Pharmacological and Toxicological Analyses

  • Functions of Antiradiation Gel of RADIX SCUTELLARIAE and RADIX ET RHIZOMA GINSENG after UVB Irradiation

    Hongchang ZHANG;Yan TANG;Mingxin LIU;Enpeng WANG;Guangfu LV;Xin CHEN;

    [Objective] To research the protective effects of antiradiation gel of RADIX SCUTELLARIAE and RADIX ET RHIZOMA GINSENG(Shen Qin Antiradiation Gel) on skin and immune system injury induced by UVB irradiation. [Methods] After Shen Qin Antiradiation Gel administration and UVB irradiation,changes of visceral index,skin histomorphology,and lymphocyte and blood platelet count were observed. transformation rate of splenic lymphocyte was detected by MTT method; and SOD activity in skin tissue homogenate was detected by enzymes and biochemical method. [Results] Shen Qin Antiradiation Gel could enhance the thymus index and lymphocyte count,increase the transformation rate of splenic lymphocyte and the SOD activity in skin tissue of mice. [Conclusions] Shen Qin Antiradiation Gel could resist UVB irradiation,and significantly protected the immune system and skin tissue of mice.

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  • Inhibitory Effects of Black Garlic Extracting Solution on the Growth of Mice Colon Cancer Ht-29

    Chunfeng YU;Aihua HOU;Yuejun MU;Wei LIU;Laifu LIU;

    [Objective] To research the inhibitory effects of black garlic extracting solution on the growth of colon cancer Ht-29 through PI3 K /AKT signal pathway. [Method] The tumor-bearing C57 BL /6 mouse model was established. Mice were given different concentrations of black garlic extracting solutions and PI3 K inhibitor LY294002. At the end of the test,the tumors were peeled off and weighed to calculate the inhibitory rate of tumor growth. Akt protein expression was detected by immunohistochemistry. Bad and PTEN protein expression was analyzed by Western blot. And the expression of Caspase-9 was detected by Realtime-PCR. [Results] The tumor inhibitory rate of black garlic extracting solution on mice colon cancer reached 49. 93%. Black garlic extracting solution restricted the expression of Akt and p Bad,but enhanced the expression of PTEN,Bad and caspase-9. [Conclusions] Black garlic extracting solution might restrict the growth of colon cancer Ht-29 through PI3K / AKT signal pathway.

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  • Effects of Scutellaria bartata Flavonoids on NOS,HSP70 and apo E Expression of Rats Astrocytes Induced by Aβ25- 35

    Chunyu LI;Hong MIAO;Xiaoguang WU;Jianjun CHENG;Ke GUO;Yazhen SHANG;

    [Objective] To discuss the effects of Scutellaria bartata flavonoids on NOS,HSP70 and apo E expression of rats astrocytes induced by Aβ25- 35. [Methods] Astrocytes of rats in the third generation were randomly divided into blank control group,model group and three dosage groups of S. bartata flavonoids. 17. 5,35 and 70 μg / m L S. bartata flavonoids were added into cells in dosage groups for 24 h. Then,100 μmol Aβ25- 35 was added into model group and three dosage groups for reaction for 24 h. e NOS,i NOS and n NOS expressions in astrocytes were detected by immunohistochemistry. HSP70 and apo E mRNA expressions in astrocytes were detected by western blotting and RTPCR,respectively. [Results] Compared with blank group,e NOS content reduced by 60. 83%(P < 0. 01) in model group,i NOS content enhanced by 215. 03%(P < 0. 01),HSP70 content enhanced by 166. 67%(P < 0. 01),and apo E mRNA content increased by 150. 00%(P <0. 01). 17. 5,35 and 70 μg / m L S. bartata flavonoids enhanced the e NOS content in different degrees(73. 66%- 137. 77%,P < 0. 05),reduced the i NOS content by 19. 40%- 44. 50%(P < 0. 01),decreased the HSP70 content by 18. 52%- 49. 38%(P < 0. 01),and reduced the apo E mRNA content by 14. 17%- 41. 67%(P < 0. 01). [Conclusions] S. bartata flavonoids interfered the damaged astrocytes induced by Aβ25- 35,and this influence might be helpful for the treatment of AD.

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  • Effects of Medicated Serum of HERBA POLYGONI PERFOLIATI on HBsAg and HBeAg Secretion in 2215 Cells

    Yifei CHEN;Ya GAO;Yingyuan QIN;Kefeng ZHANG;

    [Objective] To research the effects of medicated serum of HERBA POLYGONI PERFOLIATI on HBsAg and HBeAg secretion in2215 cells. [Methods]Destruction rate of medicated serum of HERBA POLYGONI PERFOLIATI to 2215 cells and HL-7702 were detected by MTT method; HBsAg and HBeAg secretion in cell supernatant was detected by ELISA method when four different concentrations of medicated serums were applied in 2215 cells for 72 h. [Results]20% and 40% medicated serums showed inhibitory effects on HBsAg and HBeAg secretion,showing certain dose-effect relationship. At the same time,medicated serum of HERBA POLYGONI PERFOLIATI had less significant inhibitory effects on HL-7702 than that on 2215 cells. [Conclusions] Medicated serum of HERBA POLYGONI PERFOLIATI had certain toxic and anti-HBV effects in vitro.

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Chemical Composition of Natural Medicine

  • Detection of 22 Inorganic Elements in " Zuota " by Microwave Digestion-ICP-OES Method

    Yun TENG;Yandan LI;Bo LI;Zhengming YANG;Panpan LIU;Yijun CHEN;Yuan LIU;

    [Objective] To detect the 22 inorganic elements in " Zuota" grown in Tibet,Qinghai,Gansu and Sichuan Provinces of China; and to analyze their dissolution situation in artificial gastric fluid and artificial intestinal fluid. [Methods] After processed by microwave digestion and treated in artificial gastric fluid and artificial intestinal fluid,22 inorganic elements in " Zuota" were detected by ICP-OES method. [Results] The 22 inorganic elements in " Zuota" showed good linear relationship within the range of 0- 20 μg / m L(R2> 0. 999 4). Hg had the maximum content in " Zuota" among metallic elements. Total Hg had the maximum content in " Zuota" grown in Tibet,followed with Qinghai and Gansu. And total Hg content was the minimum in Aba of Sichuan. Most of the elements had higher dissolution rates in artificial gastric fluid than those in artificial intestinal fluid. Therefore,it could be concluded that the dissolution part in " Zuota" was mainly the stomach. [Conclusions] This method could detect many elements at the same time with wide linear range,which was rapid,accurate,simple and sensitive,and could be used for the detection of 22 inorganic elements in " Zuota".

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  • Content Determination of Total Flavonoids in Food Products of Fagopyrm tataricum(Linn) Gaench

    Yatao HAN;Xu ZUO;Jingxia WANG;Yunzhang XU;Xiaoyan ZHAO;Yuan LIU;

    [Objective] To detect the total flavonoids content in food products of Fagopyrm tataricum(Linn) Gaench by UV spectrophotometry.[Methods] Reflux method was used for extraction. Absorbance value was detected by Na NO2- Al(NO3)3method; and the total flavonoids content was calculated with rutin as the reference. [Results] Rutin concentration had good linear relationship with absorbance value when the concentration range was 0. 003- 0. 161 mg / m L,with R2= 0. 995 9. The average recovery rate was 98. 305% and RSD was 1. 62%.[Conclusions]There were significant differences in the total flavonoids contents in twenty F. tataricum foods; their contents were in the order of buckwheat breakfast cereal(3. 813 mg / g) > buckwheat rice(3. 115 mg / g) > buckwheat noodle(0. 178- 2. 186 mg / g) > buckwheat sachima(0. 228- 0. 573 mg / g) > buckwheat biscuit(0. 015- 0. 065 mg / g). This method was rapid,simple,accurate and repeatable,and could be used for the content detection of total flavonoids in F. tataricum foods.

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  • Detection of Quercitrin and Quercetin Contents in HERBA TAXILLI by RP-HPLC

    Benwei SU;Xiejun ZHANG;Kaixin ZHU;Minghui ZHAO;Hehuan PEI;Jing LI;Yonghua LI;

    [Objective] To establish a rapid,fast and accurate high performance liquid chromatographic analysis for HERBA TAXILLI.[Methods]Quercitrin and quercetin were extracted from HERBA TAXILLI by acid hydrolysis and ultrasonic extraction. Quercitrin and quercetin contents were detected by RP-HPLC. [Results] Quercetin was the main component extracted by acid hydrolysis. There were few free quercetins by ultrasonic extraction; and they were mainly existed in the form of quercitrin. [Conclusions] Quercitrin extracted by ultrasonic extraction was used as the index for quantitative determination; detection was carried out by RP-HPLC. This method could rapidly and accurately reflect the quality of HERBA TAXILLI.

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  • Content Determination of Gentiopicroside in Different Parts of Cultivated Gentiana rigescens Franch.

    Zhiqin SONG;Maohong AO;

    [Objective] To establish a content determination method of gentiopicroside in different parts(roots,stems or leaves) of cultivated G. rigescens,and to provide references for the quality evaluation and medicinal part selection of cultivated G. rigescens. [Methods]Gentiopicroside contents were detected in different parts(roots,stems or leaves) of cultivated G. rigescens by high performance liquid chromatography.Chromatographic column was Hypersil C18column; mobile phase was methanol-water(70∶ 30); column temperature was 30 ℃; flow speed was1 m L / min; detection wavelength was 274 nm; number of theoretical plate was greater than 3 000 peak area; and injection volume was 10 μL.[Results]The regression equation of gentiopicroside was y = 2. 568 8 x + 0. 084 5 with r = 0. 999 4. Gentiopicroside showed good linear relationship within the range of 0. 04- 0. 24 mg / m L. Results of precision test showed that RSD of gentiopicroside was 1. 125%; results of stability test showed that RSD of gentiopicroside was 1. 587%; results of repeatability test showed that the average content of gentiopicroside in roots was 3. 633% with RSD = 1. 486%; results of recovery test showed that the recovery rate was 99. 457% with RSD = 1. 256%. Gentiopicroside contents in roots,stems and leaves of cultivated G. rigescens were 3. 633%,1. 256% and 1. 958%,respectively. [Conclusions]Gentiopicroside content in G. rigescens cultivated in Guizhou exceeded the standard of Chinese Pharmacopoeia(2005 edition)[3]. And cultivated G. rigescens in Guizhou could take the place of wild RADIX ET RHIZOMA GENTIANAE as items for sale.

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Processing of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Quality Control

  • Extraction Technology for Paeoniflorin and Paeonol from Episperm of Paeonia suffruticosa

    Qinghuan MENG;Yuan'gang ZU;Hua WANG;Hongzheng WANG;Qi LU;Weiwei WU;Chen ZHONG;Xihua DUAN;

    [Objective] To obtain the optimal ethanol homogenate extraction technology for paeoniflorin and paeonol from episperm of Paeonia suffruticosa. [Methods] Based on single factor test,L9(34) orthogonal test was designed to investigate the effects of ethanol concentration,solid-liquid ratio,homogenate time and extraction times on the extraction rates of paeoniflorin and paeonol. [Results] The optimal extraction technology was 60% ethanol,1∶ 20 solid-liquid ratio,4 min homogenate time,and one extraction times. [Conclusions]The optimal extraction technology could effectively enhance the extraction rates of paeoniflorin and paeonol from P. suffruticosa episperm.

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  • ISSR Analysis of Genetic Background of Triploid Female and Diploid Male of Siraitia grosvenorii

    Rongchang WEI;Longhua BAI;

    [Objective] To evaluate the genetic background of triploid female and diploid male of Siraitia grosvenorii and to provide biological references for fine varieties breeding of seedless S. grosvenorii. [Methods]Inter simple sequence repeats(ISSR) marker was developed to analyze the genetic background among 28 samples of S. grosvenorii,and cluster analysis and double principal coordinate analysis were revealed by the NTSYS-pc software and Gen AIEx software,respectively. [Results]13 ISSR primers selected out of 100 primers for amplification,and a total of 131 unambiguous bands were obtained,among which 99(PPB = 75. 57%) were polymorphic. The results of cluster analysis and double principal coordinate analysis showed that there was a certain richness of genetic background in triploid female and diploid male of S. grosvenorii. But the genetic similarity coefficients of majority were relatively great with close genetic distance. [Conclusions] The triploid female and diploid male of S. grosvenorii had relatively low complexity of genetic background,so that germplasm innovation strategies should be carried out to enrich the genetic background of seedless S. grosvenorii.

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  • Optimization of ISSR-PCR System for Nerviliae fordii(Hance )Schltr. and Its Primer Screening

    Yuqing ZHOU;Peilin DU;Peng FU;Feng XIE;Yuefeng WANG;Hua ZHU;

    [Objective] To establish and optimize the ISSR-PCR system satiable for Nerviliae fordii(Hance) Schltr. [Methods]Five factors affecting the ISSR-PCR system reaction of N. fordii were optimized by orthogonal test,which were d NTP,template DNA,primer,Mg2 +and Taq DNA polymerase. Single factors in the test were analyzed by new multiple range method. [Results] The optimal reaction system for N. fordii was as follows: the 20 μL total reaction volume included 2 μL 10 × PCR buffer,225 μmol / L d NTP,60 ng template DNA,0. 4μmol /L primer,2. 5 mmol /L Mg2 +,1. 0 U Taq DNA polymerase,and 20 μL total reaction volume. A total of 16 ISSR primers were screened from 100 ISSR primers,which was stable and had abundant polymorphism. [Conclusions] The established ISSR-PCR reaction system for N. fordii was stable and reliable,and could be used for the genetic differentiation analysis of N. fordii.

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  • Clinical Curative Effects of Tanshinone Adjuvant Therapy on Bronchopneumonia in Children

    Rong ZHU;Xiaohong WEN;

    [Objective] To research on the clinical curative effects of tanshinone adjuvant therapy on bronchopneumonia in children. [Methods] A total of 149 cases of bronchopneumonia in children were randomly divided into treatment group(75 cases) and control group(74 cases). As for the treatment group,pneumonia conventional treatment + tanshinone were adopted. And as for the control group,only conventional treatment was conducted. After 7 d,the clinical curative effects of the two groups were compared. [Results]Treatment group was superior to control group in relieving clinical symptoms,promoting the absorption of lung rale,shortening the duration of symptoms and so on.[Conclusions]Tanshinone adjuvant therapy had significant curative effects on bronchopneumonia in children,which was worthy of clinic promotion and application.

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  • Medicinal Plant

    <正>Indexed by Chemical Abstracts(CA),AGRIS Database,CAB International(CABI),China National Knowledge Infrastructure(CNKI),Naresuan University Library,Indian Fund for Agricultural Development,Royal Tropical Institute,Library of Congress,ProQuest So far,a total of more than 3000 users have subscribed to Medicinal Plant,distributed in 6 countries and regions.The high-end users are as follows:

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