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2012, v.3(10) 56-60

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Effects of Forsythiaside on the Expression of IFN-α and Mx1
Effects of Forsythiaside on the Expression of IFN-α and Mx1

MA Yuan-yuan;ZHANG Zhong-wen;LI Hua-wei;ZHANG Yu;WU Guo-juan;


[Objective] To discuss the effects of forsythiaside on the expression of IFN-α and Mx1 based on mice model infected by PCV2, and to evaluate the antiviral effects of forsythiaside. [Method] Mice model infected by PCV2 was established; and high-, middle- and low-dosage groups (2, 4, 10mg/ml forsythiaside) were set up. After administration for 12, 24 and 36h, total RNA and total protein were extracted from mice lung tissues. Real-time FQ-PCR was used for the detection of IFN-α and Mx1 mRNA contents. Western blotting was used to detect the expression level of Mx1 protein. [Result] In blank control group, there was no expression of Mx1 or IFN-α in mice lung tissue, but there was little expression in virus control group. With the increase of forsythiaside concentration, IFN-α and Mx1 levels gradually enhanced; and the two showed parallel correlation in expression level. IFN-α and Mx1 expression levels were the maximum in high-dosage group (P<0.001). With the extension of drug treating time, expression level reduced, reached the maximum at 12h (P<0.001), and then gradually reduced. [Conclusion] Kunming mice were suitable for the establishment of PCV2 infected model. Forsythiaside could significantly enhance the expression level of IFN-α and Mx1, and showed significant antiviral effects after administration for 12h. Mx1 protein had close correlation with virus infection and could be used for the early diagnosis of virus infection of animals.




基金项目(Foundation): Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(30771625,30972215);; the Natural Science Foundation of Beijing(6092004);; Funding Program for Academic Human Resources Development in Institutions of Higher Learning under the Jurisdiction of Beijing Municipality of China(PHR2009-07135)

作者(Author): MA Yuan-yuan;ZHANG Zhong-wen;LI Hua-wei;ZHANG Yu;WU Guo-juan;