Medicinal Plant

2016, v.7(Z6) 26-31

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Determination of Chlorogenic Acid in Zhu Kuqin Granules by TLCHPLC Method
Determination of Chlorogenic Acid in Zhu Kuqin Granules by TLCHPLC Method

Wenjie ZHONG;Juan LIU;


The sensitive and simple methods of TLC and HPLC were developed for the identification and determination on chlorogenic acid of the novel compound Zhu Kuqin granule which was potential antidiarrheal compound granule of livestock and poultry. Chlorogenic acid was one of the active components in Zhu Kuqin granule existing in some plants or herbs. The chlorogenic acid identification of thin layer chromatography was achieved on H type of silica gel block using the upper solution of Butyl acetate-Formic acid-Water( 7:2. 5:2. 5,v / v / v) as developer,and the extraction of chlorogenic acid from Zhu Kuqin granule were sonicated with the methanol. The chromatography was performed on a Wonda Sil@ C18 column( 4. 6 mm × 250 mm,5 μm),and acetonitrile- 0. 4% phosphoric acid solution( 10:90,v / v,and adjusted to p H = 3. 0 with trithylamine) as the phase of CGA was used at the wavelength 324 nm. The results showed that the TLC of test sample had the same spots as that of reference chlorogenic acid. HPLC calibration curve of chlorogenic acid was linear in the range of 5 μg / ml- 200 μg / ml,and the average recovery rate was 98. 33%( RSD = 0. 587%,n = 6). The described methods were successfully applied to identification and determination of chlorogenic acid in Zhu Kuqin granule,which laid the foundation for further study of the granule of chlorogenic acid.




基金项目(Foundation): Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China(31172357);; Special Fund for Agro-scientific Research in the Public Interest(201303040);; Science and Technology Project of China(2013FY110600)

作者(Author): Wenjie ZHONG;Juan LIU;