• Analysis of Weather Conditions for Ganoderma Lucidum Cultivation in Liaocheng

    [Object] To investigate the suitable weather conditions for the cultivation of Ganoderma Lucidum in Liaocheng,and propose the defensive measures against disastrous weather.[Method] Monthly average temperature and relative humidity from April to October in Liaocheng have been analyzed in this paper.[Result]The rational planting period of Ganoderma Lucidum in Liaocheng was the last ten-day of April.

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  • Resource and Utilization of Medicinal Plant of the Genus Adenophora in Qinling Mountains

    RADIX ADENOPHORAE is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine that works efficient in nourishing yin and clearing lung-heat,dissolving phlegm and relieving cough.The survey results show there are 20 species of genus Adenophora in Qinling Mountains,among which 12 species can be used in medicine.Plant of the genus Adenophora is rich in polysaccharides,sterides,triterpene,fatty acid,amino acid,trace element and phospholipid,and so on,which plays an important role in antibiosis,anti-radiation,anti-tumor and regulating immune system.The wild resources of the genus Adenophora are classified and analyzed in this study,so as to provide a theoretical basis for the reasonable exploitation and utilization of the genus Adenophora resources in Qinling Mountains.

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  • Study on Diversity of Endophytic Fungi in Polygonum multiflorum Thunb.

    [Objective] To isolate and identify endophytic fungi from different positions of Polygonum multiflorum Thunb..[Method] Endophytic fungi were isolated from healthy roots,stems and leaves of Polygonum multiflorum Thunb.,then identified by conventional method.[Result] 24,28 and 18 strains were isolated from roots,stems and leaves of Polygonum multiflorum Thunb.respectively,and 70 strains in total.Through morphological identification,these strains belong to 2 classes,4 orders,6 families and 31 genera,and Alternaria Nees ex Wallr.and Fusarium Lk.ex Fr.were the dominant genera.[Conclusion] The quantity,population and distribution of the endophytic fungi were various in different positions of Polygonum multiflorum Thunb..

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  • Study on the Quality Classification Standard of Panax quinquefolium L.Seeds

    [Object] To establish the quality classification standard of Panax quinquefolium L.seeds.[Method] 36 batches of Panax quinquefolium L.seeds from the main producing area of Jilin Province were selected as tested materials,the purity,1 000-grain weight,moisture content and viability of which were determined and analyzed through SPSS software,so as to establish the quality classification standard of Panax quinquefolium L.seeds.[Result] 1 000-grain weight and viability of the seeds were chosen as the main indexes for classification,other indexes could be references.The grade of Panax quinquefolium L.seeds was divided into 3 levels,i.e.the seeds with 99.05% viability and of 40.26 g in 1 000-grain weight were listed as the first grade;the seeds with the viability ranged from 96.96% to 99.05 and of the 1 000-grain weight ranged from 37.60 to 40.26 g were listed as the second grade;the seeds with the viability ranged from 95.47% to 96.96% and of the 1 000-grain weight ranged from 35.58 to 37.60 g were listed as the third grade.[Conclusion] The quality classification standard of Panax quinquefolium L.seeds has been initially established in this paper.

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  • Optimization and Screening of Transplanting Medium of Dendrobium officinale Kimura et Migo in Suzhou

    [Objective] To study the effects of different transplanting medium ratios on the survival rate and late growth of Dendrobium officinale Kimura et Migo seedlings.[Method] 4 kinds of mediums were adopted in this study,i.e.,fine sawdust,turf:bark:wood shavings=2:4:4,turf:bark:wood shavings=3:3:4,turf:bark:fine sawdust=2:3:5.[Result] Medium formula with turf,bark and wood shavings at the ratio of 2:4:4 had stronger water and nutrient preserving capacity as well as air permeability,the survival rate and germination rate in the late growth of Dendrobium officinale Kimura et Migo seedlings in which were the highest among all the groups,besides that the stem diameter was larger and the plant height was higher.[Conclusion] Turf,bark and wood shavings medium with the ratio of 2:4:4 had the most significant impact on the growth of Dendrobium officinale Kimura et Migo,which would provide a reference for its production in the Taihu Lake basin.

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  • Investigation of Phyllanthus Plants Resources in Tsinling Mountains

    The kinds,habitat distribution,resources situation and efficacy of Phyllanthus plants resources in Tsinling Mountains,Shaanxi Province were investigated by reviewing references and specimen combined with field survey methods.The results showed that there were two kinds of Phyllanthus plants in Shaanxi Province,which were Phyllanthus urinaria L.and Phyllanthus simplex Retz..

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  • Study on Stem-tip Callus Induction and Regeneration Plant of Dendranthema morifolium(Ramat.)Tzvel "Boju" cv.nov

    [Objective] To study the tissue culture technology of stem-tip from Dendranthema morifolium(Ramat.) Tzvel "Boju" cv.nov,so as to provide scientific evidences for industrial production.[Method] Using Dendranthema morifolium(Ramat.) Tzvel "Boju" cv.nov as testing materials,effects of 6-BA and NAA with different concentration on induction of stem-tip callus,cluster buds and regeneration plant in different MS basal culture medium were investigated in this paper.[Result] The optimum culture medium for stem-tip callus,cluster buds and rooting was MS+1.00 mg/L 6-BA+0.30 mg/L NAA,MS+0.50 mg/L 6-BA+0.10 mg/L NAA and 1/2 MS+0.3 mg/L IBA,respectively.[Conclusion] The herb Dendranthema morifolium(Ramat.) Tzvel "Boju" cv.nov can be propagated rapidly by using tissue culture technology of stem-tips.

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  • Study on the Flowering Habit and Pollen Viability of Rhododendron simii Planch.

    [Object] To investigate the flowering habit and pollen viability of Rhododendron simii Planch..[Method] Rhododendron simii Planch.as test material,effects of sucrose concentrations,culture temperature,boric acid and Ca2+ on the pollen germination and tube growth were studied through in vitro culture method.[Result] The flower season of Rhododendron simii Planch.lasts 4 to 6 months with single flowering phase of 3-5 d;purple,2-6 flowers cluster in the end of branches;calyx 5-lobed,2-4 mm in length;funnel-form corolla,4-5 cm in length,5-lobed;7-10 stamens,purple anther;capitate stigmas.5% sucrose was proved to be the best for the germination of pollen,and the germination rate was the highest at 25 ℃ in daylight(more than 70%);the optimum combination for the germination of pollen was 20 mg/L boric acid + 10 mg/L CaCl2 +5% sucrose +0.5% agar,under this condition,the germination rate reached as high as 87%;Ca2+ had little effect on the germination of pollen in the range of 0-20 mg/L,while which played important role in the growth of pollen tube;the germination rate of pollen increased with boric acid concentration rose(0-20 mg/L),and the differences among the groups were obvious.[Conclusion] This study would provide reference for the biological engineering of Rhododendron simii Planch.in further research.

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  • Comparison of Scutellarin Content in Erigeron breviscapus(Vant.) Hand Mazz.from Different Habitats of Yunnan Province

    [Objective] To determine the content of scutellarin in Erigeron breviscapus(Vant.) Hand Mazz.from different habitats of Yunnan Province.[Method] The content of scutellarin was determined by HPLC,and the HPLC conditions were as follows:Shim-pack VP-ODS column(150.0 mm×4.6 mm,5 μm),mobile phase of methanol-0.1% phosphoric acid(V/V,40:60),flow rate of 1.0 ml/min,column temperature of 25 ℃ and detective wavelength of 335 nm.[Result] Erigeron breviscapus(Vant.) Hand Mazz.from 8 habitats of Yunnan Province differed from each other in scutellarin.Scutellarin in Erigeron breviscapus from Zhaotong Drug Hill was the highest(2.628%),while that from Shuanglong Town of Kunming was the lowest(1.597%).[Conclusion]With good precision and repeatability,the method established in this case is suitable for the determination of scutellarin in Erigeron breviscapus,and this study provides basis for the breeding of improved variety and GAP cultivation of Erigeron breviscapus(Vant.) Hand Mazz..

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  • Hypoglycemic Activity of Lotus Root Polysaccharides and Its Effect on Antioxidant Activity in Vivo

    [Objective] To investigate the hypoglycemic activity of lotus root polysaccharides on diabetic mice and its effect on antioxidant activity in vivo.[Method] Diabetic mice model were induced by intraperitoneal injection with alloxan.Normal control group,diabetic control group,glyburide control group and 3 groups of lotus root polysaccharide including low-dose,medium-dose and high-dose group were employed in this study.[Result] Lotus root polysaccharide showed efficacies on relieving emaciation,lowering blood glucose and promoting the glucose tolerance of diabetic mice.In addition,it was also endowed with effects on increasing SOD activity of liver,kidney and pancreas in diabetic mice,and on reducing the content of MDA.[Conclusion] This study could provide a theoretical basis for the development of new natural hypoglycemic drugs.

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  • Optimization of Extraction Process of RHIZOMA DIOSCOREAE Polysaccharide and Determination of Its Antioxidant Activity

    [Objective] To optimize the extraction parameters of RHIZOMA DIOSCOREAE polysaccharide,and to determine its antioxidant activity.[Method] The extraction process was optimized with orthogonal test based on single factor test,and the hydroxyl radical scavenging rate of RHIZOMA DIOSCOREAE polysaccharide with different binding degree of protein was comparatively determined.[Result] The optimum extraction parameters were:extraction temperature of 60 ℃,extraction duration of 3.0 h,solid-to-liquid ratio of 1:8 and pH value of 8.Under the optimal conditions the mean extraction rate of RHIZOMA DIOSCOREAE polysaccharide was 15.1%.The antioxidant activity of RHIZOMA DIOSCOREAE polysaccharide hydrolyzed with protease,treated with Sevage method and untreated ranked the first,second and last,respectively.[Conclusion] The optimal extraction parameters were gained in this study,which provided technical support for the development of RHIZOMA DIOSCOREAE polysaccharide.

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  • Study on the Essential oil Ingredients of Amomum tsao-ko from Different Regions of Yunnan Province

    [Object] To analyze the essential oil chemical ingredients of Amomum tsao-ko from different regions of Yunnan Province,so as to provide references for its species identification and further utilization.[Method] Amomum tsao-ko samples were collected from Xiaoxin Village and Shangxincheng Village of Yuanyang,Lengquan Town of Mengzi,Damie Village of Wenshan,and the chemical ingredients of essential oil from Amomum tsao-ko leaves were identified by GC-MS.[Result] 61 chemical compounds were identified from 4 kinds of Amomum tsao-ko,among which the content of 9,12,15-gadusene-1-alcohol was the highest that exceeded 20%,eudesmol and palmitic acid took the second place which covered more than 10%.[Conclusion] There are abundant active ingredients in the essential oil of Amomum tsao-ko leaves,which deserves further research.

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  • Determination of Four Microelements in CAULIS SPATHOLOBI from Guangdong and Guangxi and Assessment of Its Health Risk

    [Objective] To establish the method for determinating four microelements in CAULIS SPATHOLOBI,and to discuss it's concentration and health risk assessment.[Method] Four microelements in CAULIS SPATHOLOBI from two different habitats were determined by microwave digestion-atomic absorption spectrometry method,and their health risks were assessed by exposure assessment.[Result] Guangdong 3#,Guangdong 2# and Guangxi 2#(ten times the amount of national limited standard) sample were higher in Cu,Pb and Cr,respectively.Pb in all the samples except Guangdong 1# CAULIS SPATHOLOBI would bring about certain health risk when taken orally,and Cr in Guangxi 2# sample would also produce serious health risk.[Conclusion] Good in repeatability and fine in precision,the determination method for microelements from CAULIS SPATHOLOBI established in this work favors the quality control of CAULIS SPATHOLOBI.

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  • Determination of Diosgenin Content in RHIZOMA PARIDIS with Different Growth Years by HPLC

    [Objective] To discuss the relationship between diosgenin content in RHIZOMA PARIDIS and its growth years,so as to provide a reference basis for the optimal harvesting years of RHIZOMA PARIDIS.[Method] The diosgenin content was determined by HPLC,and the HPLC conditions were:chromatographic column of Agilent zorbax SB-C18 column(4.6 mm×150.0 mm,5 μm),mobile phase of acetonitrile-water at the volume ratio of 90:10,flow rate of 1.0 ml/min,detection wavelength of 203 nm and column temperature of 35 ℃.[Result] Diosgenin content in different growth years RHIZOMA PARIDIS varied significantly.The diosgenin content was the highest in seven years old RHIZOMA PARIDIS,followed in the five and six years old ones,and the least in three and four years old ones.[Conclusion] RHIZOMA PARIDIS with different growth years varied from each other in diosgenin content,and should be harvested in terms of different aims in practical application.

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  • AFLP Analysis on Genetic Diversity of Physic-edible Aspongopus chinensis Dallas

    [Objective] To study the genetic diversity of physic-edible Aspongopus chinensis Dallas from Dinghu Mountain and Luofu Mountain of Guangzhou.[Methods] The fingerprint of Aspongopus chinensis Dallas was established through amplified fragment length polymorphism(AFLP),so as to analyze the genetic diversity parameters of Aspongopus chinensis Dallas.[Results] 362 clear bands were obtained from 4 primer combinations,293 of which were polymorphic that accounted for 80.94% of all clear binds.The average Nei's genetic diversity index,Shannon polymorphic information index,gene differentiation index(GST) among populations,and migration number for each generation(Nm) were 0.246 7,0.368 7,0.170 1 and 3.157,respectively.[Conclusion] The results showed that AFLP analysis was of high efficiency that suitable for analyzing the genetic diversity of Aspongopus chinensis Dallas population;great genetic variation and diversity were existed in the populations of Aspongopus chinensis Dallas.

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  • Study on Isolation and Purification of Tigogenin

    [Objective] To extract and isolate tigogenin from Agave sisalana Perrine.[Method] The tigogenin was extracted by heating reflux method and purified by macroporous resin,and the optimum technology was determined.[Results] D-101 macroporous resin was endowed with better purification effect and the optimum purification conditions were as follows:70% alcohol as eluent,eluent dosage of 100 ml,elution velocity of 0.6 ml/min.Under the above conditions,the recovery rate and purity of tigogenin were 79.1% and 71.6% respectively.[Conclusion] The method adopted in this study was feasible for industrial production of tigogenin.

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  • The effect of RADIX OPLOPANACIS ELATI on Immune Function in Mice with Low Immunity

    [Objective] To discuss the effects of RADIX OPLOPANACIS ELATI on immune function in immunosuppressive mice.[Method] Immunosuppressive mice model was established by intraperitoneal injection with cyclophosphamide followed by daily intragastric administration of extracts of RADIX OPLOPANACIS ELATI.After the treatment,the mice were examined for observing the effects of extracts on the immune organ index,the carbon particle clearance of mononuclear phagocyte and the delayed type hypersensitivity induced by 2,4-dinitrochlorobenzene in experimental animals.[Results] Results showed that the immune organ index,the phagocytic function of mononuclear phagocyte and the delayed type hypersensitivity in the three dose groups mice which were respectively fed with extracts of RADIX OPLOPANACIS ELATI at the daily dose of 5.2,2.6 and 1.3 g/kg were significant increased when compared to the CY model group.[Conclusion] RADIX OPLOPANACIS ELATI extracts could enhance the immune function of immunosuppressive mice induced by cyclophosphamide.

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  • Study on Antioxidant Characteristic of Microencapsulated Anthocyanins from Berberis kaschgarica Rupr.

    [Objective] To study the antioxidant characteristic of anthocyanins and its microcapsule prepared by spray drying method from Berberis kaschgarica Rupr.,so as to provide a guidance for the application of microencapsulated anthocyanins in industrial production.[Method] By employing DPPH radical-scavenging method and ABTS radical-scavenging method,the radical scavenging rates of anthocyanins under different situations were determined.[Result] The DPPH and ABTS radical-scavenging rates of anthocyanins were higher than that of microencapsulated anthocyanins.The anthocyanins and microencapsulated anthocyanins were provided with certain scavenging effects on DPPH and ABTS free radical,both of which were lower than that of vitamin E.[Conclusion] Anthocyanins were endowed with better antioxidant ability in comparison with its microcapsule for the content of anthocyanins was lessened during the microencapsulation,leading to that its synergistic effect was reduced.Microencapsulated anthocyanins were easily stored for a long time since the anthocyanins were embedded and separated from external environments.

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  • Analysis of Podophyllotoxin in Different Parts of Dysosma tsayuensis Ying by HPLC

    [Objective] To analyze the podophyllotoxin in different parts of Dysosma tsayuensis Ying by HPLC,and the contents of which were determined.[Method] The chromatographic conditions were as follows:chromatographic column of Whates C18 column(125.0 mm×4.6 mm,5 μm),mobile phase of methanol and water in 55:45 volume ratio,flow rate of 1.0 ml/min,detection wavelength of 290 nm,column temperature of 25 ℃ and sampling volume of 20 μl.The regression equation was obtained with the concentration of reference solution x ranged from 0 to 200 μg/ml:y=15 121x-46 585,r=0.999 1.[Result] The podophyllotoxin could be detected in the root,tuber,leaf,petiole,flower and fruit of Dysosma tsayuensis Ying,while its contents varied significantly in different parts.The content of podophyllotoxin decreased in the following order,tuber,root,flower,leaf,petiole and fruit,which were 180.50±2.74,58.83±1.59,40.33±1.24,36.93±1.09,29.90±0.45 and 6.03±0.12(md) μg/g,respectively.[Conclusion] The method was characterized by high sensitivity,good stability,high repeatability and good separating effect.Podophyllotoxin content was the highest in tuber and the lowest in fruit of Dysosma tsayuensis Ying.This research would provide a theoretical and practical direction for analyzing efficiency constituents in medicinal plants of Tibet.

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  • Study on Antimicrobial Activities of Different Solvent Extracts from HERBA MENTHAE

    [Objective] To study the antimicrobial activities of different solvent extracts from HERBA MENTHAE,so as to optimize the extraction technology,decrease the second pollution and provide a new way for further exploitation and utilization of food industry.[Method] Agar diffusion method was performed to determine the antimicrobial activities of different solvent extracts from HERBA MENTHAE against Escherichia coli,Staphyloccocus aureus Rosenbach,Bacillus subtilis Cohn and Salmonella.[Result] Different solvent extracts from HERBA MENTHAE had obvious antimicrobial activities against 4 indicator bacteria,in which absolute ethanol extracts performed the best.As for the same extract,the antimicrobial activities were varied for different strains.[Conclusion] Absolute ethanol extracts had the best antimicrobial activity.

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  • Comparative Analysis of Gastrodin Content in Wild and Cultivated Gastrodia elata Bl.from Tibet

    [Object] To analyze the gastrodin content in wild and cultivated Gastrodia elata Bl.from Tibet.[Method] The gastrodin content in Gastrodia elata Bl.was determined by HPLC in this study.[Result] The content of gastrodin in cultivated Gastrodia elata was in the range of 0.41-2.28 g/kg,and the average content was 0.88 g/kg,4 times higher than the wild ones.[Conclusion] Based on the similar ecological environment,growth period and harvest season,the quality of cultivated Gastrodia elata was superior to that of wild ones.Popularizing cultivation technology of Gastrodia elata is of great practical significance and high economic value.

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  • Comparison of Polysaccharose Content in FRUCTUS CORNI from Different Producing Areas

    [Objective] To compare the polysaccharide contents in FRUCTUS CORNI from Zhejiang and Henan,and provide theoretical basis for breeding quality Cornus officinalis Sieb.et Zucc..[Method] The ripe fruits of Cornus officinalis Sieb.et Zucc.were collected from Henan and Zhejiang respectively,and the contents of polysaccharide were determined with sulfuric acid-phenol method,then the polysaccharide contents among the individuals from the same producing area and different areas were compared.[Result] Polysaccharide content in FRUCTUS CORNI from Henan ranged from 4.70% to 17.25% with mean value of 9.80% and CV of 30.70%;and that from Zhejiang varied from 3.78% to 17.60% with mean value of 8.45% and CV of 32.90%.FRUCTUS CORNI from different producing areas differed significantly in polysaccharide content.[Conclusion] Though mean content of polysaccharide in FRUCTUS CORNI from Henan was higher than that from Zhejiang,Cornus officinalis Sieb.et Zucc.from Zhejiang Province was better for breeding owing to the large population variance.

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  • Optimization of Reflux Extraction Process for Toosendanin from FRUCTUS TOOSENDAN

    [Objective] Tto obtain the optimum reflux extraction conditions for toosendanin from FRUCTUS TOOSENDAN.[Method] Effects of extraction solvent,solid-liquid ratio,extraction temperature,extraction duration and extraction times on the yield of toosendanin were investigated using content of toosendanin as index which was determined by HPLC.[Result] The optimum reflux extraction conditions for toosendanin were proposed to be:extraction solvent of methanol,solid-liquid ratio of 1:30,extraction temperature of 80 ℃,extraction duration of 1.0 h,extraction times of 2.Under the optimum extraction process,the yield of toosendanin from FRUCTUS TOOSENDAN reached 1.344 9 mg/g.[Conclusion] Simple in process,reflux extraction method established in this study is effective and stable for extracting toosendanin from FRUCTUS TOOSENDAN.

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  • Optimization of Extraction Technology of Ephedrine from HERBA EPHEDRAE

    [Objective] To optimize the extraction parameters of ephedrine from HERBA EPHEDRAE,so as to provide a basis for improving the extracting method for ephedrine.[Method] Effects of pH value,shaking time,phase ratio,and extraction stage on the extraction rate of ephedrine were investigated using ethyl acetate as extracting solvent.[Result] The optimum extraction conditions were:pH value ranging from 12 to 13,shaking time of 2.0 min,phase ratio of 1:1 and extraction stage of 3.[Conclusion] Little in pollution and simple in process,the ethyl acetate extraction can be employed as a method for extracting and purifying ephedrine from HERBA EPHEDRAE.

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  • Study on the HPLC Multicomponent Finger-prints of RADIX PSAMMOSILENES

    [Objective] To establish HPLC finger-prints of one year,three-year and five-year RADIX PSAMMOSILENES,and provide scientific,reasonable basis for the identification and quality control of it.[Method] Agilent Zorbax SB C-18 column(150.0 mm×4.6 mm,5 μm),mobile phase of acetonitrile(A) and 0.1% phosphoric acid(B),gradient elution process as follows:0-15 min,15%-20% A;5-45 min,20%-45% A;45-75 min,45%-85% A;75-80 min,85% A.Column temperature of 25 ℃,flow rate of 0.5 ml/min,detective wavelength of 210 nm.3 HPLC finger-prints were obtained under the optimum HPLC conditions,and the chromatographic peak of purified RADIX PSAMMOSILENES was as reference.[Result] HPLC finger-print method was simple and with good reproducibility,which was suitable for the identification of one year,three-year and five-year RADIX PSAMMOSILENES.[Conclusion] This study would provide reasonable and scientific basis for the identification and quality control of RADIX PSAMMOSILENES.

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  • Enzymatic Extraction and DPPH Free Radical Scavenging Properties of Polysaccharides from Ganoderma lucidum

    [Objective] This study was to investigate the optimal process for extraction of polysaccharides from Ganoderma lucidum via mulienzyme complex,so as to explore their in vitro anti-oxidation capacity.[Method] Using polysaccharides extraction rate as indicator,we performed an orthogonal experiment based on single factor test to optimize enzymolysis combination and enzymolysis conditions,employed free radical DPPH model to assess the in vitro anti-oxidation capacity of G.lucidum polysaccharides.[Result] Enzymolysis extraction was superior to single enzyme extraction.The optimized parameters for the extraction of G.lucidum polysaccharides via enzymmolysis were as follows:cellulose of 1.5%,papain of 0.8% and bromelin of 3.5%(mass fraction,relative to concentration of zymolyte),pH value of 5.5,temperature of 50 ℃ and enzymolysis duration of 100 min.G.lucidum polysaccharides extracted via enzymmolysis performed good capacity to scavenge free radical DPPH,which is significantly higher than that extracted via hydrolysis(P<0.01).Within concentration range of 0.8-4.8 mg/ml,G.lucidum polysaccharides assumed a boosting trend in the DPPH-scavenging capacity with the increase of polysaccharides concentration.[Conclusion] Our results provided scientific basis for the exploitation of G.lucidum polysaccharides.

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    <正>TROPAG & RURAL,produced by the Information,Library and Documentation department of the Royal Tropical Institute, The Netherlands,are two databases containing full bibliographic references with abstracts to the worldwide literature on agriculture

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  • Optimization of Extraction Process of Total Flavonoids from the Residue of Sophora alopecuroides L.

    [Object] To optimize the extraction process of total flavonoids from the residue of Sophora alopecuroides L.,and lay foundation for the purification of Sophora alopecuroides L.seeds.[Method] On the basis of single factor test,the extraction process of total flavonoids from the residue of Sophora alopecuroides L.was optimized through L9(34) design.[Result] The yield rate of total flavonoids reached as high as 4.86 mg/g under the following conditions:solid-liquid ratio of 1:10(g/ml),extraction times of 3,extraction duration of 1.5 h.[Conclusion] The optimum extraction process obtained in this study is convenience and reasonable,which would provide basis for the further development of Sophora alopecuroides L.residues.

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  • Extraction of Total Flavonoids from FRUCTUS LIGUSTRI LUCIDI

    [Objective] This study was to optimize the extraction process of total flavonoids from FRUCTUS LIGUSTRI LUCIDI using ethanol reflux method.[Method] On the basis of single factor test,orthogonal test L9(34) was designed to optimize the parameters related.[Result] The optimized extraction parameters were as follows:2.50 g dried powder of FRUCTUS LIGUSTRI LUCIDI as raw material,60% ethanol as extractant,solid-liquid ratio of 1:40,extraction temperature of 85 ℃,extraction duration of 2 h.Using these parameters the extraction yield of total flavonoids was as high as 6.215%.[Conclusion] Ethanol reflux method is stable and reliable in the extraction of total flavonoids from FRUCTUS LIGUSTRI LUCIDI.

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  • NU Library

    <正>Naresuan University Library is situated in the main campus(Nong-Or) Established in 1993.The present library building has 3 storeys with approximately 4,920 square meters.In 1994,the Health Sciences Library was established as a department of the

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  • Study on Quality Standard of HERBA PLANTAGINIS

    [Objective] To supplement the quality standard of HERBA PLANTAGINIS.[Method]TLC was adopted to identify HERBA PLANTAGINIS qualitatively,ethylacetate-petroleum ether(30-60 ℃)-formic acid(V/V,10:15:1) as developer and1% aluminium chloride-alcohol as color development reagent;the content of luteolin was determined by HPLC,and the HPLC conditions were as follows:Alltech Apollo C18(4.6 mm×250.0 mm,5 μm)column as chromatographic column,mobile phase of methanol-0.2% phosphoric acid(V/V,55:45),flow rate of 1.0 ml/min,detective wavelength of 349 nm,column temperature of 35 ℃.[Results]The test sample had the same fluorescence spots with luteolin standard and drug reference substance.Luteolin and peak area were in good linear relationship in the range of 1.05-21.00 μg/ml(r=0.999 8),and the average recovery rate of luteolin were 99.60%(RSD=1.70%).[Conclusion] The method established in this study is reliable,accurate and specific,which can be used for the quality control of HERBA PLANTAGINIS.

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  • Optimization of Inclusion Process of 6-Gingerol in RHIZOMA ZINGIBERIS

    [Objective] To optimize the inclusion process of 6-gingerol in RHIZOMA ZINGIBERIS,so as to improve the stability of RHIZOMA ZINGIBERIS.[Method] The inclusion complex was prepared by grinding method,and the inclusion process was optimized by orthogonal design.In addition,content of 6-gingerol was determined by HPLC,and the processes was assessed by weight grade method,i.e.inclusion rate(0.6),yield of inclusion complex(0.2) and 6-gingerol percentage(0.2) as indicators.[Result] The optimum inclusion processes were as follows:RHIZOMA ZINGIBERIS density of 1.08(25 ℃),solid-liquid ratio of 1:2(RHIZOMA ZINGIBERIS/water,W/V),grinding duration of 1.0 h,alcohol extract-β-cyclodextrin ratio of 1.5:10.0(W/W).[Conclusion] The optimized inclusion process obtained in this study is reasonable,feasible,reproducible and efficient,which can be used for supervising the production of β-cyclodextrin-6-gingerol inclusion complex.

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  • The Development of SEMEN ZIZIPHI SPINOSAE Yoghourt

    [Objective] To develop a yoghourt drink of SEMEN ZIZIPHI SPINOSAE.[Method] A yoghourt drink was developed and produced with SEMEN ZIZIPHI SPINOSAE and fresh milk as main raw materials and Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus in 1:1 volume ratio as mixed fermentation strains,the optimum technological parameters of which were determined through studies on processing techniques.[Result] The optimum process was as follows:serous fluids were prepared from SEMEN ZIZIPHI SPINOSAE and its 6 volumes of water,and then mixed with fresh milk in a 1:4 volume ratio as fermentation broth.After adding 9% granulated sugar,5% milk powder and 4% starter,Let it ferment at 42 ℃ until fermentation broth was made into curds,and then the milk products were obtained.[Conclusion] SEMEN ZIZIPHI SPINOSAE yoghourt of high quality could be developed under the optimum conditions.

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  • Optimization of Extraction Technology and Property Analysis of CORTEX ACANTHOPANACIS Polysaccharides

    [Objective] To optimize the extraction conditions of CORTEX ACANTHOPANACIS polysaccharides and analyze its property,so as to provide a foundation for the development and utilization of CORTEX ACANTHOPANACIS polysaccharides.[Method] By employing single factor experiment and orthogonal test,the extraction process of CORTEX ACANTHOPANACIS polysaccharides was optimized.After purification by concentration,dialysis and ethanol precipitation,the solubility,reducing sugar and protein of CORTEX ACANTHOPANACIS polysaccharides were determined.CORTEX ACANTHOPANACIS polysaccharides were finally identified by IR spectrum.[Result] The optimum extraction conditions were:90 ℃ extraction temperature,3 extraction times,100 solvent quantity and 2.0 h extraction time.Under this condition,the yield of CORTEX ACANTHOPANACIS polysaccharides was up to 9.38%.Good in solubility,rich in starch and low in reducing sugar,CORTEX ACANTHOPANACIS polysaccharides had a typical characteristic spectrum of polysaccharide.[Conclusion] The optimum extraction conditions of CORTEX ACANTHOPANACIS polysaccharides and their properties were obtained in this study,which provided a foundation for the development and utilization of CORTEX ACANTHOPANACIS polysaccharides.

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