• Effects of Different Growth Hormones on the Rapid Propagation of Momordica grosvenori Swingle

    [Objective] To obtain high-quality tissue culture seedlings of Momordica grosvenori Swingle.[Method] Momordica grosvenori Swingle was cultured in the medium with 6-BA and IBA of different concentration.[Result] The medium with 1 mg/L 6-BA was beneficial to the rapid propagation of Momordica grosvenori Swingle with the proliferation coefficient reaching 5.75.IBA of 0.5 mg/L was suitable for the differentiation of Momordica grosvenori Swingle root.[Conclusion] Effects of growth hormones with different varieties and different concentrations on the rapid propagation of Momordica grosvenori Swingle varied.The optimum growth hormones with proper concentration for the tissue culture of Momordica grosvenori Swingle were gained in this study,which provided basis for the obtaining of high-quality Momordica grosvenori Swingle seedlings.

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  • Assessment on Meteorological Condition of Radix Hedysari Cultivation Area in Gansu Province

    [Objective] To analyze and assess the meteorological conditions of radix hedysari cultivation district in Gansu Province.[Method]The weather conditions were analyzed based on the annual temperature,annual rainfall,annual humidity and their mean values on lighting months from 1961 to 2009,which were obtained from ten meteorological stations.[Result] Relative higher in temperature and lower in humidity,south Longnan mountain district and Chuanba were not suitable for the cultivation of radix hedysari,whereas Dingxi City with high humidity,low temperature and enough illumination was beneficial to the growth of radix hedysari.[Conclusion]The most suitable area in Gansu Province for the cultivation of radix hedysari was obtained in this study,which provided evidence for the scientific planning and enlarging of the radix hedysari cultivation area.

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  • Effect of Different Planting Densities on the Growth of Radix Hedysari

    [Objective] To study the growth changes of radix hedysari under different planting densities,so as to provide theoretical evidence for the rational planting of radix hedysari in this district.[Method] By employing single factor randomized block design,all the growth indices of radix hedysari were determined under different planting densities.[Result]Along with the increase of planting density(decline of row spacing),the plant height,root diameter,root length and branching amount of radix hedysari assumed decrease trend,and the dry matter accumulation amount and yield of it also decreased with the increase of planting density in certain range.[Conclusion] The optimal planting density of radix hedysari in this district is 150 thousand plants/hm2,that is,row spacing of 25 cm.

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  • Comparative Analysis of Climatic Factors between Libo County and Strobilanthes cusia(Nees) O.Kuntze Growth

    [Objective] To analyze the climatic factors of Libo County and that needed by Strobilanthes cusia(Nees) O.Kuntze.[Method]Combining the historical climate data of Libo County with the climatic factors needed by Strobilanthes cusia(Nees) O.Kuntze,the suitability of Libo for the cultivation of Strobilanthes cusia(Nees) O.Kuntze was investigated.[Result]The climatic factors of Libo County were favorable for the growth of Strobilanthes cusia(Nees) O.Kuntze in large scale.[Conclusion] Cultivated in Libo,Strobilanthes cusia(Nees) O.Kuntze would be provided with high quality and high yielding.

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  • RAPD Analysis of Angelicae sinensis Seeds from Six Different Regions in Gansu

    [Objective] To explore the feasibility of identification of Angelicae sinensis in Gansu by RAPD method.[Methods] The genomic DNAs were extracted from Angelicae sinensis by improved CTAB method and analyzed by RAPD with primer S61.[Result] The high quality genomic DNA was obtained by improved CTAB method.The RAPD electrophoretogram of primer S61 was provided with high polymorphism,good repeatability and stability.[Conclusion] The results provided the experimental basis for molecular identification of Angelicae sinensis.

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  • Study on the Aseptic Germination Condition of Oenothera biennis L. Seed

    [Objective] To provide axenic explants for tissue culture of Oenothera biennis L..[Method] Oenothera biennis L.seeds were inoculated into different culture mediums after being sterilized with different methods,the contamination rate and germination rate were calculated 10 days later.[Result] After being treated for 48 h at 70 ℃,the degerming effect of ethanol(40 s) + 0.1% Hg2Cl2(10 min)+ Tween 80 on the surface of explants was the best;the germination rate of Oenothera biennis L.seed reached 93% in VW+1.0 mg/L 6-BA+0.5 mg/L NAA+0.05% AC culture medium and the growth condition of seedling was the best.[Conclusion] The good and effective aseptic germination system was established in this study,which would provide basis for the persistent utilization of Oenothera biennis L..

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  • Research on the Accumulation and Distribution Rule of Dry Matter in Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi

    [Objective] The paper aimed to study the accumulation and distribution rule of dry matter in Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi with different growth life-spans.[Method] The two-year-old skullcaps had been sampled since March 29,respectively before turning green,after turning green,during the squaring period,flowering stage,filling stage,ripe period,before wither and after wither;while the three-year-old skullcaps were sampled one time every 15 days from March 26 until the shoot part was completely withered on October 13.[Result] It was verified that stems and leaves of the domestically grown skullcaps grow primarily in the earlier period;in the intermediate stage of growth,the organic matters are massively transported to the reproductive organs,such as flower buds and fruits,etc.;in the final period,which is the main period of forming the root output,the organic matters were massively transferred to roots.The crisscross curved about the proportion of shoot and root weight of two and three-year-old skullcaps shaped like a "scissor" [Conclusion] The research could provide scientific basis for the high-efficient cultivation and timely harvest of domestic Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi.

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  • Study on Correlation Between Mineral Element Contents in Gracemosa Smith. and in Soil

    [Objective] The research aimed to analyze the correlation of mineral element contents in Gracemosa Smith and soil.[Method] The contents of 12 kinds of mineral elements in Gracemosa Smith and soil in different population were determined by ICP-AES,and then the distribution,absorption and correlation of elements in them were described.[Result] The results showed that the content of Ca,P,Al and Zn in soil had significant correlation with multi-mineral elements in plant;it was significant to maintain chemical properties of Gracemosa Smith.with regards to absorbing minerals.[Conclusion] The study can provide scientific basis for the introduction and cultivation of Gracemosa Smith.

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  • Comparative Analysis on Traits of Asarum heterotropoides Fr. Schmidt var. mandshuricum(Maxim. ) Kitag of Different Strains

    [Objective] To compare the growth and development traits of Asarum heterotropoides Fr.Schmidt var.mandshuricum(Maxim.) Kitag of different strains,so as to breed new variety.[Method] The growth traits were investigated by determining the fresh weight of single plant,fresh weight of root,developing shoot amount of Beixi01,Beixi02 and Beixi03,as well as the content of volatile oil in them.[Result] The yield and volatile oil content of each strain increased the most quickly in the fifth growth year.Beixi03 strain was of good yield and growth capacity,which was superior to Beixi01 and Beixi02,whereas the content of volatile oil in it was lower than that in Beixi02.The content of volatile oil in 5-year old Asarum heterotropoides Fr.Schmidt var.mandshuricum(Maxim.) Kitag attained the critical content that ruled in Chinese Pharmacopoeia(2005 Edition),and that in 6 years old ones was higher than that ruled in Chinese Pharmacopoeia.[Conclusion] Beixi03 strain is the more favorable strain of Asarum heterotropoides Fr.Schmidt var.mandshuricum(Maxim.) Kitag and is expected to be a new variety of Asarum heterotropoides Fr.Schmidt var.mandshuricum(Maxim.) Kitag.

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  • Comparation of Composition Content and Growth of Tube Culture Plantlet of Dendrobium candidum Wall.in Different Months

    [Objective] To study the dynamic changes of composition content and growth of Dendrobium candidum test-tube plantlet in different planting months.[Method] The dynamic changes of Dendrobium candidum test-tube plantlet were analyzed by determining stem height,stem diameter,average fresh weight,contents of polysaccharide and amino acid in different planting months.[Result] With prolonging of cultivation time,stem height and arerage fresh weight increased gradually,stem diameter gradually decreased,the content of polysaccharide rose first and fall later while reaching its peak at December,the contents of main amino acids and total amino acids were in a linear upward trend with varying degrees in different growth stages.[Conclusion] The study has revealed the variation of composition content and growth of tube culture seedling and provided references for rational utilization of Dendrobium candidum tube culture seedling.

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  • Study on Standardized Cultivation Techniques of Aquilaria sinensis (Lour. ) Sprengel in Hainan

    The standardized cultivation techniques of Aquilaria sinensis(Lour.) Sprengel in Hainan were introduced in this study,including selecting and breeding,transplanting,field management,diseases and insects prevention,heartwood formation,harvesting and processing,and so on,so as to provide reference for the efficient cultivation of Aquilaria sinensis(Lour.) Sprengel.

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  • Extraction Technology and Content Determination of Emodin Extracts from Polygonum cuspidatum Sieb.et Zucc. in Mount Emei

    [Objective] The study was to investigate the yield and the content of the emodin extracts from Polygonum cuspidatum in Mount Emei.[Method] Using the content and purity of emodin as the indices,we employed the 95% ethanol-water-saturated chloroform method to isolate emodin,alkaline of different pH gradient to extract and HPLC to measure the emodin content.[Result] The emodin content in crude emodin extract reached 94.90%,and the yield of emodin extracted from P.cuspidatum was 0.62%.[Conclusion] The 95% ethanol-chloroform method has stable extraction technology and performs high purity of emodin extracted from P.cuspidatum,which could be used as the extraction technology.The results provided a scientific basis for the exploitation,utilization and quality control of P.cuspidatum resource in Mount Emei.

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  • Study on the Antibacterial Activity of Extracts from Wild Arctum Iappa L. Root

    [Objective]To study the antibacterial activity of different solvent extracts from wild Arctum lappa L.roots,so as to provide theoretical basis for its development and utilization.[Method]The method of minimum inhibitory concentration(MIC) and agar-well diffusion were adopted to determine the inhibitory activity of water and 70% ethanol extracts from burdock roots.[Result]Both extracts revealed the potential inhibitory activities against Escherichia coli,Proteus vulgaris,Bacillus subtilis and Staphylococcus aureus.A higher antimicrobial activity was observed in 70% ethanol extracts compared with water extracts,and the MIC to Bacillus subtilis and Staphylococcus aureus was 31.25 mg/ml,the MIC to Proteus vulgaris was 62.50 mg/ml,while that to Escherichia coli was 250 mg/ml;nevertheless,neither water extracts nor 70% ethanol extracts showed obvious antimicrobial effects on Saccharomyces erevisiae and Monilia albican.[Conclusion]The water and 70% ethanol extracts from Arctum lappa L.roots are endowed with good inhibitory effects on bacteria instead of yeasts,and 70% ethanol extracts are provided with better antimicrobial activity than water extracts.

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  • Extraction of Antioxidant Active Components of Crotalaria Mucronata Desv. and Optimization of Activity Determination System

    [Objective] To study the antioxidant activity of alcohol extracted from Crotalaria mucronata Desv.[Method] The ultrasonic-assisted alcohol extraction method is adopted to extract the antioxidant active components of Crotalaria mucronata Desv,and chemiluminescence analysis in H2O2-Luminol system is used to determine efficiency of scavenging hydroxyl free radical and optimize the measurement system.[Result] Under the conditions that solid-to-liquid ratio is 3.6:1,and ethanol concentration is 70%,and extraction time is 30 min and temperature is 80 ℃,the test results are more accurate and Crotalaria mucronata Desv.shows the best scavenging effects on hydroxyl free radical.[Conclusion] The alcohol extract of Crotalaria mucronata Desv.Shows good scavenging effects of hydroxyl free radical.

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  • Karyotype Analysis on Chromosome of Curcuma kwangsiensis S. G. Lee et C. F. Liang

    [Objective]To study the karyotype analysis on chromosome of Curcuma kwangsiensis S.G.Lee et C.F.Liang.[Method]Conventional pressing plate method combining with micrograph was used to analyze the karyotype of chromosome.[Result]The chromosome number of Curcuma kwangsiensis S.G.Lee et C.F.Liang.was 2n=84,and karyotype formula was K(2n) = 84= 70m + 6M+4sm+4T,belonging to Stebbins's 1B type.[Conclusion]The karyotype of Curcuma kwangsiensis S.G.Lee et C.F.Liang belonged to original type.

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  • Analysis on Chemical Compositions of Volatile Oil from Kalopanax septemlobus (Thunb. ) Koidz. Root and Velamen by GC-MS

    [Objective] To analyze the compositions of volatile oil from root and velamen of Kalopanax septemlobus(Thunb.) Koidz.,aiming at providing scientific evidence for the development of medicinal value of Kalopanax septemlobus(Thunb.) Koidz..[Method] The volatile compositions were extracted with headspace solid-phase micro-extraction(HS-SPME),and their contents and names were confirmed by GC-MS.[Result] Seventy-seven and eighty-one compounds were separated and identified from the root bark and root of Kalopanax septemlobus(Thunb.) Koidz.respectively,occupying 97.47% and 96.17% of total volatile oil respectively.The major components obtained from root and root bark of Kalopanax septemlobus(Thunb.) Koidz.were found to be similar,such as γ-elemene,trans-β-farnesene,alpha-Guaiene and 2-(1-methyl-ethyl)-5-methyl-phenol,the contents of which in the two materials were not significant different.[Conclusion] The compounds and their relative contents in root and root bark from Kalopanax septemlobus(Thunb.) Koidz.are confirmed in this study,which favors the development of the medicinal value of Kalopanax septemlobus(Thunb.) Koidz..

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  • Determination of Three Tanshinones in Salviae miltiorrhizae Health Tea by HPLC

    [Objective] To determine the contents of three major tanshinones in Salviae miltiorrhizae health tea by HPLC.[Method] The HPLC conditions were as follows:Insertsil ODS-SP column(4.6 mm×250 mm,5 μm),mobile phase of acetonitrile-water(V:V=62:38),detection wavelength of 270 nm,flow rate of 1.0 ml/min,sampling amount of 15 μl and column temperature of 30 ℃.[Result] Three compositions of tanshinones were well-separated and the average recovery of cryptotanshinone,tanshinone Ⅰ,tanshinone ⅡA were 98.2%,98.7% and 98.4% respectively(RSD of 1.20%,1.96% and 1.74%,n = 3).The content of the tanshinones in the sample were 1.19,0.79 and 2.25 mg/g respectively.[Conclusion] HPLC has the advantages of simple,rapid and reliable,which can be used to control the quality of Salviae miltiorrhizae health tea.

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  • Study on the Antioxidative Activity of Polysaccharide in Polygonum Cillinerve (Nakai) Ohwi

    [Object] To investigate the antioxidative activity of polysaccharide in Polygonum Cillinerve(Nakai) Ohwi.[Method] The hydroxyl radical(·OH) and superoxide anion(O-2) were produced by Fenton reaction and pyrogallol autoxidation system respectively.Active oxygen and nitrosamine were synthesized in simulated human gastric juice environment and tested by UV spectrophotometer.[Results] The scavenging effect on O-2 and ·OH were 63% and 48% when concentration of Polygonum Cillinerve(Nakai) Ohwi polysaccharide was 5 mg/ml,at which the blocking rate of nitrosamine was 41.27%.The scavenging effect on nitrite was 67.03% with polysaccharide concentration of 0.09 mg/ml.[Conclusion] Polygonum Cillinerve(Nakai) Ohwi polysaccharide is endowed with strong anti-oxidation.

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  • Analysis of Curcuma Oil Components by GC-MS

    [Object]To extract curcuma oil by different methods and analyze its components by GC-MS.[Methods] 3 extraction methods were introduced in this study,including stem distillation,supercritical CO2 and molecular distillation.[Results] The components and their contents of curcuma oil obtained by different extracting methods were basically same.The quantities of principle components were in the order of turmerone(Ar-turmerone)>α-Zingiberene>Curlone>β-sesquiphellandrene;light components before molecular distillation and the above former three curcuma oil ingredients varied wildly,α-Zingiberene,Terpinolene,β-Caryophyllene,β-sesquiphellandrene,etc components were plentiful in the light components before molecular distillation,which appeared early and could not be detected after 25.28 min.[Conclusion] The study would provide scientific introduction for the industrial production and extensive application of curcuma oil.

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  • Effects of Drug Serum of Valeriana jatamansi on the Splenic Lymphocytes and Peritoneal Macrophages in Mice

    [Objective] To investigate the effects of drug serum of Valeriana jatamansi on the splenic lymphocytes and peritoneal macrophages in mice.[Methods] The influence of drug serum on splenic lymphocytes transformation,metabolic level and phagocytosis of peritoneal macrophages in mice were detected by MTT method and neutral red test respectively.[Result] Within certain dose range,the single action or synergetic non-specific mitogen(Con A or LPS) effects of splenic lymphocytes and peritoneal macrophages in the drug serum group was significantly different from that of the control group.[Conclusion] The drug serum of Valeriana jatamansi could strengthen the transformation of splenic lymphocytes,improve the metabolic level and phagocytosis of peritoneal macrophages in mice,and enhance the immunity ability.

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  • Isolation,Purification and Components Analysis of Polysaccharide from Wild Lycium barbarum of Shandong Province

    [Objective]To isolate and purify polysaccharide from wild Lycium barbarum of Shandong Province,and analyze its components.[Method] LBP was extracted from Lycium barbarum with water and purified with DEAE ion-exchange cellulose column and Sephadeex G-100 column.The content of Lycium barbarum polysaccharide(LBP) was determined with phenol-sulfuric acid method and the components were analyzed with FTIR spectrometer.[Result] LBP content of wild Lycium barbarum from Shangdong Province was 12.56%.LBP contained 4 water soluble polysaccharides like LBP-Ⅰ,LBP-Ⅱ,LBP-Ⅲ and LBP-Ⅳ.[Conclusion]The study would provide basis for further study on the structural characteristics and function of Lycium barbarum polysaccharide.

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  • Components Analysis of Punica granatum Linn.Seed

    [Objective] To analyze the principle components of Punica granatum Linn.seeds.[Method] Water,protein,fat,ash,flavonoids and tannin contents in Punica granatum Linn.seeds.were determined,the fatty acid components and protein components of dried Punica granatum Linn.seeds were analyzed.[Result] The contents of protein and fatty acid in Punica granatum Linn.seeds were 13.62%and 20.29% respectively.There were 8 kinds of unsaturated fatty acids and 4 kinds of saturated fatty acids in Punica granatum Linn.seed oil,among which the content of unsaturated fatty acids reached 92.22%,mostly belonging to 9,12,15-calendic acid(82.76%).Amino acid components in Punica granatum Linn.seed were complete,among which the content of necessary amino acid made up 31.98%.[Conclusion] The study would lay basis for deeper utilization of Punica granatum Linn.seeds.

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  • Study on Extracting Polysaccharide from Eucommia ulmoides Oliver Leaves and Its Anti-fatigue Effect

    [Object] To investigate the optimum extraction conditions of polysaccharide from Eucommia ulmoides Oliver Leaves by ultrasonic and its anti-fatigue effect on Bufo gargarizans.[Method] The orthogonal test was designed to screen the optimum extraction process;the anti-fatigue effects of polysaccharides with different concentrations on toad were investigated by electric stimulation method.[Result] The optimum extraction conditions of polysaccharide were as follows:extracting temperature of 80 ℃,extracting time of 40 min,material-liquid ratio of 1:35,extracting times of 2.Compared with control,the maximum contraction time of toad muscle was shorten distinctly(P<0.05)and the muscular fatigue was alleviated(P<0.05;P<0.01)in polysaccharide group.[Conclusions] The muscle functions of toad could be improved by the polysaccharide from Eucommia ulmoides Oliver Leaves.

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  • Effects of Polyphenols from Toona sinensis (A. Juss.)Roem. Seeds on the Cardiogram and Hemodynamics MIR Rats

    [Objective]To investigate the effects of total polyphenols extracted from Toona sinensis(A.Juss.) Roem.seeds on the cardiogram and hemodynamics of myocardial ischemia reperfusion(MIR) rats.[Method] Fifty SD rats were divided into 5 groups(sham operation group,model group,XD group,XZ group and XG group) randomly.Myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury model was induced by ligaturing the left anterior descending(LAD) of coronary artery for 30 min,and the changes of electrocardiogram before ligation,30 min after ligation,and 30,60 and 90 min after reperfusion were detected and recorded.In the end,LVSP,LVDEP,±dp/dtmax and HR were detected.[Result] Compared with the rats in model group,the height of J point of myocardial ischemia reperfusion rat treated with total polyphenols extracted from Toona sinensis(A.Juss.) Roem.seeds descended,and the injury level of LVSP,LVDEP,±dp/dtmax and HR relieved.[Conclusion] Total polyphenols extracted from Toona sinensis(A.Juss.) Roem.seeds played a protective role in myocardial ischemia reperfusion induced injury.

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  • Effect of Irradiating Salvia Miltiorrhiza Callus on the Accumulation of TanshinoneⅡ_A by laser

    [Objective] To discuss the effect of irradiating callus of Salvia miltiorrhiza on the accumulation amount of TanshinoneⅡA by laser.[Method] The callus of Salvia miltiorrhiza was irradiated with different intensity of laser at different time,and then cultured for 60 days,the contents of TanshinoneⅡA in different treatments were determined by HPLC and compared with control group.[Result] There was no significant difference of the TanshinoneⅡA content between treatment group and control group.[Conclusion]The content of TanshinoneⅡA in the callus of Salvia miltiorrhiza has not been promoted significantly by laser irradiation.

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  • Optimization of Extraction Process of Pinellia ternate(Thunb. ) Breit. Polysaccharide and Its Scavenging Effect on Radical

    [Objective] To study the extraction process of Pinellia ternate(Thunb.) Breit.polysaccharide and its scavenging effect on radical.[Method] Based on single factor test,the extraction conditions were optimized by orthogonal test.The scavenging capacity of Pinellia ternate(Thunb.) Breit.polysaccharide was investigated by hydroxyl free radical system.[Result]The optimal extraction conditions were as follows:extraction temperature of 55 ℃,extraction duration of 3.5 h,pH value of 4.5 and cellulose amount of 4%.As concentration of 10 mg/ml,the scavenging rate of polysaccharide on radical reached 71.55%.[Conclusion] The optimum extraction conditions of Pinellia ternate(Thunb.) Breit.polysaccharide by cellulase method was obtained in this study,and its strong scavenging effect on hydroxyl radical was confirmed.

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  • Optimization of Extraction Process for Polyphenols from Dioscorea opposita Thunb.

    [Objective] To establish optimal extraction technology of polyphenols from Dioscorea opposita Thunb..[Method] Using content of polyphenols in Dioscorea opposite Thunb.as investigation index,the extraction conditions of total polyphenols from Dioscorea opposita were optimized by orthogonal test based on single factor test.[Result] The optimum extraction conditions were confirmed to be 50% acetone of extraction solvent(V/V),1:15 of the solid to liquid ratio(W/V),80 min of extraction duration,55 ℃ of extraction temperature and 2 times of extraction times.[Conclusion] This study offered theoretical references for the further research and development of Dioscorea opposita Thunb.polyphenols.

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  • Optimization of Extracting Total Phenolic Compounds from Paeonia suffruticosa Andr. by Response Surface Methodology

    [Object] To optimize the extraction process of total phenolic compounds from Paeonia suffruticosa Andr..[Method] Extraction time of 30 min,ethanol concentration,extraction temperature and solid-liquid ratio were chosen as the response factors,the extraction rate of total phenolic compounds as index.The best combination of extraction parameters was obtained by response surface methodology at a three-variable,three-level experiment.[Result]The optimum extraction parameters were as follows:50% ethanol,extraction temperature of 75 ℃,solid-liquid ratio of 1:41.Under the above conditions the maximal yield of phenolic compounds reached 40.95 mg/g,which was consistent with model predictions.[Conclusion] The study would provide scientific proof for the deeper utilization and extensive application of Paeonia suffruticosa Andr.

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  • Determination of Hypericin Content in Hypericum perforatum L. by HPLC

    [Objective] To determine the content of hypericin in Hypericum perforalurn L.by HPLC,so as to favor the development of Hypericum perforalurn L..[Method] HPLC conditions were as follows:column of SHIMADZU VP-ODS C18 column,mobile phase of methanol-ethyl acetate-phosphate buffer(V:V:V=60:20:20,pH=2.0),flow rate of 1.0 ml/min,column temperature of 25 ℃,detection wavelength of 590 nm and sampling amount of 10 μl.[Result] In the range of 2.56-19.20 μg/ml,the linear relationship between content of hypericin and its peak area was good(r=0.999 9).The content of hypericin in Hypericum perforalurn L.was determined to be 0.79 mg/g and the yield was 0.079%.[Conclusion] The method established in this study with good precision,reproducibility and stability is favorable for the determination of hypericin in Hypericum perforalurn L.,which provides evidence for the development of Hypericum perforalurn L..

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  • Effects of Different Processing Methods on the Contents of Active Ingredients in Saxifraga

    [Objective]To investigate the effects of different processing methods on the contents of active ingredients in Saxifraga stolonifera Meerb..[Method] Seven kinds of methods,such as wine processing,wine frying,vinegar processing,vinegar steaming,plain frying,honey processing and ginger processing were used to treat Saxifraga stolonifera Meerb.samples,with a control.The contents of active ingredients in Saxifraga stolonifera Meerb.were determined by HPLC.[Result] Compared to control,the content of bergenin in Saxifraga stolonifera Meerb.,which was treated by vinegar processing 1(30 g of vinegar and 100 g of Saxifraga stolonifera Meerb.were added,heated up to 80 ℃,and the processing duration was 15 min),was the highest;the content of protocatechuic acid in Saxifraga stolonifera Meerb.,which was treated by vinegar processing 2(40 g of vinegar and 100 g of Saxifraga stolonifera Meerb.were added,heated up to 100 ℃,and the processing duration was 30 min),was the highest;the content of quercetin in Saxifraga stolonifera Meerb.,which was treated by vinegar processing 3(20 g of vinegar and 100 g of Saxifraga stolonifera Meerb.were added,heated up to 80 ℃,and the processing duration was 15 min),was the highest.Considering different processing methods,the vinegar processing methods were better than other processing methods.The effect of vinegar processing method 1 was the best,and the best processing method was as follows:100 g of medicinal materials and 30 g rice vinegar were added,and heated up to 80 ℃ and the processing duration was 15 min.[Conclusion] This study can provide basis for the stabilization of processing technology of Saxifraga stolonifera Meerb..

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  • Determination of taxol content in the root of Taxus media at different ages by HPLC

    [Objective]To develop a reliable HPLC method for determining the dynamic change of taxol content in the root of Taxus media at different ages.[Method]The HPLC conditions were as follows:Phenomenex Luna C18 column(250 mm×4.6 mm,5 μm),mobile phase of methanol-acetonitrile-water,flow rate of 1.0 ml/min,detection wavelength of 227 nm,column temperature of 40 ℃ and injecting amount of 10 μl.[Result]The taxol was well separated under the above conditions.The linear relationship was good in the range of 1.00-32.00 mg/L(r=0.999 9),the average recovery rate and RSD values were 100.3% and 1.6% respectively.The content of taxol in the root of Taxus media at different ages was varied.[Conclusion]A reliable and convenient method was firstly established to determine the taxol content in the root of Taxus media.

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  • Study on Isolation and Purification of Puerarin by Macroporous Resin

    [Object] To optimize the isolation and purification process of puerarin by macroporous resin.[Method] Puerarin was isolated by static and dynamic adsorption-desorption method and determined by HPLC.[Result] HPD-800 macroporous resin had the best effect on isolating puerarin,the optimum purification conditions were as follows:sampling concentration of 0.2 mg/ml,pH of 1.0,flow rate of 2.0 ml/min;70% ethanol as eluent,volume of 5 BV,flow rate of 1.5 ml/min.The yield of puerarin and the purity were up to 91.02% and 96.13% respectively.[Conclusion] HPD-800 macroporous resin had good effect on isolation and purification of puerarin with the advantages of simple and short production cycle,which would enjoy good application in practical production.

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  • Optimization of Extraction Process for Polysaccharide from Hippophae fhamnoides L.

    [Objective] To optimize the extraction process of polysaccharide extracted with ultrasonic-microwave synergetic extraction from Hippophae fhamnoides L..[Method] By employing both the single factor test and the orthogonal test,the optimal parameters of ultrasonic-microwave synergetic extraction for the extraction of polysaccharide from Hippophae fhamnoides L.were confirmed,and the extraction efficiency was comparatively studied with that of water extraction,microwave extraction and ultrasonic extraction.[Result] The optimum extraction processes of ultrasonic-microwave synergetic extraction were as follows:180 s of extraction duration,450 W of extraction power and 1:30 of solid-liquid ratio(W/V).The yield of polysaccharide extracted from Hippophae fhamnoides L.under the optimum conditions reached 22.50 mg/g.[Conclusion] The ultrasonic-microwave synergistic extraction for the extraction of polysaccharide from Hippophae fhamnoides L.was superior to water extraction,microwave extraction and ultrasonic extraction.

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  • Determination of Methylnonyl ketone Content in Dried Houttuynia cordata Thunb. by GC

    [Objective] To determine methyl-n-nonyl-ketone content in dried Houttuynia cordata Thumb.by gas chromatography.[Method] Capillary column and FID detector were introduced in this study,external standard curve was used for methylnonyl ketone qualitative analysis.[Result] The content of methylnonyl ketone and peak area were in good linear relationship in the range of 0.82-20.50 mg/ml(r=0.999 9),the average recovery was 98.08%.[Conclusion] Determination of methylnonyl ketone in Houttuynia cordata Thumb.by gas chromatograph had higher sensitivity and accuracy.

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  • Optimization of Hot Water Extraction Process for Polysaccharide from Rhizoma Phragmitis by Response Surface Analysis

    [Objective] To optimize the process of hot water extraction for polysaccharide from rhizoma phragmitis with response surface analysis.[Method] The impact of extraction temperature,extraction duration and solid to liquid ratio on the yield of polysaccharide from rhizoma phragmitis were investigated,based on which the response surface analysis was adopted to study the effect of each variable and their interactions on yield of polysaccharide and optimize the extraction parameters.[Result] It was found that the optimal parameters for extraction of polysaccharide from rhizoma phragmitis were as following:extraction temperature of 82 ℃,extraction duration of 155 min,solid to liquid ratio of 1:19 and extraction times of two times.Under above conditions,the extraction yield of polysaccharide could reach as high as 1.226%.[Conclusion]The research provided theoretical guidance for the industrial production of rhizoma phragmitis polysaccharide.

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