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2013, v.4(Z1) 48-51

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Problems Existing in the Production of Angelica sinensis( Oliv. ) Diels in HuiChuan Town Producing Region and Corresponding Solutions
Problems Existing in the Production of Angelica sinensis( Oliv. ) Diels in HuiChuan Town Producing Region and Corresponding Solutions

Fenglin LIU;Lei ZHAO;Pengfei XIA;Zhijia CUI;


At present,there exist two major problems in Angelica sinensis( Oliv.) Diels production in HuiChuan Town producing region, which include breeding and local poor Angelica sinensis processing technology. For the breeding and cultivation,there is no professional seed production institutes or company and cultivation areas extend toward low elevation area,which lead to the increase of early bolting rate and degeneration of A. sinensis varieties,severely affecting the quantity and quality of A. sinensis. In regard the processing,the rainy climate in HuiChuan Town producing region has determined that the drying method of A. sinensis after harvest is smoke drying. Although smoke drying is favorable for the drying and preservation of A. sinensis,it consumes a large amount of firewood that causes a high cost,and it shows a poor prevention effect on damages caused by worms in Spring. Thus,traditional burning sulfur fumigation is always adopted for antimoth at the Awakening from Hibernation,which causes the overproof of sulfur dioxide,severely affecting the quality of medicinal materials. To fundamentally solve above problems,concern and effort should be paid on the following aspects:( 1) enhancing seedling quality;( 2) strengthening the stewardship during nursery period;( 3) strengthening the stewardship during cultivation period;( 4) enhancing harvest quality;( 5) monitoring breeding quality;( 6) monitoring processing quality. Meanwhile,professional industrialized nursery institutes and the specialty cooperation of farmers must be established for breeding high quality seeds at elevation regions. Moreover,nursery facility conditions should also be improved to ensure the quality of seed seedlings. In conclusion,we can ensure the enhancement of both preservation and processing qualities of A. sinensis,by strengthening the technical training of farmers on processing A. sinensis after harvest,together with the design and construction of large scale facilities for smoking drying.




基金项目(Foundation): Supported by Programs for Science and Technology of Traditional Chinese Medicines in Gansu Province(GZK-2010-57);; R&D Cooperative Pro-gram of Dingxi City(2011-02);; the Science Fund from Gansu Provincial Education Department 2010(1006B-10);; Programs for Young Scholars at Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine"Establishment of a Mathe-matical Model for Evaluating the Efficacies of Angelica sinensis(Oliv.)Diels in Activating Blood and Regulating Menstruation";; the Open Programs from Key Laboratory of Chemistry and Quality for Traditional Chinese Medicines of Gansu Province 2011(No.01)

作者(Author): Fenglin LIU;Lei ZHAO;Pengfei XIA;Zhijia CUI;