• Research Progress of Gastrointestinal Mucosal Protective Effect of Chinese Medicine

    Fangli MA;Xiaoling ZHANG;Jiajun GUO;Xuemei SHEN;

    This paper summarizes researches from 2000 to 2010 on Chinese medicine materials that promote digestion. It categorizes them as tonics,digestives,Qi-regulating drugs,aromatic drugs for dispelling dampness,astringents,drugs for warming the interior and drugs for inducing diuresis and excreting dampness,and elaborates their gastrointestinal mucosal protective effects respectively. The mechanism of drugs protecting gastrointestinal mucosa lies in improving gastrointestinal immunity,and regulating intestinal flora and gastrointestinal hormone level. At present,chemical medicines promoting gastrointestinal motility,such as Motihium and Cisapride,have limited effects along with obvious side effects. Hence,the development of Chinese medicine promoting digestion has a bright prospect.

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  • Study on the Pharmacologic Action of Luteoloside

    Renwei GUAN;Yongsheng QU;Zhengwei GU;Xin SHAO;Huibin LIN;Jianqiang LIN;

    By reviewing and analyzing the researches about the effects of Luteoloside on the respiratory system,the cardiovascular system and the central nervous system and its anti-pyretic and anti-inflammatory effects,antiviral and anti-cancer effects,the paper presented that Luteoloside had strong effects on sterilization,antiphlogosis,antipyresis and analgesia. And it also played a good role in antiviral and anticancer. At present,many researches focused on the extraction and separation of natural product,but little was known about the theory of medicinal property. And the absorption,distribution,biotransformation and metabolic process in vivo were ambiguous. Its mechanism of action is still needed to be studied. In the future,studies about these aspects could benefit the therapeutic action and avoid adverse reactions.

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Pharmacological and Toxicological Analyses

  • Hepatotoxicity of Saikosaponin a (SSa) on the Human Liver Cell L-02 in Vitro and Its Mechanism

    Xiaoyu LI;Xiaojiaoyang LI;Qun FENG;Rong SUN;

    [Objective]To investigate the effects of saikosaponin a(SSa) of RADIX BUPLEURI on the proliferation of human normal liver cell L-02 and its mechanism,and to provide theoretical basis for clinical application of RADIX BUPLEURI. [Methods]Morphological changes were observed and MTT assay was performed to research the toxicity effects of SSa on human liver cell L-02 in different time periods and doses. DNA ladder analysis and Annexin V /PI double staining were both used to detect if cell apoptosis was induced. The contents of SOD,MDA and LDH in supernatant were detected to further research the mechanism of hepatotoxicity induced by SSa. [Results] SSa of different concentrations were all dose dependent to cytotoxicity,but had no relationship with administration time. IC50 values of SSa after administration for 24 and 48 h were 5. 47 and 5. 22 μmol /L,respectively. Annexin V /PI double staining could not detect the early apoptotic cells. Detection results of cell culture liquid showed that SOD activity reduced,while MDA and LDH contents enhanced. [Conclusions] The mechanism of hepatotoxicity in vitro of SSa was not apoptosis induction,but oxidative injury of human liver cell. SSa reduced the activity of SOD,which resulted in cellular membrane injury and finally caused cytotoxicity.

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  • The Effect of Arbutin on Mice Brain Cells after Ischemia-reperfusion Injury

    Yonggang ZHANG;Jianbo ZHAO;Shuli JIANG;

    [Objective]To study the effect of the Chinese traditional medicine arbutin on brain cells after ischemia-reperfusion injury and provide a theoretical foundation for its clinical application. [Methods]Forty Kunming mice were randomly divided into four groups,namely the blank group,the ischemia-reperfusion group,the chemoprophylaxis group and the medication group. The cerebral ischemia-reprefusion model,made according to the principle of brain damage caused by ischemia,was stained with TTC and HE to observe cells' morphological changes.SOD activity,MDA content and GSH-Px activity in brain tissues were tested. [Results]Compared with the ischemia-reperfusion group,necrosis of ischemia areas stained by TTC in the chemoprophylaxis group and the medication group was less obvious. HE staining showed the alleviation of cells damage. The enhancement of SOD activity and that of GSH-Px activity showed significant differences. MDA content was reduced(P <0.05 for both). [Conclusions]Arbutin had antioxidant properties which can effectively prevent and protect brain cells from damage.

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  • The Neuroprotective Effects of Paeoniflorin on Multi-infarct Dementia( MID) Model

    Rong SUN;Xiaoyu LI;Bing OUYANG;

    [Objective]To observe the protective effects and pathway of paeoniflorin on rat MID(multi-infarct dementia) model by establishing the improved MID model,and to lay the pharmacological basis for the development of protective neurons candidate compounds. [Methods]The classic rats' MID model was used to observe the protective effects and pathway of different dosages of paeoniflorin. The learning and memory abilities of rats were detected by Morris water maze. The expression of Bcl-2 and Bax protein were detected by immunohistochemistry.The changes of cerebral cortex and the neuron structure were detected by HE staining and electron microscopy. [Results]Paeoniflorin had significant improvement effects on the time of anesthetic awareness,detention time of inclined plate test,behavioral evaluation,cognitive impairment and brain neuron injury of rat MID model. The protective mechanism of paeoniflorin was related to the Bcl-2 and Bax expression in cerebral cortex and hippocampus brain tissue. [Conclusions]The paeoniflorin had significant improvement effects on the rat MID model. It restricted the EAA damage,intracellular calcium overload,and Bax expression,so as to promote the Bcl-2 expression and to restrict the cell apoptosis.

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  • Effects of Ethanol Extraction of Cassiae Semen on Glucolipid Metabolism and Inflammatory Cytokines in Hyperlipidemia Rats

    Yonghui WANG;Li GAO;Wenjing ZHOU;Yanmiao MA;

    [Objective]To observe effects of ethanol extraction of Cassiae Semen on blood lipid,blood glucose,inflammatory cytokines like IL-6 and TNF-α in hyperlipidemia rats and explore the mechanism of Cassiae Semen in regulating lipid when used to treat hyperlipidemia rats.[Methods]The hyperlipidemia rat model was established by feeding high calorie-diet and10% alcohol. After modeling,the selected rats were randomly divided into 5 groups: model group,positive control group(Xuezhikang,0. 15 g /kg),low dose group,medium dose group and high dose group(4,8 and 16 g /kg). All groups were applied by intragastric administration by 10 mL /kg for 4 weeks. Except rats in normal control group,the remains were fed with high calorie-diet and 10% alcohol during the period of administration. After the last delivery,blood was sampled and the serum content of total cholesterol(TC),triglyceride(TG),low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol(LDL-C),high-density lipoprotein- cholesterol(HDL-C) and glucose(Glu) were detected by automated chemistry analyzer. And the content of IL-6 and TNF-α were determined by ELISA. [Results]Compared with model group,the content of TC,TG,LDL-C and Glu in rats treated with ethanol extraction of Cassiae Semen at medium and high dose significantly decreased,and the content of HDL-C increased significantly(P < 0. 01). At the same time,the content of IL-6 and TNF-α in hyperlipidemia rats increased remarkably. And the content of IL-6 and TNF-α significantly decreased in rats of medium dose group and high dose group(P < 0. 01). [Conclusions]Ethanol extraction of Cassiae Semen could effectively improve the serum content of blood glucose and blood lipid in hyperlipidemia model rats,it also could decrease the serum content of inflammatory cytokines like IL-6 and TNF-α. As a result,it might be benefit to the stabilization of atherosclerotic plaque.

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  • Research on the Antipyretic Effect and Meachnism of Total Organic Acid from Thladiantha Dubia Fruit

    Jiandong LIU;Chunying ZHAO;Jiming TONG;

    [Obejective]To observe the antipyretic effect of total organic acid in Thladiantha Dubia fruit(TOATDF),and explore its mechanism. [Methods]The rat fever models were established by the injection to SD rats with LPS 100 μg /kg of their body weights. The model rats were randomly divided into TOATDF 300,150 and 75 mg /kg dosage groups,aspirin 150 mg /kg control group and model group,and another10 rats were taken as normal control. Body temperature was measured once every one hour after the medicine,and for six times in a row.ELISAE method was used to determine the expression level of PGE2,TNF-α and IL-β in serum and that of PGE2 in cerebrospinal fluid. [Results]The average body temperature of rats at any point of time in TOATDF 300 and 150 mg /kg dose group of rats was lower than that of rats in the model control group(P < 0. 05 or P < 0. 01); temperature of rats in the 75 mg /kg group 2- 5 h after the drug was significantly lower than that of rats in the control group(P < 0. 05); temperature of rats after 1- 5 h in aspirin group after drug was obviously lower than that of rats in the control group. The expression level of TNF-α,PGE2,IL-β in serum and that of PGE2 in cerebrospinal fluid in each dosage group were significantly lower than that in model control group( P < 0. 05 or P < 0. 01),but higher than that in the normal control group( P <0. 05). [Conclusions]TOATRF has significant antipyretic effect with dose-dependent. Its the antipyretic effect is related to the inhibition of the increase of PGE2,TNF-α and IL-β induced by pyrogen.

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  • Apoptosis of CT26 Cells of Mouse Colon Cancer Induced by the Combination of Arsenic Trioxide and Paclitaxel and Its Mechanism

    Shengjiu GU;Junbin QI;Dan CHEN;Dan WANG;Kaimei ZHU;

    [Objective]To study the apoptosis of CT26 cells of mouse colon cancer induced by the vombination of arsenic trioxide(As2O3)and paclitaxel(PTX) and to research its mechanism. [Methods]CT26 cells of mouse colon cancer were treated by different concentrations of As2O3 for 72 h. Cell proliferation rate was detected by MTT method. Then,As2O3 having 30% inhibitory concentration was selected to carry out research together with different concentrations of PTX; cell proliferation rate was detected by MTT method. The dosage group having the most significant inhibitory effects was selected for the further research. Finally,apoptosis rate and cell cycle of each group were assessed by flow cytometer. [Results]Different concentrations of As2O3 or PTX significantly inhibited CT26 cell proliferation in a dose dependent manner.Combination of 2. 0 μmol /L As2O3 and 0. 04 μmol /L PTX had synergistic inhibition effects on CT26 cell proliferation,and showed more significant effects on enhancing the apoptosis rate of cells.[Conclusions] Combination treatment of As2O3 and PTX inhibited cell growth and induced apoptosis.

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Germplasm Resources and Cultivation

  • The Microstructure of Peristrophe roxburghiana

    Ya GAO;Kefeng ZHANG;

    [Objective]To study the microstructure characteristics of Peristrophe roxburghiana(Schult.) Bremek.,so that reference can be provided for its identification,development and utilization and the establishment of its quality standards. [Methods]Microscopic identification method was used in the identification research of Peristrophe roxburghiana. [Results]The root cortex of Peristrophe roxburghiana contained a large secretory cavity; parenchymal cells of its stem cortex contained sclereids; nonglandular hair,glandular scales and cystoliths could be seen in its leaves and the leaves' powder; both upper and lower epidermis cells mianly looked irregular or were in polygon-like shapes. [Conclusions]Features above are significanct in microscopic identification,and thus can be evidence for the identification of Peristrophe roxburghiana.

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Chemical Composition of Natural Medicine

  • Determination of the Content of Mineral Elements in Radix Millettiae Speciosae by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

    Xiang HUANG;Xiaoping WANG;Xiaobai CHEN;

    [Objective]To determine the content of mineral elements in traditional Chinese medicine( TCM) Radix Millettiae Speciosae.[Methods]Nitric acid-perchloric acid was adopted for digestion,and flame atomic absorption spectrometry was applied to determine the contents of mineral elements of Ca,Mn,Mg,Fe,Cu and Pb in the traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) Radix Millettiae Speciosae. [Results]In Radix Millettiae Speciosae,the contents of Ca,Mn,Mg,Fe,Cu and Pb were respectively 3 279. 05,2 008. 30,381. 53,450. 04,16. 36,and 1. 96 μg /g. The recovery of standard addition of this method was 96. 99%- 101. 38%,and RSD value was less than 2%,so it was with good accuracy and precision. [Conclusions]In Radix Millettiae Speciosae,the contents of Ca,Mn,Mg are high,yet those of Cu and Pb are low. Data obtained in the determination could provide basis for studying the relationship between mineral elements and pharmacological activity of Radix Millettiae Speciosae.

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  • Determination of β-Sitosterol Contents in the Roots,Stems and Leaves of Wild HERBA PLUMBAGINIS ZEYLANICAE in Different Harvest Months by RP-HPLC-ELSD

    Xianzhi DAI;Chaoqin REN;Yuan LIU;

    [Objective]To determine the β-sitosterol contents in the leaves,roots and stems of wild HERBA PLUMBAGINIS ZEYLANICAE in different harvest months. [Methods]The β-sitosterol content in wild HERBA PLUMBAGINIS ZEYLANICAE was detected by RP-HPLCELSD. Chromatographic conditions were as follows: Chromatographic column was Dikma C18column(250 mm × 4. 6 mm,5 μm); flow rate was 1. 0 mL /min; column temperature was 25 ℃. The detection parameters of evaporative light-scattering detector were as follows: the temperature for drift tube was 65 ℃; and flow rate of carrier gas(N2) was 2.5 L/min. [Results]The β-sitosterol content was the maximum in the leaves of HERBA PLUMBAGINIS ZEYLANICAE,followed with stems. And it was the minimum in roots. At the same time,β-sitosterol content was the maximum in March,May,July and August,and was the minimum in winter in the wild HERBA PLUMBAGINIS ZEYLANICAE.[Conclusions]With β-sitosterol content as the major index,the optimal medicinal part was leaves. And the optimal collection months were March,May,July and August. Leaves of HERBA PLUMBAGINIS ZEYLANICAE could be used as new plant resource of chlorogenic acid.

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  • Analysis of the SFE-CO_2 Extracts from Periplaneta americana by GC-MS

    Xin YU;Li XU;Siwei CHEN;Qin SUN;Dan ZHANG;

    [Objective]To analyze the chemical components extracted with SFE-CO2 from Periplaneta americana. [Methods]The SFE-CO2 extracts from P. americana were isolated and identified by GC-MS. Their relative percentages were calculated by peak area normalization method. [Results]A total of 50 chemical components were identified from the SFE-CO2 extracts of P. americana,which were mainly the unsaturated fatty acids and esters,accounting for 76. 33% of the total content. [Conclusions] The SFE-CO2 extracts from P. americana were researched by GC-MS,which provided theoretical references for the further development and utilization of P. americana.

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  • Active Ingredients in Black Beans during Vinegar Soaking and Its Antioxidant Properties

    Yuanyuan XUE;Chunling XIAO;Heqing CHAI;Jing GONG;Qian CHEN;Yufang LI;

    [Objective]To research on the changes of active ingredients in black beans during vinegar soaking and its antioxidant properties.[Methods]The protein,peptide and polyphenol contents in vinegar-soaked black beans were researched by chemical extraction method. The antioxidant properties of peptide and polyphenol in black beans by different soaking times were detected by establishing DPPH· system,·OH system and reducing power system. [Results]During the process of vinegar soaking,protein content reduced,and decreased by 37. 5% at the21 stday of vinegar soaking. The contents of fat and polyphenol enhanced significantly,which increased by 19. 7% and 72. 4% on the 28 thday,respectively. Changes of peptide content was relatively complex,but showed an increasing trend in general. During the earlier stage of vinegar soaking,clearance effects of peptides and polyphenols in black beans on ·OH and DPPH· enhanced significantly,but became stabilized in the later period. In the three systems,the antioxidant properties of peptides were all stronger than those of polyphenols. [Conclusions]This research provided scientific references for the black bean used as healthcare food.

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