Germplasm Resources and Cultivation

  • Microstructure of the Rhizoma,Flower and Stem of Gastrodia elata

    Hongyan ZHU;Lu BAI;Haiying BAO;

    [Objective]To study the microstructure of immature tuber,mature tuber and mother tuber of Gastrodia elata Bl.form.glauca S.Chow,and the powder of flower and stem for the first time.[Methods]Hand-sliced method,permanent paraffin-cut section and powder method were used to study the microscopic and powder characteristics.[Results]The microstructure of gastrodia was composed of lower epidermis,cortex and vascular cylinder.Immature tuber and mature tuber was the same,mother tuber was different from them in vascular bundle section.The corresponding structure of immature,mature and mother tuber cell increased gradually.There were nonglandular hair,spiral vessel,calcium oxalate raphides,secretory canal in powder characteristics of flower of G.elata Bl.f.glauca S.Chow,and there were epidermic cells,cork cells,calcium oxalate raphides and crystals with refracted light in powder characteristics of stem of G.elata Bl.f.glauca S.Chow.[Conclusions]These features can be used as the reference for quality standard of G.elata Bl.f.glauca S.Chow.

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Processing of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Quality Control

  • The Extraction,Isolation and Purification Technologies of Cyasterone from RADIX CYATHULAE

    Feifei KONG;Liangjun GUO;

    [Objective]To research on the extraction,isolation and purification technologies of cyasterone from RADIX CYATHULAE.[Methods]Reflux extraction for crude RADIX CYATHULAE was carried out.Orthogonal test and macroporous adsorption resin isolation test were used to select the optimal technology.And slica column chromatography was adopted for purification.[Results]The optimal extraction technology for RADIX CYATHULAE was reflux extraction by 70%ethanol for 2 times.The optimal isolation technology for cyasterone by macroporous resin was as follows:50%ethanol at the elution rate of 0.8 BV/min.During the purification by slica column chromatography,chloroform-95%ethanol(10∶1,V/V)was used as eluent.After recrystallization,cyasterone crystal was obtained.[Conclusions]This method was simple,economical and practical,and was suitable for small-scale production.

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  • Optimization of Stir-fried with Salt-water Technology in Plantain Seed by BBD-RSM

    Dan ZHANG1;Wei ZHU;Siwei CHEN;Jie TIAN;

    [Objective]To optimize the stir-fried with salt-water technology in plantain seed,so as to facilitating its quality control of prepared decoction pieces.[Methods]By employing Box-Behnken design-response surface methodology(BBD-RSM),geniposide,verbascoside,water extract and ethanol extract were selected as indicators to optimize the parameters for the stir-fried with salt-water technology in plantain seed.[Results]The optimal conditions were determined as follows:dissolving the prepared decoction pieces of plantain seed in 2%common salt,moistening for 0.5 h and decocting at 210℃for 5 min.[Conclusions]The stir-fried with salt-water technology in plantain seed established by using BBD-RSM is feasible and has a good predictability.

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Pharmacological and Toxicological Analyses

  • Primary Exploration of the Extractive Technique and Antioxidation of Tea Anthocyanin

    Qiushuang WANG;Shumei LIU;Caijin LING;Hualin HUANG;Jiaxian LI;

    [Objective]To explore the comprehensive extraction method of anthocyanin in tea and observe its antioxygenation.[Methods]Anthocyanin in tea was extracted and separated by ultrasonic-assisted acidic ethanol extraction.The optimal extraction condition was determined by single factor test and orthogonality analysis.Coarse extract of anthocyanin was obtained.[Results]High content of anthocyanin could be obtained when ethanol concentration was 80%,acid concentration was 0.6%,liquid ratio was 1∶20(g/mL)and extracted 3 times.The extraction ratio of anthocyanin reached 3.782 5 mg/g.The antioxidant abilities of anthocyanin and Jinxuan tea were compared by FRAP,DPPH and ABTS method.And as a result,it indicated that the antioxidant ability of anthocyanin was stronger and anthocyanin was a good free-radical scavenger.[Conclusions]The research could provide basis for expending source of anthocyanin,identifying components and developing tea health product.

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  • Study on the Lactation-promoting Function Experiment of Yue-naitang Decoction in Pregnant Female Rats

    Guohong LIU;Yufu ZHONG;Yingjuan DU;Chinhsiang LIN;Jun SHI;

    [Objective]To investigate the lactation-promoting function of Yue-nai-tang decoction in female rats.[Methods]The newly delivered female rats were divided into 6 groups,blank control,low dosage group(125 mL/kg),moderate dosage group(250 mL/kg),high dosage group(500 mL/kg),pure rice wine group(250 mL/kg)and Muruduo granules as positive control group(9 g/kg).Each group contained8 female rats.Each fed 10 newborn rat pups to simulate the overload lactation model.Medication was lasted continuously for 21 days by intragastric administration.The growth status of rats was observed daily by recording the lactation of each female rat and body weight of cub.After medication,mammary gland of experimental rats was taken out for determining the mammary gland index and observing mammary sections.[Results]Both the lactation and body weight of rats in moderate dosage group and high dose group were remarkably higher than that in blank control,while did not vary significantly from positive control group.The mammary section observation found that the adenosis of mammary gland of female rats in middle and high dosage group(250,500 mL/kg)grew normally,with no difference from mammary gland of normal lactation rats,significantly superior to blank control and pure rice wine group,while not different from the positive group.[Conclusions]Yuenai-tang decoction can promote the lactation of newly delivered rats,thus facilitating the growth of mammary gland and cubs.

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Chemical Composition of Natural Medicine

  • Comparison the Content of Moisture,Ash and Extract from Stem and Root Bark of Eucommia ulmoides Oliver and Euonymus grandiflorus Wall. f. grandiflorus

    Yunzhang XU;Xiaoyan ZHAO;Jingxia WANG;Mei SUN;Yuan LIU;Jizhong ZHANG;

    [Objective]To compare the content of moisture,ash and extract of stem and root bark of Eucommia ulmoides Oliver and Euonymus grandiflorus Wall.f.grandiflorus.[Methods]According to the first method of aquametry(over-drying method)in the 2010 edition Chinese Pharmacopoeia appendix IX H,ash determination in appendix IX K,and extract measurement in appendix X A.[Results]Moisture content of stem and root bark of Euonymus grandiflorus Wall.f.grandiflorus was between 5.38%and 6.33%,while that of Eucommia ulmoides Oliver was between 5.36%and 6.90%(both in line with the stipulation in Chinese Pharmacopoeia that moisture content of Eucommia ulmoides Oliver herbs should at most be 13.0%);total ash content of stem and root bark of Euonymus grandiflorus Wall.f.grandiflorus was between15.88%to 19.43%,while that of Eucommia ulmoides Oliver was between 5.45%and 7.30%(The average content of Eucommia ulmoides Oliver was 6.29%,and it was in line with the stipulation in Chinese Pharmacopoeia that of total ash content of Eucommia ulmoides Oliver should at most be 10%;and the average content of stem and root bark of Euonymus grandiflorus Wall.f.grandiflorus was 17.36%,and it was higher than the stipulated level.);the acid-insoluble ash content of stem and root bark of Euonymus grandiflorus Wall.f.grandiflorus was between 1.88%and 2.64%,lower than that of Eucommia ulmoides Oliver(3.58%-4.10%);the content of 75%hot ethanol extract of Euonymus grandiflorus Wall.f.grandiflorus was the highest of 26.51%;and under the extract condition,the content of stem and root bark of Euonymus grandiflorus Wall.f.grandiflorus was between 19.36%and 26.45%,obviously higher than that of Eucommia ulmoides Oliver(14.96%-16.70%)(Both of that were in line with the stipulation in Chinese Pharmacopoeia,and the ethanol-soluble extract content of stem and root bark of Eucommia ulmoides Oliver should be at least 12.0%);there was little difference in ether volatile extract content of Euonymus grandiflorus Wall.f.grandiflorus and Eucommia ulmoides Oliver,respectively in the range of 0.33%-0.51%and 0.33%-0.56%.[Conclusions]The appropriate moisture content of Euonymus grandiflorus Wall.f.grandiflorus should not exceed 13%.Euonymus grandiflorus Wall.f.grandiflorus are widely used by of Yi nationality clinic,however it was few research on chemical components,bioactivity and the action mechanism of toxicology and pharmacology.Moreover results of this experiment showed that the content of ethanol-soluble extract of Euonymus grandiflorus Wall.f.grandiflorus was higher than that of Eucommia ulmoides Oliver by hot 75%ethanol extraction,while content of ether volatile extract in the two materials were similar.Therefore,bio-screening of main constituents and relevant researches on effects of toxicology and pharmacology should be done to testify and ensure the safety and validity of Yi Nationality clinic,developed and medical used scientifically and properly.

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  • Systematic Preliminary Research on the Chemical Components of Artemisia vestita Wall.

    Zhengming YANG;Bo LI;Panpan LIU;Yijun CHEN;Yuan LIU;

    [Objective]To establish a systematic preliminary research on the chemical composition of Artemisia vestitaWall.[Methods]Systematic preliminary tests was adopted;physical and chemical identification of the water extracted solutions,acidic ethanol extracted solutions and petroleum ether extracted solutions were carried out for A.vestita Wall.,respectively.The chemical components were preliminarily identified.[Results]A.vestita Wall.had saponins,tannins,organic acids,phenols,flavonoids,anthraquinones,coumarin,lactones,alkaloids,steroids or triterpene,volatile oil,grease and etc.[Conclusions]It has been preliminarily confirmed that A.vestita Wall.contained various chemical components,which provided an experimental data base for further research and development of A.vestita Wall.

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  • Analysis on Optimal Ultrasonic Extraction Process on Biological Pigments from the Leaves of Jasminum samba

    Yuqing HUANG;Xiaoxue LU;Dewei ZHANG;Suoyi HUANG;Rong LI;

    [Objective]In order to take full advantage of the source of leaves of Jasminum samba and supply raw materials for all kinds of new production of pigments such as edibles and medical drug,the microwave-assisted method was utilized for the deeper research on the extraction of pigments of leaves of Jasminum samba.[Methods]By using single factor experiment and orthogonal experiment,the optimal ultrasonic extraction process of pigments of leaves of Jasminum samba was achieved.[Results]The optimal ultrasonic extracting condition:the time of ultrasonic extraction was 9 min,solid-to-liquid ratio was 1∶20.The power of ultrasonic was 120 W.[Conclusions]By the use of this simple,handy method,the optimal ultrasonic extraction process was discovered.

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  • Identification of the Chemical Components in the Volatile Oils of FRUCTUS TSAOKO

    Ying ZHU;Dijia YU;

    [Objective]To identify the chemical components in the volatile oils of FRUCTUS TSAOKO in Yunnan Province.[Methods]Volatile oils were extracted from FRUCTUS TSAOKO by steam distillation method.Volatile oils in FRUCTUS TSAOKO were analyzed and identified by GC-MS method.Relative percentage of each component was determined by normalization method.HP-5MS capillary column(0.25 mm×30 m,0.25μm)was adopted.The temperature of injection port was 250℃;column temperature was 40℃(kept for 2 min)→150℃(kept for 2 min),10℃/min,150→250℃(kept for 5 min),15℃/min.Split ratio was 10∶1;and flow rate was 1.0 mL/min.[Results]A total of 37 chemical components were isolated and identified.Among them,the main components were eucalyptol(14.58%),3,7-dimethyl-2,6-diene aldehyde(6.66%),α,α,4-3-methyl-3-cyclohexene-1-methanol(8.49%),α-pinene(5.65%),β-pinene(4.54%)and so on.[Conclusions]This method had good isolation effects and could be used for the quality evaluation of FRUCTUS TSAOKO.

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  • Analysis of the Volatile Constituents from the Leaves of Rubus chingii Hu by HS-GC / MS

    Zhuo HAN;Xiaoyan CHEN;Yanhong LI;Hanju SUN;

    [Objective]To study the volatile constituents from the leaves of Rubus chingii Hu.[Methods]The volatile constituents of R.chingii leaves were analyzed by HS-GC/MS.The constituents were identified by mass spectra using NIST.The relative percentage content of volatile constituents was calculated by the relative peak area method.[Results]A total of 37 constituents were isolated and identified.Among them,hexadecanoic acid had the maximum content.[Conclusions]The volatile constituents of R.chingii leaves were isolated and analyzed by HS-GC/MS,which provided scientific references for the development and utilization of R.chingii leaves.

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  • HPLC Fingerprint of Flavonoids from SEMEN TRIGONELLAE Extracts

    Jinqing LU;Qiang LI;Shengnan GUO;Junlong CAI;Xiaoshuang LI;Yi DAI;Huan LIANG;Xiaojin YANG;

    [Objective]To establish the HPLC fingerprint of flavonoids from SEMEN TRIGONELLAE extracts.[Methods]ZORBAX SB-C18chromatographic column(4.6 mm×250 mm,5μm)was adopted;based on gradient elution,mobile phase was methanol-0.4%phosphoric acid solution.Flow rate was 0.8 mL/min;detection wavelength was 339 nm;and injection volume was 10μL.A total of 10 batches of SEMEN TRIGONELLAE extracts were measured by HPLC with vitexin as the reference substances.[Results]The common mode of the HPLC fingerprints was established;and a total of 11 common peaks were marked.The similarity degrees of the 10 batches of samples were all greater than0.9.[Conclusions]This method was simple,accurate and repeatable,and provided scientific basis for the quality control standard and quality evaluation of SEMEN TRIGONELLAE extracts.

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  • Simultaneous Detection of Four Index Components in Banxia Xiexin Decoction by RP-HPLC

    Xiaoyan ZHAO;Jingxia WANG;Yunzhang XU;Yuan LIU;Jizhong ZHANG;

    [Objective]To establish the simultaneous detection method for four index components in Banxia Xiexin Decoction by RP-HPLC,which were baicalin,glycyrrhizic acid,glycyrrhetinic acid and oleanolic acid.[Methods]Diamonsil C18(2)chromatographic column(4.6 mm×250 mm,5μm)was adopted.Mobile phase was methanol(A)-0.5%phosphoric acid aqueous solution(B)with gradient elution;flow rate was 1.0 mL/min;column temperature was 30℃;detection wavelength was 230 nm,and injection volume was 20μL.[Results]The detection limits of baicalin,glycyrrhizic acid,glycyrrhetinic acid and oleanolic acid were 0.031,0.025,0.004 and 0.007μg,respectively.And the baicalin,glycyrrhizic acid,glycyrrhetinic acid and oleanolic acid all reached good isolation.Their linear ranges were0.330-16.50μg(r=0.999 5),0.347-17.37μg(r=0.999 0),0.035-1.74μg(r=0.998 4)and 0.027-1.330μg(r=0.999 3);and the average recovery rates were 101.4%(RSD=1.36%),98.5%(RSD=1.07%),96.9%(RSD=0.84%)and 99.0%(RSD=1.79%).[Conclusions]This method was simple,stable,precise and practical,and could be used for the simultaneous detection of four index components in Banxia Xiexin Decoction.

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  • Comparative Research of the Chemical Components of RADIX at RHIZOMA CYATHULAE CAPITATAE with RADIX et RHIZOMA CYATHULAE OFFICINALIS and RADIX et RHIZOMA ACHYRANTHIS BIDENTATAE by Systematic Preliminary Test

    Jingxia WANG;Mei SUN;Zhengming YANG;Bo LI;Jizhong ZHANG;Yuan LIU;

    [Objective]To carry out the systematic preliminary test on the chemical components of RADIX at RHIZOMA CYATHULAE CAPITATAE,and to compare with RADIX et RHIZOMA CYATHULAE OFFICINALIS and RADIX et RHIZOMA ACHYRANTHIS BIDENTATAE.[Methods]Systematic preliminary tests was adopted;physical and chemical identification of the water extracted solutions,ethanol extracted solutions and petroleum ether extracted solutions were carried out for RADIX at RHIZOMA CYATHULAE CAPITATAE,RADIX et RHIZOMA CYATHULAE OFFICINALIS and RADIX et RHIZOMA ACHYRANTHIS BIDENTATAE,respectively.The chemical components were preliminarily identified and compared.[Results]The three medicines all had saccharides,glycosides,proteins,saponins,phenols,organic acids,flavonoids,alkaloids,sterides,triterpenes and so on.Hydrochloric acid-magnesium powder test on the identification of flavonoids showed that the three medicines were all negative,indicating that the structures of flavonoids components were similar.Alkali test on the anthraquinones identification showed that only RADIX at RHIZOMA CYATHULAE CAPITATAE was negative;identification test on volatile oil and grease showed that only RADIX et RHIZOMA ACHYRANTHIS BIDENTATAE was positive.[Conclusions]It was preliminarily identified that there were saccharides,glycosides,proteins,saponins,phenols,organic acids,flavonoids,alkaloids,sterides and triterpenes in RADIX at RHIZOMA CYATHULAE CAPITATAE.

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  • Research on Quality Standards of Roots of Stemona sessilifolia( Miq. ) Miq.

    Yazhong ZHANG;Zhen ZONG;Yongsheng BAN;Jie YUAN;Lidan HUANG;Xiaomei XIE;Bin JIN;

    [Objective]In order to control the quality of roots of Stemona sessilifolia(Miq.)Miq.,we established the standard of microscopic identification,thin-layer identification,moisture content,total ash,acid-insoluble ash,extractum and content determination.[Methods]Transverse section and powder were used in microscopic identification.Thin-layer identification of alkaloids was performed by TLC.Moisture content,total ash,acid-insoluble ash and extractum were determined by methods described in appendix of Chinese Pharmacopoeia.The content of protostemonine was measured by HPLC.Chromatography conditions.Phenomenex Gemini C6-phenyl.column(250 mm×4.6 mm,5μm);mobile phase:mix of acetonitrile and 0.1%triethylamine(34∶66,V/V);detection wavelength 306 nm;column temperature:30℃;flow rate:1.0 mL/min.[Results]Microscopic features of transverse section and powder were accordant with those recorded in Chinese Pharmacopoeia and documents.The number of phloem bundles and xylem bundles in stele differed.The chromatographic spot of thin-layer identification was very clear which indicated a good separation.Protostemonine displayed a good linear relation(R=0.999 8)when its concentration was6.257-156.42 mg/L.The average recovery rate reached 100.2%,(RSD 1.63%,n=6).[Conclusions]The method was simple to operate,accurate and had a good repeatability.It could be used to control the quality roots of Stemona sessilifolia(Miq.)Miq.

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  • Advances in Biological Activity of Pine Polyphenol

    Bo LI;Yihong BAO;Zhenyu WANG;

    Pine polyphenols as a wide and high application value natural products,possess a series of unique chemical and biological activity.It can be widely used in the fields of food,pharmacy,health care products,cosmetic and high polymer material.An overview of researches in biological activity of pine polyphenol were showed,including antioxidant activity,hpyerglycemic,hypolipemic,antihypertensive,anticancer,antibiosis,antiinflammatory and anti-radiation.

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  • Recent Advances in Transgenic Plant-derived Vaccines

    Yan ZHOU;Weiwei HAO;Qian ZHAO;Yadong CHEN;Yanhui CHEN;Ye TAO;Hongxia BAI;

    Along with the development of recombinant DNA technology and the deepening of genetic engineering vaccine research,plant genetic engineering has become the focus of vaccine research gradually,whereas the defects of traditional vaccine have appeared day by day.So far,the vaccines expressed in transgenic plants mainly include Escherichia coli heat-labile enterotoxin(Etx)subunit B,Hepatitis B Surface Antigen(HBsAg),Norwalk virus capsid protein(NVCP),foot-and-mouth disease(FMD),rabies virus glycoprotein(RVG),Streptococcus mutans surface proteins(SmSP)and AIDS viral antigens(AVA).In comparison with traditional vaccines,transgenic plant vaccine is cheaper,safer,more efficient,easier for transportation and storage.This paper gives a review on the research progress of plant genetic engineering vaccines,and proposes the issues encountering the development process and corresponding countermeasures,as well as its prospect.

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  • CABI full text

    <正>Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International(CABI)is a not-for-profit international Agricultural information Institute with headquarters in Britain.It aims to improve people's lives by providing information and applying scientific expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment.CABI Full-text is one of the publishing product of CABI.CABI's full text repository is growing rapidly

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