Pharmacological and Toxicological Analyses

  • The Antioxidant Activity of Scopolin from Solanum cathayanum to Nerve Cells

    Yushan KONG;Shaolan HUANG;Mingxia XIE;Yanhong XUE;Kun ZOU;Shiping LIU;

    [Objective] To further detect the active components and functions of Solanum cathayanum,since previous research showed that it had relatively good antioxidant activity. [Methods] After extraction,isolation and structural identification,the antioxidant protection activity of scopolin from Solanum cathayanum to the damaged SH-SY5 Y cells was researched,which was induced by H2O2. [Results] Far from the toxicity range,scopolin showed similar antioxidant activity like positive control VE; and the LDH leakage rate reduced significantly,showing that scopolin reduced the membrane damage. Besides,0. 1 μmol / m L scopolin was helpful to enhance the contents of SOD and GSH. [Conclusions] Scopolin could be developed and used for the research on drugs for neurodegenerative diseases.

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  • Mechanism of Anti- influenza Virus of Cinnamaldehyde and Volatile Oils from RAMULUS CINNAMOMI

    Rong LIU;Ting HE;Nan ZENG;Tian CHEN;Ling GOU;Jinwei LIU;

    [Objective] To observe the direct killing effects of cinnamaldehyde and volatile oils from RAMULUS CINNAMOMI on inoculated mouse-lung adapted strains of influenza virus A / PR /8 /34( H1N1),and to discuss the TLR7 signaling mechanism of their anti-influenza effects. [Methods]1 With Madin-Darby canine kidney( MDCK) infected by influenza virus as the vector,the effective concentration( IC50)and therapeutic index( TI) of the two drugs were detected in inhibiting the proliferation influenza virus in vitro. 2 Effects of two drugs on the IFN-β secretion of infected MDCK cells were detected by ELISA method. 3Effects of two drugs on the TLR3,TLR7,TRAF-3,IRAK-4 and IFN-β mRNA expression of infected MDCK cells were observed by Real-Time PCR method. [Results]1 Cinnamaldehyde and volatile oils of RAMULUS CINNAMOMI had significant direct killing effects on influenza virus; their IC50 were 5. 77 × 10- 7and 1. 85 × 10- 7m L / m L,and the TI were 9. 51 and 27. 04,respectively. 2 Compared with virus control group,0. 25 × 10- 5m L / m L cinnamaldehyde and volatile oils of RAMULUS CINNAMOMI could significantly enhance the IFN-β content in supernatant of infected cells( P < 0. 05). 3 Compared with virus control group,0. 25 × 10- 5m L / m L cinnamaldehyde and volatile oils of RAMULUS CINNAMOMI could significantly increase the TLR7,IRAK-4 and IFN-β mRNA expression levels of infected cells( P < 0. 05).[Conclusions] Cinnamaldehyde and volatile oils of RAMULUS CINNAMOMI showed significant inhibitory effects on the proliferation of H1N1 influenza virus. Its antiviral mechanism might be related to the stimulation of TLR7 pathway,the activation of IRAK-4,and the high expression of IRAK-4.

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  • Study about the Antioxidant Protective Action of Gallate on Nerve Cell

    Wei TIAN;Yuting BI;Qilong ZHOU;Yanhong XUE;Min QIU;Feijun DAN;Shiping LIU;

    To compare the cytotoxicity of different gallate compounds and analyze the effect of gallate compounds at different concentrations on the growth of nerve cell under oxidative stress induced by hydrogen peroxide. Results indicated that Ethyl gallate,Propyl gallate and Isoamyl Gallate could effectively increase the survival rate of SH-SY5 Y cell damaged by hydrogen peroxide which suggested that they had protection effect on nerve cell with oxidative stress injury. Particularly,Methyl 3,4-dimethoxy-5-hydroxybenzoate separated from Myricaria laxiflora,threatened plant in the Three Gorges,had better antioxidant protective effect than Propyl gallate which indicated that it could be developed and used as a kind of potential drug treating neurodegenerative disease.

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  • Immunomodulatory Effects of Yupingfeng Polysaccharides on Immunosuppressed Mice

    Hong YANG;Hua DENG;Jipei ZHANG;Fang CHEN;Wenjun PU;Jiedan LIAO;Ke MA;

    [Objective] To discuss the protection and regulatory effects of Yupingfeng polysaccharides on immunosuppressed mice. [Methods] The immunosuppressive mice model was established by 80 mg / kg cyclophosphamide. The spleen index,spleen lymphocyte proliferation capability,serum hemolysin antibody generation and serum IL-2 level of mice were researched,so as to observe the effects of Yupingfeng polysaccharides at different dosages( 100,200,400 mg / kg). [Results] Yupingfeng polysaccharides enhanced the spleen index of immunosuppressed mice,improved the proliferation capability of spleen lymphocyte,promoted the generation of serum hemolysin antibody in normal mice,and protected against the secretion reduction of serum hemolysin antibody induced by cyclophosphamide. Besides,Yupingfeng polysaccharides enhanced the IL-2 levels in serum of both immunosuppressed and normal mice,especially that the middle-and low-dosage groups had relatively significant effects.[Conclusions] Yupingfeng polysaccharides protected against the immunosuppression of mice induced by cyclophosphamide,enhanced the immune function and protected the spleen function of mice.

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  • Sduty on the Anti- inflammatory Mechanism of Gentiana rigescens

    Xin YU;Lilan OU;Meiping REN;Dan ZHANG;

    [Objective] To study the anti-inflammatory mechanism of Gentiana rigescens. [Methods] Determinations of malondialdehyde( MDA) and prostaglandin E2( PGE2),tumor necrosis factor alpha( TNF alpha) and interleukin 1 beta( IL-1 beta) content in rat chest percolate and nitric oxide( NO),PGE2,TNF alpha,beta,IL-1 and MDA content in rat lung tissue were conducted to investigate the anti-inflammatory mechanism.[Results] Compared with 5% twain- 80,ethanol extract group( 6 g / kg,crude drug amount) and water parts group( 6 g/kg,crude drug amount) of Gentiana rigescens could inhibit improvement of NO,MDA,PGE2,TNF-α and IL-1β content in chest percolate( P < 0. 01) and NO,MDA,PGE2,TNF-α and IL-1β content in lung tissue( P < 0. 01). [Conclusion]The anti-inflammatory mechanism of Gentiana rigescens may be related to the effects on generating of inflammatory mediators and antioxidant effect.

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  • Experimental Study of Penthorum chinense Pursh on Mouse with Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

    Xiangyu HU;Mei WEI;Yefei YUAN;Wenxin YANG;

    [Objective] To explore the prevention effect of Penthorum chinense Pursh on alcoholic fatty liver disease in mouse. [Methods]Healthy Kunming SPF mouse were used in the test and with the modified modeling method established by Fan Jiangao et al.,mouse were fed with high fat diet and intragastric administration of alcohol at the dose of 3( BW) g / kg( 0. 1( BW) m L /10 g). While modeling,the Penthorum chinense Pursh extract was administrated for intervention,TPN was used as control. The general conditions of mouse were observed,the liver coefficient was detected and the blood was sampled from eyeballs for detection of serum TG,TC,ALT,AST and MDA.[Results]The alcoholic fatty liver disease occurred in mouse 3 weeks after modeling. The liver fat in Penthorum chinense Pursh extract group improved significantly and the serum TG,TC,ALT and AST in Penthorum chinense Pursh extract group decreased significantly compared with model group( p <0. 05,p < 0. 01). The serum MDA in Penthorum chinense Pursh extract group decreased compared with model group,but it was of no statistical significance.[Conclusions] Penthorum chinense Pursh had good effects on preventing and curing alcoholic fatty liver disease.

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Germplasm Resources and Cultivation

  • Pharmacognostic Identification of Tetracera asiatica

    Hua ZHU;Fangfang DA;Jianbei TENG;Yan LIANG;

    [Objective] Pharmacognostic identification of Tetracera asiatica was performed. [Methods] Methods of morphological identification,microscopic identification,physical and chemical identification were used. [Results] Wheel stripes were obvious in the transverse section of root; the cortex was narrow and the xylem was broad. It was in radial pattern,the splitting was obvious and there were many ostioles.Needle crystal bundles of calcium oxalate were commonly observed in parenchymal cells. Lignified parenchymal cells could be observed,clear pits were densely distributed. The bordered pit vessels were with diameter of 20- 80 μm. Cork cells were in the shape of polygon and reddish brown. Tannin and flavonoid were contained in tetracera asiatica. [Conclusions] The aforementioned characteristics could provide reference basis for identification of Tetracera asiatica.

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  • The Plant Morphology and Total Polysaccharides Content in the Leaves of Panax quinquefolius L. Grown in Canada

    Xue ZHAI;Ye REN;Yun TENG;Wei ZHAO;Jingfu WANG;Yatao HAN;Yanfei HUANG;Yuan LIU;

    [Objective] To research on the changes of total polysaccharides content and plant morphology in the 1- to 5-year-old leaves of Panax quinquefolius L.,which were harvested from May to September in Canada.[Methods]Plant morphological characteristics( length,diameter,dry weight and fresh weight) of the leaves of P. quinquefolius with different growth years in different harvest periods were detected; and the drying rate was calculated. Total polysaccharides content in the leaves of P. quinquefolius was detected by UV spectrophotometry. [Results]The dry rates of P. quinquefolius stems with different growth years had no significant differences( P = 0. 278 8 > 0. 05) with two-year-old leaves( 0. 394) > one-year-old leaves( 0. 372) > five-year-old leaves( 0. 30) > three-year-old leaves( 0. 27) > four-year-old leaves( 0. 26).Drying rates of P. quinquefolius leaves in different harvest periods showed significant differences( P = 0. 028 9 < 0. 05). According to the mean values,it could be concluded that July( 0. 452) > May( 0. 348) > June( 0. 274) > September( 0. 26) > August( 0. 248). The total polysaccharides content of P. quinquefolius leaves had extremely significant changes in different growth years( P = 0. 000 0 < 0. 01) with two-yearold leaves( 16. 678 mg / g) > three-year-old leaves( 15. 154 mg / g) > four-year-old leaves( 14. 559 mg / g) > one-year-old leaves( 13. 497 mg / g) > five-year-old leaves( 11. 929 mg / g). Total polysaccharides contents of P. quinquefolius stems also had extremely significant changes in different harvest periods( P = 0. 000 0 < 0. 01) with June > July > August > May > September.[Conclusions]In the leaves of P. quinquefolius,content of total polysaccharides had little correlation with the drying rate. Therefore,the content of total polysaccharides could not be judged by the drying rate of the leaves of P. quinquefolius. Total polysaccharides contents in one-to five-year-old P. quinquefolius leaves firstly enhanced and then decreased from May to September,and were the relatively high in June. Two-year-old P. quinquefolius leaves had the maximum content of average total polysaccharides. According to the previous researches,the average contents of total polysaccharides in P. quinquefolius roots,stems and leaves were 8. 4%,2. 6% and 1. 5%,respectively. The sum of total polysaccharides contents in P. quinquefolius stems and leaves was 4. 1%,which was only 1 /2 of the total polysaccharides content in roots. Stems of P. quinquefolius were usually abandoned during the harvest of RADIX PANACIS QUINQUEFOLII in Ontario of Canada. Therefore,it was suggested that the stems( aboveground parts) of P. quinquefolius could be used as the raw materials for the extraction of total polysaccharides.

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  • Grey Correlation Analysis of Artemisinin Content in Artemisiae annie in Three Gorges Reservoir Region

    Junyi CHEN;Li TAN;Qian ZHANG;Yanyin YANG;Zhiguo YANG;Yahong ZHANG;Zhaojing ZHU;Kai CHEN;Li XU;

    Under natural conditions,wild Artemisiae annie in 36 sampling sites of Three Gorges Reservoir Region were researched. Grey correlation analysis of influencing factors of artemisinin content in A. annie was carried out. Results showed that soil alkali-hydrolyzable N and P were the most significant factors affecting artemisinin content in wild A. annie in Three Gorges Reservoir Region. It could be concluded that artemisinin content in A. annie was mainly affected by the soil nutrient.

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Chemical Composition of Natural Medicine

  • Microwave Digestion- Dual Channel Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry for Determination of Selenium and Germanium in Chinese Herbs

    Chunyan LANG;Xiangfei ZHOU;Chengjie DENG;Xiaorong WU;Li ZHOU;

    [Objective] To conduct simultaneous determination of selenium and germanium content in traditional Chinese medicine,such as wild RHIZOMA GASTRODIAE,RADIX POLYGONI MULTIFLORI,RADIX ANGELICAE SINENSIS,RADIX ADENOPHORAE,and RHIZOMA COPTIDIS,by hydride generation-atomic fluorescence spectroscopy. [Methods] The samples were prepared by nitric acid-hydrogen peroxide microwave digestion,using phosphoric acid as the medium and thiourea as the pre-reductant,the selenium and germanium contents of traditional Chinese medicine were determined by dual channel atomic fluorescence spectrometry. [Results] Under the optimized conditions,the instrumental detection limits of selenium and germanium were 0. 25 and 1. 46 ng / m L,and the RSDs were 1. 9%( 5 ng / m L,n = 10) and2. 9%( 10 ng / m L,n = 10),and the recoveries were 91. 7%- 97. 2% and 89. 5%- 95. 7% with RSD less than 4%( n = 10),respectively.The linear ranges were all 0- 300 ng / m L. Interference ions as Cr3 +,Cu2 +,Zn2 +and Co2 +had the biggest influences on selenium,while Pb2 +and Ni2 +the biggest influences on germanium. These interference ions were not considered,because their contents were not high enough to disturb selenium and germanium determination. [Conclusions]The selenium contents of 5 kinds of medicinal materials were in the range of533. 1- 1 773 ng / g,the order was: wild RHIZOMA GASTRODIAE > RHIZOMA COPTIDIS > RADIX POLYGONI MULTIFLORI > RADIX ANGELICAE SINENSIS > RADIX ADENOPHORAE; the germanium content range was 253. 9- 842. 5 ng / g,the order was: wild RHIZOMA GASTRODIAE > RADIX ADENOPHORAE > RADIX ANGELICAE SINENSIS > RADIX POLYGONI MULTIFLORI > RHIZOMA COPTIDIS. Two element contents of wild RHIZOMA GASTRODIAE were higher than that of other cultivated samples.

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  • Fingerprint Features of Different Varieties of FLOS CHRYSANTHEMI

    Yiming SUN;Jianzhong XU;Xiaoxia SHEN;Xuping YU;Zhi'an WANG;

    [Objective] To compare the fingerprint features of different varieties of FLOS CHRYSANTHEMI,and to lay foundation for the establishment of HPLC fingerprint chromatogram of FLOS CHRYSANTHEMI. [Methods] HPLC fingerprint chromatograms of different varieties of FLOS CHRYSANTHEMI were analyzed,which were collected from Tongxiang Germplasm Resources Garden in Zhejiang Province. The correlations of different varieties of FLOS CHRYSANTHEMI were researched by similarity analysis,cluster analysis and principal component analysis. [Results] HPLC fingerprint chromatograms of FLOS CHRYSANTHEMI were established,showing that there was certain similarity in HPLC chromatograms of different varieties. A total of 13 common peaks were screened. Results of fingerprint data,cluster analysis and principal component analysis showed the connection of different varieties of FLOS CHRYSANTHEMI in regionality and genetic relationship,as well as their unique characteristics. [Conclusions]The chromatographic system could be used for establishing the fingerprints of different varieties of FLOS CHRYSANTHEMI,which provided references for the application,quality evaluation and germplasm selection of FLOS CHRYSANTHEMI.

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  • Isolation,Identification and Determination of Verbascoside in Callicarpa longissima(Hemsl.) Merr

    Buming LIU;Wei GAO;Mingsheng CHEN;Yan HUANG;

    [Objective] To research on the isolation,identification and determination of verbascoside in Callicarpa longissima( Hemsl.)Merr. [Methods]Verbascoside was extracted by 95% ethanol,isolated and purified by column chromatography and PHPLC from the stem and branch of Callicarpa longissima( Hemsl.) Merr. A HPLC method was set up to determine the content of verbascoside in Callicarpa longissima( Hemsl.) Merr,using ECOSIL ODS- EXTEND column( 4. 6 mm × 250 mm,5 μm),and acetonitrile-0. 2%- phosphoric acid water solution as the mobile phase,the UV detection wavelength was at 334 nm,with the flow rate of 1. 0 m L / min at room temperature.[Results] A good linear was obtained in the range of 0. 051 9 μg- 0. 829 6 μg and the average recovery was 99. 13%( RSD = 1. 80%,n = 9).[Conclusions]Verbascoside was isolated from the plant for the first time. This detection method was simple,feasible and repeatable,and was reliable for the quality control of C. longissima.

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  • Effects of Stir- frying with Wine on Polysaccharides Content in RHIZOMA CURCUMAE LONGAE

    Hailing YANG;Danni XU;Jingyu GAN;Jie LIN;Wennan WANG;

    [Objective] To discuss the effects of stir-frying with wine on polysaccharides content in RHIZOMA CURCUMAE LONGAE.[Methods]Polysaccharides contents in RHIZOMA CURCUMAE LONGAE before and after stir-frying with wine were compared by phonel-sulfuric acid method. [Results]There was good linear relationship when the glucose concentration was 10- 70 μg / m L; the average recovery rate was 99. 67% and RSD was 1. 33%. Polysaccharides contents in RHIZOMA CURCUMAE LONGAE processing products were as follows: stirfrying with wine( 1. 38%) > crude drugs( 0. 68%). Stir-frying with wine enhanced the dissolution of polysaccharides in RHIZOMA CURCUMAE LONGAE. [Conclusions] This research provided scientific references for the clinical application and quality standard establishment of decoction processing of RHIZOMA CURCUMAE LONGAE.

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Processing of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Quality Control

  • Study of Optimizing Processing Technic of Cynanchum paniculatum in Producing Area

    Jun YAN;Huanjiang WANG;Huibin LIN;Ling GAO;Jianqiang LIN;

    [Objective] To study the influence of different processing methods to the quality of Cynanchum paniculatum( Bge.) Kitaga.[Methods]To carry out comparing test of different drying and cleaning methods for Cynanchum paniculatum( Bge.) Kitaga. For comparing test of different drying methods,the content of paeonol,the active ingredient,was used as index to evaluate the effects of different processing technics on medicinal material quality. [Results]The drug quality can't be declined after the drug is washed quickly. Oven drying at low temperature is superior to traditional drying method. [Conclusions] The optimum processing method in producing area is that the drug is washed quickly,then drying by oven at the temperature gradient of 40→50→60 ℃.

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  • Optimization of the Extraction Technology of Tannins from Geranium orientalitibeticum R. Knuth by Supercritical CO_2 Extraction

    Song XIE;Zhiping TONG;Rui TAN;Xiaozhen LIU;

    [Objective] To establish the optimal extraction technology of tannins from Geranium orientalitibeticum R. Knuth,and to provide references for its large-scale production. [Methods]The extraction technology of tannins from G. orientalitibeticum was optimized by supercritical CO2 extraction. Tannins content was detected by tungsten molybdophosphate-casein colorimetric method. Extraction pressure,temperature and time were taken as the research factors. With the tannins content in G. orientalitibeticum extracts as the evaluation index,extraction technology was optimized by orthogonal test. [Results]The optimal extraction technology was 25 MPa extraction pressure,50 ℃ extraction temperature and 1. 5 h extraction time. The mass fraction was 12. 91 mg / g and the extraction rate was 3. 67%. [Conclusions]This method could be used for the content detection of tannins in G. orientalitibeticum. The optimized technology was stable and feasible and had high extraction rate,which provided theoretical foundation for the design of extraction technology of tannins in G. orientalitibeticum.

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  • The Safety of Shampoo with Compound Zaofan Function

    Xiangyu HU;Yan LIU;Liping YAO;Chunyan YANG;Wenxin YANG;

    [Objective] To discuss the safety of shampoo with compound Zaofan function to the skins of laboratory animals. [Methods]Kunming mice was used for skin acute toxicity test; domestic healthy rabbits were used for skin irritation test; and white guinea pigs were used for skin sensitivity test. Cell genetic toxicity of Shampoo with compound Zaofan function in the body was detected by lymphocyte micronucleus test on Kunming mice. [Results]After using the shampoo with compound Zaofan function,mice showed no symptom of acute toxicity. In skin irritation test,shampoo with compound Zaofan function had relatively weak stimulation to skin; and the degree was no irrigation. In skin sensitivity test,shampoo with compound Zaofan function had low incidence of sensitization and poor sensitization. In micronucleus test of lymphocyte,shampoo with compound Zaofan function had small effects on the teratogenicity / mutagenesis. [Conclusions]Shampoo with compound Zaofan function was safe and reliable for external use,and was worthy of clinical promotion.

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