.[Conclusions]Characteristic fingerprints of petroleum ether parts of Renqing Mangjue and Renqing Mangjue compatible with Zuota could be obtained by the reversed phase high-performance liquid chromatography.Therefore,the Renqing Mangjue and Renqing Mangjue compatible with Zuota could be identified according to their characteristic peaks.

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Processing of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Quality Control

  • Optimization of the Extraction Technology of HERBA CENTIPEDAE by Central Composite Design-Response Surface Method

    Dengfeng ZOU;Yu FU;Suyi CHEN;Aize XIE;

    [Objective]To optimize the extraction technology of effective components from HERBA CENTIPEDAE.[Methods]The extraction technology of brevifolin from HERBA CENTIPEDAE was optimized by central composite design-response surface method.[Results]The optimal extraction technology was 90% ethanol concentration,132 min extraction time and 1∶18(g/mL) solid-liquid ratio.Under this condition,the brevifolin content was 4.630 46 mg/g.The multiple correlation coefficient of binomial fitting model was 0.929 0.[Conclusions] Central composite design-response surface method could be used to optimize the extraction technology from HERBA CENTIPEDAE.The established model was simple,accurate and predictable.

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  • Optimization of Extraction Technology of Polysaccharides from Yi Ethnic Herbs of Allium wallichii Kunth by Response Surface Method

    Panpan LIU;Yunzhang XU;Yatao HAN;Jingfu WANG;Fenglin WANG;Yuan LIU;

    [Objective]To optimize the extraction technology of polysaccharides from Allium wallichii Kunth.[Methods]With the extraction rate of polysaccharides as the index,effects of extraction time,liquid-solid ratio and extraction temperature was researched by response surface method.The extraction technology of polysaccharides from A.wallichii Kunth was optimized by Box-Behnken design based on single factor test.[Results] The optimal technology was 52∶1 liquid-solid ratio,93 ℃ extraction temperature and 1.7 h extraction time.Under this condition,the actual extraction rate of polysaccharides was 23.73%.[Conclusions] Verification result was close to the predicted value of model,indicating that optimizing the extraction technology of polysaccharides from A.wallichii Kunth by response surface method was rational and feasible.

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Pharmacological and Toxicological Analyses

  • Antibacterial Activities of Different Solvent Fractions of Lysionotus pauciflorus

    Zhiyong WANG;Feng JIANG;Hong XU;Ke XU;

    [Objective] To research the antibacterial activities of different solvent fractions of Lysionotus paucifloru.[Methods] Microbial sensitivity test in vitro was used to detect the antibacterial effects in vitro of different solvent fractions of L.pauciflorus.[Results] n-butanol had inhibitory effects on Escherichia coli.,Staphylococcus aureus and Pasteurella multocida.Among them,its inhibitory effects on E.coli was the most significant,the inhibitory zone diameter and the minimum inhibitory concentration were 10.39 mm and 3.2 mg/mL,respectively.Ethyl acetate fraction had antibacterial effects on all tested strains,especially on S.aureus.Its inhibitory zone diameter and the minimum inhibitory concentration were 12.31 mm and 0.8 mg/mL,respectively.However,Petroleum ether had relatively weak inhibitory effects on S.aureus.Water fraction had certain inhibitory effects on E.coli and P.multocida,but showed no inhibitory effects on other bacteria.[Conclusions] The antibacterial fractions of L.pauciflorus were mainly n-butanol and petroleum ether.

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  • Screening of the Anti-inflammatory Fraction from HERBA COMMELINAE

    Xin YU;Lilan OU;Siwei CHEN;Zhirong ZHONG;

    [Objective] to screen the anti-inflammatory fraction from HERBA COMMELINAE.[Methods] Anti-inflammatory fraction was screened by using mice auricle swelling model induced by xylene,mice abdominal capillary permeability model induced by glacial acetic acid,rats pedal swelling model induced by carrageenan,and effects on PGE2 in inflammatory tissue of rats pedal edema induced by carrageenan.[Results]Compared with 5% Tween-80 group,the high-and middle dosage groups(30,15 g/kg) of water fraction had significantly inhibitory effects on mice auricle swelling induced by xylene,mice abdominal capillary permeability induced by glacial acetic acid,rats pedal swelling induced by carrageenan,and PGE2 in inflammatory tissue of rats pedal edema induced by carrageenan(P<0.05,0.01).Other fractions had weak or basically no activities.[Conclusions] Water fraction was the anti-inflammatory active fraction of HERBA COMMELINAE.

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  • Effects of Qiweijingganling on Alcoholic Liver Injury of Rats

    Ya GAO;Mingli ZHONG;Kefeng ZHANG;

    [Objective] Based on oxidative stress and inflammatory mechanism,the protective effects of Qiweijingganling(QWJGL) on rats liver injury induced by alcohol were researched,which contained seven Traditional Chinese Medicines.[Methods]A total of 72 rats were randomly divided into six groups according to the body weight,which were normal group,model group,bifendate group(50 mg/kg) and QWJGL dosage groups(400,200,100 mg/kg).Administration was carried out once each day.On the 30 thday,rats were given 53% white wine(0.1kg/d) by gavage,except the normal group.The alcoholic liver damage model was established.Effects on alanine aminotransferase(ALT),glutamic oxalacetic transaminase(AST),malondialdehyde( MDA),glutathione peroxidase(PSH-PX) and superoxide dismutase(SOD) activity were detected by colorimetry.Liver tissue tumor necrosis factor-α(TNF-α) and interleukin-6(IL-6) contents were detected by ELISA method.[Results] Compared with model group,QWJGL significantly reduced the ALT,AST and MDA actives in rats serum,enhanced the PSH-PX and SOD activities,and lowered the TNF-α and IL-6 contents in liver tissues( P < 0.05).[Conclusions]QWJGL reduced the rats liver injury induced by alcohol,the mechanism of which might be related to the reduction of oxidative stress and anti-inflammatory action.

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  • Antimicrobial Effects of Plant Extracts Against Four Pathogens of Edible Fungi Fruiting Bodies

    Gangzheng WANG;Yuan CHEN;Yinbing BIAN;

    The extracts from thirty plants collected or brought in the market were added to the culture medium to screen their antimicrobial activities in four pathogens of edible fungi fruiting bodies.The results measuring the radial lengths of four pathogen mycelia demonstrated that in the thirty plants tested,the inhibitory rate of Allium sativum extracts on Trichothecium roseum was 99.1%.The inhibitory rate of Taraxacum mongolicum extracts on Mycogone perniciosa was 96.3%.The inhibitory rate of Punica granatum and Solanum nigrum extracts on Lecanicillium fungicola was 85.2% and 83.5%,respectively.However,all the plant extracts showed no significant inhibitory effects on Verticillium fungicola,the inhibitory rates of which were all less than 40.3%.

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  • Research Progress of the Anti-oxidative Effects of Curcumin on Vascular Endothelial Cells of Diabetes Mellitus

    Yutao LAN;Yanping KUANG;Ken CHEN;

    Diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disease seriously threatening human health.Oxidative stress under hyperglycemia state is an important mechanism of vascular endothelial injury.Scholars at home and abroad have paid high attention to the preventive and therapeutic effects of curcumin on DM and its vascular complications.In this research,four aspects were reviewed,which were the oxidative stress injury of blood vessel endothelium,the preventive and therapeutic effects of curcumin on DM and vascular complication,and the mechanism and application prospect of antioxidative vascular endothelial protection.

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  • Combination Effects of Entecavir and Compound Biejiaruangan Tablet on Serum Hepatic Fibrosis Markers of Chronic Hepatitis B by Meta Analysis

    Yue PENG;Tiejian ZHAO;Weihong FAN;

    [Objective] To systematically review the combination effects of entecavir and Compound Biejiaruangan Tablet on serum hepatic fibrosis markers of chronic hepatitis B.[Methods]Computer retrieval of CNKI,VIP,WANFANG DATA and CBM was carried out as well as Pub Med,Embase,Web of Science and the Cochrane Library.Retrieval time was from database foundation to January 2015.Literatures were screened according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria.After further extracting and analyzing the literatures,Meta analysis was carried out by Rev Man 5.3 software provided by Co-chrane collaboration network.[Results] Seven clinical randomized controlled trials were included.Among the 539 patients,272 cases were observation group and 267 cases were control group.The four indicators of serum hepatic fibrosis in treatment group reduced significantly compared with that in entecavir group(P<0.05),which were hyaluronic acid( HA),laminin( LN),procollagen III,collagen Ⅳ( IV-C).[Conclusions] Combination of entecavir and Compound Biejiaruangan Tablet significantly reduced the serum hepatic fibrosis markers of chronic hepatitis B.However,further verification test was still needed due to the poor research quality.

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  • Clinical Observation of the Effects of Antilipemic and Liver Protecting Decoction on 78 Cases of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Diseases

    Kefeng ZHANG;Ming LI;Ya GAO;Xiaoqun DUAN;

    [Objective] To observe the clinical effects of Zhuang Ethnomedicine "antilipemic and liver protecting decoction" on 78 cases of nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases,and to provide new methods for the clinical treatment of nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases.[Methods]The 78 patients were randomly divided into two groups of treatment group( antilipemic and liver protecting decoction) and control group( fenofibrate tablets),with 39 cases in each group.After treatment for 12 weeks,changes of hepatic function,blood lipid and B-ultrasonography were observed.[Results] Alamine aminotransferase(ALT),aspartate transaminase(AST),glutamyltransferase(γ-GT),serum total cholesterol(TC),low density lipoprotein cholesterol(LDL-C) and triglyceride(TG) were all decreased in two groups after treatment.However,treatment group had significant statistical significance with control group(P<0.05).Results of B-ultrasonography detection after treatment showed that the fatty liver degrees improved in two groups; and treatment group was superior to control group(P<0.05).[Conclusions]Antilipemic and liver protecting decoction showed obvious curative effects on nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases,which should be applied and extended in clinical practice.

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  • Observation of Clinical Therapeutic Effects of Combined Treatment of Xuezhitong Capsule and Atorvastatin Calcium on 50 Cases of Angina Pectoris Patients

    Li XU;Rong FU;Tao XU;

    [Objective]To observe the clinical therapeutic effects of combined treatment of Xuezhitong Capsule and atorvastatin calcium on 50 cases of angina pectoris patients.[Methods] A total of 50 patients of angina pectoris were randomly divided into control group and treatment group.There were 30 cases in treatment group and 20 cases in control group.Xuezhitong Capsule and atorvastatin calcium were used in treatment group,and only atorvastatin calcium was used in control group.The courses of treatments were both 15 d.Clinical therapeutic effects of patients and the changes of electrocardiogram ST segments were observed in two groups.The therapeutic effects were evaluated.[Results]After treatment,symptoms were significantly alleviated in both two groups.Effective rate of treatment group was 83.3%,which was higher than that of control group(70%).And the two groups had significant differences(P<0.05).[Conclusions]Combined treatment of Xuezhitong Capsule and atorvastatin calcium had definite therapeutic effects and was worthy of being widely applied in clinic.

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  • Isolation and Identification of Steroid Saponins from D. panthaica Prain by In Vitro Cultured Human Intestinal Flora

    Li WANG;Feng WANG;Caixia FAN;

    [Objective] To isolation and identify the steroid saponins from D.panthaica Prain by in vitro cultured human intestinal flora.[Methods]intestinal flora solutions were cultured by warm incubation method; metabolites were detected by thin-layer chromatography(TLC).[Results]Three components were isolated from intestinal flora solution with total saponins of D.panthaica Prain(TSDP),which were saponin 1,pseudoprotodioscin and dioscin.Clear TLC bands of the three components were obtained after metabolism for 24 h.Single factor test was selected to test the effects on the extraction rate of dioscin.With pre-fermentation time,HCl concentration and hydrolysis time as the factors,orthogonal test was carried out.The technological conditions of pre-fermentation were as follows: particle size ≤ 1.2 mm,pre-fermentation temperature was 45 ℃,fermentation time was 36 h,and hydrolysis was carried out by 3 mol/L hydrochloric acid for 6 h.[Conclusions] Steroid saponins could be isolated from D.panthaica Prain by in vitro cultured human intestinal flora.

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  • Effects of Yuezhitang Decoction on Lactation Promotion of Over Lactation Model Mice

    Yufu ZHONG;Guohong LIU;Xiaoling ZHANG;Jiajun GUO;Jun SHI;

    [Objective] To discuss the effects of Yuezhitang decoction on promoting lactating function of maternal mice,enhancing the quality of newborn mice,and improving the survival ratio of newborn mice by using the overload lactation model of mice.[Methods]Overload lactation model of maternal mice was established.Maternal mice were given different dosages of samples by gavage.The lactation volume,accumulative lactation volume,body weight change of newborn mice at lactation period were researched.The mammary gland index was detected; the changes of breast tissue morphology and physiology were observed.[Results] Compared with model group,11 and 16.5 g/kg dosage groups significantly improved the lactation volume of maternal mice(P<0.05).Mammary gland index of 11 g/kg dosage group increased significantly.In 11 and 16.5 g/kg dosage groups,mammary gland acinus had dense structure; the acinus was arranged regularly with complete structure and significant increase in quantity,showing typical characters of secretory mammary gland.[Conclusions]Yuezhitang decoction promoted the lactation of maternal mice.

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  • Medicinal Plant

    <正>Indexed by Chemical Abstracts(CA),AGRIS Database,CAB International(CABI),China National Knowledge Infrastructure(CNKI),Naresuan University Library,Indian Fund for Agricultural Development,Royal Tropical Institute,Library of Congress,ProQuest So far,a total of more than 3000 users have subscribed to Medicinal Plant,distributed in 6 countries and regions.

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  • CABI Database

    <正>CABI Database,one of the most authoritative and prestigious abstract data bases concerning agriculture and forestry,is compiled by Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International.This data base,since 1973,has embodied 5 million records,with an annual increase

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  • Chemical Abstracts

    <正>Chemical Abstracts(CA),a reputable international search tool,which involves the widest disciplinary field,collects the most literature types,offers the most searching ways,and has the most prodigious volumes,is edited and published by CAS-Chemical Abstracts

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  • Copyright Authorization Statement

    <正>Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication,the author will grant to the editorial department of the journal Medicinal Plant the rights of reproduction,distribution,compilation and information network dissemination,and permit the manuscript to be delegated to the China Academic Journal Electronic Publishing House(CAJEPH).

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