Pharmacological and Toxicological Analyses

  • Antipyretic Effects of FRUCTUS PIPERIS LONGI

    Xingping LI;Ling LEI;Wenlong DENG;

    [Objective]To study the antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects of heat-clearing drugs,and to research on the antipyretic effects of FRUCTUS PIPERIS LONGI according to the principle of reduction to absurdity. [Methods]The antipyretic effects of water and ethanol extracts of FRUCTUS PIPERIS LONGI were observed based on using endotoxin,dry yeast and 2,4-dinitrophenol. [Results]5 and 10 g /kg water and ethanol extracts from FRUCTUS PIPERIS LONGI had relatively good antipyretic effects. [Conclusions] FRUCTUS PIPERIS LONGI had significant antipyretic effects. And further discussions were needed according to the principle of reduction to absurdity in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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  • Determination of TPA Content in Xanthium sibiricum Patrin ex Widder and Its Anti- inflammatory Effect

    Linlin SONG;Jingquan SHA;Hong ZHAO;Yan ZHAO;

    [Objective]To establish a method of determining the content of total phenolic acid in Xanthium sibiricum Patrin ex Widder and investigate its anti-inflammatory action. [Methods]Chlorogenic acid was used as reference substance and diluted with 50% methanol solution to constant volume. The absorbancy was determined at wavelength of 426 nm by ultraviolet spectroscopy. With aspirin as positive control,the anti-inflammatory action of Xanthium sibiricum Patrin ex Widder was studied by ear swelling caused by xylene in mice. [Results] The average content of total phenolic acid in Xanthium sibiricum Patrin ex Widder was 5. 22% and the RSD reached 0. 17%. It could significantly relieve ear swelling caused by xylene in mice. Compared with normal saline,the result was of significant difference(P < 0. 01). [Conclusions]The method was convenient and accurate,so it could be used to measure the content of total phenolic acid in Xanthium sibiricum Patrin ex Widder and explore its anti-inflammatory action.

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  • Protective Effects of the Compatibility of Herba schizonepetae and Radix saposhnikoviae on Lipopolysaccharide-induced Acute Lung Injury in Mice

    Liu YU;Zhe WANG;Xiping GONG;Jing YANG;Zhiqiang WU;Min HE;Yurong SHI;Xing PAN;Xue WANG;Nan ZENG;

    [Objective]To observe the protective effects of volatile oil,water decoction containing oil,water decoction without oil extractives from the compatibility of Herba schizonepetae and Radix saposhnikoviae on lipopolysaccharide-induced acute lung injury in mice,and reveal the anti-inflammatory effects and material base of this medicine pair. [Methods] The ALI model was prepared by injecting 5 mg /kg of lipopolysaccharide(LPS) into the enterocoelia of mice. Mice in dexamethasone group were injected once into enterocoelia(5 mg /kg),while in the rest groups gavage administration on mice was continued for 5 days and once each day,and modeling was done 30 min after the last time of administration(except the blank group). After LPS was injected for 6 h,blood was taken from mice and the serum was isolated,bronchoalveolar lavage fluid(BALF) was collected and the lung tissue was drawn out. The following items were measured: white blood cell count and differential count; total protein content in mice BALF; lung index,lung wet /dry(W /D) weight ratio; myeloperoxidase(MPO) activity and malonaldehyde(MDA) content of lung tissue; the level of serum interlukin 6(IL-6),interlukin 10(IL-10) and tumor necrosis factor α(TNF-α). [Results]Via the use of volatile oil(45. 19 μL/kg) and water decoction containing oil(6. 67 g/kg,containing 20 μL oil) from the compatibility of Herba schizonepetae and Radix saposhnikoviae,whole blood white blood cell(WBC) and lymphocyte(LY) counts in ALI mice were significantly reduced,lung index,lung W /D weight ratio,lung tissue MPO activity and MDA content were decreased,and the increase of serum IL-10 and TNF-α content was restrained; via the water decoction without oil(6. 67 g /kg),whole blood WBC and LY counts,lung W /D ratio and lung tissue MDA content were significantly reduced. Serum IL-6 level was also significantly decreased by volatile oil. [Conclusions]Volatile oil and water decoction containing oil extracted from the compatibility of Herba schizonepetae and Radix saposhnikoviae can exert good oppositional effects on the lung tissue inflammatory lesion of ALI mice. It manifests anti-inflammatory effects,and the action mechanism is related to inhibiting the release of inflammatory cytokines and antioxidation. Volatile oil can be regarded as one of the important material bases for it to exert anti-inflammatory effects.

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  • Effects of Didang Qigui Decoction on Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Cataract in Rats

    Jingfeng YANG;Yanyun REN;Qiufang ZHAO;Tiancai ZHAO;Yonggang WANG;Xiangsen WANG;

    [Objective]Observe effects of Didang Qigui decoction on crystalline lens,lens epithelial cells and the level of HSP70in rats with streptozotocin induced diabetic cataract. [Methods]10 SD rats were randomly selected as the blank control group,and the rest of rats were injected 60 mg /kg of streptozotocin(STZ) into the enterocoelia at one time to reproduce diabetic rats models. 55 of the model animals were selected and randomly divided into model group,diamicron group,Didang Qigui decoction group,Didang Qigui decoction high dose group,Didang Qigui decoction and diamicron group,and corresponding interference was given to each group respectively. Turbidity of the lens was examined under the slit lamp respectively at 2,4,6,8 week; after 8 weeks,morphologic changes of crystalline lens were observed under the microscope,and the expressions of HSP70in lens epithelial cells(LEC) were detected. [Results] Crystalline lens of rats in the blank control group were always transparent and complete. Those of rats in the model group were gradually changed until becoming complete turbid. The rest of treatment groups with turbidity degree of rats' lens from heavy to light were Didang Qigui decoction high dose group,Didang Qigui decoction group,diamicron group,and Didang Qigui decoction and diamicron group. Forms of HE staining lens epithelial cells were also changed. If rats in the blank control group were taken as standards,expressions of HSP70in LEC of crystalline lens in the model group gradually rose. In the treatment groups,the rate of HSP70positive expression of rats in the Didang Qigui decoction high dose group was higher than that rate in diamicron group,idang Qigui decoction group,and Didang Qigui decoction and diamicron group. The discrepancy was very obvious( P < 0. 05).[Conclusions]By reducing blood glucose,gathering of sugar metabolites and osmotic pressure in crystalline lens,Didang Qigui decoction can effectively protect lens injury in experimental diabetic rats and inhibit the occurrence and development of cataract in diabetic rats,so it exerts certain preventive and therapeutic effects on early diabetic cataract in rats.

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  • Research on the Synthesis of Luteolin- chrome Complex and Its Scavenging of DPPH Free Radical Activity

    Jie LIU;Tian TAN;Shixuan LUO;Detian JIANG;Jinbo GAO;Yang TENG;

    [Objective]Synthesize the luteolin-chrome complex,ascertain its molecular structure,and investigate its ability to scavenge DPPH free radical. [Methods]Absolute ethyl alcohol was taken as the reagent,and the luteolin-chrome complex was synthesized at pH 9. 76 and80 ℃; After the structure was ascertained via IR,UV,TG-GTA and elemental analysis,effects of the complex to scavenge DPPH free radical were investigated by HPLC method and spectrophotometry. [Results] The composition of luteolin-chrome complex was: C15H9O6Cr(COOCH3)2(H2O)2·2H2O; the scavenging effect of luteolin-chrome was stronger than that of luteolin. [Conclusions]The combination of luteolin and Cr3 +enhances the bioactivity of luteolin to resist DPPH.

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  • Antioxidant Activity in Vitro of Crude Polysaccharides from Coprinus comatus

    Jinxi WANG;Lin GU;Fanwei KONG;Zhenwei BAO;

    [Objective]To research the antioxidant activity in vitro of crude polysaccharides from Coprinus comatus. [Methods]With VCas the control,scavenging effects of crude polysaccharides of C. comatus on DPPH·,·OH and O-2·were researched,and their reducing power was detected. [Results] Crude polysaccharides of C. comatus had relatively good scavenging effects on DPPH·. The scavenging effects of crude polysaccharides on·OH enhanced as the concentration increased. The antioxidant capacity of crude polysaccharides of C. comatus was equal to that of VC; and the scavenging effects of crude polysaccharides on O-2·was not significant. Crude polysaccharides of C. comatus had certain reducing power,which was lower than VC. [Conclusions]Crude polysaccharides of C. comatus had relatively good antioxidant activity,so that daily ingestion of C. comatus had significant antioxidant effect on organism.

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Chemical Composition of Natural Medicine

  • Analysis of the Volatile Components in the Fruits of Vanilla planifoli Andrews by HS- SPME Combined with GC- MS

    Huan LIANG;Jinqing LU;Yi DAI;Xiaoshuang LI;Shengnan GUO;Qiang LI;

    [Objective]To analyze the volatile components from fruits of Vanill planifoli Andrews. [Methods]The volatile components were extracted and enriched by headspace solid-phase microextraction(HS-SPME). The chemical components were analyzed by GC-MS. The fiber head of HS-SPME was selected,while the HS-SPME operating conditions were optimized. [Results]A total of 28 components were separated and identified,accounted for 98. 17% of total volatile components. Among them,vanillin had the maximum content(48. 28%),followed with guaiacol(15. 54%). [Conclusions]HS-SPME combined with GC-MS was used to analyze the volatile components from V. planifoli fruits for the first time,which provided scientific basis for further research and development of volatile components in V. planifoli fruits

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  • Infrared Fingerprint of Arecae semen and Arecae semen Tostum

    Donglai PAN;Guoshen WANG;Shenggao YIN;Hao HUANG;

    [Objective]To explore the characteristics of IR fingerprint and the changes of chemical components in Arecae semen before and after processing. [Methods]Arecae semen and Arecae semen tostum were detected by infrared spectroscopy and their characteristic peaks were assigned. [Results]IR fingerprint,characteristic absorption peaks and diagnostic characteristic peaks of Arecae semen and Arecae semen tostum were obtained. And we also discovered the change rule of IR fingerprint and chemical components before and after processing. [Conclusions]The method was simple,quick and sensitive,so it could be used in qualitative detection of Arecae semen and Arecae semen tostum and comparative analysis of their composition. And it also provided basis for the quality control.

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  • Determination of Aesculin in the Leaves of Fraxinus chinensis via the Method of HPLC

    Yawei SUN;Fengrun SUN;

    [Objective]To determine the content of aesculin in the leaves of Fraxinus chinensis. [Methods]The sample was extracted after it had undergone reflux through absolute methanol,and the filler was the bonding of octadecyl silicon and silica gel; the acetonitrile- 0. 1%concentration phosphoric acid solution(8∶92,V /V) was taken as mobile phase,the wavelength measured was 334 nm,the column temperature was 30 ℃,and the flow velocity was 1. 0 mL /min. The content was determined via high performance liquid chromatography. [Results]The average recovery rate was 96. 59%,the RSD was 2. 39%(n = 6),and the average content of aesculin in the leaves of Fraxinus chinensis was0. 155 9 mg /g. [Conclusions]This method is of high stability,accuracy and reproductivity,and thus suitable for determining aesculin in the leaves of Fraxinus chinensis.

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  • Determination of the Content of Steviol Glycoside in Stevia rebaudiana by Near Infrared Spectroscopy( NIRS)

    Qikun TANG;Di MIN;Tonghua HU;Guiqing KAI;Yu WANG;

    [Objective]Diffuse reflectance spectrum of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy(NIRS) was investigated for its feasibility to determine the content of stevioside( St) and rebaudioside A( RA) in Stevia rebaudiana leaves. [Methods] The content of St and RA in50 groups of Stevia rebaudiana leaves was determined by high performance liquid chromatography(HPLC). The 50 groups of Stevia rebaudiana leaves were scanned. And PLS was used to compare corrected models established by different spectral pretreatment methods. [Results]Assessing in terms of the correlation coefficients of calibration(rc),the root-mean-square errors of calibration(RMSEC) and prediction(RMSEP),and the residual predictive deviation(RPD). The results of St were 0. 969,3. 42,4. 31 and 3. 85. These of the optimal model for RA were 0. 934,3. 93,4. 33 and 3. 63. The optimal model was obtained by Straight Line Subtraction. [Conclusions]The results indicated that NIRS spectroscopy technique could be used to determine the content of St and RA in Stevia rebaudiana leaves.

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  • SFE- CO_2 Technology of Impatiens balsamina and Its GC-MS Analysis

    Xiaofeng ZHOU;Guotong TONG;Yi HE;

    [Objective]To screen the SFE-CO2extraction technology of volatile oils from Impatiens balsamina,and to discuss the chemical components in the volatile oils of I. balsamina. [Methods]SFE-CO2was used for the extraction of I. balsamina. The extraction temperature,extraction pressure and extraction time were optimized by orthogonal test. Isolation and identification were conducted by GC /MS. [Results]The optimal supercritical extraction technology(SFE) for I. balsamina was as follows: 40 MPa extraction pressure and 40 ℃ extraction temperature; static extraction of I. balsamina was carried out for 30 min,and then dynamic extraction was carried out for 2 h at the flow rate of2. 5 L /min CO2; finally the extracts were isolated and collected. Thus,the light yellow extracts of I. balsamina were obtained. A total of 29natural components were isolated from the extracts of I. balsamina by GC /MS. And 15 natural components were identified. [Conclusions]This method was simple and high efficient for the extraction and analysis of volatile components from I. balsamina.

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  • Determination of Content of Total Tannin in RADIX SANGUISORBAE from Different Resources by Improved Method in Chinese Pharmacopoeia

    Yunzhang XU;Jingxia WANG;Mei SUN;Xiaoyan ZHAO;Yuan LIU;

    [Objective]To establish improved method described in Chinese Pharmacopoeia which could be used for determining the content of total tannin in RADIX SANGUISORBAE from different resources. [Methods]Improved ultraviolet spectroscopy described in Chinese Pharmacopoeia was used to determine the content of total tannin and the results were clustered by SPSS19. 0. [Results]The linear regression equation was as follows: Y = 115. 07X + 0. 098 1,R = 0. 999 3(n = 6). When the concentration of gallic acid was 1. 007- 10. 070 mg /L,it showed a good linear relationship with the absorbance. The average recovery rate was 100. 12% and the RSD was 2. 74%(n = 6). It was of good repeatability and stability. The extraction ratio was high and the results were accurate. S13(Fagopyrum dibotrys(D. Don) Hara) was clustered into a class alone and its content of tannin was 2. 82% which was very low. In category 2,S19(Geranium strictipes R. Knuth) was clustered into a class alone and its content of tannin was 25. 63% which was high. The content of total tannin in S3 sample was 18. 15% which was relatively high and it was clustered into class 2. The content of tannin in RADIX SANGUISORBAE originated from Chuanzhusi,Songpan County,Sichuan was close to that of S3 and it was 18. 21%. And it was also clustered in the class. [Conclusions]The content of total tannin in samples from different sources differed significantly due to family,genus and species,collecting and distributing centre and degree of frying. After processing,the content of total tannin in medicinal materials decreased significantly. Species should be classified and quality control should be applied when RADIX SANGUISORBAE was used in clinic. By doing so,we could guarantee the safety and effectiveness of its clinical medication. And its clinical medication would be controllable.

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  • HPLC Fingerprint of the Chemical Components of FRUCTUS GINSENG

    Hongfeng ZHAO;Fangfei XU;Hong MI;

    [Objective]To establish the fingerprint of the chemical components of FRUCTUS GINSENG,and to provide reliable method for the quality evaluation. [Methods]HPLC method was adopted; the reference substances of ginsenoside Re were selected as the reference object. Chromatographic column was Agilent TC-C18column(250 mm × 4. 6 mm,5 μm); column temperature was 35 ℃; flow rate was1. 0 mL /min; detection wavelength was 203 nm; injection volume was 20 μL; mobile phase A was acetonitrile and mobile phase B was 0. 05%phosphoric acid solution. Gradient elution was as follows: 0→12 min(19% A),12→34 min(19% →24% A),34→60 min(24% →33%A),60→95 min(33% →35% A),20 min equilibration time; the number of theoretical plate was less than 5000 according to the ginsenoside Re(chromatographic peak No. 2). At the same time,a total of 15 batches of FRUCTUS GINSENG were detected collected from different production areas. And " Similarity Evaluation System for Chromatographic Fingerprint of TCM" published by GPC(Version 2004A) was adopted.[Results]HLPC fingerprints of 15 batches of FRUCTUS GINSENG were obtained; and 9 common fingerprint peaks were found out. Among them,7 components were identified. The similarity degrees of HLPC fingerprints were all above 0. 80. The similarity degrees of 13 batches of FRUCTUS GINSENG were between 0. 97 and 0. 99; and those of two batches were lower than 0. 90. [Conclusions]This method was simple and repeatable,and could be used for the quality control of FRUCTUS GINSENG.

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  • HPLC Fingerprint of Total Flavonoids Extracts from Ampelopsis megalophylla

    Yu FANG;Peipei CHENG;Ye XIA;Jing HUANG;Guozheng DA;Xiuqiao ZHANG;

    [Objective]To establish the HPLC fingerprint of total flavonoids extracts from Ampelopsis megalophylla. [Methods] Total flavonoids extracts were obtained from A. megalophylla by reflux extraction with 70% ethanol. Analysis was carried out by RP- HPLC. Chromatographic column was Angilent TC-C18(4.6 mm × 250 mm,5 μm); mobile phase was acetonitrile-0.2% phosphoric acid solution; column temperature was 30 ℃; detection wavelength was 265 nm; and injection volume was 20 μL. [Results]Fingerprints of 11 batches of total flavonoids extracts from A. megalophylla were detected. 10 common fingerprint peaks were found out. Results of methodological study met the requirements of fingerprint technology. [Conclusions]HPLC fingerprint of total flavonoids extracts from A. megalophylla were established,providing references for the quality control of total flavonoids extracts from A. megalophylla.

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  • Advances in Research on Medicinal Value of Dictamnus dasycarps Turcz.

    Ranhong LI;Shipeng DONG;Wenhe AN;Jing ZHANG;

    Dictamnus dasycarps Turcz. which belongs to Dictamnus Linn. of Rutaceae,whose velamen can be used as medicine,is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. It can be used for clearing away heat and drying dampness,dispelling the wind and detoxicating. It is usually used for antisepsis and anti-inflammation. The main medicinal components are alkaloids,limonin and lactones. Accompany with the deep study,the use of Dictamnus dasycarps Turcz. shows a good prospect and its application is gradually developed. This paper summarized the medicinal value of Dictamnus dasycarps Turcz. with the research results at home and abroad.

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Germplasm Resources and Cultivation

  • Study on Hybridation and Aseptic Seeding as Well as Rapid Propogation of Demdrobium officinale and Dendrobium aduncum

    Chuanming FU;Kanghua XIAN;Ningzhen HUANG;Zhiguo ZHAO;Fengluan TANG;Yunping SHI;Jinxiang HE;

    [Objective]To study the system of aseptic seeding and rapid propogationtin of hybrid seeds of Demdrobium officinale and Dendrobium aduncum [Methods] Demdrobium officinale and Dendrobium aduncum were the objects of research,and their hybrid seeds were gained by artificially auxiliary hybridation. The seeds were induced to germinate in vitro,and study on the technology of aseptic seeding was finished. [Results]Successful hybridation of Demdrobium officinale and Dendrobium aduncum could be easily realized,and hybrid fruit-bearing rate could reach 80%; the suitable culture medium for seeds was: MS +1. 0 mg/L 6-BA +0. 1 mg/L NAA,the germination rate after 30 d of cultivation was 89. 7%; appropriate culture medium for proliferation of protocorm was: MS + 1. 5 mg /L 6-BA + 0. 1 mg /L NAA + 100 g /L banana + 1. 0 mg /L AC; appropriate culture medium for differentiation of protocorm was: MS + 1. 5 mg /L 6-BA + 0. 1 mg /L NAA + 200 g /L potato + 1. 0 g /L AC; the formula of culture medium for strenghening the seedlinge and nurturing the rooting was: 1 /2 MS + 0. 6 mg /L NAA +100 g /L banana + 1. 0 g /L AC,the plant grew robustly,the rooting percentage was 100%,and the survival rate of transplanting was higher than 95%. [Conclusions]This method ascertains the optimum culture media formula in the whole regeneration process and all phases from seed germination to acclimatization and transplantation,so fine solidation is laid for its germplasm innovation and industrialized seedling production.

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  • Medicinal Plant

    <正>Indexed by Chemical Abstracts(CA),AGRIS Database,CAB International(CABI),China National Knowledge Infrastructure(CNKI),Naresuan University Library,Indian Fund for Agricultural Development,Royal Tropical Institute,Library of Congress,ProQuest So far,a total of more than 3000 users have subscribed to Medicinal Plant,distributed in 6 countries and regions.The high-end users are as follows:

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  • Copyright Authorization Statement

    <正>Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication,the author will grant to the editorial department of the journal Medicinal Plant the rights of reproduction,distribution,compilation and information network dissemination,and permit the manuscript to be delegated to the China Academic Journal Electronic Publishing House(CAJEPH).

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  • Chemical Abstracts

    <正>Chemical Abstracts(CA),a reputable international search tool,which involves the widest disciplinary field,collects the most literature types,offers the most searching ways,and has the most prodigious volumes,is edited and published by CAS-Chemical Abstracts in the USA.CA has reported more than 10 000 kinds of technology journals,technology reports,meeting papers,academic disserta-

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