Medicinal Plant

2018, v.9(06) 57-61

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Comparative Study on Extraction Technology and Activity of Total Flavonoids from Ginseng Flowers
Comparative Study on Extraction Technology and Activity of Total Flavonoids from Ginseng Flowers

Hongxia DU;Hao ZHENG;


[Objectives] To compare the effects of different extraction technologies on the extraction of total flavonoids from ginseng flowers.[Methods]Taking the ginseng flower as raw material,and the total flavonoids of ginseng flower were extracted by water extraction,ethanol extraction,freeze-thaw,ultrasonic extraction,and microwave extraction.The scavenging ability of total flavonoids and Vc to DPPH free radicals and hydroxyl radicals were compared between ultrasonic extraction and water extraction.[Results]The yield of ultrasonic and microwave technology was relatively high.In this study,the ultrasonic extraction was taken as the main method,ethanol aqueous solution was used as the solvent,and single factor experiment was carried out with ultrasonic power,ethanol volume,solid to liquid ratio and time as the variables.The best extraction process of flavonoids was ultrasonic power of 120 Hz,ethanol concentration of 60%,solid to liquid ratio of 1∶ 30,and ultrasonic time of 80 s.Under these conditions,the yield of flavonoid extraction was 6.72 mg/g.[Conclusions] The flavonoids obtained by ultrasonic extraction and microwave extraction have the highest antioxidant capacity,65.4% and 53.5%,respectively,indicating that the ultrasonic extraction and microwave extraction technologies are more suitable for the extraction of flavonoids from the ginseng flower.




基金项目(Foundation): Qing Lan Project of Jiangsu Province(2016);; Jiangsu Key Lab of Biomassbased Green Fuels and Chemicals(JSBGFC12010);; Excellent Scientific and Technological Innovation Team of Universities in Jiangsu Province(2017-31);; Nanjing Polytechnic Institute NHKY-2017-09;; Top-notch Academic Programs Project of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions

作者(Author): Hongxia DU;Hao ZHENG;